A Paradigm Shift on the Palestinian Question

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The new political paradigm of ‘only Israel west of the river’ offers Palestinian inhabitants in the territories liberty and autonomy, prosperity and stability – but not independence. Would they achieve independence/statehood in the West Bank, this would whet the Palestinian appetite to launch attacks by slipping across the Green Line, joining with the Arabs in the Galilee, already in high spirits of nationalist extremism and Islamic fundamentalism, while rejecting Israel as a Jewish state. A Palestinian state in the West Bank is to invite the irredentist drive toward Nazareth, Akko, and Taibe – and Israel’s demise. This scenario rings with the authenticity of Middle Eastern turbulence, Palestinian militancy, and Islamic jihad.


Across the river in Hashemite Jordan, the Palestinians should turn their demographic majority, along with their talents and energies, into political rule and statehood. In the spirit of the ‘Arab Spring’, this would be an expression and fulfillment of democracy and self-determination.

The artificial political entity created by the British in Transjordan in 1920 was initially consigned to be a home for the Arabs of Palestine, while west of the river Zionism built a Jewish national home.  No longer should the alien Hashemite family dynasty in Jordan, whose origins are from Arabia, block Palestinian aspirations. It is Jordan, in differentiating itself from ‘Palestine’, which stands in the way of an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation and settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Now more than ever, under King Abdullah II, does Jordan feel the political rumblings threatening to overthrow the illegitimate monarchical regime in Amman. The King has recently adopted an antagonistic stance against Israel in order to strengthen his own standing at home, but this tactic is transparent and insufficient to sustain his regime.

The two-state solution is reasonable. It just has to move a short distance across the river. This political map will offer strategic equilibrium and deterrence between Israel and Palestine. A viable resolution of the conflict must deter and preempt its violation by removing incentives for any side to adopt a bellicose position, which is why stubbornly squeezing two competitive states in the 40-miles width of the country west of the river is an act of desperation and foolhardiness. How long will mindless folly insist on shoving a square peg into a round hole?

When a major crisis explodes, an innovative reality-based policy paradigm can offer new political direction to solve old problems. And the peace proposed by the new paradigm, in place of the imprudent Oslo plan, is a peace that Israel can live with.

Dr. Mordechai Nisan, lecturer in Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University, has recently written Only Israel West of the River: A Jewish State and the Palestinian Question, available on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    I hate to rain on the writer's wishful thinking parade, but the genocidal jihad being waged by the Islamic world primarily through their proxy – the so-called Palestinians – is permanent just like the many other jihads being waged perpetually around the world against all unbelievers is also permanent per the dictates of Islam.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    I agree with Dr Nisan that the ideal solution to the hundred years conflict between Arabs and Jews would be the West of the Jordan – Israel and the East of the Jordan -Filastin.
    Perhaps the next war , which seems to be inevitable , will end with this outcome.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Yeah. You could see the paradigm shift today with Avigdor Lieberman promising harsh consequences for Palestinian statehood approval. Shifty.

  • Anamah

    That was the true resolution of the Nations League for the distribution of the "Palestine region", under Ottoman Empire domination until WWI; the League agreed to return to Israel all the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the west side of the Jordan River recognizing the historic right of Israel and the Jewish people as owners of that land, and giving the land Est of the Jordan River for Arab people. Sadly after this agreement a new country was created named Jordan which took the entire place Est to the River intended for Arab, but as if they were different of them, sent them to claim to Israelis land for "their land" and making the case as rejected refuges not from Jordan but from Israelis which was a complete political farce. This was the Arafat OLP hoax the beginning of the Palestinian political lie internationally used to manipulate antisemitism and extortive demagoguery. Is time to recognize and respect Israel the right to live in peace and to demand Palestinian people to behavior in fact peaceful proving to accept and respect Israel and reject terrorism, promoting hate, intolerant indoctrination and violence.

  • gilbert

    while negotiating is the best solution for the palestinian qtn, the fact that the enemy is an unrepentant israel makes it even harder to negotiate. the arab spring and the diplomatic fallout between turkey and israel makes it esier for the palestinians. however, the palestinians will not get full recognition thanx to the unwavering loyalty of the American adminstration to the Jewish state. this will howeva damage the reputation of the USA

  • DoloheenaI

    The world knows Jordan is Palestine, Its all to destroy Israel, its not only the Arabs wish but also the world, or this would have already been done. I don't believe its for oil, its only to debunk the belief in the existence of HaShem.

  • http://www.IDFinformant.wordpress.com DolpheenaIDF

    The world knows Jordan is Palestine, Its all to destroy Israel, its not only the Arabs wish but also the world, or this would have already been done. I don't believe its for oil, its only to debunk the belief in the existence of HaShem.

  • Davka

    What is the author's solution to the so-called demographic problem west of the Jordan – If Arabs outnumber Jews ?