Islam’s “Uncovered-Meat” Excuse for Sexual Assault

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The news that 60 Minutes journalist Lara Logan had been brutally sexually assaulted and beaten in Egypt among chants of “Jew” really hit home. As a teenager and young woman in Egypt, I remember having to endure the humiliation of being pinched and groped in crowded buses and streets of Cairo. Onlookers are usually indifferent, some even laugh, leaving women in Muslim society even more ashamed of their bodies. Women who do not wear Islamic clothes, such as Christians and foreigners, are even more vulnerable. In Cairo, hearing a passing car yelling the “f” word or “whore” to a woman and then speeding up in the busy traffic is not uncommon.

In times of uprisings and revolutions, it is not uncommon for the mob mentality to take over, resulting in assaults and even killing of journalists. But what happened to journalists in Egypt, including Logan, was an outrageous violation of police duty; instead of helping the foreign victims, the police added to the abuse by hours of unnecessary and abusive interrogation of the victims themselves.

Egypt and many Muslim countries have a terrible record of sexual harassment. According to a survey conducted in 2008 by an Egyptian Women’s rights group, 83% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed. The numbers for foreign women is a staggering 98%. Most of the men in the survey admitted they have harassed women and most of them blamed it on women for dressing provocatively. What is worse is that the majority of women in the survey believe that women who dress immodestly deserve the harassment.

Muslim culture has succeeded in turning women against each other and away from defending their human rights and dignity. The system rewards women who turn on other women who do not follow Sharia. A Muslim woman is given her much-craved respect only when she reports and condemns immodest women, turns against her sisters and agrees with a misogynist culture that blames the female victims and not the predators.

It was also reported that crowds yelled “Jew” at Logan. That does not surprise me, since a call that someone is a Jew has a meaning in Muslim countries. It means they are fair game for assault or worse; it means they are subhuman and deserve whatever happens to them. Muslim scriptures are full of commandments to kill Jews wherever they are and according to Islamic law, female captives in battle are automatically divorced from their husbands and can be sexually enslaved by their captors. Mohammed himself, who is viewed as the ideal example for men, in all his battles against non-Muslims allowed sexual enslavement of women captives. Such Islamic history lessons send the wrong message to Muslim men and influence how they view and relate to women and take away any feeling of guilt or shame.

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  • kafir4life

    It's just islam, folks. No story here. It's just islam…… set out by its inventor and head terrorist mad momo, the pig faced prophet, who invented the gutter cult of islam, shat the contents of the koran, and otherwise defines what we see in the practitioners today.

    I've heard it said that 1/4 of the worlds population will be muslim by 2050. What they fail to say is that 3/4 of the worlds population won't.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And as we all know by now and have done for many years, that quarter is the world's most aggressive, bigoted, primitive, barbaric, misogynistic and hateful quarter, as has just been shown by the barbarian Ahmad on here.

      Of course, it's 'Islamophobic' to suggest such a thing in PC-land.

  • Steve Chavez

    Imagine if Lady Gaga went there! Now that really "uncovered meat!" JOKES ASIDE, I wonder who rules INSIDE THE HOME. I've seen documentaries that show a covered up woman outdoors who is beautiful, with makeup, and Western dressed indoors. How can those same men who taunt women outdoors then treat women with respect indoors as those women are unafraid to dress up.
    "72 Virgins in Heaven." Isn't that an insult to all women? Where is NOW demanding that Islam remove that slogan from their creed? Where is NOW demanding the end of Vaginal Mutilation? Where is NOW demanding the end of woman suffrage? Where is NOW demanding an end to female HONOR KILLINGS? ALL HAPPEN IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

    • Eliz

      Thank you Steve!!! I, and several other of my "feminist" colleagues, have been asking ourselves that question for years!!! How in God's name can NOW call themselves pro-woman, when they refuse to take a strong stand on this?

      • David W

        If Muslims were to come out against Abortion then you can guarantee that NOW and other feminists would take a stand. NOW is not for women, it is for liberal ideology, murder of unborn, distribution of wealth, and glorification of whore-mongers (sorry, getting carried away – too much caffeine) like Bill Clinton.

  • tanstaafl

    It is always good to read Nonie Darwish, since the left has no answer to an ex-muslim who has lived through the constant mysogyny that is Islam.

