Abbas’ Fake Honor Killing Outrage

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Last month, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “scrapped the laws” which guaranteed “leniency” for honor killers. Family honor will no longer be a mitigating factor in such cases. On the West Bank and in Gaza, such barbaric murders of girls and women routinely draw sentences of six months or less.

Abbas was apparently driven to this unusual act by public outrage about an alleged honor killing which took place near Hebron on the West Bank.

Over a year ago, on April 20, 2010, 20-year-old Aya Baradiya disappeared. Her paternal uncle, 37-year-old Iqab Baradiya, and two accomplices had kidnapped her, bound her hand and foot, and threw her down a well, leaving her to die a slow and painful death. Her remains were not found for more than a year.

Aya was a religious woman who wore a hijab. Her university classmates described her as “chaste and noble-minded.”

What crime did she commit? Aya wanted to marry a man. Her suitor went through the traditional channels. Her parents approved of the match but wanted her to wait until she graduated. Her uncle, 17 years older than she was, strongly disapproved of the engagement. And so he killed her.

Although the media are now reporting her murder as an honor killing, it is not a classic honor killing.

For example, her uncle did not immediately confess. Although many honor killings are disguised as “suicides” or accidents and never made public, in general, those that do come to public light often involve proud confessions. Honor killers confess as a way of publicizing that they have “cleansed their shame.”

In Aya’s case, there was no “shame” that had to be cleansed.

In addition, Aya’s parents and siblings did not collaborate in the decision to murder their daughter, knew nothing about it, were haunted by her disappearance, and played absolutely no role in her murder. In fact, when Aya did not return home from university, her parents immediately reported her missing.

One suspects that her uncle may have had a highly inappropriate interest in his niece. His behavior suggests that he had an unnatural proprietary interest in her sexual and reproductive future and acted as if his niece was more like his daughter over whom he had the power of life and death.

How ironic that President Abbas, who has thus far been unmoved by the epidemic of honor killings among Arabs on the West Bank, in Gaza, and in Israel proper (where Israeli police make arrests), has now ostensibly decided to do the right thing vis-a-vis honor killings—when no honor killing has occurred. But is he really doing the right thing?

Aya’s murdering uncle has demonstrated the cruelty of Arab men towards Arab women; this includes the innocent women in their own immediate and extended families as well as women in general. Their misogyny is barbaric. Aya Baradiya was murdered—but it was not an honor murder. Please read my studies on honor killings in order to understand what one actually is. The following are some examples of genuine honor murders among Arabs on the West Bank, in Gaza, and in Israel, which apparently left President Abbas unmoved.

In 2003, Rofayda Qaoud of Abu Qash in the West Bank was murdered by her mother Amira Qaoud, who put a plastic bag over her head and sliced her wrists with a razor. Her crime? Rofayda had been raped by her two brothers and impregnated. According to her mother, the family’s honor demanded that she sacrifice her daughter for the violent crimes of her criminally psychopathic sons.

In 2007, Hamda Abu-Ghanem, 18, was shot to death in Ramle, Israel, by her brother and her cousin because some men in her town had referred to her as a “prostitute.” She was the eighth woman to have been murdered in her extended family in seven years and, in an unprecedented move, the family’s women finally went public.

In 2007, 21-year-old Nadia Abu Amar of Jerusalem was murdered by her three brothers and her uncle because she refused to marry the man she was engaged to and because she got her father arrested and convicted for assault.

In 2009, Fadia Najjar of Gaza City, a divorced mother of five, was bludgeoned to death by her father because she owned a cell phone. He suspected that she was using it to call a man outside of the family. The day after the murder, he turned himself into police.

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  • kafir4life

    Folks. It's just islam. muslims should be allowed to practice islam as it was perfected by their pedophilic prophet mohamat that shat their instruction guide the koran after having sex with, and later eating a male pig that he affectionately called "daddy". If Catholics can pray with beads, if Jews can light candles, what the heck is wrong with muslims throwing acid on, cutting the noses off, killing their female children. It's just another way of indicating your piousness.
    Learn about islam from muslims. I do.

