Equating Anti-Semitism with ‘Islamophobia’

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Why is a group of Jews trying to help Muslims, however fine, by appealing to European governments not to “pander to right wing forces” which are, belatedly, beginning to gather in response to a Muslim population which is hostile to Western and European values, does not wish to assimilate, and is both separatist and violent?

Had Muslims come in total peace these “right wing forces” may have, indeed, been a reflection of European racism towards Arabs and dark-skinned “Easterners.” But the alleged “Islamophobia” is not based on bigoted considerations of color, faith, or ethnicity; it is, rather, based on the increasing danger that Muslims pose to the stability and character of Europe.

Will these Muslim signatories agree to a declaration that critiques Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and in Gaza, and Palestinians in general, for their hatred of Israel, the Jewish state? If not, what is to be gained by standing in solidarity with such Muslims?

According to Clemens Heni, the views of this declaration:

“Definitely [do] not represent the Jewish community in Germany – neither the Central Council of Jews in Germany nor any important Jewish Community Center supports this (nonsense). Muslims did not at all live as long in Europe as Jews did. Muslims and Germans declared Jihad in November 1914, during the First World War. THIS is what the German – Muslim alliance in the 20th century is all about.”

In Heni’s view, the Muslim “history” in Europe is about Muslim anti-Semitic alliances with German and Nazi anti-Semites.

Who are the Jewish “leaders” who organized and attended this meeting? Who appointed them? Are they this desperate for headlines or so eager to be seen as “players”? Are they so genuinely frightened for their endangered European communities that they are willing to say and do anything, or are they simply dangerously misguided?

It is the midnight hour. What kinds of private deals and illusions are these leaders conjuring up for themselves?


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  • Sam

    The muslims are gaining support from Jews but the jews are considered decendents of apes and pigs by the muslims.You go to the muslim wolrd and see the hatred for jews and tthe west despite getting much from the west.

  • Jhon

    jews who hate jews, disgusting.

    • Guest

      These are not Jews.
      These are misguided cowards from the old tradition of Diaspora Jews that believed that the only way they can survive is NOT TO MAE NOISE.
      Just give them what they want "Yenkel Shmerel" and we might be left to live another day.

      It did not work then, will not work now and will NEVER work in the future.



      No appeasement of Muslims or Arabs will save Israel or Jews around the world!!!!!!!!!

      WAKE UP AREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tziona

    These foolish Jewish "leaders" rush to voluntarily play the dhimmi in the vain hope of heading-off Islamic anti-Semitism. The problem here is not only have they failed to learn the lessons of the Holocaust, but like too many Ashenazim (Jews of European descent) they know nothing of the history of Jewish life in Arab lands and nothing of the Islamic history of jihad in Europe. (They probably believe the fiction about the Golden Age of Spain, and that Charles Martel is just a brand of a cognac. They've probably never heard of Suleiman the Magnificent's seige of Vienna in 1529, and Mustafa Pasha's repeat preformance in 1683, they've probably never heared Hajj Amin Al-Husayni's friendship with Hitler and the actions of the Muslim SS "Handschar" division he recruited.) The Jewish and Muslim histories in Europe are not in the least bit similar – Jews came to Europe as refugees, Muslims came to Europe as invaders.

    • Tim Bus

      For more detail on the ummanazi axis,
      or the muftifuehrer mutual admiration society see:

      "SS: HITLER'S FOREIGN DIVISIONS", sub-titled
      "Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen-SS 1940-1945"
      by Chris Bishop, published by Amber Books Ltd., 2005
      ISBN 1-904687-37-7

      Purchased from Heather Reisman's Indigo Books.
      A pity she didn't support jewish author Howard Rotberg,
      when he was attacked by a moslema in one of her stores!

    • QSuzy

      Excellent post and thank you for the history lesson.

    • Guest

      What do we do when we have idiots for leaders??????????????

    • 1389AD

      In the 1990s, the sons of those same Muslims in the Balkans began killing Serbs once again, and have been doing so ever since.

      In fact, Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic was a Nazi in his youth. OBL traveled on a Bosnian Muslim passport given him by Izetbegovic. These are the "peaceful" Muslims that the US continues to support.

      The Serbs were, and are, being libeled and vilified in exactly the same way as the Jews are being libeled and vilified.

  • sodacrackers

    Islamophobia is similar to fear of deadly snakes.

    • jacob


      Since you compare Islamophobia to fear of deadly snakes (irrational to a point)
      would you mind telling me, what can "Infidels" expect from Muslims if they ever
      get the upper hand ??

      This precisely is the root of the fallacy of believing "INFIDELS" can live with
      Muslims, as their GOALS as stated in their holy books and which they must
      accept verbatum or else…precludes any idea of having them in our midst and
      all other criteria on the contrary is OUTRIGHT plain hogwash if not wishful

      Koran advises them to hide their true religion when inconvenient or dangerous
      and I can attest to the fact….
      Of course, the "political correctness" which will end bury us all, prohibits
      mentioning it but…

      • sodacrackers

        Jacob, what I meant by saying that "islamophobia is similar to fear of deadly snakes," was that it is as normal to fear deadly snakes as it is to fear Islam. It is a healthy phobia! I agree with you!