  • Jaladhi

    >"Such Islamic history lessons send the wrong message to Muslim men and influence how they view and relate to women and take away any feeling of guilt or shame."<

    I would say this is the message that Mo/allah sends to its followers, therefore it is the right message as far as the Muslims see it and they would dutifully follow it. But for the norms of the rest of us this is an immoral message. but then Quran is full of immoral messages and Muslims can't see it being in a brain dead state!!

  • muchiboy

    "Most of the men in the survey admitted they have harassed women and most of them blamed it on women for dressing provocatively"

    This attitude is not foreign to western men.Just this week a Toronto policeman was reprimanded for advising an audience of University students that young women can avoid rape by "not dressing like s!uts".An unfortunate but maybe understandable piece of advice.Unfortunate because it is not unlawful to dress provocatively.Understandable because given human nature sometimes it does.Dressing provocatively may place women and young girls at risk.Like a soldier or policeman on duty,you must always beware of your environment.

    "see the truth behind the Islamic upbringing of men,"

    An excellent point,and one that we can take to heart in our culture ,too.

    " Muslims need to view themselves and the reality of their religious education more critically. Living in denial about one’s religion and the consequences of its teachings is toxic."

    I think the West needs to take the bull by the horns here and confront the Islamic scholars and Imams about Islamic (core?) beliefs/values and traditional and or co

    • Barbara

      The difference between the Toronto policeman and men in Islamic countries is that the former was universally condemned and reprimanded, while the latter are applauded for their attitudes.

    • Michael

      "An unfortunate but maybe understandable piece of advice.Unfortunate because it is not unlawful to dress provocatively.Understandable because given human nature sometimes it does."

      You mean given MALE nature – not human nature. It's not in a woman's nature to rape, torture, or murder. This goes for both the Middle East, the West, and every country on this planet. So let's be honest and speak the truth.

      Sex crimes are mostly committed by MEN and it has NOTHING TO DO with how a woman or girl or boy dresses or behaves. It is all about the man who is committing the crime and his mental inbalance

      I'm a man in my 20s. And I think we have to start taking responsibilities for our actions. We need to start figuring out how to reduce such high crime rates in men.Trying to put the blame on women (when it so clearly is not) won't fix things.

  • Maggie

    Need to invent Mace with pigs blood to protect all non-muslim women.

  • muchiboy

    " Muslims need to view themselves and the reality of their religious education more critically. Living in denial about one’s religion and the consequences of its teachings is toxic."

    I think the West needs to take the bull by the horns here and confront Islamic scholars and Imams about Islamic (core?) beliefs/values and traditional and /or contemporary behaviors.In all of this,respect for other cultures and religions as well as Universal Human Rights needs to be addressed and confronted.This needs to be addressed at the highest levels,perhaps simultaneously,church to church,including Christian,Jewish,etc.,state to state,region to region,perhaps in the Ecumenical tradition,or at the General Assembly level at the UN. Certainly this will open a can of worms,and the West and Israel cannot expect to avoid criticism,e.g.European antisemitism culminating in the Holocaust,Israeli,read Jewish,ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people,etc.Advise everyone stock a few months supply of essential goods while the talks are underway.muchiboy

  • Chezwick_Mac

    I went to a liberal web-site yesterday and debated the commentators over this issue. I was disgusted, though not surprised, at the attitudes. Over and over, the women took the position that cultural misogyny and denigration of women is no worse in Egypt than in the USA. One used all the feminist code-words, "hierarchical", "patriarchal", to describe America.

    I tried to explain to them how naive and juvenile they were being…how, if they were somehow transposed to live in the Muslim world as a Muslim for a year, their fathers, husbands, and/or brothers would have the power and the right to proscribe almost every personal prerogative, including their existence as a free human being. I suggested that when their year was up and they returned to the USA, they would kiss the ground.

    For my trouble, I had all manner of scorn heaped on me. I swear friends, I have little hope that our liberal countrymen and women will ever climb out of their cesspool of delusions.

    • Eliz

      Yep, you got that right, Chezwick. The liberals are JUST AS GUILTY of rape as their Islamic counterparts. Two sides of the same coin, I think.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Perhaps you should ask those women why they don't do us a favour and go and live in Egypt or some other Muslim craphole, if they think cultural misogyny and denigration of women is no worse in Egypt than in the USA.

