Who is Suhail Khan?

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This is the kind of violent rhetoric you’d expect to hear from Osama bin Laden or Awlaki, not any “moderate” Muslim.

In that same 1999 speech, Mr. Khan also expressed disturbing hostility toward federal law enforcement and sympathy for terrorist suspects. At the time he was working for a congressman from a heavily Muslim district in Northern California to eliminate the Justice Department’s use of so-called “secret evidence” to deport Arab immigrants suspected of terrorism. Why would a supposedly rock-ribbed conservative undermine law enforcement’s efforts to fight terrorism?

What’s striking is that even now, with Alamoudi behind bars, Mr. Khan cannot bring himself to call his old patron the al-Qaida terrorist that he is. In his letter of defense to the ACU board, he refers to him as “Mr. Alamoudi” and “gentleman,” but never as terrorist. And “gentleman” is the term he used to describe Osama bin Laden’s deputy on the Fred Grandy radio show recently. Why would he show such deference to a monster responsible for slaughtering nearly 3,000 fellow Americans?

And, again, why would a Republican glorify the death culture of jihadists? Why would a “loyal American,” as he calls himself, accept an award from a known Islamic extremist such as Alamoudi who had talked about “destroying America”?

These are questions members of the Republican establishment who have promoted Mr. Khan to positions of power ought to start asking.

There are other concerns, as well.

Mr. Khan is the first-born son of Mahboob Khan, one of the founding fathers of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in America, which according to its secret founding archives (seized by the FBI in 2004) is in America to “sabotage” it and “destroy” it “from within.”

There is no evidence tying Mahboob Khan directly to the drafting of the archives. However, the same trove of Brotherhood papers lists a mosque he founded — Santa Clara, Calif.- based MCA — as one of “our organizations.”

The “San Francisco Chronicle” has reported that at least twice in the 1990s, his father’s mosque hosted Ayman al-Zawahiri, now AQ’s No. 2, and helped raise money for him — all while Mr. Khan’s father was running the mosque as chairman of the board (as confirmed by the “San Jose Mercury News”). After the “Chronicle” and other major newspapers reported the Zawahiri fundraisers in 2001, Mr. Khan relocated from the White House to the Transportation Department.

Mr. Khan claims the reporting is false, but it’s based on the court testimony of past members of the mosque, and the “Chronicle” has never issued a retraction. Mr. Khan insists his late father was just a “Silicon Valley executive,” “a high-tech engineer in the Bay Area.” But his immigrant father’s work in America involved far more than that, as this video makes clear.

Also in the early 1990s, a leader in his father’s mosque hosted the Blind Sheik (of World Trade Center bombing fame) at his Santa Clara apartment, as I first reported in “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” which exposes the radical Muslim Brotherhood and its American front groups. For some strange reason, two of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet made mecca to, of all places, Santa Clara, Calif., back then. That same mosque leader, Omar Ahmad, whom the “Chronicle” has also described as a “spokesman” for the mosque, also happens to be founding chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. He’s now an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financing case in U.S. history — U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation. Ahmad has told Muslims in the Bay Area that the Quran should replace the Constitution as the “highest authority in America.” He’s also praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam.”

Mr. Khan’s mother works for CAIR, and is listed alongside Ahmad as a member of the executive committee of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Malika Khan’s chapter last week put up a poster on its website advising Muslims: “Don’t talk to the FBI,” and “build a wall of resistance” against law enforcement.

But that’s not all. According to the “Contra Costa Times” and other local press, Mr. Khan’s family mosque has hosted several Taliban supporters, while raising money — unwittingly or not — for Hamas through its U.S. charitable front, the Holy Land Foundation. The mosque happens to be held in trust by another unindicted Holy Land co-conspirator — the North American Islamic Trust. The government recently blacklisted Saudi-funded NAIT as part of the Hamas fundraising conspiracy. It also happens to be the banker to the Muslim Brotherhood network in America.

