Are President Obama’s Actions Hostile to Jews and Israel?

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Is President Obama hostile to Jews and Israel? Let’s look at the evidence.

Last week, the Obama Administration issued talking points for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, where it referred to those struck by terrorism “whether in New York or Nairobi, Bali or Belfast, Mumbai or Manila, or Lahore or London.” Conspicuously absent was the name of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Sderot, which have been hit by terrorists, not once, but numerous times.

As a single instance, this omission might be unremarkable. In fact, however, omitting mention of Israel fits a pattern. When running for President, then-Senator Obama referred in his July 2008 Berlin speech to the need to “dismantle the [terrorist] networks that have struck in Madrid and Amman; in London and Bali; in Washington and New York.” Again, no Israel.

It seems hard to believe that these omissions could be anything other than intentional. After all, Israel has been a primary target of terrorists throughout the past decade. Almost 2,000 Israelis have been murdered by terrorists in this period and over 10,000 maimed or disfigured. In per capita terms, far more Israelis have been murdered by terrorists than Americans were murdered in 9/11.

Obama also omits Israel in other contexts. Thus, when Haiti was struck by a calamitous earthquake in January 2010, Israel’s relief efforts were exceptional, only matched by those of the United States, and were singled out for praise by former President Clinton. However, in praising these relief efforts, Obama omitted any mention of Israel, saying only that “help continues to flow in, not just from the United States but from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, among others.”

While Obama has more or less consistently failed to hold accountable or penalize the PA for incitement to violence against Israel, he has been emphatic and repetitive attacking Jewish housing projects in eastern Jerusalem as an obstacle to peace. His Administration has used the terms “condemn,” an “insult” and an “affront” when expressing disagreement with Israel on this issue, terms never used about other allies.

That Obama blames Israel, not the Palestinians, for the absence of peace is obvious. In a January 2010 interview, despite Israel’s acceptance in-principle of a Palestinian state, readiness to negotiate and instituting an unprecedented 10-month Jewish construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, Obama said Israel had made no “bold gestures.”

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  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    The answer, to mr Barack Hussein Obama, is YES- YES -YES.

    • Al Best

      Obviously, Obama can't overcome his Muslim childhood upbringing where hatred for Jews & Israel was a standard. He should be seriously treated by a top psychiatrist.

  • geez

    It's obvious Obama has total disdain for Israel and loves his fellow Muslims. He's a disgrace to the United States of America. How anyone could vote for this fraud is beyond my comprehension.

    • Vermont Yid

      Oh yah? Well try to get your mind around this: In exit polls, 78% of Jews said they had voted for Obama. Before we [Jews] pat ourselves on the back for being so smart, perhaps we should have a little talk with our left-wing, bleeding-heart, liberal brethren. In case you haven't guessed, I didn't vote for that azzhole.

  • kafir4life

    If you want to hear some funny stuff, give Senator Schumer's (aka kapo chuck) office a call and ask him about his support for president hussein and the conflict of being a Jew supporting the destruction of Israel. His staff will tell you, he has no conflict. When questioned about the the kapo's relationship with georgie soros, they told me that Chuck would LOVE to have Georgie's old job of collecting property from condemned Jews. As Chuck never aquired any useful life skills (that's why he became a lawyer, then later a politician), he has no problem being an extreme, far-left flea-bagger.

    • afrank2012

      You are a hateful man.

  • turkp

    what has israel done for US?

    • aspacia

      It is a strategic ally in the area. We have had black op there for years.

      • stern

        General Alexander Haig (former US Secretary of State): "Israel is the largest, most battle-tested and cost-effective US aircraft carrier, which does not require a single US personnel, cannot be sunk and is located at a most critical area for US national security interests."

        General George Keegan, former head of U.S. Air Force Intelligence: “Israel is worth five CIAs … between 1974 and 1990, Israel received $18.3 billion in U.S. military grants. During the same period Israel provided the U.S. with $50-80 billion in intelligence, research and development savings, and Soviet weapons systems captured and transferred to the U.S."

        Any more questions?

        • turkp

          your numbers don't add up.. just the iraq war alone cost trillions of dollars to US tax payers.

          • aspacia

            turk, Stern is quoting Haig and Keegan. These are not Stern's words.

