Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America

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This story strikes at the heart of what the American media establishment is trying to advocate when it comes to Islam — that it is somehow a religion of peace and that those who criticize jihad and Islamic Jew-hatred are “Islamophobes.”

Are we going to call Mr. Alsaegh and those of us who have had similar threats “Islamophobes“?  Are American media outlets covering up Islamic atrocities not only in the Middle East, but also in America? We former Muslims are putting our lives on the line to tell America that we are all in danger from the Islamic doctrines of jihad and Sharia, but few are listening, and our own media and politicians are calling us Islamophobes. Is that the America I love?

Mr. Alsaegh is now scared to death and wants to move away to another state where he can live and write anonymously. He is now left with the hospital emergency room bill to take care of.

I have been personally attacked recently by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and was listed by the government of Iran, together with others, as a threat. Such threats should never be taken lightly.

As to those who defend Sharia as “nothing to be scared of,” I say, welcome to Sharia vigilante street justice in the streets of America.

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  • Axe

    "The photo representing this story was taken at the hospital."

    They might as well have written "Heaven's Kid" on him.

    These spiritual battles are funny. No one would choose them. But when they happen, like this one, the bad guys just end up heaping medals on the good guys.

    I don't know if I would feel honored with my flesh cut up like that. But if he means the words of his poem, maybe he does. Either way, he looks like honor to me.

  • Snorbak

    At the risk of sounding racist & too which I really don't care much about, I can guarantee that had this crime been committed by a supposed christian, or worse a jew against a muslim, the all too easily predicted revenge attacks would be perpetrated against innocents around the world & the wrath of the liberal media would be all over it.
    Again, western civilization's inntollerance & Islamophobia would be made the culprit.
    The fact that nothing has been said provides a good example of the cowardly depths our media has sunk to which itself, provides an indication as to the failings of modern society.

    • Brandon

      How are you afraid of being racist? Last time I checked neither Islam or Christianity qualify as races.

    • dave

      No, only leftist have done faux hate crimes "intended to enlighten the public."

      This was done by muslims.

    • Rick

      You are completely correct about the media. Thank you for saying it so perfectly.

    • Pat

      You are so right!

    • Vicodin dosage

      But when they happen, like this one, the bad guys just end up heaping medals on the good guys. If so, then it's understandable why they'd behave worse than rabid dogs. I understand that this mohamat shat the contents of the most unholy terror guide.

  • Chezwick_mac

    What a shock (not really) that this story has been ignored by the MSM.

    This kind of incident – like honor killings and FGM – is precisely what we mean by the term 'Islamization'. It's happening folks…like the 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'….and nobody outside our own august company believes it.

    • Mark

      I live in St. Louis about 2 miles from where this occurred. It was not covered by media here.

      • Diann

        Mark – that's not surprising. I'm in Canada and the recent threats to our news media outlets to NOT carry an ad suggesting people buy from us and our ethical oil, rather than from a country that supports the oppression of women, have not once been mentioned in our national CBC radio or television news stations. It's extremely distressing to watch the demise of our free speech, allowing Saudi Arabia to dictate what we can and cannot do. Their money, obtained by selling oil to the western nations, is used to bully Canada. God bless our many Ministers of Parliament who have spoken out against Saudi Arabia for their interference. Still our national station – CBC – has not once mentioned this attack on our society.

        • Flipside

          Hahahaha! “Ethical oil.” Now I’ve heard everything.

          • Western Canadian

            You may have heard, but you obviously lack the intelligence and integrity to understand. Flip(ed-out-wack-jocb)side is a typical troll. Lacking in intellect, humour, or even common decency.

          • Chezwick_mac

            Yes, he is a spectacle. But he serves a purpose…to remind us all of the utter vacuity of the Leftist world-view.

          • Flipside

            Yes. I wish I had the integrity to understand "ethical oil." And benevolent prostitution. And merciful machine gun manufacture. And truthful hasbaras.

          • Poppakap

            Oil is merely a tool for energy as you are a tool for, well, tools everywhere. That you equate it with prostitution in any context shows the BSNBC kool-aid well has been drunk dry.

