The Worst Sheriff in America

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There are many heroes who showed indomitable courage and grace under fire during this weekend’s horrific Tucson massacre. Blowhard Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was not one of them.

If the White House has any sense, President Obama will stay far away from the demagogic Dupnik and his media entourage when he visits Arizona on Wednesday to memorialize the victims. Indeed, if the White House is truly committed to unifying the country, it will explicitly disavow Dupnik’s vulture-like exploitation of the shooting rampage.

Within hours of the bloody spree, Dupnik mounted more grandstands than a NASCAR tour champion. A vocal opponent of S.B. 1070, the popular state law cracking down on illegal immigration, Dupnik immediately blamed Arizona for becoming a “mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

To date, there is no public evidence that accused shooter Jared Loughner was in any way motivated by the national rancor over illegal immigration and the Arizona law (though open-borders extremists from the Justice Department on down most certainly wish it were so). When he complained about non-English speakers, Loughner’s nonsensical diatribes were aimed at illiterates in general — not illegal aliens — and “grammar control” by the government.

No matter. Dupnik vehemently singled out “people in the radio business and some people in the TV business” like Rush Limbaugh for creating the New York Times-patented “Climate of Hate.” Sounding more like an MSNBC groupie (which, surprise, he confesses to be) than a responsible law enforcement official, Dupnik baselessly suggested that the shooting was part of a larger conspiracy and railed against “vitriol” from limited-government activists who are stoking “anger against elected officials.”

Dupnik’s mouth has done more to stoke self-inflicted ire against elected government clowns than anything the right could muster against him. Had the hyper-partisan Democrat been more in tune with his job than the media airwaves, the murderous, maniacal gunman might have been stopped.

As Dupnik himself has now admitted, Loughner leveled death threats against others that were investigated by law enforcement — and then apparently shrugged off.

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  • Steve Chavez

    Since he disagrees with the laws that are now on the books and won't arrest a person since to him those laws are unjust and racist, how many of the police under his command are doing the same including lismissing laws that they think are wrong? What does that then do to police that are following the laws and arresting law breakers no matter what law is broken? This Sheriff is then disregarding his oath so he must be impeached or fired! There is insubordination in his ranks and he is their leader!

  • Glen

    The Sheriff "doth protest too much!"

    As we learn more about the shooter, I starting to believe that the Sheriff may be engaging in a purposeful deflection to cover for the failure of his agency to deal with a mentally unstable individual. At a minimum, he should have been evaluated for mental illness, which could have resulted in a possible commitment.

    For whatever reason, someone seriously dropped the ball.

  • okrahead

    Sheriff Dupnik is going on Keith Olbermann's program tonight to announce he will seek an indictment against Sarah Palin as a co-conspirator, read about it here…

    • USMCSniper

      Sheriff Doucheprick should resign, as he failed to act numerous times against complaints (that are documented) about Loughner and 6 people were killed and 12 wounded on his watch. He is incompetent and too stupid to even suspect that he is stupid!

  • FPM.Com Subscriber

    HOW did 'this guy' EVER get to be a sheriff?????

  • coyote3

    I never, in my career, heard "any" law enforcement officer speak like this. He shouldn't be making comments one way or the other, especially when they have just apprehended and charged this guy. Is he purposely trying to screw up the jury pool? May he wouldn't have wanted me serving with him, but I can tell you the thought is mutual

  • Greg

    Sheriff Dupnik's boss is the problem now. Why does this loser still have a job?

  • jaythehistorian

    This "dupe" "dufus" should be impeached as sheriff. How can this alleged law enforcement agent show any neutrality in enforcing laws. Only a slimy democrat sheriff would act as if he was so above the law.

  • debarrio

    I called the Pima County Sherriff’s NON emergency number and told the nice lady on the other end that I might have a “situation” developing. She asked me to describe the situation and I told her my Mother was listening to Rush Limbaugh and if they could send the SWAT team. The poor exacerbated lady sighed and asked if I wished to register a complaint. I obviously wasn’t the first to make such a call. Obnoxious? Yes. But this minor act of civil disobedience may help officials do the right thing and fire THE WOOORST SHEERRIFFF IN THE WOOOOORLD.

  • jgreene

    The State Law in Arizona allows for Recall of this Doofus Politician masquerading as a Law Enforcement Officer. Get out those petitions, Arizona and remove this despicable troll from office.