An Eye for an Eye in Tehran

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In 2006, Afghan-Canadians Khatera Sidiqi and her fiancé, Feroz Mangal, were gunned down in Ottawa by her brother who acted on behalf of his father. Her crime? She refused to allow her father, who had abused both her and her mother, to be involved in the wedding plans.

In 2008, In Henrietta, New York, an Afghan mother persuaded her son to honor murder his sister, Fauzia Mohammad, because she was “too western.” Luckily, the honor killing failed.

In 2009, a high-profile Canadian case in Kingston involved the calculated murder of an Afghan first wife and three Afghan daughters by their Afghan father, brother, and second wife/stepmother.

Please note that I am only listing the honor murder of daughters by their family of origin—something that is typical of Islam, and to a lesser extent of Sikhs and Hindus in the West. Western domestic violence, including domestically violent femicide, does not usually involve daughter-killing and for such reasons.

Islamic gender apartheid has quietly, openly, and fully penetrated the West. Female genital mutilation is going on in North America and in Europe, as is polygamy, forced veiling, normalized daughter-and wife-beating, forced arranged marriage, and honor killing.

This deeply concerns me. It has also alarmed many of the maligned anti-jihadic bloggers. What protection are we able to offer the Muslim girls and women who become citizens of our countries? What kind of prosecutions will we be able to mount against their attackers?

The situation is far, far worse in Europe, including in Norway. Just read Norwegian Hege Storhaug’s excellent book on this subject: But the Greatest of These is Freedom: The Consequences of Immigration in Europe. According to Storhaug,

“Norwegian government officials who are supposed to help immigrant women enter the work force have instead formed an ‘unholy alliance’ with those women’s husbands. The husbands want the women to stay home, keep house, and raise children; and the employment counselors don’t want to harass the women by trying to push them into jobs, since their chances of finding employment are poor anyway. So instead they arrange for the women to take hobby-like courses in subjects like food preparation and needlework. Far from bringing them closer to the work force, these courses ensure that they won’t neglect their domestic duties. The government, in short, has made a compromise; it keeps Muslim women busy within their husbands’ strict boundaries and ignores their need to develop into skilled workers – and active citizens.”

Storhaug, like me and a handful of other feminists, are all haunted by the Western feminist silence about Islamic gender apartheid in the West. She explains that silence succinctly and accurately.

“The feminists are obsessed with their own ethnic Norwegian causes: longer maternity leave, shorter work days for the same pay – in short, everything that can give them a better life, materially and socially.  At the same time, many of the classical feminists appear to be old socialists blinded by the multicultural dream – a dream, alas, that has led them to accept the oppression of women in sizable segments of the population.”

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  • nike air maxes

    The truth happens as it means to be, it is the faith! Everithing happens for a reason.all we can do is living a better life.

    • wayne

      What the hell is that supposed to mean?

      • mrbean

        It is called the embracing gutless platitudes by cowards.

    • tarleton

      you sound like another idiotic religious nutter

  • John of Indonesia

    I know only one God who had committed more sins than all the sins of human being combined, Allah, and he is not a God at all, just Satan in disguise.

  • mrstarry76

    Great article! Unbelievable that the mainstream media would ignore and condone this kind of violence toward women. My disgust for a culture or religion that allows this is indescribable. Why these women put up with it is a mystery to me.

    • waterwillows

      Why do they put up with this?

      Imagine yourself in a building that armed robbers are looting. You and your fellow men are held hostage at the point of a gun. Everyone is being robbed of their property. Any protest on you part will likely lead to your quick death.
      So why do the hostages put up with this?

      • mrstarry76

        I was speaking rhetorically. I know they have no choice.

        Have you heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? She wrote "Infidel" about being a Muslim woman and escaping to Belgium (I believe), so it is possible to flee, but with more and more countries allowing Sharia they may be disappearing.

        Thankfully Phyllis Chesler is helping to expose this cruelty. Those that do are labeled as xenophobic and other stupid labels. I guess we have come to the time when good will be called evil and evil is called good; and so, I believe, it is the beginning of the end.

    • wayne

      They put up with it because they are given no other choice. They are slaves. Such is, and has always been, the case in polygamist cultures. In the West they're enabled by leftist, socialist apologists….. who would brand Phyllis, and many others of us, as bigots. The National Organization for Women are as useless as teats on a boar. Unfortunately, their condoning of Islamic Misogyny make them worse than useless.

  • StephenD

    I have a wife. I have 4 daughters. I have 5 granddaughters. I cannot imagine bringing pain to them because I perceive my honor impugned. We must insist, here in the West, that though we may strive to accept cultural diversity, that acceptance must be based on shared values. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye (no pun intended) to this horrific cultural misogyny. We must insist that any "cultural" practice conform to OUR ways, Period. There must be a measurable mark of assimilation to the host society. If you don't want to assimilate, you must leave. If assimilation is not mandatory the host will be devoured by the infestation.