But it’s not just the mosque that’s a concern. Mr. Khan’s father also founded the Santa Clara-based American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice, whose chairman defended the Taliban even after 9/11, according to the Associated Press. So what “peace” and what “justice” are we talking about here?

Despite these troubling family ties, Mr. Khan has vowed to carry on his “dear father’s shining legacy,” as he calls it. Before his conviction on terror charges, top Muslim Brotherhood leader Alamoudi said he hoped to see this “son of a dear, dear Brother” in the White House one day as “vice president … Allah Akbar!”

That should give everyone in Washington pause.

Sperry is a Hoover Institution media fellow and author of “Infiltration” and “Muslim Mafia.”

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  • wingwiper

    Thank you, for this valuable insight.

  • 888jah

    The muslims are planning our destruction from within. Our politically correct government seems to be helping them and our so called free press is not printing the truth. How are Americans supposed to protect themselves when our government is aiding and abetting the enemy. You want to see mosques go to Dearborn, Mi. Try and build a Christian church in a muslim country and see what happens.

  • davarino

    Wow, the repubs keep disappointing me with their "bipartisan" workings in congress in this new year. I was hoping they were rejuvenated and conservative, but I see they are just playing along like they did for the previous 10 years. Now I hear they are coddling this infiltrator. He should be ostracised and black listed in the party and outed. The tentacles of radical muslims have got to be removed from our government.

    • hijinx60

      You got it , Davarino, I can just hear the outcry, but if we could only see to it that ONLY when there is freedom of worship in any country could their citizens practice freedom of worship here, then many problems would be solved. In WWII America rounded up the Japanese and kept them in internment camps until the war was over. I wish we could do the same thing now only with the mooslims.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Just another "Manchurian Candidate!" And another example of political party pandering for votes. Disgusting!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    P.S. I am turning in my Republican card…………no wonder The Tea Party is on the rise.

    • WildJew

      Right. But we've got to keep our eye on the Tea Party as well. There is a significant and growing Dr. Ron Paul faction within the Tea Party movement that greatly concerns me vis-a-vis national security and the jihad threat. Ron Paul is out to lunch on both in my opinion. I would not "turn in your Republican card." Not yet. I do not believe quitting is a good option. Better to fight for our principles from within. Outside of the GOP, you will not have much of a voice.

  • Walter Scott Hudson

    I was reading an article the other day which was talking about the controversy surrounding ACU and this year's CPAC. It was focused primarily on GOProud, but mentioned this guy Khan as well. I made a soon lost mental note to Google the guy. Turns out this was exactly what I expected to find.

  • Rob

    We need to take control of our govt. There really does appear to be an agenda for war and terrorism. I think it is again a way for the elite to profit, as with all other wars. The muslims are just puppets being driven to cause more wars and justify govt control of everyone. Money and Power. That's what the elite continue to crave. They run the world.

  • tanstaafl

    Islam is Islam and a Muslim is always a Muslim. A "moderate" Muslim is like a moderate Nazi. They may not force Jews into concentration camps, but they ignore the stench.

    • Lori

      Thanks for the great insight ! Just saying It The way It really Is!

  • gommygoomy

    They're ALL the same. Islam is a DEATH CULT. It's a CANCER. Everywhere it goes, DEATH and DESPAIR and HOPELESSNES is sure to follow. They cover their women in Black Death Shrouds, while they put Lipstick and Mascara on their Farm Animals, and display them in "Beauty Contests". They strap Explosives to their children, in the hope that Allah will guide them to someone else' kids, so they can MURDER THEM. They throw ACID in the faces of little girls, for the CRIME of GOING TO SCHOOL. They MURDER their own daughters, for the CRIME of FALLING IN LOVE with someone that her Father didn't set her up with. They STONE their women for the CRIME of BEING RAPED.
    These are not people to be Negotiated with. They are a CANCER. They are DEATH. And they should be treated as what they are.
    To do otherwise, is to invite our own destruction.
    Wake Up.

