The Islamization of London: A Photo Tour

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When I arrived in London in September it had been more than forty years since I had last spent any time in the city. If I hadn’t kept up with recent events through my British contacts, the changes would have been startling indeed.

The most popular tourist spots appear much the same, and the commercial areas are still thronged with shoppers. No matter where you go, however, the presence of Islam makes itself felt. With the rapid increase in the Muslim population over the past decade, the capital of Britain has moved that much closer to becoming an Islamic city.

The process of Islamization is not always as obvious as in this poster, which appeared one morning last July at a bus shelter on the corner of Mission Grove and Carisbrooke Road, in the Waltham Forest area of East London:

A straightened out close-up provides a clearer view of what the devout Muslims of Waltham Forest are demanding:

This is the new Islamic Britain as envisioned by the fire-breathing radical Anjem Choudary and Muslims Against Crusades. MAC’s latest initiative is called The Islamic Emirates Project, and its stated goal is “Breaking the Foundations of Western Civilisation”:

Muslims across the UK collectively declared their disgust of British values and their desire to live by the Shari’ah.

As Muslim enclaves across Britain rapidly edge closer to Islamic autonomy, Muslims Against Crusades in conjunction with several other leading Muslim organisations would like to declare the next chapter in the ongoing campaign to transform Britain into a thriving Islamic state.

Mr. Choudary lives in Ilford, but he and his supporters are also active in East London, Luton, and other parts of England where Islam is ascendant. He is the most forthright and plainspoken of Britain’s Islamic radicals. No taqiyyah or kitman (sacred lying) for him. He proudly proclaims the coming Caliphate in public, volubly and repeatedly, into the microphones and in front of the cameras.

Denial is rampant among the multicultural oligarchs of the political class. The British government prefers to believe that Anjem Choudary and other Islamic zealots are not serious in their avowed intentions. Their incendiary pronouncements are thought to be mere rhetoric — what they really want is more funding, more generous welfare benefits, new state-supported Koran schools, or more parking spaces around their mosques. Everything is business as usual to the politicos.

The leaders of the three major political parties find it impossible to accept that these “extremists” mean exactly what they say. Acknowledging the problem would force the government to actually do something to save the country from destruction. In the second decade of the 21st century — with millions of Muslims already in Britain, and hundreds of thousands more arriving or being born every year — what could they do? How could Islamization ever be reversed without enormous expense or unimaginable violence?

No, it’s better to pretend that everything is harmonious and peaceful and normal in Modern Multicultural Britain.

From time to time the coming Emirate intrudes even into the tourist zones of London. On Saturday, September 24, under the sponsorship of Mayor Boris Johnson, a huge officially-sanctioned Eid Festival was held in Trafalgar Square. The domed building in the background is part of the National Portrait Gallery:

The cave-like structure below is a stage for performers. When I arrived, loud drumming was coming over the speakers. In the background you can see Nelson’s Column, which serves as a reminder of the greatness that once was, but is no longer:

The drumming was soon replaced over the PA by “Muslim rap”. A large display screen behind the fountain provides an incongruous contrast between the rapper and the nautical-themed statue in the foreground:

The Islamic presence is visible all over London. From Marble Arch to Docklands, from Piccadilly to King’s Cross: on virtually every street can be seen women in hijab, often pushing strollers, and men wearing skullcaps and Islamic robes.

One of my British contacts is a longtime observer of Muslims in the capital, and has analyzed the pattern of their street behaviors:

I regularly walk up and down Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Road and Harrow Road and have noted a process of coagulation or clumping of the sidewalks by Muslim women:

• Two Muslim women, each with baby pushcars, can present a significant amount of biomass on a sidewalk — a phalanx of piety? — to the extent that evasive action is required.

• Groups of two or three Muslim women are increasingly common — more towards the North Kensington end — in Harrow Road and Kensal Road.

