Russian Blondes Wanted for Islamic Sexual Slavery

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When Muslim Sheikhs discuss the topic of sexual slavery of women, which is allowed in the Qur’an, it comes out a bit politically incorrect even to the taste of the majority of Muslims, who have long forgotten that slavery is a well- established institution in Islam. Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery as late as 1962, not because Islam made the Saudis do it, but because the Saudis wanted to save face after an international cry against slavery. But now some Muslims are demanding its return. So Muslim spin misters are advocating the embarrassing, but legal, topic through the mouths of Muslim women.

A Kuwaiti woman who is called an “activist” and former candidate to the Kuwaiti parliament, spoke to the Kuwait Times about the establishment of a new law permitting men to buy and sell non-Muslim girls, captured in jihad, as sexual slaves in order to protect Muslim men against seductive sexual immorality. The Arabic Al Arabiya had more details on what that woman, Salwa al-Mutairi, is advocating:

Ms. Mutairi who was nice enough to put the minimum age of 15 for slave girls, Christian Jews or other, to be sold. She demanded the immediate establishment of slave agencies just like agencies for maids, where the slave girls will earn a whopping 50 Kuwaiti Dinar monthly and in return will cook, clean, take care of the kids and be the slave of the wife during the day. But her job does not end there; at night, whenever Mutairi is not in the mood, then her husband will not stray too far away from the house, since it is halal (kosher) for the husband to have sex with the slave girls without any marriage or unnecessary paper to satisfy his sexual pleasures. Better do it at home under the watchful eyes of the wife and kids only for 50 Dinars. Wow, what a deal!

Mutairi was especially interested in Russian slave girls since Muslim men do prefer them blond. Russian, European and American blond women, better watch out, the Muslims are coming! The plan is for Muslims in Chechnya to kidnap Russian girls after a jihadist operation and then will sell them to the Kuwaitis. The price of the sale per her suggestion would be 2500 Kuwaiti dinars.

Mutairi, who regards non-Muslim girls as subhuman, talked to the camera as a holier than thou “free” Muslim woman, and did use the expression “free women” referring to herself and all Muslim women, as she was wearing her black Islamic garb covering everything except her face, while advocating such immoral insanity as a right from Allah to Muslims.

Unfortunately, Mutairi is not the only Muslim woman who advocates sexual slavery for infidel women; there have been others who have advocated the rape of Jewish women on Arab TV. In my discussion with some Muslim women and girls right here in the U.S., I have seen some of the same dynamic repeated, where they defend polygamy, pleasure and temporary marriage for men while being silent about the flogging and stoning of adulterers in the Muslim world.

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  • sami

    All this is propaganda read the actual Quran and get the proper meanings

    • Bonafide

      Agree! Everybody has to read the Koran and the hadits, to see what works of the Devil they are.

  • jesus

    Say it anit so master allah o lordy whats we gonna do girls an woman being sold because some religion says were all subhuman because were not muslim. Well got news for ya boys and girls this has been going on since before the crusades.Muslims used to pillage european cities and towns not just to rob them, but yes enslave them! Take em back home and do em! What happened here in america to the african was wrong but guess were we got the idea from.So much for a religion of peace.The only reason bush said that because he new we had muslims here for some time and muslims in the service and military. Its time to send em home to the middle east to the sand where the belong.!

  • Ramnaresh Acharya

    The way to end this tyranny is to attack them jointly…We Hindus are also too much tortured by these moronic muslims..Lets all Hindus,Christians & Jews jointly declare a Holy War on these Muslim Bigots..

  • alüminyum çamaşırlık

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  • Geoff

    Hmm. Already got a blond girl, Viking me. So how much is it for a Kuwaiti girl slave on the side?

    Now, before anyone reads this post and gets all upset: I had a few Muslim girls in high school and generally treated them all right as long as they knew their place. Didn't put up with a lot of guff, though, if you follow me. It was always a touchy subject explaining to their brothers and uncles who their real master was, but I never got any complaints, wisely. If this al-Mutairi is selling, she can drop a message on this thread. I'd go as high as $1500.

  • Motherandwife

    This is a scum article.For the person who likes to hear about "dirty" muslims.There are people,who twist and turn islamic teachings,many of them ,such as this woman,are "shia", one of the ilamic religios groups.But this is not real Islam.
    I live in Middle East, I feel safe, my kids are safe .We don't have guns sold over the counter, we don't have huge numbers of alcoholics or drug addicts. I can walk at 2am on the street alone and I'm not afraid of being robbed or raped….can you? .It is just sad,that western media wants to dehumanize arabs and muslims,so there would be no mercy,sorrow or regret. We are normal people , we live our regular lives , we love,hae kids, smile,sleep, eat, hold each other,feel happy or cry JUST LIKE YOU. And we are muslims. Just dig dipper into your soul and your mind. What do you really know about us? Why do you hate us? May be you are just convinced by the media that you have to?Don't built your opinion on such articles,don't generalize.
    God bless you.

  • marki

    I left Christianity and later Islam as well. There is only one rule that is needed, and it can effectively replace all these religions: Treat others the way you would want to be treated."

  • Loren

    Not only are these the most twisted people on the planet, as a culture, but it is safe to say that the whole idea of sexual slavery is global. Some will call this evil and it is evil, but don't forget there are thousands and thousands of organizations that do this same thing and no amount of women crying about this is going to change it. If you are a woman and you want you and your daughters to be safe, then you are going to need a strong man in a position to protect you. If that is not the case with you then your risk is very high. Sorry but that is the way of this world.

  • Loren

    There is no god. Just millions of sick and twisted people who still live in the retarded, perverted mind

  • khalid

    Those anti-islamist seem to be furious about the resolution pronounced, which has no basis to the rule of Islam ( Sharia). So whoever wish to criticize need to read and educate him/herself before jumping in this dialogue.All religions including Islam have common rules of well-being and living in peace. You cannot generalise the fact that minority group represent the majority Muslims.

    I assure you Islam is the religion of peace, however some "Muslims", as you prescribe are far away from the true spirit of Islam.

  • Qaier Khan

    For all those who commented or just read this article, I would suggest watching .

  • George

    subhumans desert animals that should be exterminated.

  • Meeee

    It is funny how many people try to find any thing negativity said or done by a Muslim , then turn it into a propaganda. This women is known for us as mentally unstable, she comes with weird ideas and video herself almost daily. people have to know the difference between what Islam says and what Muslims say. Not all muslims reflect Islam, they might reflect some aspects of it but not all of it. If you want to judge go to the Islamic reliable sources rather than searching youtube for what idiots say.. Peace humans

  • no name polish

    I think that a few muslims in Russia already paid for her "theories" after thay came back home late at night…