Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America

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This story strikes at the heart of what the American media establishment is trying to advocate when it comes to Islam — that it is somehow a religion of peace and that those who criticize jihad and Islamic Jew-hatred are “Islamophobes.”

Are we going to call Mr. Alsaegh and those of us who have had similar threats “Islamophobes“?  Are American media outlets covering up Islamic atrocities not only in the Middle East, but also in America? We former Muslims are putting our lives on the line to tell America that we are all in danger from the Islamic doctrines of jihad and Sharia, but few are listening, and our own media and politicians are calling us Islamophobes. Is that the America I love?

Mr. Alsaegh is now scared to death and wants to move away to another state where he can live and write anonymously. He is now left with the hospital emergency room bill to take care of.

I have been personally attacked recently by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and was listed by the government of Iran, together with others, as a threat. Such threats should never be taken lightly.

As to those who defend Sharia as “nothing to be scared of,” I say, welcome to Sharia vigilante street justice in the streets of America.

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  • Dee

    Scary! Why won't the liberals admit that Islam is an anti-American Cult because it won't let it's 'members' freely quit (Isn't it illegal in America to kill someone for quitting a club?)? What about the pastor that's about to be executed in Iran? At first, they said it was because he was supposedly born into Islam. Now, they are saying he is on trial for abuse. What utter lies! Freedom is more than a precious gift – it's a costly offering that is usually paid for with blood.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Too bad he didn't have a gun. Woulda been a hoot to shoot them down like the dogs they are.

  • E. N. Mayfield, Jr.

    The marks on the man's back are clearly not knife cuts. They may be scrapes from something like a wide screwdriver. From a cynical point of view, the marks may even be from a felt marker.

  • Katie Caliente

    We are a tolerant bunch in America! We tolerate the intolerable! We could do most of these jobs ourselves. Why did we let all these kooks in? Sometimes you have to leave people where you find them.

  • elsa peña alatriste

    Es lamentable como los medios de comunicación no ponen cuando los judíos son atacados o los simpatizantes de Israel, pero cuando Israel ataca, entonces si aparece en todos los medios de comunicación amarillistas. Se debe hacer algo para parar este odio acendrado, ya que lleva a la violencia y se deben poner castigos severos para todos estos delincuentes que se amparan en el incógnito y en los cobardes ataques que lo hacen de varios contra una sola persona, eso es delincuencia.
    Es alarmante como han dejado subir el islam de tono. No es nada pasajero ni nada inocente ni es islamofobia, sino que sí hay peligro y muy grande si las autoridades no ponen un alto. El mal crece cuando no hay un verdadero castigo. Quieren intimidar a la ciudadanía para que no actúe ni hagan algo. lo ponen como un caso aislado, pero no, hay cientos de casos así, debemos pararlos denuncíandolos. El odio no es solamente contra Israel, sino contra todo lo que no es islam. Ahora han empezado contra Israel, pero luego continuarán contra todos. Que los paren las autoridades.!!!!!!!! regresarlos a sus países. y ya no permitir tanta inmigración de musulmanes.

  • Cloti

    the people was in denial, before the holocaust of the Jews by Hitler
    then they were horrified afterward, when facts overrun denial.
    Is it happening again here?

  • niceguy

    There are extremists and thugs of every religion. You can find examples of hate crimes by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and everything else. You can also find offensive passages in most centuries-old holy books from most religions including the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Morman, etc. That should not be an excuse to practice descrimination against a group, 99+% of whom are peaceful, law-abiding people.

  • sams

    you can’t blame islam, or make it sound like ALL muslims are the same, just cos a group of guys attacked this man.

  • Poppakap

    It is becoming common wisdom in entertainment circles to never include a plot that makes Muslims appear anything other than wonderful for fear of lawsuits, intimidation, and threats. That a disproportionate number of entertainment executives are Jewish is a fact not lost on me.

  • garretso

    You are correct. It is cowardice.

  • Dexter Van Zile

    I am suspicious as well.