          • MixMChess

            The Iraq war had nothing to do with Israel.

        • aspacia

          Yes, I have read many similar reports

    • victorlaslow

      Do you like the Predator drones that have saved us boots on the ground and have taken so many American lives out of harms way?
      Thank Israel for their design they gave us!
      That among other medical miracles that you just may benefit from is just for starters.
      Victor Laslow

      • Raymond in DC

        It's true Israel was already using simple drones in the first Lebanon War, long before the US had anything like them. But it's not the case that Israel "gave" the US the design for the Predator, though it does indirectly have "Israeli" origins. From Wiki:

        "In the early 1990s, the CIA became interested in the "Amber", a drone developed by Leading Systems Inc.[7] The company's owner, Abraham Karem was the former chief designer for the Israeli Air Force, and had immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s. Karem's company had since gone bankrupt and been bought up by a U.S. defense contractor [that would be General Atomics]. The CIA secretly bought five drones (now called the "Gnat") from them. Karem agreed to produce a quiet engine for the vehicle, which had until then sounded like "a lawnmower in the sky". The new development became known as the "Predator".[8]"

        As to the "other medical miracles", just one of them is the "Israeli bandage", now being used by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even reportedly used to help save Congressman. Giffords after her shooting.

        • victorlaslow

          Thank you you proved my point.
          Victor Laslow

    • skiwidow

      Got a cell phone? How about a computer with an Intel processor? Use email? You probably don’t care, but Israel is a world leader in science, technology, pharmaceuticals and medicine. So if you receive cutting edge care for a life threatening illness or injury, you can probably thank Israel. So, sod off.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The issue is why do you hate Jews so much that you are oblivious to the fact that the Muslim jihadists you sympathize with are not only waging jihad against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel but also against you and me and all unbelievers around the world?

  • old white guy

    see turkp is part of the problem. just another anti-semite.

  • Asher

    Obama would create a Palestinian state which pushes Israel out of their land. This give Israelis even less land to live on and would enable Hamas to aim rockets with better precision into Israel's cities. Israel would find it harder to defend herself. Yes Obama is the enemy of Christians and Jews, he implements Stealth Jihad through Government Policies.

  • victorlaslow

    This has been common knowledge to those who stayed informed.
    Trust me when I say Israel knew all along;… .
    Here in America the loss of support to Israel is partly due to the progressive atheists who still lay claim to be members of the tribe and have a large influence on their parents in Miami and New York.
    I am glad to see that someone else has opened there eye’s maybe now the community in Miami and New York who elected Obama will open their eyes as well.
    Victor Laslow

  • Carl Sesar

    The fact that American Jews voted for Obama 4 to 1 shows that they are among their own worst enemies, largely because of utter stupidity, but there exists also a small, hard-core, anti-Semitic element as well, that is active and influential.

  • Jim

    old habits of thinking on certain issues are difficult for any group religious ,business academic or other to break. There were people who believed all the negative reports about Stalin were capitalists lies. Even those who Stalin placed in Gulags sometimes believed while Stalin was very mean sticking with him was for the best.

    Besides voting for McCain was like voting for Bush again (in a way); even I could not do that.

  • StephenD

    How much simpler life would be if we had a real President that viewed Israel for what it is, our only true friend in the entire region.
    If we disregarded the P.C. crap and told the world in no uncertain terms that it was Hands Off of Israel or face our wrath. If we said nobody gets help from us unless they share our values of personal freedom and individual responsibility…like Israel does; if we insisted that even with such shared values, they MUST recognize Israel and STOP teaching their children to hate Jews, they cannot receive a nickel from us. If we showed them that a missile fired into Israel brings destruction from us…THEN this crap would stop and lives would be Saved in the long term. I'd bet it's worth exploring don't you?

  • teq

    It's no secret that Obmabi was very disappointed when Bibi won the election. He had been praying to Allah that Livni would win because he knew she would be easier to manipulate. I distinctly remember him saying early in his campaign that support for Israel did not mean support for Likud. Obambi will be all gushy and sweet with Jews and Israelis who are anti-Israel, or gullible and weak like Livni, but he hates any who are pro. Ideally he would like to see Meretz win the election because he knows they would bow down to the Arabs, just like he bowed down to the Saudi King — a sickening image that nauseates me to this day.

