Suppressing Speech at UC Santa Barbara

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When David Horowitz speaks about campus anti-Semitism and appeasement of radical Islam at the University of California, Santa Barbara on May 26, it will be against a backdrop of soft censorship and suppression of free speech that has come to characterize the UCSB public square.

The school’s Associated Students (AS) financial board, heavily influenced by the UCSB Muslim Students Association acting in concert with left-wing groups, illegally refused a funding request last week by the College Republicans to fund the event. After a protest by students anxious to hear Horowitz, the AS granted a part of the sum initially requested by College Republicans, but only after encouraging a campaign portraying Horowitz as a racist, Islamophobe, and practitioner of hate speech.

The May 26 speech will touch on themes similar those in a previous Horowitz lecture at Santa Barbara three years ago in which he challenged — without success — students heckling from the audience to denounce the terror group Hamas and its intention to wipe Israel, and all Jews, off the face of the map.

The memory of that confrontation was one factor that led the College Republicans’ request for $2000, for audiovisual and security expenses (and not including an honorarium) to be turned down by the Associated Students board on May 2.  Citing court decisions requiring viewpoint neutrality when student fees are allocated for speakers, College Republicans protested. At a raucous public forum on May 5, the AS approved $1100 for the event.  This amount was then reduced to $800 as a result of a campaign by Islamic and left groups, which also made it clear that they intended to disrupt the event. And then the AS further denigrated the College Republicans’ request by allocating comparable funding for a campus wide “Anti-Hate Workshop” to take place at the same time as Horowitz’s May 26 lecture.

Forcing some student groups to shoulder the burden of security costs when others threaten an event with violence is appropriately called the “heckler’s veto,” and in this case it has produced the same speech-suppression that the AS financial board initially tried to achieve by denying funding of the Horowitz event altogether.  The discriminatory actions of the student board caused the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a non-profit dedicated to protecting free speech on campus, to send a letter warning UCSB chancellor Henry Yang that it was “prepared to use all of our resources to see this…through to a just and moral conclusion.”

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  • posse 101

    another day, another group of arrogant muslim students who have somehow managed to enroll in our top flight universities thereby taking the place of some American Kids who couldn't get into the school because our gov't wants to "outreach" to the muslim world. and they're jew hating bastards at that. let me see, arabs… Jew haters, arabs… Jew haters, arabs… Jew haters. i think i see a pattern here. i think i have it now!!

    wake up America. vote the slimy bastards out of the country by voting out the slimy democrat bastards who brought them in.

    is it possible to wish for people to choke on their falafel?

    • PhillipGaley

      I u-u-u-h-h, . . . "top flight university"? I u-u-u-h-h, . . . I dunno, . . . "top flight", he says, . . . h-m-m-m, . . .

      • trickyblain

        UC system is top-flight. Your alma matter, is ???

    • George

      You have that right there posse 101… Sad thing is the Muslims outside of the US know that they can use the system to their advantage …… all one has to do is look at how Anwar Alawaki got over $20,000 worth of a free education courtesy of the US tax payer! Its time American's get their head out of the sand and wake up to the Muslim problem we have in this country before its too late!

    • madeinUSA

      Hell Yeah Posse!! Well put!!!!

      • scum

        No one has spewed more filth on college campuses than Horowitz. Watch him in action at Brooklyn College, on YouTube. It's shockingly biased, unscholarly, and vituperative. He should stay holed up in his 'Freedom' compound, bought and paid for by his friends at the Walton Foundation and the Scaife Foundation. Ultra-sleaze at its best. Wow.

        • DavidHorowitz

          Don't you think that judgment is a bit severe? While I may have expressed myself a bit more candidly than usual, and while I realize I am not exactly the most objective political commentator, my language does not compare to the hatred spewing from Hamas.

          • trickyblain

            Nice to see you hold yourself up to such high standards. Hamas?


          • davarino

            So now we have to talk nice about our enemies? Now its unfair to tell it like it is?

            My WOW trumps your Wow

        • cjk

          I don't think Joseph Goebbels could have characterized it better. Speaking out for free speech and against Mohammedan fascists is 'spewing filth'. Then again you're just scum.

    • MRobs

      Love the choke on their falafel comment – LMAO!

    • mworthington.

      Posse your right but made one mistake. Nothing in California is top flight anymore. The golden goose is dead! Worst business climate, taxes, crime, totaly bankrupt by even the most liberal accounting rules. There are so many better colleges then the CLLPT;s run schools. (Communist Left wing, Liberal, Progressive Traitors) Except for the few very wealthy, Let the Mexicans have it and see who will then send them a check. Mexico?

      • trickyblain

        You forgot a few — by far, biggest economy in the US. Still seventh largest in the world. Still, despite your silly falsehoods, the best schools in the nation. The there's the top flight scenery; beaches, mountains, deserts. Oh yeah — the best farmland in the nation, too!

        When you learn to compose a sentence in English, maybe you'll understand.

