Goodbye, Sweden

The theft of a country:

  • Paul Buenafe

    And what has Sweden's famed feminists have to say about their state of affairs? I'm just curious.

    • SkippytheDread

      They're too busy gloating about all the pairs of Swedish testicles in their purses.

      • SkippytheDread

        Forgot to add: I hope they study the "Charlie's Angels" movies or something to learn how chicks can use their awesome kung fu to kick guy's asses.

        I'm pretty sure they can't carry a gun there. Legally, at least.


      The feminists are the ones to blame! Swedish people are dismissive of reality and Swedish politicians wallow in lies, it is their staple diet.

  • sarah leah

    Quisling-hu Akbar?

  • nomalmohere

    Sweden has allowed other nations to fight its wars for over 100 years. During WW1 and WW2 Sweden let others do the fighting and dying for them. No one should be surprised that they are surrendering their culture. Good riddance.

  • Amused

    Atlest 95 million gun owners in the US …………AMEN !

  • Mike

    Goodbye Sweden, its been nice knowin ya. Its a shame too because you're the country with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Now its being overrun by a bunch of filthy muslims and your beautiful women are getting raped. Congratulations. You're a country with no spine. Your weak and are slowly starting to deserve whats happening.

  • tanstaafl

    Does socialism sap the human spirit?

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Its not just Sweden.
    It is everywhere in Europe.
    And it's here too.
    Remember Obama's Muslim Prayer Day?
    Where he and 50,000 Muslim men prayed and then toured the Capitol?
    They prayed for "THE SOUL OF AMERICA." which acording to Freemasonry-
    Get it now, folks?

  • logdon

    Some time ago I sold, via Ebay, a Japanese Gibson ES335 copy to a Swede and a dialogue commenced.

    We got on like a house on fire. His English was perfect and our conversations added knowledge on both sides.

    We talked about blues. We talked about the merits of Japanese guitars (which by the way are superb). We talked Les Pauls, Strats, Fender amps and the genius of both Fender and Gibson in the Fifties in devising these ageless instruments which, still despite all modern innovation live on as the standard to look up to.

    So far so good.

    Joined at the hip in our views the conversations widened and we then exchanged views on our European travels and the architectural merits of those glorious old cities. We talked of our mutual ownership of Saabs and how great they were. Seemingly nothing was left off the table.

    Then I sent a copy of something I'd read, probably in Jihad Watch about Malmo and the tone not so much changed but disappeared.

    No reply.

    So, being the eternal optimist I sent another. Still no reply. Finally one more. The silence was astounding. We could talk around all manner of subjects, yet seemingly Islam was verboten, or whatever the Swedish is for 'don't go there'.

    I was puzzled. Is merely talking about something now banned in Sweden?

    Was he ashamed or disgusted?

    Ashamed at what his country has descended to? Or disgusted at my perceived 'racism'?

    I'll never know and isn't that the problem here?

    So perched on a kumbaya pedestal of multiculturalism, actually giving ones country away is considered a good and noble thing. Beyond even questioning.

    Or so riven by internal doubt that the shame of this national and political suicide renders a state of speechlessness?

    Pat Condell, as usual, gets it right and on reflection, I think that my ex Swedish friend sees me now as an unreconstructed bigot.

    Shame, really. Just as we were getting on so well Islam sticks the boney claw of repression in and the dialogue closes.

    Quite an apt metaphor really, I guess.

    • oldatlantic

      Thanks for posting this story. It is very enlightening. His action was shameful on an individual level whatever his reason. We have to reach out on these topics even though we get this reaction. To be silenced on this is to be less than human.

      • logdon

        I wasn't at all intimidated by the slur of his drawdown on our relationship.

        In fact it made me realise that the delusion infects and affects right into every crevice of society.

        It's a kind of moralising grandstand which substitutes for a true and honest open mind and is really becoming a cliche, especially here in Britain.

