The Growing Russian Threat

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For Rowny, it seemed, “at that very moment that the Cold War had been won.”

General Rowny met Reagan for the last time at his home in Bel Air. After exchanging pleasantries and even some fun with a harmonica, Rowny was preparing to leave, but Reagan noticed the General wasn’t all smiles.

“Mr. President,” Rowny sighed, “usually every time we’re together, you tell a joke. You didn’t this time.”

Reagan lit up. “Don’t leave just yet.” The joke, as Rowny struggled to remember exactly, went something like this:

A recently single young woman grew tired of her ex-boyfriend making unannounced visits to her home. She began to look for a guard dog and decided on a small Shih Tzu. Though, this was not your ordinary Shih Tzu. This one was trained to attack on command. The next time the ex-boyfriend showed up the young woman shouted: “Leave or I’ll sick my dog on you!”

“A guard dog?”

“A Shih Tzu!”

“Shih Tzu, my ass!” The dog took off after him and, needless to say, the young woman never saw her ex-boyfriend again.

Some twenty-four years after Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan met in Washington, it seems the United States needs a Shih Tzu of its own.

As recently as 2007, President Putin threatened to withdraw from the INF Treaty. Last month, he angrily warned the West to butt out of Russia’s elections. Now, Russia may be one step closer to more of our defense secrets.

Reagan and Rowny didn’t stand up to the Soviets in Reykjavík for nothing. Sick ‘em, Kirk Tzu.

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