        "Except for the few very wealthy, Let the Mexicans have it and see who will then send them a check. Mexico?"
        –mworthington, moron

  • ORPO1

    The left, enabled by the muslims. Wow. But it is UCSB. What a nest of worthless cretins if there ever was one.
    That line from Star Wars comes to mind. Something about………."a more wretched hive of scum and villiany"………………….

  • ORPO1

    The left, enabled by the muslims. Wow. But it is UCSB. What a nest of worthless cretins if there ever was one.

    • DavidHorowitz

      Honestly, I have to steel myself for the Muslim outrage that's brewing there right now. These people will stop at nothing to stifle free speech on college campuses today, inspired jointly by the teachings of Marx, Mao, Hitler and Ayers. I'm actually hoping I can goad them into some sort of violence, just to expose them. Steve Crowder will be there with cameras rolling.

  • jacob

    I'm positively sure the Californian universities rely heavily on donations and I
    wonder said donators are aware of whatis going on with the Muslims students
    sequestering the authority in said institutions as proven ad nauseam by their

    I guess it is time to show them who is boss and defund them.
    True: the Saudis will step in but then it will be up to Congress to act and then
    I wonder the shameless DEMOCRAPS will act on it or will follow OBOZO's

    Islamists will fight tooth and nail any attempt to unmask their true nature and

    • aspacia

      ad hom attacks only alienate no persuade. In this battle we want to persuade. Remember, many Democrats are starting to worry as well. Durbin has publicly argued that CAIR is a HAMAS front.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    The Muslin hordes are plying their antisemitism on University Campuses world wide but particularly in the US and Europe. Why? Because the Jewish students, for what ever reason, are frightened to take them head on!. It is this meek attitude that cost us 6 million lives during the Holocaust! If the Jewish students cannot arise to form their own groups on campuses to fight and fight hard against these potential suicide bombers of the future then we know what to expect. The people running these universities are as anti semitic as the "suicide bombers" by turning away from the real issues of Freedom of Speech enshrined in the constitution in the US and failing in their duties to promote tolerance and free speech on the campuses of higher learning institutions which in itself is a sign of a moral decay ably abetted by the university authorities. There in no such thing as a non extremist Muslim as they would have the world believe. Once students turn away speakers of the caliber of David Horowitz and Alan Dershowitz then the next step is for the Jewish students being forced to wear the yellow Star of David on their under graduate gowns! This is a serious wake up call for the university authorities and the Jewish students to do something about stemming this anti Semitic tide that will engulf us all if left unchecked!

    • aspacia

      Jasser is just one, and there are many others. The problem is that they are afraid. Look, there are many practicing Catholics who use birth control pills against papal edict, this goes for some Muslims as well.

    • madeinUSA

      Amen Monty…the Jews need to get mean and fight the enemy on their own terms…looks like the term never again is just that…a term

    • Guest


      "The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." 

      ~ Albert Einstein

  • StephenD

    Wouldn't it be appropriate for an alternative forum in which David's presentation is not interrupted and is aired on Television with the introduction including the reason why it has to be done this way? Show scenes from last years "exchange of ideas." Let the world see why you have to limit your audience. I still have hope for our youth that if given the facts they can decide for themselves and see through the Islamist Lies, the P.C. and Leftist agenda, if it's pointed out to them. For me the rally cry is now the massacre of the Fogel Family. Any peoples that sees this action as something to celebrate and finds reason for it is beyond the pale and their "cause" has lost all credibility. What would it take for you to go this route? A fund raiser? Let us know and let us help you.

    • Guest

      Very good idea Stephen!

  • sedoanman

    Horowitz has been doing this for years, with the same result each time: no school policies get changed; no administrator gets fired; no student gets expelled. So where is he going with just another event like the last one with the same predictable result?

    • MRobs

      Just showing them he is not going to shut up about it is good enough for me. Maybe someone in the audience will hear the message and pass it on.

    • cjk

      And what exactly have you done in the defense of freedom Captain Courageous?

      • scum

        Offered idiots like you a platform?

        • MRobs


          Obviously you are an Obama voter – full of hot air and pretty much nothing else and probably looking for a taxpayer handout to.

        • cjk

          You're pretty stupid, aren't you? You just intimated that my platform promotes freedom while calling me an idiot at the same time !!!!!
          YOU ARE SCUM.

  • No Dhimmi

    Kowtowing to well-financed Islamists bent on the destruction of true human civilization – brilliant moves by our universities. Sickening. Who can we complain to? (This coming from a lifelong liberal, by the way.)

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    W., 05/18/11 common era

    I'm an alumnus of U.C. Berkeley and will never donate a penny unless and until it enforces free speech for all, not only for beneficiaries of Saudi cash donations.
    Where are the Establishment Jewish groups anyway? They are repeating their do-nothing attitude of the early 1940's when the Holocaust was in progress.

    • Guest

      I am a child survivor and have been saying it for years, but no body wants to hear it. Especially most American Jews which are on the left!

      They call me Islamophob when I try to correct their ignorance about Israel's history.

      This is an ugly and very bad situation and getting worse!