    • Paul Falcone

      WOW ! right on, not everyone is sleeping , just those at the helm ,unfortunatly we are all on the ship sailing into oblivion. The time for political correctness is over; if we do not pull the plug, we will drown in the slop concocted by spineless liberals who think that evil has a good side. Wake up and smell the bacon. This is not politics, its uglier than that, if you can wrap your mind around it; it is about religion and it is going to be a religious war that will give us back America as it should be, and you can take that to the bank.

  • jacob

    Little to wonder, as stupidity seems to be the prevailing trend of our politicians..____Still resounds in my ears G.W.BUSH braying on TV the very evening of the WORLD TRADE CENTER horror, that "ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE" while the WHOOPI__GOLDBERG and JOY BEHAR's "Moderate" Muslims were dancing and giving out__candy in the streets of QUEENS while people were jumping to their deaths from the__WTC windows….____But not only this, but CAIR had and has the ear of the govmt., much more with the __leanings of the kind of President we have ???____And what to say about the visit of same "Moderates" to the FBI installations ???____And now, what about the "gentlemen" just unmasked by this article ??____Wait for the whitewash or the hell the abject media will most probably raise… ____Do we need an enlarged and improved edition of the WTC horror for this country__to realize once and for all that every practicing Muslim is a terrorist, as this is __what has been hammered into head from craddle to grave and it is what his __"Religion" expects from him ???????

  • kdy

    How many others of these enemies of our country have infiltrated our government w/o us knowing? Where are the background checks on all of these people?? Are we blind or do we just prefer not to see?

  • sharpsrifle

    You should have mentioned, at least in passing, his close alliance with faux Conservative, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel Grover Norquist. The links between these two piles of filth, one islamist and the other dhimmi, are wide and deep.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Suhail Khan is merely the tip of the iceberg in the multitude of Muslim infiltrators, and their American sympathizers, who wish to bring down our republic from within. Khan's expert-in-deception soul mates, some even wearing patriot masks, are entrenched in the highest echelons of our government; but, thanks to superb reportage such as this, the vermin are being exposed for the putrid slime they are. When light and truth expose their lies, many whom we were sure were trustworthy, and working to preserve the freedom and sovereignty of this nation, will have been found to have succumbed to darkness, and to have sold their soul to Saul Alinsky's hero, Lucifer, for ten pieces of silver.

  • http://ezracanada.org Rev. Roy

    In Sunhail Khan you have the perfect example of a Muslim trained in the art of Al Teqiyyah, lying to advance the cause of Islam. Mohammed taught that this was an honorable thing to do, so how does one combat the lies of Islam when it’s adherents believe that lying is honorable? Mr. Khan has been deceiving everyone “on the hill” for years now with his false smile and friendly comportment. Unless the West wakes up to this vile and cunning deception, they will continue to “turn the other cheek” and be led like lambs to the slaughter
    Mark 7 v 21…23..”For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders. Thefts, covetouness, wickedness, deceit, lascviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile the man. KJV
    Rev. Roy…<

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    Will Peter King find the balls to expose this guy during his hearings on Moslem
    radicalization in the US?

    • Raymond in DC

      Apparently not. Reportedly, King has decided that Steven Emerson and Robert Spencer will not be testifying.

  • http://www.saveourschoolappeal.org.uk Sarah Blake

    Wake Up America! Be aware that the totalitarian zeal of this medieval religion makes for dangerous and cunning enemies, who will bide their time to strike at the heart of democracy. You cannot reason or negotiate with them, as they have been brainwashed from birth to lie to and despise all of us who eschew the teachings of the evils of Islam.

  • Jaladhi

    No Muslim can ever be trusted and they should have no role in our government, defense forces, security forces, finances, and on and on as they are all silent jihadis at the very least. They should have no role here if we want to survive the Muslim death and destruction machine unleashed all over the world. Period!!!

  • Barb

    Our naive nature has gotten us into trouble, once again. After 9/11 – oh hell, after the muslims began their bloody thirsty crusade, centuries ago, we in the West should never have let any of them in, in the first place. But God forbid, we offend anyone. Our inane politically correct way of doing things has bitten us in the arse, and quite honestly, we deserve it at this point.