    • John

      There is certainly A LOT OF double standards against women (w.h.o.r.e vs pimp; old hag vs silver fox; lucky old man vs desperate cougar; good father & provider vs neglectful overly ambitious mother; etc),

      There was even an article about Lara Logan's chosen profession and whether it was right or wrong given the fact that she has kids. But I've never ever seen such an article on the thousands of male reporters who have kids as well. This just adds insult to injury. How about we let Lara heal in peace instead of debating her career choice in such a sexist manner?

      There is also a lot of misogyny in hiphop music nowadays. The song lyrics don't even refer to women as women or girls or gals or ladies. They refer to women as b.i.t.c.h.e.s and h.o.e.s. And the saddest part is that young black women are brainwashed into thinking this is normal behavior,

      Women still make around $0.70 per every $1.00 a man makes doing the same exact job in the same exact way. Not to mention that study after study has shown women have to work much harder to get the same level of success and respect as a man in practically every career field.

      So to say that here in the U.S women are completely equal to men is 100% bull crap. That's just wishful thinking. Women aren't yet equal to men. But they are at least heading in the right direction.

      Women in the Middle East seem to be going backwards. Things keep getting worse and worse for them. The differences in gender equality is also a lot more severe. So of course they have it much much worse. But I think women – in every country – generally have a harder life than men. And it affects us all because most men have mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, female friends, etc. We all have to work together to bring equality. I certainly don't want MY DAUGHTER when she grows up to make less than some douch bag at the office who works less than she does.

      And all this political correctness bull crap with the Middle East needs to end. We need to call them out on their horrific values, morals, and beliefs. And on the monstrous treatment of women and children.

  • RiverFred

    Mohammed was a sex addict and pedohile, what better way to have his way with woman than to have self serving revelations. Unfortunately followers of Islam believe Mohammed's BS.

  • anolesman

    If a woman puts her self in harms way you can expect she will be harmed. There should be no surprise to what happen. If she was not capable of making good decesions surely then bad things happen. I only hope she will think twice before going into dark places.

    I wish her well.

    • Shadow

      Hmmm interesting point of view so If my friend hacks your computer and wipes it out would you have a right to be upset and post on here. You know since your are placing yourself in harms way by replying with that statment?

  • Hannibarca

    I hope the Israelis have a layered defense anchored on their borders with zeroed in tactical nukes that will be needed to repel the mutant hordes now massing against them.

    • Nomoremr.niceguy

      I'm with you on that! There should be no "political correctness" where that one is concerned, and no holds barred at this point. No offense, but in this case, screw the U.S!
      With a muslim jerk at the helm, they are no friends to Israel!

      If anything, Israel, might be the one to set the world straight, once and for all!

  • GCarson

    Don't be politically correct when you meet these people. When they are rude, give it back to them. If they attack you, fight back.

  • jaythehistorian

    Karma is a b-t-ch. I can't pretend the fact that one of Obama's foot soldiers was beaten by mob is upsetting. Logan alongside other airheads like Katie Couric are in fact Obama's propaganda ministry. They helped the Manchurian antichrist gain the presidency and will do everything in their power to give him 4 more years to commit robbery of productive US citizens. They are actively trying to give him more opportunity to destroy the US. They have already sabotaged potential opposition to Obama in 2012. The MSM deliberately ruined the presidential potential of Palin and Gingrich. CBS' head propaganda beast Katie Couric deliberately sabotaged Palin in her amubsh in 2008. I am not going to pretend I care about what happens to a traitor who was actively engaged in assisting Jihadists turn Egypt into another Iran. GCarson is correct. Being politically correct , polite and civil only serve the domestic enemy and are part of the reason traitors control the White House and the Senate.

  • BLJ

    What else would you expect from savages? Lara Logan is lucky she is still alive, These creatures are lower than pond scum.

    The idea that they consider Jews sub-human is a joke. Take a good look in the mirror Ak-Bar. What you see is human feces.

  • Richard W.

    They're Arabs, the scum of the earth. What do you expect?

    Eventually, the world will not require Arab oil. When that day comes, they'll be down to two natural resources – sand and ugly women.

  • ibsapien

    This has nothing to do with Islam. And shame on you for exploiting this incident to find a pretext to promote your hatred of Muslims again.