  • PhillipGaley

    In the face of these things—and, many other such, including wide-spread use of acid and stones, and the many inculcating violence in the GUIDANCE of their own children, forsooth! And beyond the surety that, most Moslem—so-called moderates—are simply waiting in the wings, my question is: "Just when will there have been sufficient record of anti-social and criminal activity—the world round—to have the G0D d_ed ideology recognized in law as criminal / terrorist—assets seized, WIRETAPS, etc., the damnable thing stamped out, with every mosque an ash pit no less than five feet deep, and this to include that big one in Spain, . . . doing our part to make the world safe for women and children, . . . when?

  • 1389AD

    And we let Muslims immigrate into non-Muslim countries?


    • Jaladhi

      Because our leaders and MSM are just stupid. there is no other word that will describe their actions!!

      • wayne

        1389AD and Jaladhi,
        Your comment fails to acknowledge those who believe there IS a moderate form of their religion and who move to non-Muslim countries to escape oppression. These people exist… and some of them are the best critics Islamists will ever face. I don't have a problem with loyalty oaths, or other screening devices to weed out Islamists. But a blanket ban on Muslims may be going a bit too far.

  • g_jochnowitz

    In addition to printing the stories of the young Afghan couple and the woman who was blinded, the NYTimes also has a front-page photograph of a starving child in Somalia. They won't say anything bad about Islam, but at least they published news that allows us to reach our own conclusions.
    What I haven't seen is news about executions of homosexuals in Iran and honor murders in other parts of the Islamic world. Many gay-rights activists, like many feminists, are pro-Arab and anti-Israel–for reasons nobody will ever understand.

  • Lisa Richards

    The young woman is incredibly forgiving. The mercy she showed is amazing

    • KathleenP

      I doubt that she has really forgiven him. Sharia law has just placed her in a terrible position, having to make a decision about the deliberate and horrible torture and mutilation of another human being. Obviously a decent person with a conscience, she can't bear to do that., even to the person who did it to her. Just another example of how primitive and barbaric sharia law truly is, and it does nothing to protect women, just further punishes them, even when framing it as so-called "justice".

  • SteelGuy

    The young acid victim needs to realize that her attacker has no conscience, false penitence, and will probably try again, likely to kill her this time.

  • steven l

    Perhaps she had no choice but to forgive because she did not want to meet her creator!
    She did not trust Thee!

  • Ghostwriter

    I'll be honest. I would be very hard pressed to be forgiving to someone if he or she did that to me.

  • Don Laird

    This is the "religion of peace"…..where little Neha Munir, a Pakistani girl of 2 years old was abducted from her Christian parents and, for the parents refusal to convert to islam, was taken into a field and raped for hours….she required over 5 surgeries to repair the horrifying wounds….and she will never ever know the joys of having children or raising a family…..she came to Canada a couple of years ago and is safe with an opportunity for a wonderful and full, rewarding life…..the bad part???……. now she must walk these same Canadian streets with human garbage like the Khadr clan or Dr. Mohammad Elmasry…..quite a contradiction isn't it????…….save these poor souls and then a corrupt immigration system turns wolves loose amongst the victims again….

    But the winds of change are blowing and I see many deportations in the near future…..

    Good work ITF!!!

  • mrbean

    What the hell else can a disfigured woman do in that barbaric Islamic subculture. Muck all the Fuzzlims.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Has anyone ever thought of where is the World Court in these situations and why
    has this big deal body not gone after these offending individuals who are murderers
    and their governments for covering for them. So big on civil rights is the World Court
    but only when politically convenient. The culprits should be boiled in pig dung
    and buried in a sty……………..righteous indignation must be on vacation in the MSM.

  • Asra

    Why does everybody think that Islam allows men to beat their women and daughters or kill their daughters to protect their honor? Islam does not allow the men to beat them or even swearing!! Men who do that are barbarians. In Islam they are criminals condemned to death if the kill a girl because she was seen with a boy!! Even if they kissed!!!
    I am a Muslim girl and I have never been beaten by my family they would simply lecture me if I do something wrong(I have never done something wrong like having male friends).
    If Christian man kills his daughter he is a criminal and not caused by his religion, but if "Muslim" kills his daughter then he is Islamist!?!? Why!?!? A true Muslim would not do that because he would be killing an innocent human being!!! A true Muslim does not beat his wife or daughter!!!
    You should knows the facts before you say something because this article about Islam allowing these crimes is a LIE!!!
    You don't even know this little fact about Islam!!

  • Nada

    If i was that girl i would have let them pour acid on the dumb psychotic bastard

  • adina

    you know that islam is not that islam is not being sexist or feminist islam iam a 14 year old pakistani muslim and i swear to allah this is not islam and that women amazingly strong and my dad never in my life even hurt me ever ever beat me even slap me or hurt me. and people call us intolerant when you people forget the spanish inquisition, slavery, is that not bad and islam forbids anything like that no slavery no feminism no racism. why do you think there is so much bullying in america i have never been bullied in my life while i lived in my muslim community. and you people dont call rape feminism sexual abuse is not feminism while these cases are rare in the muslim world comitted by very idiotic people rape happens everyday in america so look around ur comunity first islam is my religion and it is the religion of peace. if a 1 muslim comitis rape the whole world is shocked when 100 christian men comit rape no one cares
    you people dont even know islam you cant judge and watever u know is not enough to say we are feminist terrorists