How Obama’s Economics Will De-Fund Churches

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During the socialist experiment in Egypt, where I grew up, in every speech the revolutionary dictator, Gamal Abdel Nasser, would fly into a rage against what he called the corrupt rich, large owners of agricultural land and the big companies, robbing the wealth from the poor Egyptian people.

Nasser nationalized all the companies and banks; and limited ownership of the land to a few acres per family. Private enterprise was virtually gone, limited to just little stores and apartment buildings. But then even the owners of apartment buildings were demonized as greedy, and Nasser punished them by introducing severe rent control. Rents were sometimes cut by more than 400%, and stayed at that level for life. The result was that buildings were virtually abandoned by their owners, who could no longer afford to maintain them; many neighborhoods turned into slums. As no one built rental buildings any more, there was a horrific shortage of apartments for rent. In a few years, two — then three –families started living together in one apartment; some of the poor people Nasser said he loved made cemeteries their homes.

Mosques, sheikhs, and religious institutions, including Al Azhar Islamic University, all became government employees. Religion became a government business, and Islamic leaders often became the mouth-piece of the government. Eventually, the government could not escape the tyranny of Islamic Sharia law. Leaders who violated Islamic law were threatened or assassinated.

Several years after pitting the rich against the poor, everyone in Egypt became poor. Even people who had previously enjoyed money struggled to survive — except for the political class.

The president, his family, his cronies, his cabinet and military leaders became the new rich class, as well as the major employers for everyone, as unemployment was rampant everywhere else. The sons and relatives of the Egyptian president cruised around Cairo in expensive foreign cars while 95% of Egyptians stuffed themselves uncomfortably into publicly-owned buses.

What socialism does is to prevent the private sector from being the rich, and replaces it with a useless political class that understands nothing about running a business for profit. When the private sector was in charge, the economy grew; when the government was in charge, the economy declined.

Moreover, the public could no longer sue the government when there were mistakes in health or rights, whereas when the private sector controlled the economy competitively, the public was free to bring lawsuits against any corrupt practices or mistakes that had caused harm to anyone.

One would have thought this basic lesson in economics had already been resolved in the American mind and seen as evidence that socialism and communism could not work, but apparently our current administration is taking the naïve American public on a ride from which it might never recover.

Every time I listen to the president ranting against the rich millionaires and billionaires, I ask myself how educated people in America can be fooled by such rhetoric. Advocating a socialist agenda — while denying that it is socialist — is what the administration and his supporters are doing. They are being dishonest, to say the least, about what they believe.

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  • Axe

    "but apparently our current administration is taking the naïve American public on a ride from which it might never recover"

    I wish I could get ugly with you about that "naïve" you keep using, but I can't in good conscious.

  • Dispozadaburka

    They have placed a "tax" on Churches in Germany.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The US still has a strong middle class and it is what makes this country strong.

    The main stream media makes it sound as though our country is made up of

    "the 1% rich" and the 99% poor.

    Maybe it is the image that they wish to portray in order to impose the
    that Obama wishes to implement.

  • StephenD

    You gotta give props to Oabama! He is certainly sticking to his agenda and soldiering on. He obviously disavows American Exceptionalism and has said as much. He wants America to be no more than a European style Nation-State. When we are all equally poor his mandate will be fulfilled. When we are dependent upon the government for our next meal and pair of shoes, we are much more pliable and susceptible to accepting a dictator. The only question then becomes how cruel of an existence will it be.

  • Hardball

    Thank you Nonie…. A voice… crying in the wilderness.

  • Conister

    Would that Nonie Darwish could print this article on the front page of every newspaper in the World! And on the Internet! Her eye-opening facts astound me.

  • Tanstaafl

    What will stop this nonsense?

    "You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

    Abraham Lincoln

  • ronyvo

    How come that I don't see any mention about the riligion of this Devil in the WH? He is Muslim, no doubt. His agenda is the islamic agenda. Islamise America and the world will follow.
    One of his extremly dangerous acts is in the so called health plan. In it Muslims among few of small other groups are exempt from paying in the health plan, BUT THEY ARE COVERED. Islam prohibts gambeling. They say paying insurance premiums is gambeling. THAT LEAVES THE DOOR OPEN FOR THOSE CHRISTIAN AND JEWS AMERICANS WHO ARE NOT RELIGIOUS TO CONVERT TO iSLAM TO AVOID PAYING THE PREMIUMS. How about that for sneaky way to destroy our country?!