  • Cjlaw

    The seventy year plan of a takeover is now bearing fruit. The education systems in the USA/western world has become socialist mind control. The interesting part is this partnership with Islam, they (socialists) are being used for an agenda that is nothing close to how they wish to restructure the country/world. Do they not understand the laws of Sharia, its submit or death, this fact could not be more clear. There is no room under Sharia for any other structure, do they really think they are building good will with Islam by helping out.

    • Kristina

      The "Anointed One" would have us believe this.

    • Guest

      Yes they do!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JoJoJams

      Kind of like the "whore of babylon" riding the 10-headed beast, eh? ~ and the beast turns on her and destroys her. Interesting……

  • Kristina

    It may be time for schools that receive federal money to be held accountable for the neutrality of speakers. Failure to abide with speaker neutrality means loss of federal funds for the school.

    But we have a problem with this. Most speakers are invited to discuss social issues. All social issues require a biased viewpoint and therefore cannot be neutral. This would be a plus for students however since they may then be exposed to fewer "soft and fuzzy" concepts and be exposed to more hard facts.

    Watch how closely neutrality gets redefined since Bill Ayers, the Muslim Brotherhood members and others like them will be forbidden to speak. Neutrality, my butt!


    • Guest

      It is not about neutrality but about the truth!

      Remember, "Truth has no agenda"!

      Students deserve to know history and gets the facts not to be brain washed by propaganda.

  • SeaMystic

    As one who has been barred from our local University for over 10 years, for daring to point out that Native tribes had demanded the recognition of their land claims to 106 %, that's one hundred and six percent of our Province.
    Mr. Horowitz, welcome to the club of those Demonized, Slandered and Castigated by Leftist Goons and News Media. Now its Islam being touted as the victims.
    This will never stop till total WAR is declared on the Islamic and Leftist Mouthpieces attempting to pervert Democracy and destroy our Nations. Treachery against the vote of the people, was the Death Penalty,

    For starters sign the "Ban Islam" petition on:

    • scum

      Or better yet, just gas the fools, huh?

  • BigPat7

    UCSB has always been ultra-Lib. Fifteen years ago my son was student in Ventura JC, primarily for water polo and swimming. He ended up pretty much benched first year because of some out of country students, there for water polo as well.
    But he shined swimming, and competed at a state level. We were all over UCSB campus several times for swim meets.
    I flagged them as Marxist back then, looks like Islamo-Marxist now.
    Very disgusting to waste what could be a quality institute of education on crap like they do.

  • Yaakovw

    I find it immensely funny that people who support Arab rights to Israel claim to support Native American rights.

    Just in case anyone who lives in Santa Barbara, the tribe which owned what is now Santa Barbara were the Barbareños and their descendants have a web site.

    If anyone living in Santa Barbara wants to pay the rightful owners of the land for illegally squatting on Native American land, I'm sure that the tribe would be willing to take money from them.

    This information is presented as a public service.

    • scum

      Why is that funny, exactly? Because of some nebulous 2000 year 'right of return'? You guys crack me up!! LOL

      • Yaakovw

        Because it is ok with them for someone else to give up their home to do justice but when it will be cash out of pocket for them, when they will lose their life savings, the rules are different.

        When they return their land to the native Americans, they will have the right to talk. Until they do, they are hypocrites.

        We do not have a 2000 year right of return. The one who made that piece of land said it is ours.

  • PAthena

    Ahmed Naguib, a Muslim Students Association member, says that David Horowitz incites hatred – while he, Ahmed Naguib – is inciting hatred of David Horowitz! Naquib shows that he does not support freedom of speech.

  • Fred Dawes

    If Obama makes it back into office the ideals of free speech will disappear under the new supperssin acts placed into law by both the left and right in 2014 it will be known as the Antis act to stop racists dialogue

  • Sheepdog

    How far have we come along the story line of Atlas Shrugged?
    Pretty darn close

  • Robert UCSB '55

    When did Horowitz start contributing something to anything useful? He is just your ordinary right wing ideologue. Student money is just like taxpayer money; eventually something useful has to happen or JUST FORGET IT! We can't waste taxpayer money any more! There is no reason for student money should go to any one who doesn't add to the debate on either side. Horowitz' "message" never changes. Why not just play a tape in front of Storke Tower?

    • Guest

      The anti-Semitic hatred of Arabs toward Jews has not changed in the past 1400 years why should David Horowitz's massage change.

      And you just showed your face, as one that will look the other way when the evil will turn to violence!

      Just remember, first they will come for the Jews then they will come for you!

    • MRobs

      You could end up being one of the first to have your head chopped off by the Islamists or possibly be blown up in your local shopping mall by some bearded 7th century cretin screaming allah akbar you stupid leftist muslim a$$ kissing moron. Do you think the muslims are going to ask you if you are a lefty idiot before they kill you? Get your head out of your a$$.

      • scum

        Wow, you're really stupid, aren't you, you racist scum?

        • MRobs


          Who's stupid – I think you are. What race are muslims again? Islamic practicing muslims are not a race – it is a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion – moron.