    One thing I disagree with the authors on. I doubt that Obambi spent 20 years listening to Reverend "Goddamn America" Wright. I suspect he seldom went to church or any kind. He was an atheist who wanted to get in with the Chicago black community and so he joined Wright's church, probably on the advice of his mentor, Oprah, who also attended it. He's not a Christian and I even doubt he's a Muslim. He sympathizes with Arabs and prefers them to Jews but I really believe he is still just a shallow atheist who is interested only in his own glory.

    • Neils60

      President Obama stated that in his 20 years of attendance in Wright's so-called church, he was in attendance once a month. Thus, a total of 240 times. The president also stated that in his 20 years of attendance he never heard the Rev. Wright's sermons of unadulterated hatred that were so prominent in his ministry.

      • kafir4life

        In case you haven't heard, President Obama is a liar. What that means is that he doesn't / can't / won't tell the truth. He says whatever is most politically expedient for him. If he thinks it will serve his narcisistic personality, he's capable of anything. Anything.
        The President lies. He's a liar. He does what lairs do. He lies.

      • johnnywoods

        Yes, and he told several other lies too.

      • johnnywoods

        Someone said that Wright was a "black Muslim" before he became a "Christian". No surprise if that is true.

    • aspacia

      teq, Wright was closely affiliated with the Obamas, and still is; Wright baptized their children.

  • Moishe Pupick

    M., 09/12/11 common era

    Barack Husein Obama, if not a Moslem himself, has an obvious strong affinity for that religion. Of course he's anti-Israel; Israel stands for liberty, unlike Egypt, Syria, Iran, Red China, and Cuba. American Jews who voted for him are more interested in yet more "gun control," affirmative action, and diversity goals. Besides, Obama probably likes bagels and lox and Woody Allen movies. He is completely compatible with the thin ethnic veneer that Reform "Judaism" provides for so many American Jews.

  • Flipside

    “Jews and Israel?” I think it’s just a Presidential annoyance with Israel. But Morton Klein wants to make it about antisemitism. Morton Klein wants to live in the United States and howl like an angry Israeli that ZOA wasn’t invited to a meeting to bribe, threaten, or otherwise gnash at the President. So now the President is an anti-Semite. SOUR GRAPES.

    • ajnn

      "bribe, threaten, or otherwise gnash at the President"

      Flipside indulges his racist fantasies about jews again.

      • Flipside

        I think you got it backwards. I think ZOA wasn’t invited because they are crazy bigots.

    • Ghostwriter

      Flipside,your anti-Jewish ramblings are inane and stupid. You are also a disgusting human being.

      • Flipside

        I don't think the ad hominem really works here. Morton Klein was not welcome to the discussion with the real participants, the big boys. Now he's lashing out at Obama, trying to throw salt on his already dismal reelection bid. It is what it is. It's a blow to ZOA that it can only be seen as a loudmouthed nuisance to our national interest.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The simple answer is Obama like Flipside too is an obsessed anti-Semitic bigot. However, in Obama's case, he may be a stealth Muslim as well, while Flipside, on the other hand, is just a moron. As Obama was born a Muslim and once a Muslim always a Muslim since apostasy in Islam is strictly enforced under the pain of death.

    Hence, every time he throws Israel under the bus deliberately, while praising Muslims for their many contribution to America, i.e., the 9/11 jihad attacks and many others, the massive Department of Homeland Security, the immense National Intelligence Directorate, two useless and counterproductive fantasy-based nation building missions meant to win the hearts and minds of Muslims, the usurpation of our heretofore constitutionally protected freedoms and rights and at the same time forever changing America to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all its excess baggage, honor killings, female genital mutilation, Islamic supremacism, bigotry against Jews, homosexuals, and all non-Muslims, subversion to remove all obstacles for the eventual imposition of Sharia, oppression of females, refusal to assimilate and integrate, segregated Muslim enclaves ruled by Sharia, etc., etc., etc., he is demonstrating to the worldwide Islamic ummah that he is still a Muslim and a stealth jihadist.

    • Flipside

      Your tin foil hat is wrinkled. Obama the stealth Muslim? Obama the anti-Semite? What’s next? Obama the alien space monster?