          • Chezwick_mac

            Don't forget political correctness – (the alter of which you genuflect daily),…and another of your favorites, "religion of peace", which of course applies to the most rabidly violent theology in existence.

            Yes indeed….vacuity.

          • Western Canadian

            Actually, it would be rather nice if you had any integrity at all. You have none, and no knowledge. Typical left wing, sound bite educated(?) loser.

    • Guest

      I believe it. I am an Israeli (dual citizenship) and I have been waiting for this crap to begin. I knew it would. These are people who encourage their kids to become "martyrs" and kill others in the process. They treat women like animals, make that worse than normal people would treat an animal. I recently heard, on the radio, a fundamentalist Muslim, who said that there would be Sharia law here and that they would get it through the constitution. Be afraid, America, be very afraid. These people don't believe that we should be allowed freedom of religion, unless, of course, we want to be Muslim. It really is time to put a quota on how many of them should be allowed in. And, I don't believe in quotas.

  • kafir4life

    Now these were moon god worshippers, that emulate the pig loving, pedophile named mohamat, aren't they? If so, then it's understandable why they'd behave worse than rabid dogs. I understand that this mohamat shat the contents of the most unholy terror guide (aka the koran, or "toilet paper") following sex with his favorite pig, or "Mom" as he liked to call him.

    • mlcblog

      Ignoring your tasteless remark about pig/Mom I have to say you do hit the nail on the head. These guys do NOT believe in any God we know. Theirs is not the God of the JudaoChristian understanding, but one who rose up from the mud. That is the way they tell it themselves.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    You know it's sad as the existential threat of Islam is not a left or right issue, as all non-Muslim unbelievers regardless of their political affiliations are targets. Nevertheless, the left has become so unhinged today that they are making it an enormous political issue.

  • StephenD

    Stop it! Just stop it. You have them all wrong! They merely "misunderstand" the Religion of Peace you see. These poor young men, it is America's fault. If America and those nasty Zionists would only be quiet and give them what they want, why then they could live in peace…as good dihmmis should.
    They offer a choice. They would allow him to recant and return to the fold 3 times. After that well, it isn't their fault for obeying the Qur'an is it? Funny, if they insult Allah (by leaving Islam) they get a chance to come back, but if they insult their so called prophet, they are to be killed on the spot. Who carries more weight in that cult anyway?

    • guest

      The reward is simple: Like dinner jacket said, "I like you so I kill you last"

  • Marty

    The thugs who did this are running around loose. It's a cinch they aren't working and are living off the American taxpayer while they condemn us as infidels and deserving only of death. There will be more of them since they breed like rabbits (but have worse morals) and are being imported to the United States on a daily basis. This event is an important lesson. Since the msm won't report this atrocity committed by muslims in the name of islam we need to spread the word and remain informed and alert. These creatures won't stop on their own. They are cowards who will only cease their genocidal behavior when they are confronted by determined people who genunely believe in and fight on behalf of human rights.

    • johnnywoods

      Maybe we should introduce them to our friends,Smith& Wesson, Col. Sam Colt,Mssr.`s Remington, Savage and Browning. Then we will see how safe the streets are.

  • daniel

    What if he attacked their knives with his back? He looks innocent and all, but you never really know with these non-Muslim Arabs.

    Consider the perpetrators. They didn't decapitate him, or kill him which proves this was really just a desperate act by moderate Muslims. a cry for help to finally put an end to all the accusations that Islam is a violent religion. They may have mutilated him, but they were actually calling for dialog and respect.

    • Marianne

      you are such a dolt. this is a hate crime, but you are too politically correct to say so. How horrible to deny this. Do you deny the holocaust as well.? maybe you can excuse hitler and all the muslims from Palestine who helped him also.

    • Melinda

      Wow, Marianne doesn't get sarcasm at all. Good post, daniel, no matter what she thinks.

  • southernlites

    I don't think I would have to wait for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) to tell me this is a hate crime. Mr. Alsaegh should proudly wear the Star of David as a badge of honor. Publish a thank you letter to those involved, they would love that I'm sure.