        We've had enough is the palpable message and no amount of accusatory islamophobe posturing will pierce a growing conviction that muslims are not here to share and take part. Rather it's money, easy welfare and a standard of living unheard of in Pakistan where the bulk originate from.

        It's not over by a long chalk. Sweden may have rolled over to Hitler but we didn't and amazingly enough that spirit still beats in the hearts of a good many good people.

        I read plenty of blogs including MSM sites and more often than not, the reader reaction is more telling than the tale at the top.

        They are in effect, mini polls and I can tell you resistance grows by the day.

        A huge battle is looming for the soul of Europe and judging by the way the right is garnering huge support shariah will never gain outside its core adherents.

      • logdon

        A foretaste of much worse to come? This is from Goteburg.

        Sweden: Hundreds demonstrate for and against building of a mosque in Sweden

        By The Associated Press – 17 hours ago

        GOTEBORG, Sweden — Hundreds of proponents and opponents held rallies in Sweden's second-largest city Goteborg on Saturday to voice their opinions over the building of a mosque there.

        Heavy police presence kept the two groups appart and a spokesman for the force said only one person had been arrested for violent behaviour toward an officer. It was the biggest police effort in the city since the EU Summit in 2001, when several thousand people gathered to protest against U.S. President George W. Bush, the EU and globalization.

        Mosque opponents claim the construction will ruin a nearby park and that the area is not suitable, while supporters say the opposition is racist.

        The mosque — which will be the city's second — is due to be completed in mid-June.

    • rocksblues

      I had the same thing happen with a Swede over my stating that I would never vote for JFnKerry.

    • kmbr

      You have to understand the Swede mentality. They avoid unpleasantries and confrontation at all costs.

      • Skandinav

        Yes! Exactly right. I'm a Dane living in Sweden, and I am so sad for them. they are culturally incapable of dealing with problems that are not politically correct. With the speed of immigration these days, even if the one immigration skeptical party should get landslide victories in the two next elections(and they wont – the Swedes would never dare), still this country is demographically changed for ever. Complete balkanization.

    • posse 101


      brilliant post! thanks for sharing your keen insight!

    • alexander

      Any discussion about our Prez politics is shut by: "You are a racist"!!!
      And here is the answer – READ IT—> REPUBLICANS:
      "only a total imbecile could say such an idiocy"

    • opar5

      The major problem with Islam is Sunna, from the Koran’s 70 verses telling believing Muslims to obey and imitate the perfect Muslim, Mohammed in all things for all times establish the pattern of Muslim behavior, but who was Mohammed?
      According to the historian Theophanes (752-817), Muhammad was an epileptic. Epileptic crises are sometimes accompanied by hallucinations, perspiration from the forehead and foaming at the mouth, the very symptoms which Muhammad displayed during his "visions." NOTE: many of Mohammed’s visions gave Divine sanction to whatever Mohammed was doing, or wanted to do contrary to established customs; almost like autobiographical additions (from “Allah’”) to his most trusted biography.
      End Part 1

      • opar5

        Dr. Masud Ansari, in Psychology of Mohammed: Inside the Brain of a Prophet, calls Muhammad "the perfect personification of a psychopath in power." Muhammad had an unhinged paranoid personality with an inferiority complex and megalomaniac tendencies.
        Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-Muslim who established the organization for apostates of Islam Faith Freedom International. In his latest book he posits that Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. Sina has offered $50,000 US dollars for the one who can prove otherwise. Nobody has claimed the reward – as yet. What can devoutly obeying and imitating a madman produce but cultural and personal madness? Don’t know how such madness can be contagious.

