The Great Stonewall of Obama

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Or staving off other scandals, like the troublesome LightSquared wireless Internet network project. This is Obama’s dangerous broadband boondoggle involving billionaire hedge-fund managers Philip Falcone and George Soros.

In September, two high-ranking witnesses — Air Force Space Command four-star Gen. William Shelton and National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Director Anthony Russo — exposed how the White House pressured them to alter their congressional testimony and play down concerns about LightSquared’s interference threat to military communications.

The Obama administration’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration has resisted Freedom of Information Act requests filed by GPS World magazine regarding “the operational and economic impacts of a LightSquared terrestrial signal on GPS services.” GOP Sen. Charles Grassley has met similar resistance from the Federal Communications Commission on his efforts to gain information about the panel’s curious waiver for the politically connected from regulations over its proposed hybrid satellite and cellular network.

After five months of “radio silence” from the FCC, Grassley is now threatening to block two FCC nominees until the panel coughs up the documents.

Meanwhile, Grassley and other GOP watchdogs are chipping away at another den of obstructionists at the Department of Justice.

At a contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder and his Democratic water-carriers attempted to deflect from Obama’s bloody Fast and Furious debacle by playing the Blame Bush game. N.Y. Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer tried to equate the Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver program with Obama’s deadly Fast and Furious gunwalking debacle and accused investigators of partisanship. (Never mind that Wide Receiver was a more tightly controlled program, as’s Katie Pavlich reports, that was run in conjunction with the Mexican government, while Fast and Furious left Mexico in the dark and hundreds of bodies in its wake.)

More importantly, as Grassley pointed out, DOJ has stymied his efforts to obtain information on all gunwalking briefings for the past nine months. It’s Chuckie-come-lately who’s playing partisan games, not the GOP.

In closing, Holder shamelessly refused to apologize to the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, whose death has been tied to a Fast and Furious weapon, instead offering “sympathy” and “regret” while skirting direct accountability.

It’s time to tear down this stonewall. And tear down Holder’s smirk. The November 2012 bulldozer can’t come soon enough.

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  • Jason Taylor

    This is a witch hunt based on racism. President Obama is the most ethical,
    honest, transparent and intelligent president this county has ever had. All claims that
    he is corrupt and a serial liar are racist. Any and all claims about the constitutionality of his presidency are based on deep seated anti-black bias. So what if he has hidden virtually all
    of his past, so what if scores of document experts claim his birth certificate is counterfeit?
    So what if he didn't actually attend Columbia, was "disbarred" and didn't write his own books. You people should take a good look in the mirror. The anger against this great man who is trying to rescue the US economy is based on good old fashioned racism.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Ms. Malkin is correct about "impenetrable information blockades around three festering scandals: Solyndra, LightSquared, and Fast and Furious." Except that they are much more than mere scandals: they are crimes.

    Not only "it's time to tear down this stonewall": It is high time to prosecute these and other crimes still sitting behind the stonewall. As to the "November 2012 bulldozer", election is not the proper tool to fight crimes, Ms. Malkin. To merely not reelect a criminal is not a way of dealing with high crimes in a civilized nation.

    And while writing about stonewalling: how could you miss Ms. Malkin something on the very surface?

    1) Aren't you aware that the official electronic copy of Obama's birth certificate uttered on April 27, 2011 at the White House web page is a cheap forgery in content and typeface both? There exist numerous affidavits of professionals confirming that. The forgery is so obvious that even a lay person can see it and get puzzled by its audacity.

    2) Aren't you aware that Obama had committed an identity theft by using a fraudulent Social Security number 042-68-4425 of the state of Connecticut, where he had never resided?

    The above are "just" plain felonies…

    3) Aren't you aware that according to the official bio, Obama's biological father had never been a US citizen, thus Obama was not a US natural born citizen no matter where he was born? Unlike items 1, 2, this was the common knowledge since 2008, which was deliberately overlooked and suppressed by the all three branches of the US government and the entire political establishment, including you.

    4) Aren't you aware that according to the official bio, Obama's step father was an Indonesian and he raised Obama/Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen, which abrogated Obama's American natural born citizenship (even if it were valid).

  • Thomas

    You are a first class idiot of the highest order. A glittering jewel of ingnorance.