  • Michael

    Hang him!!! Hes an infultrator!!! Im sick of this!!! The only way we will be able to stop these problems is with death! Im tired of playing nice with these people!! Grow some balls Washington D.C.!!!

  • Gofigure

    For three decades, America had completely barred all foreign visitors and immigration applicants, who were HIV+, from entering the country. Even those medical professionals who were already here but got infected through job related accident such as through puncture wounds by contaminated needles, were denied the opportunity for a green card and citizenship process without any due process on the ground that the policy protects American public from potential harm and health risk.

    How many time have you heard of foreign vistors or pending immigrants deliberately infected American public with their HIV disease since the disease'eginnning in early 1980? None.

    How many times have you heard muslim foreign visitors, muslims immigrants, naturalized muslim US citizens, etc have attempted to blow up public places in the name of their cult deity with the goal of slaughtering as many Americans as possible? Many to count.

  • Gofigure

    Yet, instead of treating these people as cult zombies with Acquired islamic Disease Syndrome (AIDS) of the brain (contageous paranoid/schizophrenic mental illness) and thus to be barred from coming into this country, they are getting special treatment even in top govt relation. It seems you can discrimnate against a class of people due to their illness, but not against another if that harmful illness is acquired through a "religion".

  • WildJew

    "Suhail Khan, a Bush administration veteran….helped facilitate a White House meeting with Sami al-Arian," according to Sperry, "even though al-Arian had been under FBI investigation." Then Governor Bush campaigned with Al Arian in Florida, 2000. We learned later, Al Arain worked Florida's mosques for Bush. After the elections, Al Arian boasted that he delivered Florida to Bush by getting out the Muslim vote.

    Other jihadists were welcomed by the Bush White House to pray with President George W. Bush, even as Bush assured the American people, "Islam means peace," and the "terrorists are traitors to their faith," etc. I cannot acquit President Bush, a man for whom I voted in 2000. Much of the Bush family's personal wealth comes from business dealings with the Saudis. Bush repeatedly prayed and met with jihadists in their mosques, in the White House; at his Crawford, TX. ranch. He made the establishment of a Muslim-terror state in Israel a formal goal of U.S. policy only days after the 9/11 Muslim-terror atrocities. He said the Jews occupy Muslim land, an egregious falsehood. Even as Bush sought the support of Bible-believing American Christian conservatives, he propagated all these falsehoods about Israel, the land of Israel and Islam. Bush sent Colin Powell and Secretary Rice out to attack Israel day by day.

    Mr. Bush sought to hide the complicity of the Saudi Royal Family and Saudi princes in the September attacks. Close Bush family friend and confidant, James Baker III (that is) his law firm (Baker-Botts) has been defending Saudi Royals and Saudi princes – who are up to their necks giving zakat to Al Qaeda terrorists – from law-suites filed by 9/11 victim's families. Is it any wonder we have our first Muslim-born U.S. president? Then there's Newt Gingrich whom Sperry wrote, reserved a room in the Capitol for extremist Muslims to pray. With "friends like these, who needs enemies?"

  • Patrick Henry

    The man is a citizen and a citizen who plans the destruction of his own country is guilty of treason and treason is punishable by a firing squad. Where are the patriots who will convict him and then execute him?

  • vladimirval

    It is time that we get very serious on the issue of Sharia Law, the Koran, and all that is Islam. Every Imam, in and outside of America, is preaching to have Sharia Law replace our Constitution. That is an all out attack on what this country is all about; individual liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. This issue cannot be looked at as religious freedom as Islam is a political as well as religious movement. The Koran disallows allegiance to anything and anyone other than Allah. This means that any and all laws instituted by sovereign nations are an affront to all that is Islam and must be abolished.

    Anyone who protects the infiltration of Islam into the fiber of America must read the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia Law. They will see that Islam has dragged ancient rule of “might makes right”, the imposition of totalitarian rule, and barbarism of the seventh century all the way into modern times. To this day, Islam allows (defacto) slavery as a way of life. It flies in the face of “..that all men (kind) are created equal ..” Certainly Islam favors people by “birth right”. Continued in next comment.

