One Million Israelis Under Missile Fire

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It took me 20 minutes to drive to Ashdod from Tel-Aviv on Sunday morning, August 21st, 2 days after Ashdod, the fifth biggest city in Israel, was hit by seven Grad missiles fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza. According the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, over 100 rockets and mortars were fired towards Israel since Friday, August 19th.

As has been the routine in Sderot for the past five years,  my car windows are rolled down, the radio volume  is lowered, and I get ready to hear a siren that will give me and everyone else 45 seconds to find a safe place. On the bright side, 45 seconds to run for your life is an improvement over the 15 seconds you have in Sderot.

The local news on the car radio announces burial plans for Yossi Ben Sasson, age 38, who was killed from the Grad missile the night before in Beer Sheva, when he was taking his wife, nine months pregnant, for a medical check up. And the news item that follows is about a young woman fighting for her life at the Soroka hospital, also in Beer Sheva.

I reach ‘Admor Me’gor’ street in Ashdod, where only a few days before – at 8:12 a.m. on Friday morning, August 19th, – a Grad missile exploded within range of 900 yeshiva students and high school kids who were beginning their school day.

Yakkov Bozaglo, 56, who was taking shelter from the Grad missile on Friday morning, described the huge explosion and the scene of three seriously injured men as they left their small synagogue; how they were treated for shrapnel wounds on the spot, while thanking G-d that the high school and elementary students were set to arrive 15 minutes after the explosion.

Driving onto the next scene where a missile penetrated three meters deep into the sand, burrowing into a ditch between two synagogues, causing damage, but leaving all  the holy books and Ark with the Torah scroll unscathed.

Ariel Zeldman, age 26, who came to see his synagogue that morning, where he prayed during the attack, described how everyone ran outside, crossed the street to the 7th floor apartment building to take cover. Ariel described how he held the hand of an elderly man who only reached half of the distance and was also injured by debris, even though he had 45 seconds to find shelter.

Leaving Ashdod and driving south towards Sderot, the bomb shelter capital of the world”, there was a sign post on Route 4, next to Nitzan’s tent city encampment, with signs screaming: “6 years, until when?!”

The tents and sign depict the plight of Jewish residents from Gush Katif in Gaza who have been living in refugee-type conditions in Nitzan, since the IDF pulled all civilians and military personnel out of Gaza exactly six years ago, in August 2005.

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  • Flipside

    “Israel must deal with the root of the problem.” So when are they going to assassinate Putin and go to war with China?

    • ziontruth

      Are you really that stupid? Surely no one can be that stupid—you've got to pretending.

      The root of the problem is the Arab settlers coveting indigenous Palestinian (=Jewish) possessions, including land. Expel those Arab settlers and all the missiles and terrorist attacks are gone. Russia and China can stay plain-dealing business partners of Israel, neither hated nor allied, just motivated by the desire to make money like any rational agent.

    • UCSPanther

      If you haven't noticed, Russia and China don't care about the Middle East. All they care about is money.

  • ziontruth

    "To our dismay, global media will continue focusing on Israel’s response to terrorism while ignoring or minimizing the terrorists’ and their leaders’ actions and constant declarations of their intention to wipe us off the map and out of existence."

    And so they will keep doing until the Jewish State acts on its legal authority to force them to cease and desist from their anti-Zionist activism. "Pretty please with sugar on top" won't cut it, nor will appeals to decency and shame, both of which the Marxist-owned media lack (for proof, see the Tucson and Breivik aftermaths and contrast that of Fort Hood). The media have decided to wage war against the Jewish State, so the Jewish State is legally cleared to wage war back on them. Who is in a war must do as in a war; the war of ideas is no less important than the physical battleground.

    • Flipside

      There is no legal authority to stop anti-Zionist activism.

      • ziontruth

        Not yet, but there will be. Real Jewish leadership will arise in the Jewish State sooner or later (sooner, amen), and then there will be. Count on it.

      • UCSPanther

        You could say the same thing about the Fascist apologists before WWII, and look what happened to them.

        Just look up Father Charles Coughlin, William Pelley Dudley and Fritz Julius Kuhn and you will see what I mean.