    Watch and Pray

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Wake up America – the invaders are lurking – they must be rounded up, heavily fined with the forfeit of all of their American posessions confiscated, and deported immediately along with their entire families!

  • Jane Larson Baer

    thank you, Nonie Darwish.

  • guest

    I think it is funny when they target politically corrects who attack Christianity finally get around to attacking Islam. Death threats wake em up. Letterman comes to mind.

    Nothing changes till the PCs start getting death threats.

    • Killjoy

      Remember, a democrat is really just a republican that hasnt been raped yet.

  • maturin20

    Horrible. And in St. Louis.

  • Robert Schneider

    Mark, you are correct. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch did not cover this story. I will be contacting them.

  • George

    The Islamic fundamentalists have assured that no thinking person can do anything but laugh at the “common wisdom” concept that “Islam is a religion of peace,” My country is starting to remind me of nothing more than 1929-1930 Germany.


      and Obama (PBUH) says "respect the religion"…..another fine example of the religion of peace – may they all rot in their hell along with their vile founder and their god allah.

  • theleastthreat

    To President Obama: Time to take off your bedroom slippers and plant your boot of justice up somebody's …

    • Tim Bus

      No. 'President' Obama: "Take off your pants and jacket."

  • garretso

    "Calling Eric Holder."
    "Mr Holder please pick-up."

  • Flipside

    In other news, 307,006,549 other Americans did not have a Magen David carved into their backs.

    • Jordan Ariel

      Flipside – I'm curious… what do you have to say about this one? Do you condemn it? Or are you strangely okay or indifferent about it?

      No excuses. No justifications.

      • Flipside

        I condemn it. It is a terrible and inexcusable thing to do. It didn't even happen between consenting adults.

        • Foolster41

          That's pretty sick to make a joke about this, flip.

    • pagegl

      So, that makes this incident okay? Do we need to have crap like this happening on a daily basis before you decide there may be a problem? Do you really believe that there are no other similar incidents occurring? That there have been no honor killings?

      You need to pull your head out of where ever it is buried.

      • Flipside

        No it's not OK. It is a problem whenever it happens. But, big deal vs little deal. It would be more of a problem if it was happening monthly, or universally. This was an absolutely bad event. But it is not a universally bad event, such as say, the devaluation of the US dollar.

        • nightspore

          Give them time …

          So you don't think this is happening universally – as in Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Libya, Kenya, the Palestine territories (where have all the Christians gone?), Sweden, France, Germany, Canada …

          • Flipside

            I don’t see Muslims being any more of a problem than Jews, frankly. Consistently it is Jews telling me that there is a Muslim problem. Consistently, I must shake my head and remember that it was not long ago that someone thought Jews needed solving. It’s too bad you can’t enjoy plurality. Sure you can say you can, but that it is the Muslims who cannot. I however have met many Muslims and many Jews, and my conclusion is that they hate each other, but that I should not allow it to be contagious.

          • Poppakap

            If it is only Jews telling you that Muslims are the problem, then you need a little diversity in your circle of acquaintances.

            Your flippant attitude in this context is not only unfunny, it's offensive. If you don't think Islamism is a universal problem, you've either stuck your head in Boston Harbor looking for Michael Dukakis' "Miracle in Massachusetts" (Hint: it never happened) for an extended period of time or you choose to ignore the lessons of 1300 years of Muslim history.

          • Flipside

            Michael Dukakis is a pretty good guy. He helped plan out the Central Artery project and improve transportation, and he picks up litter. He's a real guy, unlike these denizens of rabid Muslim extremists you are so offended that I ignore. So what are you going to do with your offendedness? Nothing.

        • Western Canadian

          Amazing that anyone, even a loon on the extreme hard left (jew hating sub-set) would try to compare Muslim and Jewish attitudes or behaviours… I know of very few jews who hate anyone, and regret that a large portion of muslims take for granted that EVERYONE shares their pathelogical hatred of jews… Your post is fiction.

  • Asher

    This should have hit all the newspapers so people would understand the Hatred Israel and the Jewish people experience from Muslims. Know this: Islam will try and cause a 2nd holocaust, the anti-Christ is rearing his ugly head!