  • vladimirval

    (continued from my prev. box) 1776 is when civilized men declared that the people will no longer be burdened by the yolk of lower stature because of birth. A Muslim woman has no more status than a beast of burden. This is especially true as she matures. Muslim women must be ready to be set aside as her man takes (up to 4) younger wives and as many concubines as he can handle. Her status in a court of (Sharia) law is one half that of a man. In a situation of “he said she said”, a woman has no chance. It is only in the past 100 years or so that women have won equal status with men in the enlightened Judeo-Christian western civilizations. Islam is appalled at the concept of women having the right to self determination. But it agrees that burying women to their waist and stoning them to death is a just ritual. (Continued in next cmt box)

  • vladimirval

    (Continued from last cmt box) Islam accepts death as a just sentence to anyone who decides to leave Islam and rejects anything that contradicts it. The mare existence of any thought other than that specifically is stated in the Koran is considered an attack on Islam and the murder of those with these thoughts is justifiable.

    If Islam is allowed to get a hold in America it will eventually destroy western way of life and waste the sacrifices of property and life made by so many.

  • Rose M. Johnson

    It seems to me that the best we (citizens) can do is deluge Peter King's office with calls and emails asking what he intends to do with this information. We have to make Congress aware of our knowledge and intolerance of this practice of allowing Muslim infiltration within our government. We cannot remain silent towards our lawmakers.

  • Liberty

    Fooled again. Why should this surprise anyone. Muslims will lie to your face in order to advance their desire for world domination. When will we learn there is no such thing as a moderate muslim?

  • Old Bob

    Our respect for the First Amendment, makes us reluctant to conclude that some beliefs, including some religious beliefs, are simply inconsistant with public service in a democracy founded upon the concept that all are created equal. Unfortunately, the core beliefs of islam do not embrace the concept of political equality. A muslim seeking a position of influence in our government should be asked if he or she believes in sharia law and jihad. If they cannot answer in the negative they are simply not proper agents of our democracy. Unfortunately, the core beliefs of islam also permit lying to infidels (us) so the response would not be trustworthy. So what do we on earth do with these people without violating our core beliefs. Can a tolerant society tolerate the intolerant?

  • kathy p

    I read about a book written by a muslim back in the twenties. He told muslims that terror tactics were not necessary but that infiltration and deceit was the way for muslims to conquer the west.. He said it was okay for mulims to deny their belief or intentions to impress the west that they were peaceful. This was excusable for them to infiltrate our systems. Is anyone surprised

  • Dean from Ohio

    Well, he's right about one thing: they do love death.

    • Dave

      Problem is, whose death – maybe yours.

  • umustbkidding

    If this were done by a country's citizen it would be called espionage. And frankly a logical move.

  • dawning

    This is indeed good information. But I have decided long ago there is not ONE muslem on the planet that is or can ever be trusted for anything. Much less holding an offoce of ANY authority at any level. Only two things define islam…Jihad and Taqiyya.

  • Codex Gigas

    Wow, the ignorance displayed by the above comments is simply breathtaking.

    Your hero and mentor,
    Codex Gigas

  • johneb

    Don't we already have an honorary Brotherhood member as POTUS? I don't think this Kahn guy could do any worse damage to the country. We ar already in a crisis.

  • Watchman

    Why is it that America allows our enemies to just walk on in???? They know by their very belief system that they are ordered to kill us who will not submit to their god. To their koran, To their prophet. And then, on top of it all they either get elected to serve in the government. Are Americans just that dumb? Are we just that ignorant or, are we just that gullible? We really need to get a man from the Constitution Party to run our country. We need a Congress and Senate that are Constitutionist. We need to bring our country back to sanity. We need to bring our country back to what the Founding Fathers had intended. Back to what God Almighty who blessed us with this country wanted. We, as a society, are loosing this God given land, law and just plain common sense.

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