    It's now well established that the violence used during these protests were initiated by one side – the pro-Mubarak crowd. The assault on Logan was part of a staged assault on journalists, initiated by Mubarak's goons. It's Mubarak who uses "the Jews" as scapegoats as straw men to divert attention from the legitimate criticisms of his government. Once again, nothing to do with Islam. America's "aid" money to Mubarak was intentionally given to Mubarak so he could maintain his brutal enforcement in terms of subjugating his people and freedoms in Egypt. The people who assaulted journalists, including Logan, were probably paid with that money. What Logan experienced wasn't Islam, it was American foreign policy.

    • Sam

      Again and again….the "This has nothing to do with Islam" excuse…

    • aspacia

      Read the Qu'ran for insight. You have no idea.

    • umustbkidding

      Men are men and let's face it, most men would like to reach out and grab gals. Infidel men however understand that it's BAD behavior to do so, BUT in the Arab world they do reach out and grab or worse just goes to show you how . . .

      Muslims are non violent! period

    • ziontruth

      It has everything to do with Islam, Ibsy. This kind of thing happens regularly in the Muslim-colonized cities of Europe. The indigenous women there have learned and internalized, that if they don't want to share Lara Logan's fate, they have to put on Islamic garb (hijab, niqab etc.) when going to the colonists' neighborhoods. This is jihad by another form, instituting de-facto shariah law over non-Muslim lands.

      Have a look at the Gates of Vienna blog, especially their running featured called the Cultural Enrichment Archive. Then you'll change your tune about how this has nothing to do with Islam. (Or maybe not. Maybe you're a good lefty and like all of them will keep making excuses for the Muslims no matter what. It's always amazed how Islam, the most unreformed of religions today, is beloved of those who "American Taliban" everywhere in the U.S.)

    • HamilcarB

      "the violence used during these protests were initiated by one side – the pro-Mubarak crowd."
      Not in this case, bub. Logan was attacked during the celebration over Mubarak's stepping down. The supposedly 'pro-democracy' protesters did this. Anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and misogyny run rampant in Egyptian society, and that includes the more educated classes, never mind the Mulim Brotherhood and their ilk. What happened to Logan is no aberation; it is a warning. Any political reform in Egypt needs to managed very carefully, and slowly. Their culture harbors major atavistic and violent elements, and yes, it has much to do with Islam.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Its everything to do with Islam, rockbrain. Islam has always been and always will be a primitive, barbaric, misogynistic, bigoted and evil death cult.

    • Steve-o

      What medical MJ are you smoking? You are seriously proposing that it was the penises of American foreign policy that assaulted Lara Logan?

  • sneed5

    This would be a good time to start pulling out of all the countries in which we have our noses and U.S. taxpayer money. Cut off the funds we give them, reinforce our defenses here at home, get busy drilling for oil and natural gas, produce more coal, and strive for more renewable energy(with no taxpayer subsidies)! To a man, all countries of the world hate us!! So I say, let them go on their own and let's take care of our own people. We are now being held hostage by the Islamists!!

    • Saxon


      We're worried WAY TOO MUCH what other countries think of us. They're the first to criticize, and the first to come a-begging for our help when the sh^t hits the fan.

      Screw them.

  • Dan N

    I read the artical about the Australian Imam and comparing women dressed in western attire as raw meat. In justifying rape against these women I believe he said something to the effect (I paraphrase) "Who can blame the fly for being attracted to the raw meat?". I wonder, does he really think that muslim men have no more control overthemselves and their actions than that of a fly? How pathetic.

  • juice

    In Islam, the people really have not ever thought of themselves as individuals, just pieces of the whole. It's kinda like the borg on Star Trek. They cannot think for themselves because for centuries someone else has told them what to think and how to behave. Their relationship to their god is not a personal relationship with a loving creator. They have a hate filled god who created them expecting slave like obedience. They continue to kill off any of their own who might have an independent brain cell in their head – usually for blasphemy. Unfortunately, you cannot reason with people like that. They either wake up by themselves and try to sneak west or they live for their 72 POA that weren't available to them in reality.

  • DrBukk

    Islam has no concept that humans were designed "in God's image" or that they must strive to be good to go to heaven. They believe there is no point in exercising self-control, observing science or natural laws because Allah could change those things on a whim.