      • Attila the HUn

        Is your brain fried yet? you are stupid as Hussein Obama. Who knows you may be from another planet. Keep it up

      • elihew

        What? You are a moron…

  • rulierose

    Obama praised the Muslims for inventing PRINTING, for goshsakes! this year, he managed to make his Passover message about the Arab Spring. CLEARLY he dislikes the Jews, and is inimical to Israel, and I am ashamed that 80% of my fellow Jewish American voters are going to vote for him anyway.

    what will it take for you people to get it? if he supported a Palestinian state in the UN? I doubt even that would do it. that OT G-d who called you a "stiff-necked people" had it right.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    After Obama(aka Barry Soetero) loses the election in 2012(no one is going
    to impeach him); try him, prosecute him, and jail him, for crimes against the American
    people, and for abandoning our allies–Israel and England. And strip him of his
    Presidential pension.

    • elihew

      Unfortunately those things will happen to Obama about the time the Pope gets married…

  • stephen100

    Of the 80% of American Jews who voted for Obama, their Dear Leader, about 79% of them will do it again in 2012. They are completely brainwashed by the Hollywood elites and Academia to the point that their driving motivation for all political action is the unshakable belief in the virtue of the ethnic African population. That same population that includes Farrakhan, rev. Wright , Al Sharpton etc. who long to become the next holocaust tormenters of the hated Jews. It is ironic that the major source of virulent ant-semitism in America today is the black community and their Messiah, Obama, although Obama is skilled enough to keep his hatred as a stealth characteristic that can still encourage the flow of Jewish money into his coffers.Others have tried to explain this tragic situation that is slowly becoming a suicide pact for Americam Jews, but there is no hope!

    • afrank2012

      Jews like you who act racist, as evidenced by this paranoid, hysterical rant, make me truly ashamed to be Jewish. You even invoked the Holocaust to try to to justify your hatred. Has knowledge gained from a Jewish education of what happened to Jews in the Holocaust been wasted on you? You throw all blacks into one category because of the words of the few who are bigoted like you. Shame on you! Don't lie, it's racism. You don't like Obama because he's black. He's doing the right thing for this country. He doesn't hate Jews or Israel. I am a proud Jew. I can't stand it when I encounter racists like you who happen to be Jewish.

      • stephenx100

        While I have been a practcing Catholic, I am afraid I can not speak for Jews who are enlightened enough to recognize the evil of Obama. However, encountering Jewish support of Obama has been driving me toward a new anti-semitism which does indeed make me ashamed, but I am proud to wear the badge of honor you call racism!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is a truly evil man to the core of his being and is the Almighty's punishment
    to a Nation so blessed by him that has slithered into and amoral morass while
    humanism, leftism, Islamism and Communist infection grows in the American
    bowels. How any Nation can so degenerate in such a short time and elect a
    purely nasty and Godless individual like Obama, a Rev. Wright, anti-semetic
    demon possesed psycho is beyond understanding. My fear is that worse is
    yet to befall us and the idiocy of American voters is responsible for it. Israel
    while seemingly doing a job on it's own security with appeasement and foolishly
    giving in to inordinate pressures still has a chance to come out on top of all that
    is coming their way. Americans are responsible for this mess at home and abroad
    and we must clean house and support Israel no matter what……………William

  • bearone7777


  • elihew

    Well, what more can we expect from a hate-filled Muslim POTUS? Remember he spent 20 years listening to Jeremiah Wright's hatred of the Jews (and all things white!). This guy is extremely dangerous, and unless we oust him from office in '12, I do believe it could be the final undoing of the U.S.

    If/when the U.S. pulls it's full support of Israel, Jehovah will be 'wroth'!

    "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they be secure who love you" (Psalm 122.6.).

  • Sallie G. Schaffer

    I have been saying for the longest time. The Jews love their enemies, and hate their friends. Knowing Obams's background, The Jewish people ignored that and voted for him anyway. It boggles the mind.

  • Dr. Ron Polland

    Barack Obama is linked financially to the Saudis, and linked ideologically with the Muslim Brotherhood of Lebanon. These two are the ones who raised, groomed, educated, trained and put on the political fast track to the White House.

    Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to destroy Israel:

    Yes, it is a conspiracy – the biggest in America political history