  • PhillipGaley

    The great mantra of governance—"Get someone else, to do the work."—holding true, as in all Moslem nations, Islam can be seen in operation in its characteristic way, because it is NOT democratic but presents a mentality which easily yields to control from the key positions within, it is replete with a pervasive template, integral to class structure—among other things, providing for determinable distribution of wealth—and providing adequate management of the female impulse, by some, Islam is considered to be of best design to fill the spot of "religion" in world governance.
    As for Constantine's unification of all religions, in the Greek world, several centuries before him, while, from the upper crust, but little credence was ever put toward personal belief in the ostensible purpose of the Parthenon—"One house for all gods"—the practicality of it as a great enhancement to administrative rule was either a stroke of genius or the correct choice as the fruit of long thought.
    There are scholars who say that—as against the will and purposes of those who conspired against the Prophet Daniel—ever and anon, the history of the world can be summed in a single line as a contest between administrative fiat of a small group and the rule of law for the whole.
    Leaving aside for a moment the apocryphal threat that, "the man of sin" shall be finally put down, as now being attempted in Sweden, as in the "War of The World" TV show the maggot was forced down the throat of the pacified victim, can Islam—one way or another—be chocked down the throat of a pacified populace, and go world-wide for the direct benefit of men in key control positions? M-m-m-m, . . . I kind of wonder, . . .
    It plays heavily upon the natural proclivity of any woman, in matters of family, . . . or, administer a sound drubbing, and get away with it—witness domestic violence in the homes of policemen especially, but it the homes of other administrative officers, as easily—check!
    In class structure and wealth and work distribution, it makes easy, a heavy reliance upon control of knowledge administered through any educational system—check!
    It provides a leadership framework which is easily and mostly filled by word-smiths of the day—check! Witness the fact that, Moslem nations are run by lawyers, . . . m-m-m-m, . . . I wonder, . . . of course, we'll have to dilute or otherwise weaken the dominate religion to such extent that, it will combine with or accept the incoming teachings, . . . are the higher degrees in the mystery schools required to be administered in a mosque?

    • morph2020


  • Jane Larson Baer

    I am Swedish American and have swedish relatives. Older relatives are more realistic and perhaps more trusting that I won't judge their opionions. One Aunt told me about how a girl relative of ours was beaten on her way to school by Muslims because she was walking to school with boys. Strangely Sweden has teh world's longest and strongest history of gender equality…fighting against Catholic sexists for centuries and when Christianized bringing to Christianity its present less sexist approach. Perhaps the way such a large percentage of Swedes became Americans a hundred years ago made those left open to feelings of being too backwater.

    • pennswoods

      Sweden was was a Roman Catholic country from the 11th century until the 16th century when King Gustav Vasa forced the people of Sweden to adopt the Prostestant Reformation and his country become Lutheran. Anyone who has visited Sweden has seen the beautiful Medieval Catholic churches and cathedrals who's spires can been seen as part of the skyline of every ancient Swedish city, town, and village. I don't understand the need to slam Catholicism in your comment. Catholicism helped inspire the Italian renassance which brought enlightenment to all of Europe including Sweden. After the Reformation Sweden had a state church which tolerated no other faith in Sweden until recent times. Now, in the 21st century, a multi-cultural Sweden will have mosques with minarets dominating its cities and towns which must please those many indigenous self hating Swedes. This is a catastrophe for Western Civilization and the first real victory for modern Islamic Jihad in Europe. For anyone who doubts that the Muslim Brotherhood had plans back in the 1920's for an eventual invasion of Western Europe by Muslim immigration look at Sweden today. St Bridgit of Sweden must be crying in heaven for her Swedish people.

  • tanstaafl

    Resist Loki!