    Many Muslim men suffer in the polygamous system and never have a wife. The entire Muslim family structure is based on other large mammals where the strongest beast will get the herd. The beasts can only mate infrequently when the female is receptive (known as estrus). Unfortunately, women cannot fend off males with her unique-to-humans sexual phenomenon known as menses, and she can be impregnated on a monthly basis. I don't know if birth control is available for them.

    Many Muslim men feel they can earn bragging rights only when they spawn 50 or more children. IMHO, the population explosion in the Muslim world cannot be accommodated even if they became democratic. I fear for Europe.

    • Saxon


      But…because of their polygamus culture…which has been in place for several centuries, now…incest is actually quite common in Islam. And so are birth defects.

      They cannot sustain themselves.

  • ibsapien

    41% of women in the US military report being sexually assaulted, 29% of which is outright rape. A quarter to a third of all college going women in the US say they've been sexually assaulted at least once. Does any American really have the right to lecture Egypt on the treatment of women?

    Nonie goes on a bigoted anti-Muslim website to parade sex-based crimes in Egypt amongst a crowd of hateful white racists. Really disgusting.

    • Hannibarca

      Ubneanderthal:where do you trotskyite trolls come up with all this fallacious data on rape or anything else?

    • aspacia

      The number of rape, honor murder, and subjegation of women by Muslims far exceeds any of a military's crimes against women.

    • CPO Mack

      If you can't see the difference, then you are indeed a sad excuse for a human being. In the US, men who assault women are routinely arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed. Can you even remotely say the same about men in Egypt, or *any* other predominantly Muslim country?

      Also, here in the US, we define sexaul assault is any unwanted touching of a sexual nature. I would hazard a guess that Muslim women in Muslim countries would have an even higher rate if held to the same standard for US reporting.

    • davarino

      The thing you wont acknowledge is that if your caught in the military doing what you said, your court martialed, or worse. In muslim countries, its condoned, and your an idiot.

    • Jim

      Yes any American does have the right to lecture the Muslims on their barbaric behavior.
      In America such behavior is against the law and that law is supported by all Americans. Those who break the law and who are caught are punished and mostly severely punished. In Islamic countries the authorities look the other way. (as they do in Europe except for Asange)

      The web site that criticizes the bigotry of the Islamic code and customs is not bigoted
      rather it is fighting bigotry. Those that slander the web site for speaking out against racist crimes and brutality show that they them selves are the real bigots. And their speech is so hateful that the theorem of Nome Chomsky should be applied.

      so ms mf

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Jesus loves you ibsapien. As for me, I'm inclined to believe that Jesus never HEARD of Mo – Mo whatsisname.

      Sakahachi you dipshink

  • Ghostwriter

    Sadly,the Lara Logan incident will cause the people of this country to distrust Muslims even more. They already have an image of being anti-American and anti-semitic. This incident will only serve to bolster that image.

    • aspacia

      And it did.

    • On My Soapbox

      The Laura Logan incident didn't need to happen to be aware of the terrible sexism and brutality against Women in predominantly Muslim countries. The horrible thing is, is that it is showing up more and more in Westernized countries, where there are large Muslim communities, and not only against Muslim Women, but Women who are not a part of the Muslim community, and it is being tolerated by these Women's own countrymen. Why should Male Muslim immigrants have the freedom to slur and attack the Women of the country they decided to live in?

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Hey, rockbrain, 9/11 should have made every American non-Muslim hate Islam and Muslims, and more to the point, learn about that evil death cult.

  • BLJ

    I never trusted them before this. They are liars, cheats and have zero honor.

  • waterwillows

    I have had the opportunity to be shown first hand what the results of sexual harrassment bring about. It was only for a moment, a very quick moment but I fully realized the consquences of this type of behaviour.
    Men are expected to learn discipline and control in their sexual urges and appetites. It is in their OWN best interest that they do so. Because sexual harassment on the other side is beyond unbearable. It is so very disgusting, it can't not properly be rightly described. It men are to endure sexual harassment, I speak plainly when I say, none, none at all, will be able to endure it.
    It is a terrible ordeal they will have brought to themselves. And it will definitely be their cure. It will be their cure……..forever.

