The Patrons of Anti-Israelism

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Last week, a troubling article appeared in The Jerusalem Post on the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI), a shady student organization run primarily through the University of California, Irvine that is rapidly spreading. The subject of intense criticism, the OTI has been infiltrated by (among others) activists from the terrorism-supporting International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and has sent students to meet with a leader of Hamas. Even so, what appeared in the Post does little to hold the organization accountable — or its powerful supporters in the Jewish Federation of Orange County (JFOC).

The OTI has been covered extensively at FrontPage, most recently in an article detailing a 2009 student trip to Israel and the West Bank on which students met with one of the foremost leaders of Hamas, Aziz Duwaik (trips to Israel to meet with “dialogue partners” are a central function of the program). The meeting occurred just months after Duwaik’s release from Israeli custody. Afterward, students were told to coverup the meeting and to essentially deceive officials in order to avoid trouble crossing borders and leaving the country. A spokeswoman from UC Irvine told FrontPage that there was no investigation into the incident that she knew of, nor has there been any evidence of an investigation subsequently. That is to say, neither the university nor the OTI’s funders have shown any interest in understanding the OTI’s dealings with Hamas, and in particular, how it is possible that the OTI arranged this meeting and what internal connections brought it about. (Duwaik, incidentally, was detained again in May by the Israeli Defense Force.)

The fact that there was no investigation is most puzzling, as JFOC sent a letter to Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake ostensibly insisting that an investigation be preformed. Yet with no investigation conducted, the federation continues its support.

Also in the absence of an investigation, only a matter of weeks after the Hamas meeting was made known to Drake, University of California President Mark Yudof donated $5000 to the OTI via the Lumina Foundation for Education. This was followed in May 2010 with a $2000 award to the OTI by Yudof for the university’s Presidential Leadership Award. For such generous support, the university has been woefully remiss.

But OTI students typically meet with an abundance of radical anti-Israel activist who are just as objectionable as Duwaik. Explaining the JFOC’s enduring support, federation president and CEO Shalom Elcott told the Post, “We could all agree that we don’t love all the speakers, but we have to work with American Jews to develop a greater understanding about how important that diversity of opinions in Israel is. Our job is to work with OTI and open the door to the best possible teachers and people who know the facts on the ground and make sure they’re engaged on the trip” (emphasis added).

To be clear, Elcott’s definition of the “best possible teachers and people who know the facts on the ground” includes: George S. and George N. Rishmawi, both co-founders of the ISM, a group that openly endorses Palestinian terrorism; Mazim Qumsiyeh, a leading figure and co-founder of the economic warfare movement against Israel (BDS), who also promotes the anti-Semitic lie that Israel, the only non-apartheid nation in the Middle East, is an apartheid state comparable to Nazi Germany (which also causes all wars in the region); UN Gaza refugee director John Ging, who has accused Israel of creating a humanitarian crisis and supports the foreign flotilla assaults on the Gaza blockade; representatives from organizations such as Ir Amim, which has accused Israel of pursing policies of “Judaization;” representatives from Human Rights Watch, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes and various human rights abuses; and numerous others.

What about these impeccable “facts on the ground” that Elcott extolls? In 2010, George S. Rishmawi outrageously told students that “Israeli soldiers would fire and spray bullets randomly at Palestinian civilians in their homes,” one OTI participant recorded. The participant, who is in fact supportive of the OTI, then caught Rishmawi in another lie. Rishmawi, fumbling for an explanation, claimed that Palestinians sometimes fire guns “into the air…as a sign of resistance.” Actually — the student cornered Rishmawi into admitting — Palestinians sometimes fire directly at IDF officers, to which the provocateurs receive the appropriate response. There is simply no positive way to spin these facts: what Elcott and the JFOC consider “diverse opinions” are repulsive lies meant to incite hatred and justify Palestinian violence toward Israelis.

This same OTI participant, on the same 2010 trip, was also left with the distinct impression that George S. Rishmawi promotes violence. The young sojourner wrote (emphasis added):

[M]y biggest problem with individuals like George is their emphasis on being a “peace” activist.  George, for instance, claims that he is a non-violent peace activist, however in the same breath he maintains that if his peace is not realized within a year (mentioned above) there is no point in peace and drastic steps must – no – will be taken.

