The Quest for an Obamacare Martyr

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In 1995, a politically desperate President Clinton brazenly capitalized on the bombing in Oklahoma City, blaming his political opponents and their extreme right-wing rhetoric for the horrific incident. This was six months after Clinton suffered a stunning rebuke in the midterm elections, with the Democratic loss of both the House and the Senate to Republicans. In 2011, in the wake of the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, President Obama has been unburdened of the task of blaming his critics for the national tragedy himself. Most of the dirty work is being carried out by the mainstream media, which immediately used the event as a cudgel against Obama’s political adversaries. This will be felt most strongly next week when the House votes to repeal the president’s controversial healthcare reform bill. The vote is expected to succeed, but any conservative victory over “Obamacare” is likely doomed to ambiguity — neither triumphant nor undeserved, but tainted by a fictive legacy of “extremist politics.”

To be clear, the allegation that Obamacare opponents are “extremists” or part of a “climate of hate,” as economist Paul Krugman described in The New York Times Monday, is baseless slander of the first order. Must we rebut the Krugman presumption? I suppose we must: There is no evidence that extremism is a prominent aspect of popular conservatism in any significant sense. Anecdotal evidence of such is thoroughly matched by “extremist” behavior on the other side, and is therefore not particular to right-wing activism. Even preceding Obamacare’s passage in March of 2010, left-wing rage was abundantly manifest. We could point out Kenneth Gladney, who, while selling miniature Gadsden flags, was beaten senseless by an unhinged member of the SEIU, a Marxist union closely allied with President Obama. Or we could recall the Tea Party protester whose finger was bitten off by a sympathizer in 2009. Or former Congressman Alan Grayson, who accused Republicans of wanting Americans to “die quickly.” The examples proceed ad infinitum. The point is that, rather than being inveterate to the Republican or Democratic party, extremism is a cold fact of reality for both the Left and Right. What matters is that it is infrequent and openly condemned when it occurs.

Within hours of the news that Rep. Giffords had been shot and numerous others had been killed or wounded, The New York Times blamed “vitriol” in politics for the massacre and pointed to the conservative movement (the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, etc.) in particular. Numerous other contributions from the Times and other left-wing figures and publications have since echoed the same. What is unclear is why “vitriol” in politics is suddenly so foreign to the Left. It suggests a degree of sensitivity in discourse which, of all political precincts, it certainly does not possess. The Bush years constituted an incredibly heated period in American politics, especially when led by anti-war hysterics. Some will remember when Bill Maher publicly opined, in all seriousness, that the world would be a safer place if Dick Cheney were dead. This statement was met with applause from his Real Time audience. Again, the examples go on and on. But particular examples are not the point. No faction enjoys a kind of holy disassociation from political degenerates, and these incidents quickly accumulate.

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  • okrahead

    Sheriff Dupnik issues statement blaming Limbaugh for shootings…

    From the desk of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik:

    Dear Fellow Citizens and Voters,

    It pains me to have to reflect on the tragic events that befell our beloved community this past Saturday. While there will no doubt be a time to grieve the losses we have sustained as a community, this is not the time. No, now is the time to assess blame.

    We live in troubled times, with all sorts of troubled folks ambling around, spouting off all kinds of troubled stuff and nonsense that gets picked up on by even more troubled folks who then go out and do troubling things. The kind of troubling things that troubled our entire community this past Saturday. I myself am deeply troubled by all this troubled, rambling nonsense we hear and see all day long, every day. It's high time someone took the trouble to do something about these troubles, and that troubled someone is me….

    Read the rest here….

    • USMCSniper

      Sheriff Dupnik is too stupid to even suspect he is stupid!

    • Guest

      He's troubled because his incompentancy is on view to the whole world. He knew all about the flaky Loughner and should have had him under surveillance at the rally with deputies close by. He's troubled because instead of a professional response he launched into a poltical tirade completely inappropriate to the circumstances. He's the poster boy for the incompetents who now run the country.

  • intlctlrdnck

    Controversy over Obamacare would merely be icing on the cake. This horrible tragedy is being used for a much more sinister purpose–the complete and final destruction of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Clinton didn't have the infrastructure in place the way this administration does. Net Neutrality, wide-ranging FCC controls–the progressives were already preparing to haul conservative talkers in front of Congress to make them justify their alledged "hate talk". DHS had from the second this administration took office, put the bull's eye on conservatives. No, this was already planned in detail, all they needed was the right incident to make it all happen.

