Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: A Strategy for Israel’s Destruction

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Anti-Semites around the world have found a new and more subtle form of attack: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian BDS National Committee, an umbrella organization for dozens of Palestinian organizations supported by the Palestinian Authority, is a global movement. Behind anti-Israel actions by churches, unions and student groups, it is aided by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, with branches in 70 countries, and hundreds of campus and civic/social organizations and anti-Israel NGOs.

Wielding clichés like “apartheid,” “war crimes,” “stealing Palestinian land,” “oppressing Palestinians,” and “end the occupation,” these groups seek to delegitimize and isolate Israel as part of their program to destroy Israel.

No need for swastikas and terrorism, Arab and Muslim countries and organizations have developed a sophisticated propaganda campaign, in which they are joined by Christians, atheists, socialists and anarchists dedicated to Israel’s demise. Bedecked with ethics, law and justice, they insist that Israel withdraw to the 1949 Armistice lines, or 1947 UN-proposed boundaries, which would leave Israel vulnerable to terrorists. Their weapon is non-violent resistance, which appeals to a sense of idealism and fair play, and to civil and human rights.

Focusing BDS attacks on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, opponents of Israel can also include pro-Israel leaders in the Jewish establishment, like Abe Foxman (ADL), prominent Jewish artists, and left-wing Israeli politicians, jurists, and academics.

Backed by European governments, the UN, and Arab and Muslim organizations and countries, a host of NGOs condemn Israel as a pariah state, unworthy of existence. Their hate-campaign is currently focused on the Conference on Racism, to be held at the UN in New York City this summer.

If this were just a handful of Islamist fanatics, one might be able to dismiss them; but they have lined up diplomatic and organizational support from many non-Muslims. That’s why the campaign to delegitimize Israel is so unique and dangerous.

Anti-Israel campaigns overlap with anti-Jewish sentiments, bringing together diverse groups that are otherwise ideologically, philosophically and theologically incompatible. Hatred of Israel seems to be the single overriding issue that unites fascists and communists, anarchists and fundamentalists, religious leaders and atheists, rich and poor.

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  • MixMChess

    Want to help fight the BDS? Buycott Israel!

  • John Scrivener

    “Anti-Semites” … ?

    It’s not anti-semitic to be opposed to Israel’s brutal oppression of Palestinians.

    BDS is a legitimate, non-violent response to Israel’s belligerent behaviour and blatant contempt for international norms and basic human rights.

    Screaming “anti-semite” at any who criticise Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is little more than puerile, nonsensical abuse.

  • Robert

    I'm curious, why can't hate filled Right Wing Israelis, such as yourself, ever admit what the world already knows: Israel is occupying Palestinian land. Israel used terrorist tactics to push for the state of Israel; the Stern Gang were terrorists and used car bombing to further its cause. No one is the BDS movement has EVER called for the end of Israel. But just as you bleat on about "deligitimisation", neither do Right Wing Israelis ever call for the legitimisation of the state of Palestine. It seems the Israelis Fascists want it both ways; they want to continue their oppression and brutalisation of the Gazans without any criticism. I am joining the BDS of Israel, not to see its demise but actually to see it become a normal, human rights respecting nation, living in peace with the Palestinians and the Arab world. So, please, stop playing the "victim card" , no one buys it and no one will buy your products until you stop the oppression, confiscation of lands and brutalistion of the palestinians.