The Political Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

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As soon as Elisabeth was reported to the authorities by NEWS magazine in the fall of 2009 she began speaking out in public about her case. In the two years since then she has spoken at public events in Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, and Luton, England. She began a series of appearance in North America with a speech at the Freedom Defense Initiative in Washington D.C. in February 2010. During that same visit she appeared on Capitol Hill to brief a group of interested people on the suppression of free speech in Austria.

Elisabeth followed up over the next year and a half with several appearances in the USA and Canada as a speaker at events for ACT! for America, for which she is Austrian chapter head. She also spoke about freedom of speech in Florida and Montréal, and appeared on Ezra Levant’s television program in Canada.

Well-known public figures who have publicly supported Elisabeth include Congressman Allen West, writer Mark Steyn, European politicians Geert Wilders, Kent Ekeroth, Heinz-Christian Strache, René Stadtkewitz, and Oskar Freysinger. She has found additional support from Pat Condell in his widely-viewed videos, and from Danish historian Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society.

In the next few weeks Elisabeth will face a crucial decision: Should she pay the €480 fine? Or should she spend two months in jail?

Paying the fine would be an implicit acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the verdict against her, and an admission that Austria has the right to charge and convict her for exercising her right to free speech as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This is a dilemma that no one should ever be forced to confront. But such is the current parlous state of free speech in Europe.



◦ January 2008 ESW began series of three-part seminars on ideology and effect of Islam, particularly in Europe. At first, attendance was about 10 people per session. Later it increased to 35.

◦ October 2009 Infiltration of leftist magazine journalist in 2 seminars.

◦ November 2009 The story broke in NEWS magazine. ESW was reported to the authorities.

◦ February 2010 Interview with Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.

◦ April 2010 ESW submitted extensive written answers to questions from Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.

◦ October 2010 ESW was informed via NEWS magazine of indictment and impending trial.

◦ Nov. 23, 2010 First day of the trial. 2.5 hrs of intensive questioning by the judge

◦ Jan. 18, 2011 Court reconvened. No verdict; the trial was adjourned until February 15th.

◦ Feb. 15, 2011 Verdict:

◦ On the original charge of “incitement to hatred”: Not guilty

◦ On the second the new charge of “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion”: Guilty

◦ Current status The case is on appeal. The next court date is Dec. 20, 2011, when the verdict on the appeal will be handed down.

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Other resources on her case may be found at Elisabeth’s Save Free Speech website, and a full listing of articles at the Elisabeth’s Voice Archives.

For more information on Elisabeth’s work at the OSCE, see this report from November 2011.

Many thanks to Aeneas of the International Civil Liberties Alliance for the photos used in this series.

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  • StephenD

    This "evil" is only going to bring added attention to the very good work this heroine is doing. I hope she decides to take the two months jail time instead of giving in and paying the fine if her conviction is upheld on appeal.
    The judges’ reasoning is so appropriately exposed with the comparison to the case of Josef Fritzi. Although in line with the judges’ way of thinking it would be countered that he was guilty of incest and not pedophilia.

    • Ned May

      This is the big choice Elisabeth has to face. To pay the fine would be an implicit acknowledgement of the validity of the verdict against her. Not to pay means going to jail.

      That's not a decision I'd like to have to make. She deserves our prayers during the difficult time that lies ahead, especially since the crucial date, December 20th, falls just before Christmas.

  • joy52

    I don't want her to suffer, but I hope the goes to jail. Islam needs to be challenged.

  • Stuart Parsons

    If Islam is recognised as a state religion, then so must be wife beating, the acceptance of a woman's evidence as being worth half that of a man, marriage to prepubescent girls, the revilement of all non-Muslims, the call to kill, convert or subjugate non-Muslims, the right to kill apostates, homosexuals and adulterers and the right to keep and rape slaves and the wives and daughters of those you have killed and captured etc etc etc. Perhaps Austria should make it illegal to allow urine drip down one's leg ( fine E480 or 2 months in prison). After all dear old Muhammad believed it would earn one torture in the grave. Aint Islam just the most ridiculous, dangerous and disgusting 'religion' there ever was ? And poor Elisabeth is to be punished for pointing out its failings.

    Muhammad was Arabia's Adolf Hitler. He murdered all who spoke out against him and with his deluded, booty and sex motivated, Arabian SS he lied plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to absolute power. But Shhhhhhhhh we must not say so.

  • taxpayer

    Take a peek at our future. She is it. Get ready to bow down to Allah. Or take a stand for Freedom.

  • Ann

    The freedom loving Austrians should unite with Elisabeth and all show up together to go to jail—if I could get there I would go—we have to Unite and stop this—I for one will not walk into the ovens, I am going to fight!!!

  • No Dhimmi

    The judge must be a pedopervert himself, trying to justify this disgusting behavior.

    Get rid of him.

    What a disgrace. The "authorities" worldwide have more than proved themselves immoral with their despicable coddling of this vile misogynistic cult founded by a CHILD RAPIST.

    There, judge, I said it. Go screw yourself.

  • steven l

    By today creteria he is a rapist.