  • Lisa Richards

    Never stop speaking out Nonie. You're wonderful and brave!

  • Shelley Hancock

    I live in Missouri & I'm outraged that this happened so close to home without a peep from the media. The attackers were apparently correct to assume that they could do such a thing whereever & whenever they pleased & not a single thing would be done about it… not even a news report for crying out loud! Outrageous!

  • Alissa

    You should contact the big newspapers and media outlets to get the story out there. Good luck, and I wish him well.

  • rulierose

    it's all Bush's fault. obviously.

    • johnnywoods

      That`s what I`m sayin`.

  • "gunner"

    "security guard type uniforms and a gun"? sounds like somebody is running an organised group of storm troopers, and needs to be investigated, tracked down and jailed before they get any farther down that path. let's not repeat the mistakes of the wiemar republic in pre-nazi germany.

    • grego

      THEY HAD UNIFORMS ON TO LOOK OFFICIAL. THAT WAY THERE WOULD BE LESS LIKELY HOOD THAT SOMEONE WOULD INTERFER. (sorry about the 'caps', it was a accident but I didn't want to retype) Anyone know how to reverse all caps?

    • Tim Bus

      Have you already forgotten 'HOLDER'S BLACK PANTHERS'?
      Uniformed thugs terrorizing voters. With UTTER IMPUNITY.

      I M P E A C H H O L D E R Keep 'gunning'!

      By the way – Weimar Republic.

  • Robert Caskey

    I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot.
    I thought the PRESS was there to report ALL THE NEWS! What happened to the people that used to PRINT the truth and nothing but the truth? I think they are all dead and buried! I am going to forward this article to a lot of papers and see what happens. This is America and I will do what an American should! I will NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT! Those people should meet Smith & Wesson, or Judge Roy Bean.

  • Wesley69

    Time to roll this out again. It is time we realize the daner we face.

    Sharia Law of Islam is a grave threat to this country because you're dealing with a political-religious ideology that, if given the chance, will impose Islam and Sharia Law upon the entire population because it is part of their duty as a devout Muslim.

    So what can be done to stop Muslim enclaves in this country from growing and expanding? Good question; CURRENT LAWS ARE NOT ADEQUATE to fully address this problem, and there is always the danger that some liberal-minded judge will throw out state or local laws restricting the use of Sharia Law in these enclaves.

    We must realize this is a contest that we can't afford to lose. It is our way of life, or theirs. Compromises with the true believers will be viewed by them as weakness. This is a nation built upon the rule of law and the equality of all people. This is our protection. This defense needs to be built stronger so there is NO QUESTION as to the intent of the law.

    Within this country and other countries laws need to be passed to eliminate or restrict the Sharia Law within its territory. Here is a NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT that would insure that religious law does not become civil law in the US. While this is directed at the imposition of Sharia, it also applies to any other religion with similar designs.


    "While all citizens enjoy freedom of religious preference, practices that; coerce belief; indoctrinate minors using public funds; that physically, mentally or monetarily harm an individual, which are in conflict with a citizen's rights under the Constitution & its Amendments are forbidden. Nor shall the practices of a religious group seek to overthrow by subversion or insurrection the institutions of government at all levels."

    Naturally, it would need to be enforced to be effective. But as part of the fundamental law of the land, judges and justices have little lattitude as to the interpretation of the amendment. This specific amendment will put the entire country under a Sharia Law ban. Violators would be treated as criminal under the amendment and whatever laws Congress enacts to insure the implimentation of said amendment.

    The enemies of freedom both within and without, need to sit back and watch the backlash coming as the people of this country remember who and what they are and elect someone that will shut them and other groups down. Many have tried to advance the interets of these enemies, but no more. In 2012, we need to elect a president who will lead the revival of this country and we will see a "new birth of freedom."

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Ex-Muslim

    The poem can be heard (in Arabic) on youtube:

    • potb


  • Gcbc

    This is only the beginning if North America fails to take action to stop Muslim immigration this behavior will become much more common. Political correctness and Muslim immigration are the death knells of Europe. If we don't learn from history we will be next. Statistics show that once they reach 5% of the population the problems become very difficult to manage. We have to deal with it now. Only allow non- Muslims to immigrate from Muslim countries. They will try to assimilate. Many Muslims will not as they believe it is forbidden to do so.

