Why It Took Ten Years

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I was a bit alarmed as I watched Arabic Al Jazeerah reporting on the news of the death of Bin Laden with a regretful tone. They referred to Bin Laden not as a terrorist or someone who gave Islam a bad name (the standard mantra), but as the “leader” of Al Qaeda. They also discussed the possibility of retaliation when they said that Al Qaeda retaliated against the West over the killing of much smaller members of Al Qaeda and that there was no doubt there will be retaliation over the killing of Bin Laden. Several Al Jazeerah hosts referred to the concept of terrorism as “what is called terrorism” meaning that the word terrorism is coined by the West and what the West regards as terrorism is not necessarily so.

The death of Bin Laden is no doubt a positive thing in our War on Terror that tells the world that America will never stop bringing terrorists to justice. This is also a major boost to the morale of the American people and to the families of the 9/11 victims who have been very gracious and patient for 10 years while watching jihadist Imams in America trying to build an Islamic victory shrine over the grounds of the World Trade Center. Americans are fed up with politicians who have forgotten what happened ten years ago and are acting as appeasers to the jihadists and the radicals. Killing Bin Laden is a positive step for a change.

But the bad news is that Bin Laden’s death will not decrease the terror acts the jihadists plan against the West, simply because jihad is not an invention by Bin Laden, but is taught to every Muslim from birth as a war against non-believers in Islam. Terrorism in the short run is likely to increase and the reason is because we are dealing with a religion and culture that values retaliation and vengeance as a duty and commandment from Allah. “Retaliation has been prescribed to you” is a quote from the Qur’an.  The West should fasten its seat belts, since the bad guys have found yet another excuse to hate and hurt America.

Nonie Darwish is the author of “Cruel and usual Punishment” and the President of FormerMuslimsUnited.org.

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  • jewdog

    I'm happy that OBL got it, but Obama's statement that he was not a real Muslim was typically ignorant and arrogant. OBL WAS a true Muslim, just as Obama is a true know-nothing.

    • Raymond in DC

      Apparently Obama thought Osama was Muslim enough to deserve the "honor" of a Muslim burial. We wouldn't want the Islamic world to think we don't respect them now, would we?

      • tanstaafl

        Why he couldn't be buried with a pig escapes me. After all, he wasn't a "true Muslim". I mean, the President would know who a "true Muslims is, won't he?

    • bayo

      you guys are nuts with zero brain. i wish we could deport all of you to pakistan to face the music.

  • Jay

    I wonder if the trees and the rocks told the Americans where to find Bin Laden, just like it says in the hadith…..

    No, wait a second…..actually the trees and rocks only talk to MUSLIMS and only when they're trying to kill Jews. Silly me,

  • Midgie


    Article: Years of Deceit: Bil Laden Long Dead

    • Yetwave

      If you believe this, your name aptly describes the dimensions of your intellect. While it is true that John Wilkes Booth actually yelled "Sic semper tympani" when he hurdled from Lincoln's box because he was rejected as a kettle drum play in the Ford's theater orchestra, and the anti tobacco radical Charles Guiteau was aiming for a spittoon when Bill McKinley accidentally obscured his line of fire, there is no truth to the rumor that Osama had been cryogenically frozen to be ised as a prop to bolster Obama's sagging polls.

  • zionista

    midgie you've got a midget sized brain!!!

    • Midgie

      the photo they been showing goes back to 2010?(according to this blog)-That was my point. Not the article.

      • MixMChess

        As Richard Grenier famously pointed out: "Conspiracy theory is the sophistication of the ignorant."

  • kafir4life

    Passing out sweets today! We should send some to the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting hama-linked terror supporting organization and their terrorist supporters at cair. Here's a link…. http://www.mariniscandies.com/product/BACON-01/Ch

    • terric

      Send them a "we're happy the son-of-a pig is dead" fruit basket. hee hee

  • Questions

    Gimme a break. If all this was President Obama's covert intent, he would have thought of it well before November 2010. Cut the man some slack — it took a long time to find bin Laden because he was protected by his own kind and because those who might have ratted him out would have been dead meat.


      whatever the reward was it should go to the Wounded Warriors Project to help our members of the armed services who have been chasing this man and others for us.

  • tagalog

    Who gets the multi-million dollar reward? I hope the SEALs get it, but they probably won't.

  • rockman

    Bin Laden sleeps with Luca Brazzi.
    To whom do we send the NY Times wrapped fish?

  • tagalog

    As far as I'm concerned, they can have all the virgins they want, as long as it's in the afterlife and they're dead.

  • Rick

    Please do not paint all Muslims with the same brush. Read Stephen Schwartz's book, "The Two Facres of Islam."

  • chsmith

    Congratulations to our military, may they ever be about defending this Nation, not used as a perverted social experiment, by our inferiors. And yes the jihad will continue

  • jtbaumgart

    Bravo Zulu to the Seals. Being a former Sailor, I can say, "Well Done Guys"

    Now to the article. I would have to disagree with MS Dawish. Pakistan has been rather dubious in it support of the US in our attempt to bring UBL to justice. In fact, some agencies, the ISI of Pakistan is helping Al Qaeda.

    I read where it was Bin Laden's wife who sold him out the SEALS. I guess she got tired of him beating her..

  • Don Bodell

    What was that song that Clint Eastwood's character sang in the film, Paint Your Wagon ? The lyrics were something like:

    I talk to the trees, but they don't hear me . . .

    I guess the Eastwood character was writing a haditha. And, now, the CIA and Seals have written the last one for OBL. I guess OBL bet on the weak horse.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    There was a lot of American incompetence also. Read the The Mission The Men and Me. America bombed empty buildings which simply caused leaders like Osama to move away from where they could be destroyed years ago.

  • John

    How many billions are we going to keep giving away to other conteries – we need to shut it down then the'll like us again and help us more?

  • Steve

    I saw somewhere the Pakis gave up OBL in return for the USA out of Afganistan. At the very least, an interesting idea.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    If I have a date with a pretty girl and apropos nothing she shows me her passport to assure me she is a citizen my mind might go through several steps: 1. Isn't that odd. 2. Why show me her passport? 3. Who cares if she is a citizen or not? 4. Wait a minute, if she works so hard to convince me she is a citizen, there is a good chance that she isn't a citizen and that the passport is a fake.

    Why the DNA on Osama? Why the fast funeral? Our armed forces have killed a lot of Muslims before and nobody worried about burying them so fast. We are shows hundreds of pictures of Osama over the past years, shooting a gun, riding a horse, in meetings, climbing rocks. How about a picture of the dead Osama???. Would that have been against Muslim religious law which the White House follows so properly? Donal Trump might ask for a death certificate. Maybe that will come by and by – like the birth certificate. It's hard to find fast forgers.