        The same fate awaits Israeli anti-zionist activists, and also awaits traitors over here as well…

        • Flipside

          You need to lay off the alternate history novels.

          • UCSPanther

            You are engaging in projection here, chump. You are the one reading alternate history novels. Those three I mentioned were real, and spent the rest of their lives in defeated obscurity.

            You are just scared, because the same fate awaits you…

    • mah29001

      You're an imbecile to link Communism with Judaism, Commies are an "anti-Zionists'" best friend.

      • Flipside

        I guess Winston Churchill was an imbecile too?

  • mah29001

    Flipside, you're nothing more than a Jew-hater, your comments prove that.

  • Joan

    What on earth would make a Jew -hater ? i think it has something to do with those kind of people hating G-d and ignorance . It is some evil that i can't grasp. But if people would get the Israeli News every day like i do, it is unbelievable what they indure through being bombed with missels daily, and while they indured the worst they have in years these past few days , our news here was reporting Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe that went on for hours, while a tiny baby was injured in the terror that took place . How awful they must feel when no one acknowledges what is taking place, how much can they take, I think we will get what we deserve if we don't wake up to Obama and his puppets they are tearing our nation apart and selling it out too. It is obvious , people need to open there eyes and find out why and stop being niave , i keep running into people who are in a dream world over him , where are there brains. Just the study of Israel and the promised land was enough for me to understand perfectly why they love and bless there homeland ,they are so good to there citizens and welcome anyone that is not trying to kill them.

  • DeShawn

    What about the millions of Palestinians Israel keeps in concentration camps every day, and how they terrorize the Palestinians with bombs? Oh no we can't talk about that here because you don't even consider them to be human. Zionist jews=modern Nazis.

    • elihew

      You are so far out of the realm of reality that no one can reach you…Why don't you try to find another site which just might, for awhile anyway, buy your tripe?

    • ziontruth


      "What about the millions of [Arab settlers]…"

      They must end their occupation of indigenous Palestinian, meaning Jewish, land for the sake of peace.

      "Zionist jews=modern Nazis."

      You don't really believe that. If a true Nazi like you did, you'd be our staunch friend and ally. That you are, of the Islamic imperialists—proof that it is they who are the modern Nazis.

    • UCSPanther

      Funny. I thought you beer-swilling tatooed neo-nazi skidders worshipped Hitler and Nazi Germany.

      Can't have it both ways, pal.

    • DeShawn

      Hmm…so not only are you jewish supremacists dangerous, you're also stupid. I'm not white and I'm not a Nazi. I reject what the Nazis stood for, which is why I reject the apartheid zionist entity. So yes, I reject both white supremacism and jewish supremacism. Try to remember that this time.

      I also don't give a damn about Muslims any more than I do other religions. This may be hard for you to believe, but you can dislike jewish beahvior without being a Muslim or a Nazi. That's pretty much why jews have been kicked out of country after country throughout history. People don't like jews because on the whole they're greedy, dishonest, selfish, manipulative, murderous and have little regard for the goys and goyim who they consider inferior to them. Any questions?

      • ziontruth

        "I'm not white…"

        Doesn't matter if you are or not. There are black Nazi-likes, such as Louis Farrakhan, not to mention the pastor who mentored a certain American president.

        "…and I'm not a Nazi."

        You talk like them in every way. You use every smear against the Jews ("hook-nosed vermin" anyone?) they employ.

        "I reject both white supremacism and jewish supremacism."

        Maybe you do, but if so, then only because you're a black supremacist. (See above.)

        "I also don't give a damn about Muslims any more than I do other religions."

        Sure you don't. That's why do demand they be appeased on the Jewish State's expense.

        "That's pretty much why jews have been kicked out of country after country throughout history. People don't like jews because on the whole they're greedy, dishonest, selfish, manipulative, murderous and have little regard for the goys and goyim who they consider inferior to them."

        More Nazi tirades par excellence from this so-called non-Nazi.

        You're not fooling anyone, DeSchutzstaffel. Whatever your skin color, your views on the Jews are 100% Nazi-compatible. If you registered at Stormfront, then for as long as you kept unmentioned your being black, you'd be a respected member there.