  • Soraya

    Having visited Egypt several times I personally experienced Muslim men going out of their way to brush up against me while walking in a public square. Not being Muslim, I did not cover my head but was otherwise dressed modestly. I also speak the language, so I didn't hesitate to let them have it with a few epithets! Disgusting behavior.

  • SeaMystic

    Prepare for War.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Those who think that Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak didn't intentionally ban Iranian warships from using the Suez Canal for 32 years because it's forbidden by international law, and that it was Iran's decision to only use the Canal for its commercial vessels, have forgotten that until the signing of the Camp David Accords all Israeli ships, commercial and military, were illegally* banned by Egypt from the Canal. Egypt has sovereignty over the Canal and will ultimately decide according to its interests what nations will and will not use it. What we are witnessing is a radical and very dangerous shift in policy toward Iran by moderate Arab states-who have lost confidence in US power-first by the Saudis (in allowing Iranian warships to dock at Jeddah) and now by Egypt's military regime on Iran's military use of the Suez. The star of radical Islam is rising.

    Click my name to read more on this subject.!

  • Steve Chavez

    SHOULDN'T LARA LOGAN bring up these men, and those who did nothing, ON RAPE AND ASSAULT CHARGES? They have the video and demand of the Rulers to bring those men up on charges just like the "peaceful" protesters want charges against the Rulers. WISHFUL THINKING ASIDE, if Islam and the Brotherhood rule Egypt, they would have brought Logan to the public square to be hung or stoned! WHAT IF AN AMERICAN GROUP did the same type of attack on a Muslim woman? The Mohammad cartoon reaction would be child's play compared to "peacefully" burning the world! WHEN ARE AMERICAN MUSLIMS GOING TO STAND UP FOR AMERICA? "RELIGION FIRST" OR "COUNTRY FIRST?"

  • BS77

    Read Hirsi Alis book Nomad or Infidel….see Not Without My Daughter or the Stoning of Soraya M…..liberals in the west are still clueless about this hellish monstrosity, still thinking we can keep on with the multicultural diversity agenda.

  • BS77

    lara lorgan…..again, so sorry you had to under go such a terrible experience….but perhaps other women from the West will now pause and re consider visits to these hell hole countries, where women are treated so poorly.

  • Jim

    In Islamic areas in Europe a European woman need fear gang rape also. In Sweden many women have taken to dying their hair black to try and avoid gang rape by members of the religion of peace. In one town in Sweden a gang rape on a Swedish girl by members of the religion of peace took place near a Swedish town. The police did nothing (and there is a reason) so the Swedish town folk took matters into their own hands and did something horrible to one of the rapists. What did police say? They accused the Swedes of being racists. The inactivity of the police is a result of Swedish multiculturalist policy. A Finnish watch men described a rape of a Finnish woman as having been done by a dark skinned Somali appearing man. He was promptly fired and could not seem to find any more employment. He was black listed.
    The real enemy of democracy is liberal multiculturalism. In Malmo Sweden Jewish residents were forced to move out because of Islamic terror against them. The Swedish government did nothing. Liberal multiculturalism is Racism. Focus your anger on them first.

    • ziontruth

      Good post, and again, I recommend Gates of Vienna for the whole shebang.

      People say about this particular affair, "When in Rome…" They say she should have known of that danger, that she shouldn't have gone there.

      Probably. But there's a disparity in the expectations, I have to say. Non-Muslim woman in a Muslim country: "Dress as is the custom in that country." But they don't tell a Muslim woman visiting or even residing in a non-Muslim country to take off the hijab or niqab (only the burka is under dispute, mainly because of its potential for disguising criminals). "Well, taking off the hijab or niqab isn't a non-Muslim tenet, so why should it be demanded?" Alright, fair enough.

      But then comes the big whammo: Non-Muslim women are asked to don Islamic garb whenever they go to Muslim-populated (or should I say -colonized) areas on their own soil! Hey, what happened to "When in Rome"?! Well, that's multiculturalism for you: it's for you to acknowledge other cultures by respecting them when you visit other lands, and by respecting them when people of other cultures visit (or reside in) yours.

      It's a one-way street, and it leads to subjugation to Islamic rule. It's war by deceit, and nothing else.

  • scum


    • guest

      Citation(s), please. Or it just isn't so.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    By my understanding, under Islam, not only is a woman valued at half a man's worth (regarding inheritance, regarding legal testimony) she is also –by the prophet's own words– considered to be "morally deficient"; he says further that most of those consigned to Hell are women.

