The Brotherhood Amongst Us

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The Muslim Brotherhood has long been a major political force in the Muslim world. Its power comes from a deep conviction among Muslims in general that its ideology represents true Islam and that it is the front line of defense of Islam and its protection from any novelty or change. As a matter of fact, there is a law in Sharia that entrusts the Muslim head of state with just that: protecting Islam from any “bidaa” — meaning novelty. Many Muslims in the West defend not only the Brotherhood but also many of its affiliates such as Hamas, and place them in high regard. To many Muslims, criticizing the Brotherhood is equivalent to attacking Islam itself. Thus, the Brotherhood has been a major force in bringing down regimes and installing new governments, and whether we like it or not they will play a significant role in any administration, whether it is openly Islamic or nominally secular.

Wherever Muslims go, the Brotherhood will follow. It has now even infiltrated many non-Muslim countries, including the U.S. and even our government. As a fellow Egyptian, I have no doubt that the head-covered, Egyptian-born White House advisor Dalia Mogahed is herself a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas sympathizer and Sharia defender. She helped write president Obama’s Cairo speech, which was geared to appease and legitimize the Brotherhood, the very organization that inspired Al-Qaeda that attacked America on 9/11. Obama believed that he would be the hero who will make the Muslim world love us, but he ended up only empowering the Brotherhood against both Arab reformists and Western interests.

Wherever the Sharia-enforcer Muslim Brotherhood goes, turmoil and lawlessness, including vigilante street justice, follows. No government can rule independently of religion (Islam) if the Brotherhood, or any of its affiliates, is present. And now the Brotherhood is operating in the U.S. under pretty names, and influencing our politicians from the lowest to the highest levels. While the U.S. media is petrified of the Brotherhood taking hold of the Egyptian government, they are closing their eyes to many of its covert operatives and their influence in the U.S. itself. While our media is terrified that Egypt will be a sharia ruled State, it is attacking Americans who want to make Sharia illegal in America.

Westerners should not have any illusions about a secular government in Egypt or in any other Muslim nation. There are two kinds of governments in the Muslim world: (1) those who pretend to be secular when they are not and (2) openly proclaimed theocracies. The Brotherhood has learned lessons from Iran and is not likely to choose the latter form. They will probably not take power openly, at least not right away. We will not see a bearded Sheikh installed as the Egyptian ayatollah.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    1) When will the first adulteress in a century be stoned to death in Egypt? My guess is, within 3 years…care of the MB.

    2) Will Obama open the USA to Coptic Christian refugees fleeing the persecution of the MB? These people could be invaluable to our country, providing us with a rational, first-hand account of Islamic supremacism, and serving as Arabic interpreters in terror investigations so we don't have to rely on Muslims with dual or suspect loyalties.

    • Huffer115

      Statement 1) is probably right on.
      Statement 2) needs more thought. Every opportunity to infiltrate America is used by these annimals. I believe the US should help the Copt's move to another country of choice but the USA. If we open the door just a little more the rats take advantage of it.

      • Chezwick_Mac


        These kind of comments only serve to aid our enemies in trying to stigmatize FPM as a hate-site. Fact is, Muslims are human beings…which merely highlights the malevolence of Islam, that it can inculcate in our fellow human beings such heights of evil and barbarism.

  • dreana

    muslim brotherhood is misleading many people including the Egyptians because as you can see the army and the police officers are now protecting the citizen instead of listening to the government officials. The military should make sure that peace is maintained in the country as for now they have relaxed peace in Egypt is worsening. Muslim brotherhood should stop this kiddish drama.-

  • davarino

    Thanks Nonie for your insight and courage to continue telling the truth. We must irradicate islamist sympathysers from our country and I especially like your last phrase. We must start producing our own oil again or at least be prepared to at a moments notice. It would be preferable if we could use up the middle eastern oil first then start using our own. The problem is that the price is more than what we pay at the pump. We are paying for that oil with our freedom, one gallon at a time.

  • geez

    Obama (lex luther) appears to be a useful idiot through appeasement, but I believe he knows exactly what he's doing. Most of his (known) history points to him being a believer in and of the Muslim Brotherhood. You know, the history they couldn't get scrubbed fast enough. Weather Underground links, communist mentors, rev Wright, the green movement and the list goes on and on. He lied about his past in order to get elected, then made no apology for it. Using different approaches they all want to rule the planet and be part of the destruction of America, but their true goal… the ethnic cleansing of the jewish people from Israel. Israel's enemies will fail, Israel will not fall. There is only one God, the God of Israel.

  • Jaladhi

    Nonie Darwish : "Westerners should not have any illusions about a secular government in Egypt or in any other Muslim nation. There are two kinds of governments in the Muslim world: (1) those who pretend to be secular when they are not and (2) openly proclaimed theocracies."