    • faida

      You are so pathetic and ignorant,,,go bury yourself. what you claim to be knowledge, is not but your sick imagination. you really are stupid and uneducated

  • StephenD

    "Aya is being presented as a “chaste” and “noble” girl who did nothing wrong according to Arab standards."
    This is why they make a case for her. If she lived like a "Westerner" it would have been ok to kill her. After all, we're talking about the Honor of the Family name!
    These people live like cave dwellers and should be treated as such. We should cut all aid to them and let it be known we will support only those that share our values and way of life…like Israel.

    • faida

      criminals…that"s what you and the israHellis are

  • g_jochnowitz

    Is there any way to bring this issue to the attention of feminists? Is there any way to get it into the mainstream media?
    It is amazing that anti-Zionism is such a powerful force that it can get human-rights advocates to shut up, since they are afraid that criticizing honor murders might make Israel look good.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Friend, it's not JUST anti-Zionism….it is protection of the multicultural narrative that all cultures share the same values. Exposition of systemic Islamic cultural/religious misogyny would bring down the multicultural narrative like the house of cards it really is.

      Meanwhile, another great essay by the esteemed Phyllis Chesler. But instead of being celebrated as the country's foremost defender of women's rights around the world, she is marginalized by our cultural gate-keepers as an "Islamophobe" and a bigot.

    • Kate

      Lets just get this straight. IT IS NOT ANTI-ZIONISM!!! It is plain old run-of-the-mill evil anti-SEMITISM. In other words Jew hating. Plain and simple. Today, world wide, anti-Semitism has been tarted up to anti-Zionism. As in "I do not hate Jews. I just hate their country/state/nation/existence as a people." Hating someone's country or state or even the existence of that state is mild compared to the disgusting river of anti-Semitism that flows poisonously under most cultures and now so easily disseminated on the internet. So, the "powerful force" of anti-ZIONISM is really a cover for the usual old evil of hating the "other" and wishing for the elimination of the "problem". Just like hitler. No difference despite protests to the contrary. All smoke and mirrors and ever so politically correct to be merely" anti-Zionist." Don't buy it.

    • ajnn

      "Is there any way to bring this issue to the attention of feminists? Is there any way to get it into the mainstream media? "

      Currently there is no, zero interest.

      I participated as a marcher in several 'Darfur Genocide' protests at the United Nations a few years back and the only other people were a bunch of Rabbis and their students.

      These same Rabbis and students also held pro-Israel marches as well which were similarly badly attended and unreported.

  • BS77

    Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia etc etc…where life is hell for women. Repression, cruelty, barbaric behavior, honor killings, FGM,……when will it end?

  • Tim Bus

    Where her body was dumped: Was that one of the places the mohammedans complained that Israel had poisoned the well?

  • Missourimule

    I don't have the all-surpassing knowledge of Islam that some here profess to have: I'm a Christian, and I just know that people of all faiths want and deserve to be treated respectfully and as human beings. The horrible atrocities that are committed in the name of Islam, regardless of motive, must not be dismissed as culturally acceptable, and that, if for no other reason, is why we in the West, must not abandon our efforts — either military or social – in the Middle East. No matter how long it takes, they must learn that there is a better way.

  • StephenD

    Of course I'll bet you have examples of each and every evil thing done in the name of Islam has been done in the name of another "religion" and that nullifies any argument against the practice as done by Islam. We should look the other way because someone else already did this.
    What a piss poor argument.
    What's next, we should not mention FGM because males get circumcised in other cultures? What a dolt!

    • CHARLEY 60

      Stephen did you ever read the old testament? Most everything in the Koran is there also as far as who to kill and why. Even the part about killing the infidels who won't convert. It says a son who curses his parent or wont mind is to be killed. I've often wondered if the camel riding barbarian was just a outcast Jew with a revenge motive. It's all right there the Bible says so. For me the difference is "let him with no sin cast the first stone" Christ said so. For those Christians who spew forth the hate I say change your attitude or change your name!

      • StephenD

        I made my point. Now tell me, today, who justifies the killing of non-believers? Explain to me the celebrating of the murder of a 3 month old child in the name of Islam. I am so sick and tired of you folks that look for a "Kum-bi-a" moment when you're dealing with barbarians. You immediately point to some far off past practice of another religion as if we should merely step back and wait for Islam’s evolution which to your mind is inevitable. I make no bones about it. I think there are “Moderate Muslims” but no such thing as “Moderate Islam.”