  • 1389AD

    The concept of "Islamophobia" was an invention of the Muslim Brotherhood.


    • Tim Bus

      This is supposed to be the genesis of the fake illness term.
      Does anyone know of an earlier instance? Does it matter?

      Runnymede Trust publication:
      Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All,
      was launched in November 1997
      by the UK Home Secretary, Jack Straw.

      [You could say that's only a challenge for The Cult That Kills.]

      "Hostility towards Islam and Muslims has been a feature of European societies since the eighth century of the Common Era."

      I suppose you could also say that hostility by Islam and Muslims has been a feature of European societies since the eighth century of the Common Era. Nu?

      Like your stuff 1389AD.

      • 1389AD

        Awww, thanks!

  • alphakilosingh

    Muslims will be Muslims, and they will continue to attack anyone who does not agree with them, but the question here is: what is US law doing? Is it going to catch hold of the perpetrators, and charge them in courts? Are the courts going to take cognizance of their offence, and punish them, or are they going to set free the criminals citing Quran, according to which this act is perfectly legitimate?

  • alaa alsaegh
    • Anamah

      Really it would be appreciated if you add the translation to other languages. The voice in the video seems to be the nasty Iranian PM at the same time of showing terrible pictures of the Holocaust. Impossible to understand a word and tolerate his voice…

  • Dan

    Just came across this. Sharia is worming it's way into school textbooks.

  • oldtimer

    If a decision must be made, Muslims choose Islam.. Therefore, there are no moderate Muslims.

  • potb

    Well you don't get to choose when you are born into a Muslim family and after leaving Islam people in your family (or other people around you) threaten to kill you.

  • Chicago Ray

    So called moderate Muslims are often encouraged to 'speak out' against those radical Muslims in 'their community" and then whenever one does, like this man and many others, they are labeled traitors by their own and then abandoned by American Law enforcement and media left to deal with these animals on their own after being encouraged to speak out.

    Shameful, as anyone who takes a check from the MSM outlets of today has blood on their hands and history will show were nothing less than the fifth column traitors to everyone to 'get the story', but to themselves and their country most of all.

    Local Law enforcement have encountered and come across honor killings as of late in their communities and some have dealt with it as such, but then are found to be pushed back on by the Obama gmen, with the most blatant occurences being in Texas where Amina Said, 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, where killed by their father, and yet the media and government refused to acknowledge they were so called 'Islamic Honor Killings".

    There's many other instances across the nation…like the media mogul who beheaded his wife in Buffalo NY, and his name was Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan, and while HE was sentenced to life in prison, again the judicial system and US dept of Social Justice as I call em now wouldn't acknowledge it was yet another Shariah law honor killing on our soil.

    90% of the people in DC are traitors as are their water carrying MSM fifth column members and Americans need to address this day in and day out until finally the blind ostriches pull their heads out of the sand. The enemy is inside the wire and we must stop them now.

  • alaa alsaegh

    I Alaa alsaegh I would like to tell everyone a week after the incident I called the Channel 9 and talked with them for the deployment of the incident, but they were not willing to publish the news

    I ask the Director of the canal – Why is there a reason??

  • scgoodwin

    Why is it that whenever the modern Nazi party people have a rally or some other type of public showing, everyone goes CRAZY and all of the anti-Nazi people come out of the woodwork to protest against them and publicly ridicule them as much as they possibly can, but when a Muslim organization does the same…… not a peep…..
    When are you people going to realize that Islam/Muslims are the most vile, hate-mongering group ever assembled on the face of this earth and are much worse than the Nazi's ever were. Islam is nothing more than a sick and twisted collection of anti social miscreants who need to be STOPPED AT ALL COSTS. Their disgusting 'religion' needs to be banned from this country and any followers deported back to where they came from. The Quoran is nothing more than hate-speech, following the teachings of that filthy book is acting out hate crime…. I could go on and on…. While the actions of the Nazi's were disgusting in every aspect….. the actions of Islam/Muslims are far worse