    This is the crux of Nonie's excellent article on democracies in Muslim lands. Essentially, there can be no real democracy in any Muslim country. Islam and democracy are incompatible. Muslim cannot handle democracy and all the freedoms that come with it. They need a dictator or a caliph to tell them and force them to abide by the rules of Islam. Just look at the so called democratic Muslim nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. See if these nations observe basic freedoms for all of its citizens, non-Muslims and women in particular. Muslim nations oppress women and all other non-Muslims and we read stories of such criminal acts occurring in all of these democracies on a daily basis. So much for the democracies in Islamic world.

    Our government is infiltrated by MB sympathizers knowingly or unknowingly and the lame stream media in love with Obama does not expose them. Down the line we will pay the price if we don't wake up in time!!!

  • Wesley69

    What is going on in the Mideast and what it foreshadows in Europe have changed my opinion about the dangers of Islam. Leaders speak of a moderate Islam. I am wondering if there is such a thing. Where is the mass condemnation of what occurs under Sharia Law? That so many in Egypt favor its implimentation in eye-opening.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well in the world and in the US. Do they want to work peacefully alongside the rest of us within our republic? Their mission is to convert us to Islam, using force if necessary. We need to recognize this viper in our midst and do what is necessary to destroy it for the preservation of our freedoms.

  • Wesley69

    Islam is a religious-political ideology. It's implementation leads to a theocracy as part of a world-wide Caliphate or Islamic Super State. We are not talking about a democracy or freedoms here. We must deal with it from all angles.

    The Constitution, being the highest law of the land, the BASIS of all other laws, needs to be amended to provide the government at all levels with the ability to deal with the problems this religious-political idealogy presents. The following amendments will be a guide for all cases, judges and justices.

  • Wesley69

    To stop Sharia Law from being imposed here, even in a town with a majority Muslim population, this Constitutional Amendment(s) needs to be studied and debated, and hopefully ratified in some form.

    1-The beliefs and practices of a theopolitical sect shall not be restricted, unless such beliefs and practices cause physical harm or monetary damage to its adherents or to citizens of the United States.

    2-All forms of Speech by citizens about any theopolitical system shall not be restricted.

    3-Forced conversion or persecution of those who would renounce their beliefs in any religion is forbidden.

    4-Courts or Assemblages that administer physical and/or monetary religious sanctions to an individual, contrary to the Constitution, are forbidden.

    5-Indoctrination regarding a particular theopolitical ideology for the purpose of conversion utilizing public institutions or public funds shall be forbidden.

    6-Theopolitical practices may be allowed at public functions as long as no one is compelled to participate and as long as these practices are not excessive in natural.

    7-Public accommodations or restrictions made for one religion, must apply to all religions, when reasonable.

    • trickyblain

      There's no need for an amendment. Like you say, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It sets up the courts, how laws are made and how they are enforced. The first Amendment is intended to keep religion completely separated from politics and lawmaking, so Sharia, in the Taliban/Saudi sense, is already without question unconstitutional.

  • Wesley69

    The next line of defense is state and local laws that enforce these amendments.
    There must be heavy penalties, both fines & jail sentences for violation of these laws. At the federal level, immigration laws need to be strengthen to get rid of these theo-political criminals.
    Additionally, few to no visas should be given to anyone (students) from a country that is an outlaw theocracy.
    People, who were immigrants, but became citizens, if found to be involved in theo-political criminal acts, will have their citizenship revoked.
    Additionally, the use of water-boarding to obtain information about suspected acts of terror against the US will be allowed, but the President must approve it. Such a decision must be reviewed by Congress.

    Though the US & the West has something more revolutionary than Islamic Jihad, mainly freedom and liberty, it makes no difference in the minds of these Fundamentalists like the Muslim Brotherhood. Their's is one mission, to convert the entire world to Islam. You can not compromise with them. You can not debate them. You can't show weakness or they will take advantage. You need to be on guard against them and be prepared to defend one's self with deadly force if necessary.

  • USMCSniper

    There are three ways in whole or in part that you employ when dealing with an adversary or enemy. They are reason and logic if they are open to reason and logic based on mutual respect, then there is fear and intimidation and the threat of harm, and finally actual physical harm and killing. Obama by his "Islam is a religion of peace" along with the disgraceful Cairo apologies for western civilization and his cow towing bowing to the Saudis may soon only leave us with the last option to even survive.

    • Wesley69

      Unfortunately, it will probably come down to a question of survival. The people of Europe will be presented with that option first. We had better prepare. This is going to be the struggle of the twenty-first century. How it ends will determine how the rest of the century turns out.

    • Dennis X

      So you are advocating killing the President?

  • Andres de Alamaya

    If only half of America had the clairvoyance of Nonie Darwish and the writers of comments in Front Page Magazine, we would march on Washington and oust Obama. Alas, we represent a minuscule minority. Waiting for 2012 will be disastrously too late.

  • QSuzy

    Oustanding article by Nonie Darwish…..thank ytou and keepo up the Excellent work~

  • btilly

    The American Jihad can also be fought with truthful information. The African American President should ask himself and give us an answer as to why the entire northern half of Africa is now called the Middle East.. An entire continent stolen from Africa.