• It is also increasingly common to see non-Western dress among Muslim men, both old and young.

Mosques are prominent in many different areas of the city. For example, this is the Regent’s Park Mosque, in a leafy middle-class neighborhood not far from Marylebone Road:

Certain areas of the city are more thoroughly Islamized, however. Tower Hamlets, which hosts the East London Mosque, has a majority-Islamic borough council and a Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman:

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  • Yuppie

    Portugal is practically muslim free

  • London Jim

    A thoroughly troubling article. .infact, deeply disturbing. No wonder I’m loring sleep over this and developing a siege mentality. .it really is a shockingly bad state of affairs which must needs be corrected before all hell breaks loose. Get ready folks, this is D Day.

    • Ros

      At least "forewarned is forearmed" as the saying goes,but if we choose to bury our collective heads in the sand over this we have no hope.Being aware that there is a problem is a step in the right direction……..but what next?It is very worrying.

    • ayrshireman

      1—There is halal food in most schools because many major cities in the UK will have some Muslim pupils. That dosent mean everyone has to eat it, even the Muslim kids.
      2- It is perfectly fine to eat with Muslim colleagues. There have been a couple of instances where Muslims have asked people not eat pork near them, but these were ignored, and there is no law or any sort banning it.
      3—There are five civil Sharia courts in England. None in Scotland, Wales or NI, and there are no plans to introduce more. The courts are bound by English law.
      4—Muslims cannot spread hate with impunity. It is ignored in the US that Muslim protestors who shout hate equally get arrested. There seems to be a myth that they dont.

  • Pym

    Let us put an end to this.

  • mumin

    its funny how most of you think the immorality the muslims are against drinking/prostitution/gambling and everything else on the sign are things you are 'losing'. Like its your culture and tradition thats being lost. "rape,pillage and plunder" is that the ways of old you still yearn? As for this being a 'punishment' for 'abandoning christ'…are you serious? so jesus was for this corrupted lifestyle?

  • Ros

    Our culture and tradition are being lost,there's no two ways about it. we are not sorry to see excessive drinking,prostitution,gambling(the examples you give) stopped,that's not our culture.Unfortunately,Christianity takes a back seat in this country and as such,so have morals been lost.Jesus was not for this corrupted lifestyle but not many people care anymore and if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

  • jocelyn

    Religion is all fiction and invented by humans alone!!

  • raj

    if anyone is thinking , y to invite trouble fighting with a muslim.. they are wrong.. you are already in trouble.. So either way you are in trouble .. So y not fight like a brave one.. Throw these scumbags out of planet earth..

  • John S.

    What is going on in Britian is very sad. I do pray to God — The true Loving God of the Bible — to reverse all of this anti-British, Mulitcultral nonsense in all of His power and to have Britian, The US and the rest of the Western World to throw over the Islamist threat as Communism was over thrown in Eastern Europe in 1989. Muslims may have the right to worship whatever religion and god they want but they have no right to treat non-muslims like animals nor have the right to force non-muslims in Shiaria laws nor anti-Western viewpoints against their free will (violently or nonviolently.) we can only tolerate Islam if Muslims would tolerate our way of life. But so far Muslims have failed to hold forward their end of the bargin, doing what amonts to tyranny not tolerance, And shame to these British politians and bobbies who would rather chum up to the Islamists and act like Stepford Wives instead of doing their job of protecting their people and culture, while ensuring a true equal scoiety for Muslims and non-muslims alike. Thoughts from an American.

  • bhagavaan daas

    muslims must be deported to islaamic countries ——

  • Bandup

    In this era called KALIYUGA as per hindu calendar if you are peaceful, soft, honest and patient then they are not considered as virtues. they are the vices of the period and you are called weak. If you are arrogant, and proclaim your intentions through violence means then your voice is heard and you get all benefits and concessions. There are frantic and hardened Christians, Hindus, Jews, Chinese, Budhists and some other religions. But they are out numbered by the Hardened Islamists. Another wonderful point is if you are adamant (if i can say so)guy in the first mentioned religions then you will be snubbed by your own fellow brothers. where as if there are any modern( who give respect to other religious people) among Islam they don’t raise or dare raise their voices against the hard core among their religion. Otherwise they tacitly approve of their actions or they are more disciplined soldiers. For politicians of all hues they are vote banks. So they will win at any cost.