      • aspacia

        CHARLEY 60-where does the Torah order the killing of all infidels who will not convert?

  • soloman4israel

    at the time i did wonder because of the uncles action,if there had been some form of sexual abuse by him,that would have come out if the girl had been found not to be pure.
    then reading about her it would seem as though she would have taken her own life if that had been the case.
    but was there any by the males before she was thrown into the well to die,and what tests were done once she was found,to see if any-thing of this nature had occured as a further punishment,if so i dont recall seing it in the israeli press,but i imagine some test must have been done if so there must be a record some-where.
    and to use the tag martyr shows more muslim madness.

  • RCCA

    Do not criticize or insult Islam, it's not allowed! Self enforced sharia on the part of the West — We have no idea about what is happening unless we go on so called right wing blogs. What's so right wing about this issue? I'd like to know. You'd think the horrendous status of women in the Muslim world would be reason enough to sound the alarm bells, but instead we get protests about apartheid in Israel?

    • faida

      shame on you the comparison

      • RCCA

        Shame on the Muslim world for its abuse of women: forced marriages of young girls to old men, female genital mutilation, second class status, Koran sanctioned wife beating, girls uneducated, etc. And yet we are fed propaganda about how the US and Israel are the greatest oppressors in the world?

  • MixMChess

    DeShawn is a routine LIAR and a neo-Nazi. Nothing to see here folks, move along…

    • CHARLEY 60

      I like his reply yesterday with all the negitive things in history listed, with the ending on each that the Jews did it. That took someone a lot of time and dedication to do. Maybe a notice these, what we think of as whack jobs, are serious in there cause. Beware.

  • Freedom John

    Another great story Phyllis. Personally, I have a totally different idea of honor than what I've experienced in the Arab world. In my way of thinking these people wouldn't know what real honor is if it crawled up their leg and bit them on the kneecap. Honor doesn't call for this behavior anymore than hiding behind women and children as human shields. But what is happening and being sanctioned as honor killing is truly nothing more than murder and cowardly murder at best. But I've come to expect that from these people.

    • faida

      I can only laugh at your stupid response….such ignorance

  • Freedom John

    They clearly do not believe in G-ds Holy Law or His Word. It's a pagan practice at best. Yeshua said, you will know them by their fruits. These are their fruits. Bad fruit.

  • CHARLEY 60

    Linda the cruelty is a symptom. What is taught is hate and fear. That equals a need to to control. Thats the problem. Cruelty is the means of doing it. As old as mankind and of all the relgions, at sometime in there history. For me it is "love your neighbor as you do yourself" Christ said so. Who buys a car from someone who only tells them of what is wrong with the one they have? I already know that and it makes me feel insulted for having bought it. I buy one from the man who knows my weakness but tells me of the strong points of his, in those areas, and not putting me down. It seems lost on religion for the most part.

  • Grasswill

    Kates post here is brilliant and true and should be widely quoted. But Inam concerned that Jews who want to stand up against this, and are not afraid to bow to politically correct pressures to lie about what is happening in the Arab world too easily slip into a bigoted way of thinking about Arabs, which is evidenced in so many of the replies to this article. Even Chesler’s does this when she writes slgeneralizations about Arab men and “typical tab stle” of pretending to do something when doing nothing. Misogyny and a political facade of doing something while doing nothing is pretty familiar, and not just typical to Arabs. These kinds of statements really undermine Chesler’s ability to reach beyond the right wing. They are not precise and don’t further the cause of fighting the misogyny specific to Arab cultures.

    • Grasswill

      I see my iPhone changed some of my misspells into absurdities. Hopefully people can decipher. And I meant to write “Jews who are not afraid not to bow to politically correct pressures…”

  • faida

    shame on you claiming to know the true meaning of Islam when you are so ignorant

  • faida

    really…so who"s the murderer in Iraq with 1.5million victims…Vietnam,Afghanistan, Bosnia, Palestine, Libya, wake up and open your eyes and hopefully you"ll know something about the religion of mercy, love and peace…..ISLAM

  • Freedom John

    You must be joking. The only solution in Islam is live and believe like they do or pay or die. It's not big on free-will or choices.