    When the Arab Muslims conquered Egypt in the 7th century the entire region was claimed as Allah's. Islam teaches that black men like Obama and Michelle were created black to be slaves to white people and then go to hellfire. Islam claim to follow Chreistianity, but which one? Gnostic, Jewish, Roman,or the one that Jesus taught.
    Jesus taught that God is love. Islam teaches that allah is a liar, in fact the greatest deceiver, schemer, planner. Quran 3:54 and kill nonMuslims until we all arefirced to be servant of the Devil Allah. In fact the allah of Islam has no name, as the term allah is copied from Hindus who once ruled Arabia.

  • SAM000

    The COWS who have seen a red FLAG.
    Propaganda and over excited pushs you the Americans to become against or for something without knowing exactly who is behind.

    Any religion or Ideology is a tool, just a tool,
    The right way is to stop to use that religion for Governing.
    This rule, every body knows it.
    But, what the majority of the PEOPLE and the AMERICANS do not know is that, YOUR TRUSTS and Multinational companies and big money makers bring you to elect their chosed ones as your president.
    I'm IRANIAN, we have tried non stop to remove the Mullahs and to stablish a non-Islamic and Democratic state in IRAN.
    Your Medias do not talk about our daily sacrifices from 30 years ago till now.
    Any time we had an organized GENERAL riot to finish with this regime, we had immediatly USA and all it's allies and possibilities against us.
    During the last riots, OBAMA administration and himself assured Ahmadinejad that USA respects the IRANIAN GOVERNMENT, and USA paid the price of his goodwill to the Mullahs from the lives of our youth.
    YAHOO, Siemens, NOKIA helpped the MILLAHS to track the riot organizers in IRAN, internet was shutdown in IRAN, and we know that our web is furnished and tasked from USA.

    ORACL, is working with the regime from 30 years till now to track the connections and communications of the people.

    If Obama is Muslem, what about BIDEN, Hillary, Clinton, Madelaine Albright, CARTER, GARY SEEK, and all the STATE DEPT staffs?

    If you say that, those people are lefties;
    WHAT about REAGAN (who withdrawed US FORCES from LIBANON on 1982 after Bombing and allowed the stablishement of HEZBOLLAH in Libanon), every body remmembers the IRAN-GATE FIASCO.

    REAGAN assured a longlife security for the MULLAHS, was REAGAN MUSLIM and LEFTIES?!

    And BOTH BUSH.

    You were attacked on 9/11, and you reposted on non related targets, and who had prifited from your repost?, The answer is , the MULLAHS of IRAN.
    The Iranian PROXIES like HAMAS were born, Hezbollah became too much stronger, and TALIBAN is always there and funded and trained by IRAN, AL-QAIDA is and was leaded by IRAN, YEMEN's Islamists were trained and organized by IRAN, and so, and so, and it continues.

    Who is imposing EL-BARADEI to the Egyptians, he is not known by the Egyptians, your REps and DEMS are agreed to install El-Baradei in Egypt.

    The Mullahs have a web of strong LOBBIES in USA, the most known is NIAC, google it and you will see that, they are not MUSLIM.

    YOU say that there is no anti Islamic protestors!
    WE HAVE more than 120,000 ANTI ISLAMIST MARTYRS.
    The Regime executes every day, you hear only the word of EXECUTION, before they are tortured to death, and most of them rapped, and the same victimes are tagged terrorist by your state Dept.!

    SO, lefties or anti-lefties; STOP your POLITICS of active supports of the MULLAHS.

    There is a direct and logical relationship between an ISLAMIST POWER(Iranian MULLAHS) and all Islamist activities in all around the world.

  • SeeingClearly

    The article said, "Obama believed that he would be the hero who will make the Muslim world love us, but he ended up only empowering the Brotherhood against both Arab reformists and Western interests."

    No, Obama's ONLY goal has ever been to empower the Brotherhood. We in America never cared if the Muslims loved us or not, but would just as soon wipe Islam off the world map, and nobody told Obama to take on as a mission to make Muslims love us. This is nonsense.

    Indeed that is NOT what he was doing at all, but was from the beginning his only goal was empowering the Islamists for installing the Brotherhood or its offshoots as widely as possible in the Middle East and the USA.

  • Joy

    President NEVER said the USA is a Muslim Nation. He said that we are a nation of ALL people. And truth be told we are just that.
    So you need to build a brige and get over it. Our country was founded on the belief that ALL men are created equal. Where in our US constitution does it say ALL men are created equal unless they are of Muslim faith.
    I am a Christian and I know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. God shows no favortism of people. We are all equal in GODs eyes.
    Stop trying to stir up more hate then this world already has.

  • 2maxpower

    I actually think obama cairo speech was a defacto call to insurrection for the benefit of the brotherhood.

    everything obama has done helps the brotherhood at the expense of all other groups.

    so if he isn't still a muslim then why is he propelling them to power? …at EVERY opportunity.

  • Leland Lamirande

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  • kafir4life

    They were not there voluntarily. They were lied to (one of the many traits of islam, the gutter-cult) so they had no choice but to offer themselves as shields.
    To your last question, the muslim garbage can take care of themselves.