    Women (and their bodies) are considered to be almost works-of-the-Devil; that is why they MUST be covered (because exposed hair or skin can –in the perverted view of Islam– tempt a normal moral man beyond his ability to resist, causing him –no, FORCING him– to unwillingly copulate with her). Essentially, SHE is considered to be the one guilty of initiating "rape", even though she's the one with the torn clothing and bruises, and he's the one walking away with a smirk on his face. The belief seems to be that women at their core harbor an evil essence which forces men to misbehave; and thus THE WOMAN is the guilty party if she somehow entraps an innocent Muslim man by allowing him to be exposed to her irresistible "evil essence". (And of course, Muslim men are not held responsible for developing any sort of self-control. No, no, never! )

  • David

    Yes, I think the U.S. should withdraw from all the worlds troublespots. Whether you like it or not, you are like a mighty warrior dying from a thousand cuts. You need to pull back, regroup economically and start getting your own house in order – spend some of that huge wealth on your own people. You're spreading yourself way too thin, who knows, the world might start to love you again when you're no longer there to help. While you're resting, use some Yanky know-how and some freed-up dollars to pull the rug out from the Arab oil sheiks, there is an alternative out there somewhere. Islam is a problem for the entire Western world. Unfortunately it looks like the U.S. will be the last Western democracy standing. Europe will be hung-up on political correctness until it is way too late, all democracies suffer the same problem. Despite 1,350 years of evidence that shows Islam is not a religion of peace we will still have Westerners defending it.

  • guest

    Maybe Darwish and all the other "experts" schooling us on rape and the Muslim mind can explain the rape camps of Serbia, the rape fields of Eastern Congo and all of the other countless examples that undermine her "thesis". Like US soldiers in Vietnam, for example. Is rape by Muslim men somehow worse than all of these examples? Simple minds seek simple answers. And this is the place to come for them.

    • Sue

      I walked in the streets of Cairo and was rubbed against and touched several times. That is not true in Europe or America. Yes there are crimes against women every where, but the level of sexual harassment in Muslim countries against both Muslims and non-Muslims is much higher and it IS due to the example of Mohammed and the teachings of Islam which blames women and lets men get away with it.

      • guest

        you have no proof that the level is higher in Muslim countries. You completely ignore my central point about the mass rapes in Serbia and Congo. And you claim the rapes in Islamic countries IS (nice use of capitals) due to the example of Mohammed, which you also have no proof for.

        Typical wing nut lying sack of sh*t.

        • kpcanuck

          Mohammed, whose example all Muslim men are expected to follow, was a pathological sex addiict with a huge harem of wives, concubines and female slaves as well as being a pedophile who married and had sex with a 9-year-old girl. Even his daughters-in-law were fair game; the moment he set eyes on the new bride of one of his sons he claimed her for himself. He condoned rape among his followers and even created a complex set of rules according to who was allowed to rape whom; eg. captive women who were pregnant or menstruating could not be raped right away but their captors could freely rape them after they had given birth or stopped menstruating. He advised his solidiers that it was not only OK to rape married women but better to rape them while their husbands were still alive and looking on. These are not lies by, in your elegant words "wing nut lying sacks of sh*t," but facts that are there in the written record for all to see. Nobody is saying that rape doesn't occur in non-Muslim cultures; the point is that the influence of Islam has not done a spectacular job of civilizing men, considering their role model.

          • guest

            sorry, i should have said ignorant sack of sh*t. Your spare time trolling the internet and reading pseudo-scholars has clearly paid off. But it has nothing to do with my point. I have no idea what Mo did or didn't do/say etc. My point was the poster has no proof any of this is the CAUSE of rape in the Muslim world and no proof the rate is higher in the Muslim world. Both of those would have to be true for the wing nut argument to have legs. It clearly doesn't. Is that simple enough for you to understand? Or are you going to reply with another lecture full of info gleaned from wing nut websites written by basement dwelling tin foil hatters who also have "proof" Obama is a Muslim?

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  • jaydee

    There are two major pestilences in the world…islam and the left and they are allies. There are cultures in the darkest areas of New Guinea which have much more to admire than islamic culture..and I use the term culture loosely.