  • bill

    What we don't understand here in the West is islam kills more muslims in the name of islam than it kills infidels–the main reason is islam considers all, who do not follow it all the way, to be apostates & infidels–Shalom

  • Seamystic

    Insanity in our politically correct world. I hope that the GUARDIANS OF DEMOCRACY, not be required to emulate Mexico's Death Squads, for the protection of our decent activists in Democracies. With Government Officials bribed by Saudi Oil money through off shore accounts, its time to take action on many levels of Treachery and Treason, in this unrecognize Total WAR aggainst our Democracies.
    Sign the "Ban Islam" petition at:

  • Linda Rivera

    I hope this hero is being given 24/7 police protection. Mr. Alsaegh should not have to pay the hospital bill!

    Thank you to our heroes, Nonie Darwish and Mr. Alsaegh and all of the other heroes who place their lives on the line to warn us of the terrible dangers of Islam.

    The media have great guilt in not reporting on this horrible crime against this brave hero. The media are aiding and abetting the intended Muslim conquest of America and the Free World by not reporting on the daily horrors perpetrated around the world by Muslims.

    Massive Muslim immigration-both legal and illegal, is colonizing our countries. The goal: conquest of the Free World. We face a terrible future, hell on earth, if this is not stopped.

  • TG Browning

    I did a quick check of the St. Louis Police Department's records and cannot find any references to this event. Was a police report files. If not, why not. Also, what FBI agent was talked to about this? If they've looked at it, I would be rather surprised that the St. Louis Police weren't contacted in some capacity.

    There has to be some sort of public record, some witnesses … broad daylight? What the hell were people doing in the area not to provide aid?

    The only way such things can be stopped is if people do NOT let them fall between the cracks. We need more information to start the ball rolling on getting this crime "solved".


  • Dexter Van Zile

    I am skeptical of this story. The article says the victim was forced to lean against his steering wheel while his assailants carved the Star of David into his back. That’s a pretty confined space in which to cut someone, it’s awkward and the star is pretty well and evenly drawn.

    Secondly, the cuts are pretty shallow and even. The news footage from the local tv station that picked up the story indicates the cuts have healed pretty well since the attack took place in the middle of August. Would a hostile assailant cut so shallow?

    I don’t think so. I do not think we know the full story.

    • Western Canadian

      While we obviously do not know the full story, and will never get it through the pitiable lame-stream-media, your other comments are rubbish. The driver being pushed against the steering wheel, while the seat is forced back, would give considerable room, more than enough for this assault to have happened. And cuts being made to a consistent shallow depth, would be quite easy…. various utility knives give adjustable depth of cut, and the star is NOT well and evenly drawn… it is sloppy, and a poor representation. The intent was to terrorize…. the victim and others, not to murder the victim on the spot..

    • Emmy

      Bulls—. He was carved! what else do we really need to know?

  • alaa alsaegh

    My loved ones are important things I have to explain it, for example, there are a lot of people and the closeness they were filming and after that came the police and deported by the police now looking for them for what they portrayed

    While the income of the offender from behind by the offender, which carries a pistol, Ze police command to return the chair back as the police came and they saw I was not Buaaa

    FBI told me that no one can get these clothes

  • alaa alsaegh

    He told me the FBI and they took my consent to do the request of witnesses and the images on television a month passed and they did so

    Is waiting to witness to them to come and knock on the door

  • alaa alsaegh

    He told me the FBI and they took my consent to do the request of witnesses and the images on television a month passed and they did so

  • alaa alsaegh

    Must tell dear for important details in this crime

    Gang, were not you want to kill me, or even significantly damage but they asked me to write a poem against the Jews for the salvation of my life

    But I think I am in America, which feared the world

    Is it'll do for them what they want

    FBI supports the survival of my life, what you say??

    • Sceptic

      I say you are a self promoting fraud since your story makes no sense.

      If your poem created this action, the preps would have done real injury, not these scratches.

      Your 15 minutes of fame is finished.