The extent of the Rishmawis’ involvement in the OTI program and its development is immensely curious and disconcerting (remember, these are ISM, Palestinian-terrorism supporting activists). The Centre for New Diplomacy (CFND), a Swedish NGO that does work in Israel, lists the OTI as one of its programs, asserting that it began as a “partnership programme” in 2007 with UC Irvine. One of the George Rishmawis works — or did, at least — as a CFND “coordinator for Palestine.” Most compellingly, George S. Rishmawi previously did work for the Holy Land Trust circa 2004 on what was called the “Olive Harvest Encounter.” As you can probably guess, the Olive Harvest Encounter was another fellow-traveller “dialogue” program that distinguished itself by focusing on the “persecution” and land confiscation of Palestinians by the Israeli government. The group even alleged that members of a particular family faced threats to their lives. Both Rishmawis have been involved in OTI programming every year from at least 2008-2010, and George S. was brought to UC Irvine in November of 2010 by the OTI as a speaker. The Rishmawis’ role in the development of the OTI must be investigated. Considering what we already know of them, it is obscene that they are a part of the program at all.

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  • Raymond in DC

    Jewish communal leaders often wonder why fewer Jews are supporting Federation activities. Well, they should look inward to see how some of their sponsored activities have deviated from Jewish communal interests and values as, for example, promoting Rachel Corrie at a San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, putting on anti-Semitic plays like "Seven Jewish Children" at Washington's Theater J, or bringing groups supporting BDS under the Jewish "tent".

    • Alexander Gofen

      You are absolutely correct: spiritual Jews must disassociate themselves from the so called "Federation", ADL, and similar liberast "Jewish" misnomers, which only bring shame (and catastrophies) on our people.



    • MixMChess

      No, but being moral (regardless of your religion or lack thereof) means that you should support Zionism and Israel. Of course, if you support terrorism, torture, murder and hate human life, by all means, support the immoral Palestinians. Just don't get all salty eyed when you get called out for being a hate-monger.

      I am American number one. I don't believe in the whole dual citizenship mumbo-jumbo. As an American I have been inculcated with a duty to support democratic allies that are free and moral nations and support civil rights and liberal ideas such as gay rights. Based on that criteria alone I strongly support Israel.

      Get a clue.

  • Shmuel

    This article is a gross misrepresentation of the Olive Tree Initiative. It is unfortunate that Front Page is incapable of providing an objective analysis of the Olive Tree. Sure there are legitimate criticisms, but it is obvious that the purpose of this article is to delegitimize the program.

    • Robert

      Mr. Shmuel: Are you aware that what has been written by the supporters of the OTI only superficially, if at all, addresses the points in the FP article? Do you find it odd that the leadership of the JFOC would write an alarming letter to the Chancellor of UCI about the 2009 OTI trip, then gloss over the incident and fail to address the substantive issues about OTI sessions with virulent anti-Israel speakers?
      I found it interesting that you made the statement "but it is obvious that the purpose of this article is to delegitimize the program. " I thought that delegitimization in this day and age was a policy almost restricted to Israel. A smile emoticon might be appropriate here, but the subject is too serious even for jest.

    • mlcblog

      I believe you may be being misled and trusting people who are wrong.

  • Alexander Gofen

    We are in existential war with Islam. Those who seek negotiation offering an "olive tree" to the mortal enemy during the war are traitors – even if their actions were based on naivete (and they are not). Those nothing-but-ethnic "Jews", alas, exemplify the birth defect characterizing our people.

    "Raymond in DC" is correct: spiritual Jews must disassociate themselves from the so called "Federation", ADL, and similar liberast "Jewish" misnomers which only bring shame (and catastrophies) on our people.

  • garyfouse

    The Post article conveniently omits any mention of the 2009 meeting with Aziz Duwaik. It also omits how the Fed and Hillel in OC tried to smear Dee Sterling in 2010 for raising the first objections about the ISM people involved in OTI. All the while, they were neglecting to inform the community of this 2009 mess with Duwaik.

    Now empty-suit Elcott takes his road show to Israel and the best explanation for this venture is that Jewish students will learn the debating points of the other side and be better advocates for Israel.

    How lame is that?

    It is also inaccurate and unfair to label OTI critics as "right-wing extremists".

    Wait until one of these kids gets harmed in the West Bank and watch the lawsuits fly aganst anyone associated with this monster.

  • garyfouse

    I note that Campus Watch has cross-posted this piece with (Inc Tammi Rossman-Benjamin) attached to the title.

    I don't understand this. Tammi is a strong supporter of Israel and an opponent of OTI. The article notes her own research into the OTI. The addition of her name in the title implies that she is part of the problem. She is not. Could someone please clarify this for me?