  • abhinav

    if you people seriously want God’s help in getting rid of this menace, first become human beings once again. stop sinful activities like pre-marital or extra-marital sax, put all gays & lesbians in mental asylums, stop watching porn sites, in short, start acting like humans, and not animals, once again, & then only hope for God’s help.

  • guest

    seriously dude, you should call yourself Spirit of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Your rant is completely unrelated to the thread. But that's a pattern on this site. Try and have a debate and the nut cases come out foaming about the mouth about their latest internet research which usually has nothing to do with the thread.

    By the way, if someone gave me $100 million, yes, I would live in Pakistan. I have no idea what that has to do with anything I've posted. But i thought it only polite to answer since you asked.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      You're really nothing more than a smartass. Why anyone would address your points in any serious fashion is quite beyond me. Were you here in front of me I would slap your face – unless you are a large, knuckle-dragging type – in which case I would merely shut up and kick your balls.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        He's a knuckle dragging barbarian alright, with an I.Q. to match. You can bet he celebrated and handed out sweets to his kids, er I mean future terrorists, as he watched the World Trade Center collapse into a heap of rubble. And unlike the uneducated troll posting as guest, we damned well know what Mohammed did throughout his 62 years on this planet.

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  • mary van de cremer

    @@@ ibsapien: "this has nothing to do with Islam" ? But with Egypt, as the prominent Arab TV journalist Diana Mukkaled writes in Asharq Alawsat from 04/11/2010. Title: "The harassment map". ""However, it is important to note, that most women who are subjected to harassment also wear the veil "".
    """Statistics say, that Egypt has one of the highest rates of women subjected to sexual harassment in the world. ect. "How can"we forget what happened a few years ago, when on the 2nd day of Eid al-Fitr, and in broad daylight, a collective frenzy of harassment took place in the most crowded streets of the Egyptian capital ??! ""
    That should be clear enough !

  • Hahalarry69

    This website is sad. You're all biggots. And as sad and unfortunate as the world outside our country is, you offer no help. Just finger pointing and blaming. Of course, all those out there in this mess at least have enough faith in god to think what they're doing is right. And us Americans? Our war is a gasoline hike. You're all bitches on this site and I hope you end up in hell…wait…you will.

  • Madison

    Hmmmm…this is my first time on this site. I see the regular patterns of debate happening here. The leftists ignore true atrocities happening in the world, pretending that all cultures are equally due respect. They stand up for freedom of religion (except for Christianity), even when there are religions that exist solely to do evil. The right wingers give supporting facts as basis for arguments, and the left responds with name-calling. The Conservatives look at dangerous social trends and try to to oppose them, while the Libs retort with the "racist" accusation. Why is it that people who hate us for being free are not considered racists? Why is ok to be anti-Christian and anti-Western, but it is bad to notice the dangers of Islam? I have not been able to decide within myself if there exists a "non-radical" Islam or not. Part of me wants to give the benefit of the doubt, but I haven't seen enough empirical data to support it. Anyway, it is nice to see that the debate on this site is pretty much "business as usual".

  • Guido

    "……especially when they are wearing wedding rings"!! ?? in other words a woman can be molested if she has no wedding ring!!!! come on, el Kidya, the whole ideology is a disgrace.

  • BS77

    I just read some Imam now wants to demonstrate in Washington DC for the establishment of sharia law in the US….these people are lunatics, plain and simple….total morons… the guy with the toilet paper roll on his head in the photo above…….why are they in the US at all? Let these idiots go back to their caves in the desert….they do not belong here in the US. Their treatment of women and children is criminal. They live in the Eighth Century. Why must we have them here, making demands that we abandon our Constitution?

  • Ahmad

    Basically, You westerners f**k women freely and even then you have a great respect of women.

  • MixMChess

    At least in the west a woman can choose to be promiscuous. Under radical Islam, men can freely rape and sexually torture women with impunity.

  • Spirit_Of_1683

    As you hate Westerners so much, why aren't you living in Pakistan? Of course, you live in the West because you are a barbaric Muslim parasite who wants to sponge off those you hate.

  • BS77

    I am saying I cannot understand the kind of thinking that goes into making such pronouncements about women as meat, men as flies…..sorry, I just don't get it . Is he referring to Jersey Shore???…sorry…couldn't help that.

  • Moby

    You said it exactly right partner