  • PhillipGaley

    A member of QB counsel once mentioned how that, in the 50's, initially, the immigrants were thought to be a possible boon to UK and were brought in to fill low pay positions.
    In the main, I think, the immigrants cannot build or transpire a culture because they don't come from a culture, rather come they from tribes or tribal lands, consumed of tribal wars—witness the fact that, although the Libyan tribes for some decades of firm rule have been unified, now, they appear to be reverting to original form.
    While the immigrants might cook a meal, wear clean clothes, work a job, because they come from lands of tribal war—lands filled with all disloyalties attendant upon incessant conflict—and so, are unable to transpire a culture which is capable and productive of anything worthy of remark when the sons of G0D are gathered together, necessarily therefore, they are driven to ends appropriate to and becoming of the lowest common denominator—the ever-present slums—the poor, you'll have with you, always; and it ain't gonna be pretty.
    Largely, being unable to transmit culture, to the greatest extent, the immigrants' children are left to the wind in a mish-mash of tribal associations and state-care guardianship—care?
    But, if multiculturalism doesn't work out to fill the low pay positions, perhaps, the conflicts in such a society can work out for another purpose, perhaps, for some kind of a mass population reduction—perhaps, as the end of a household management or sociological experiment which didn't work out all that well, . . .

  • Lesley

    The west and press are too busy bending over backwards to islam, leaving Israel to the Islamic nations, hoping they’d wipe it out, so that islam will leave them in peace, yah, like that’s going to happen. I also think a lot of western governments are afraid of Israel, because 63 years ago they started up the State of Israel, with nothing, just the clothes they had on, and now look at them, purl jealousy as its taken the west thousands of years to create a western world, and the islamists with all that money from the millions of Jews they kicked of the arab lands with just the clothes on there backs, and the billions in oil revenue they make are still wallowing in the mud. The worlds of the west are going backwards, to join the arabs, why’ll Israel is going forward. Good Luck Israel your not alone.

    • opar5

      Does no one remember the Palestinian who provided two Muslim Divisions to ally with the Nazis? Israel was re-established both from the shame victorious Western leaders felt for enabling the Holocaust and as punishment for the Axis-supporting Muslims.
      “Occupied lands”? If one will check, it will be found that a majority of the Palestinian residents themselves “occupy” Palestine, driven from various Muslim states, not unlike Mohammed and his rabid followers were driven from tolerant Mecca to adopt highway robbery and enslavement of innocents as their only skill set; in the process, destroying half the population of Medina that foolishly accepted them. History repeats!

  • Laura

    Every male muslim in America/Europe/Canada needs to be hunted down and killed

    • Jim_C

      Sieg Heil, eh, Laura?

    • Dennis

      Isn't that fairly close to what the Qu'ran says to do with Jews, Infidels, and apostates?

      You have no right to murder anyone. You have a right to protect yourself, even when it results in killing your attacker, by whatever means are at your disposal. Handguns are most effective for that purpose especially for women because of the physical advantage men have over them.

      Objectively think about this situation and come-up with some realistic solutions – do not sink to the level of those with whom you are disgusted – or else you will, by Jim's inference, become what you do not wish to be.

      ps Oscar, Was haben sie gesaght? My German is very, very, rusty.

  • oskar

    "daß in der Größe der Lüge immer ein gewisser Faktor des Geglaubtwerdens liegt"

  • LindaRivera

    It is utterly despicable for a nation's leaders to abandon their own people, especially their women and children who they have allowed to become prey for Muslim predators. They will answer to G-D for refusing to protect their own people.

    • Skandinav

      The leaders are democratically chosen and the press is free. The Swedes must grow up and take responsibility themselves.

  • steven l

    The Swedish govt must received a lot of petro-dollars.

    • generalissimo

      even THAT is no excuse!

  • steven l

    How can the constitution be changed without a popular vote?

  • Thoby

    The headline of this article is in error. What is occuring is not the "theft" of a country, but, rather, a "gift" of a country. No one stole Sweden from the Swedes. They simply gave their country away.

  • generalissimo

    the Swedish government gave the country away like it was giving away candy, without the consent of swedish citizens. I'm sure they'd argue against it if given the chance.

    • nina

      What do you mean if given the chance? Nobody gives out chances. One has to fight for a chance. What are the Swedes, little children, or mentally impaired? It is their country, and if they want it to stay theres, they should do something about it. Evidently their culture is too tired, and ready for extinction.