  • Clint

    This despicable S.O.B. is trying to deflect attention from his own inept department ! how many times was he called and told about this left wing nut ? could it be he thought his "comrade" would only target Tea Party advocates ?

    • Guest

      They wanted an "incident" they could use to launch a political jihad against the Tea Party, Palin and talk radio. My guess is that they expected Loughner would yell at Giffords and create a relatively minor but useful disturbance that could be exploited. It blew up in their face.

  • cedarhill

    Go read this from overseas news sources:

    Imho, Dupnik is not only a highly partisan left wing moonbat who refused to follow his oath of office by publicly declaring he would not enforce AZ laws regarding illegal aliens but is also the supreme CYA propagandist. Seems Left wing thing breeds such deceit that it's all they do.

    He should be sued by those he's slimed. And vilified as the wack job he is.

  • sflbib

    The Left cares about only two things: 1) getting power, so that it can 2) oppress those who disagree with them.

  • jerrag

    We can only hope the good folk of Pima County will see their Sheriff for what he is and vote him out of office come the next election.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Interesting how the Islamic US Army Officer murdered I believe 13 soldiers and wounded many more but so far none of the natural associates to that Officer are pursued as a national menace. Silent mode there.
    In turn the lunatic left wing cum Nazi nut case, a known mental basket case, is immediately linked to the targets selected by the Soetoro administration.
    Is not that a wonder>

  • BLJ

    Dupnik couldn't hold Barney Fife's jockstrap. He is a buffoon and a disgrace to his office. Maybe him and Krugman can star together in "Dumb and Dumber 3".

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    A good article on left wing extremist threats was in today's worldnetdaily

  • Alex Kovnat

    Thank you for mentioning the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which was obviously revenge for the destruction of the Branch Dividian cult compound in Waco, Texas.

    I would like to ask the following question: Suppose it were during the presidency of George W. Bush, not Bill Clinton, that you had the U.S. government use heavy armored fighting vehicles to destroy a religious cult with the resulting deaths of 86 people, many of them children. Can you imagine the reaction of people like Barbara Streisand and others of similar beliefs?

    After the Waco tragedy, Janet Reno should have had the decency to resign. Clinton should have had the decency to apologize to the families of those killed. Those responsible, military or civilian, should have been broomed out of government. Perhaps then, the destruction of the federal building in Oklahoma City in revenge, could have been averted.

  • FLIrishPM

    I can see it now….some liberal progressive marxist in the House will craft a bill entitled "Gabby Giffords Memorial Health Care Reform Act". This is what marxists do. They seize upon the weak minded, find a human shield to prop up for their insane legislation and demonize everyone who opposes it as 'racist' or 'bigoted'. Because after all, it's for 'the children'. Never mind that it will literally bankrupt the country within a few years but hey, at least we're going to be insuring 30 million more slaves to satisfy the egos of the oligarchical ruling class elites that pretty much figure we're too stupid to even tie our own shoes without their 'help'.

  • Fred Dawes

    Obamacare will attack the poor and the helpless, it wil take money out of the hands of people who have nothing, and make some people lots of money.

  • Fed_Republic

    Common Communist Operating Instructions:



  • geronl

    The entire leftist establishment has been mobilized to politicize this tragedy and gain whatever advantage they can from it.

  • SemperCivis

    We've had enough of Obamacare and Obama.

    This video documents the reasons for and destruction of Marc Rubin’s masterful portrait of Barack Obama in 2009 after the NEA was hijacked by Obama and his progressive operatives. Its called "Catharsis"

  • Jennifer Saralidge

    Join the largest group of Americans to stop Obamacare. Sign the Repeal Pledge and save America.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Dupnik poopnik………this idiot is sitting back thinking if he makes enough
    noise, lefty noise that is, he may be in line for Rep. Gifford's job, just a
    hunch but he is just to out there, he seems dubious, yeah, dubious Dupnik
    the poopnik…….Shoot em low Sheriff they're riding Shetlands………………..William