  • Marianne

    America is blind and intentionally racist. It protects what is evil and ignores the good.

    This is typical muslim revenge, as evidenced by the way they treat each other in their own countries. If they had not been in America they would have done much more to him.

    This is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate and violence. Get used to it because they plan for it to get worse. Just listen to Amadinejad. He is already telling us that it will. He has announced the plans and americans just ignore he warnings, and go back to sleep.

  • Sarah

    I'm a Jewish girl and so disgusted by this as a Jew and an American! One rare Arab sticks up for us, and this is what happens to him?! Its horrible. What a kind brave man, I am so sorry he was attacked this way.

    I would like to point out to all the people who hate Israel and Jews that we would never do this to a Jew or Israeli who supports Muslims.

  • Sarah

    I'm a Jewish girl and so disgusted by this as a Jew and an American! One rare Arab sticks up for us, and this is what happens to him?! Its horrible. What a kind brave man, I am so sorry he was attacked this way.

  • Sarah

    I would like to point out that us Jews don't attack and physically brutalize other Jews who sympathize with Muslims, but they attack their own for sympathizing with us.

  • Dee

    Scary! Why won't the liberals admit that Islam is an anti-American Cult because it won't let it's 'members' freely quit (Isn't it illegal in America to kill someone for quitting a club?)? What about the pastor that's about to be executed in Iran? At first, they said it was because he was supposedly born into Islam. Now, they are saying he is on trial for abuse. What utter lies! Freedom is more than a precious gift – it's a costly offering that is usually paid for with blood.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Too bad he didn't have a gun. Woulda been a hoot to shoot them down like the dogs they are.

  • E. N. Mayfield, Jr.

    The marks on the man's back are clearly not knife cuts. They may be scrapes from something like a wide screwdriver. From a cynical point of view, the marks may even be from a felt marker.

  • Katie Caliente

    We are a tolerant bunch in America! We tolerate the intolerable! We could do most of these jobs ourselves. Why did we let all these kooks in? Sometimes you have to leave people where you find them.

  • elsa peña alatriste

    Es lamentable como los medios de comunicación no ponen cuando los judíos son atacados o los simpatizantes de Israel, pero cuando Israel ataca, entonces si aparece en todos los medios de comunicación amarillistas. Se debe hacer algo para parar este odio acendrado, ya que lleva a la violencia y se deben poner castigos severos para todos estos delincuentes que se amparan en el incógnito y en los cobardes ataques que lo hacen de varios contra una sola persona, eso es delincuencia.
    Es alarmante como han dejado subir el islam de tono. No es nada pasajero ni nada inocente ni es islamofobia, sino que sí hay peligro y muy grande si las autoridades no ponen un alto. El mal crece cuando no hay un verdadero castigo. Quieren intimidar a la ciudadanía para que no actúe ni hagan algo. lo ponen como un caso aislado, pero no, hay cientos de casos así, debemos pararlos denuncíandolos. El odio no es solamente contra Israel, sino contra todo lo que no es islam. Ahora han empezado contra Israel, pero luego continuarán contra todos. Que los paren las autoridades.!!!!!!!! regresarlos a sus países. y ya no permitir tanta inmigración de musulmanes.

  • Cloti

    the people was in denial, before the holocaust of the Jews by Hitler
    then they were horrified afterward, when facts overrun denial.
    Is it happening again here?

  • niceguy

    There are extremists and thugs of every religion. You can find examples of hate crimes by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and everything else. You can also find offensive passages in most centuries-old holy books from most religions including the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Morman, etc. That should not be an excuse to practice descrimination against a group, 99+% of whom are peaceful, law-abiding people.

  • sams

    you can’t blame islam, or make it sound like ALL muslims are the same, just cos a group of guys attacked this man.

  • Poppakap

    It is becoming common wisdom in entertainment circles to never include a plot that makes Muslims appear anything other than wonderful for fear of lawsuits, intimidation, and threats. That a disproportionate number of entertainment executives are Jewish is a fact not lost on me.

  • garretso

    You are correct. It is cowardice.

  • Dexter Van Zile

    I am suspicious as well.