  • RAY


  • Martin Steen

    One hundred Swedes
    Ran through the weeds
    Chased by a single Norwegian


    ISLAMISM LIKE NAZISM MUST FIRST AND FOREMOST BE GOT RID OF. Islamism, which like Nazism, fascism and communism is not a religion but a runaway virulent disease of despotic sacerdotalism that brought poverty and tyranny upon the Arabs and those in the third world who have become victims of this widespread and hitherto unchecked epidemic.

    The West must once and for all stop being sensitive to the bad habits and immature prejudices so wrongly referred to as cultures and traditions that hitherto have kept people of the Third World from developing positively into a modern work ethical and secular world of compassion and responsibility.

    Americans must not be enticed into another political trap by the meek who are so used to taking the easy and detrimental path of deliberately picturing themselves as downtrodden (emotional and moral blackmail as is their wont) and throwing themselves like spoilt brats on the charity of others especially the self-deprecating and Islam propitiating West.

    Islamism and all its derivatives that are bent on disseminating the disease of laziness, penury and squalor and have been doing sacerdotally way before the re-establishment of the State of Israel cannot be allowed to go on troublemaking and using Israel as an excuse and a scapegoat for the hell-on-earth the cult of Islam has wreaked upon their mess of humanity.

    The Muslim world and their quagmire, borne of the great Islamic tradition of only learning the Koran, are shaped and confined not only by their own blinkered history and disfigured by their limited knowledge of other people’s history, they virtually live in their past. A past that only goes back as far as the year 632 when their prophet Muhammad died and Islamism proliferated.

    Islam instituted slavery into the Arab psyche so much so that these very slave dealers are still buying and selling slaves no Arabs to this day consider any more evil than the buying and selling of horses. It is therefore rather ironic that one of the greatest pugilist in history should have changed his name from Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali, and African Americans becoming black Muslims when the greatest slavers in the world the Muslims have from time immemorial believed that "the end of all efforts" – the bottom line so to speak in today’s lingo – "is to procure and sell Negroes" despite the effort of Britain (ever since slave liberating General Gordon, – who was butchered and had his head and balls amputated by the Mahdists in Sudan – Livingstone, Stanley, Speke, Baker, Burton, Kitchener) and France (Schweinfurth, Napoleon, Fourier, Berthollet, Denon, Desaix, Kléber) to end slavery.

    “The Sword is worth Ten Thousand Words” according to the Koran

    Well, the Pen is Mightier than the Sword to normal free thinking intelligent people.

  • Skandinav

    Actually, even the Swedish vikings were quite peaceful …it was the Danish and Norwegian vikings who did the conquering, looting, etc. And it's not something to be terribly proud about. But our myths (Thor, Odin and the rest) certainly have their charm!

  • Blackedvard

    Well…I think that the land of Thor will fight back. The problem is that our politicians takes to
    long time to decide for a change.

  • Inge-Gerd

    I write this from Sweden. You wouldn´t believe the terror we live under. How no newspapers write the truth about what´s going on in this country. Whether they are afraid or simply don´t see the truth I don´t know. After all almost all journalists and politicians live in totally segregated white middle class areas.
    If you critizise our immigration politics you are called a razist. If you show openly that you are a member of the "Sweden Democrats" you are a razist. Then you can even risque to lose your job.
    If you you should get hit by a stone or a knife, our prime minister has told us that " if you have that kind of opinions, you should not be surprised if such things happen to you". So Sweden has become a country of total silence. You speak in whispers. It´s terrible.

    • Questions

      Why don't the Swedes protest publicly? What sort of feckless people run your country?


    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and find reasons to do nothing. Sweden is a nation of cowards, it is therefore not surprising that no one dares stand up against tyranny, they didn't stand up to Hitler and Nazism nor did they stood against communism. Swedish people are on the whole a despicable race. The imams refer to them as a bunch of whores and quite rightly so.

  • Avis de consommateur

    I totally approve the decision.