  • Mel Banks

    This is an interesting tour for you. I actually plan to head to Luton and I'm trying to find a hotel near Luton airport so that I would be able to wisely manage my time and take pictures that really matter. I am into interesting events and even controversial ones. Thanks for this post.

  • davarino

    I'm not feeling so multicultural any more. Its time for those who do not want to assimilate, to go home

  • Daniel Fagan

    Yes, first withdraw from NATO, Europe is already lost and would not fight for it's self, why waste resources? Withdraw from the UN, it is only a facilitator of the Calapat's rise to power. Kick out every Muslim legally possible from this country and place the rest under close scrutiny as Islam is more a political ideology than a religion. Allow NO Muslim to immigrate into this country for any reason. Target the city s of Mecca, Medina, Qum and any other significant Islamic center with city-killers (devices with a yield greater than 50 megatons) and make it no secret an attack on US will result in a terrible retribution. One can not reason with or trust these savages but you can make these monsters of Mohammad think twice. Perhaps realizing that the price is too high.

  • GuyMacher

    Will we use it wisely? Sadly, there is no indication we will.

  • Free4500

    Real Christian cultures aren't drowning in drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, prostitution and hedonistic "concerts", either. Once Judeo / Christian culture was destroyed by Marxist Cultural infiltrators in the educational and media systems, then the fall of the west was inevitable. Yes, it's the "Death of the West". Islams effectiveness in invading the west can only be because the West has already collapsed from within. It's hollow and sick, spiritually. Ripe for invasion and conquest. It's the law of Nature and of God.

  • 77patriot

    Have you heard of the book, HOW CIVILIZATIONS DIE (and why Islam is dying too), by David Goldman? He asserts that even though the birthrate in Europe is below replacement levels, the birthrate in ISLAMIC countries is even lower—so much so that it is imploding.

  • ziontruth

    Agreed on the whole, except for that term "race hatred," which is appropriate only when racial, biological, genetic, inherited, inborn, immutable (you get the gist) characteristics are brought into the discussion. To use the terms "race" and "racism" for other than that is the numero uno Marxist evasion tactic.

    I'll add that exterminationism must be shunned and expulsionism should be embraced instead. For example, I don't want all the Islamic imperialists on my land killed, I just want them off my land.

  • S.Ducain

    You forget the the US is like an animal with a serious disease and cannot think or function properly. The US is a modern version of the Holy Roman Empire,
    so far ahead militarily that it has no challengers, but it is controlled by a powerful minority of unpatriotic Jews who are leading it into more and more wars. It's a very dangerous situation for the US and the World.

  • ziontruth

    "I've been called a racist on more than one occasion because of my beliefs and I find the charge deeply offensive."

    It's an ad hominem attack that's meant to offend, and that's the reason why the Marxists keep making it. The best course of action is to be through with being offended.

  • aquila

    I couldn't agree more. 99% of what people call "racism" is actually "valueism" or "culturalism" if one wants to put a tag on it.

    It's about having different values – that is what the fight is about. Different cultures can coexist only as long as their fundamental values don't clash. The most fundamental value of the western culture is freedom with responsibility. In Islam it is submission to the Koran – freedom is anathema.

    As a result these two culture will never be able to coexist (just as communism and naziism couldn't coexist with western culture). The islamists understand this very well, and that is why they boldly proclaim and advocate the destruction of our culture. We (collectively) on the other hand refuse to accept this simple reality. At some point we may finally get it – but will it be to late then?