  • g_jochnowitz

    All too oftenmt, to be Jewish is to be embarrassed. If everybody in the world hates you, it is natural to think that they can't all be wrong.

    • RCCA

      Too many Jews misinterpret the golden rule, thinking that if they are nice and apologetic for any imagined offense they might have committed, that then bullies won't be mean to them. No, you must always stand up to bullies.

  • http://crombouke.blogspot.com/ Trencherbone

    I'm an Islamophobe like Churchill was a Naziphobe: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2011/03/church-of-a

  • Raymond in DC

    "European Muslims have nothing to fear from European Jews. European Jews have everything to fear from European Muslims." It's partly about numbers. Once Europe's largest minority community, Jews are now outnumbered by Muslims 10:1 in England and France, 20:1 in Germany, and 70:1 in Sweden. They are, in Kevin Levin's words, communities "under siege".

    And though Muslims in modern day have only a brief history in Europe, they have a long pre-modern involvement, mostly negative. The 8th century attempt to penetrate beyond Iberia into France, the Muslim control of south-eastern Europe (Greece and southern Italy) and the Balkans under the Ottomans, the near total control of the Eastern Mediterranean, and the attempts to extend into Austria, are all part of that pre-modern involvement. Heck, the "voyages of discovery" of the 15th and 16th centuries were attempts to bypass Muslim domination of the trade routes eastward.

  • jacob

    I don't feel embarrased of being Jewish and that is that my face advertises it and
    I usuallky, when asked my name add that I'm another Jew bastard and proud of
    Then people would say they didn't start by calling me a bastard but I will retort
    saying not to my face but perhaps behind my back but I want them to remember
    that they have religion thanks to that Jew bastard (even Muslims) they worship
    hanging on that Roman execution means, since, wouldn't it have been for that
    Jew, they would be still worshiping the sun, the moon, the stars, trees, rocks,
    etc, and don't ever forget it…. and then I guess we get even, unless I'm called
    GOD KILLER as in the Catholic Cathecismus…

    • 1389AD

      I'm an Orthodox Christian and a Serbian-American and in our tradition, there is no doctrinal basis for calling you that.

      We believe that Jesus went to the Crucifixion VOLUNTARILY to bring salvation to mankind. He could have stopped it at any time, but chose not to.

    • Mukmak

      So whenever somebody asks you what your name is, you automatically assume that they are an antisemitic Christian, and start telling them that they wouldn't be civilized without Jews?
      Did I read that correctly?

  • jacob

    There is nothing to be surprised about these two Jewish organizations
    brownnosing Islamists…

    After all, what about the stunts of Cavemen like the NATUREI KARTA ?????

    • nina

      You have no idea what you are talking about. It must be that you are so ignorant about Jewish life that you can compare the Neturei Karta an ultra religious sect which hates Israel because it wasn't brought about by the Messiah, and The World Jewish Congress a respected Jewish organization which is helping Jews in danger all around the world, and fighting antisemitism diplomatically. And it is very pro Israel. But I am apalled to hear of this idiotic declaration with the Jew's arch enemy: Islam.

  • USMCSniper

    The Carthage Strategy must be employed in any war with Muslims, or just get out. It is an either – or as containment will never work. Muslims are like Orks of Middle Earth and require an annihilation for them to stop jihadism.

  • clarespark

    Look to the vogue for an all purpose "prejudice" in mixing up supposed Islamophobia and antisemitism. Specifically the theory of "projection" as invented by social psychologists. I wrote about their odd theories here: http://clarespark.com/2011/03/27/progressive-mind…. You will be amazed.

  • EVAbeliever

    Marc Schneier is a self-promoting dhimmi rabbi. To aggressively act as a supporter of Islam reflects his desire to be in the limelight. The Arabs are great at PR and have used "Islamophobia" in the same manner that an anti-Semite uses "of course if I say anything negative I'd be called an anti-Semite". A Rabbi is somebody who has to earn his title by his actions. He or she must teach and conduct life in a manner that people can emulate. Marc Schneier is not a rabbi.

  • judy nyc

    my therapist who is not jewish told me that i have "paranoia about the state of the world". i think that gives us a good idea of how whispery are the voices of those who protest this new fascism. the stated goals of the muslims to wipe out jews everywhere is no different than the nazis. not different at all. indeed, hitler was the contemporary template for ridding the world of our civilization. we were deluded in thinking that after ww2, rational minds would see the horrors and wickedness of enabling fascist jew haters to rise.
    despite all that israel has given the world in just 63 years, including the useful and continual help america has received, they hate us. even more than usual.
    the world, however, does respect military strength. it's time.

    • Guest

      Thank you dear Judy!

      Yeas indeed it is time to stand up and protect OUR HOMELAND and our LIVES!

    • 1389AD
    • RobHoey

      I was a therapist in NYC and the problem with us, as a group, is that we're liberal and goody-goodies (we think). The Jewish mentality described by Phyllis sounds a lot like the Auschwitz mentality of identifying with your jailer. There's underlying fear and anger and the Jew has to pretend all is right with the world. Obviously it's more complicated than this, but I believe there's some merit. Of course, not all Muslims want to wipe out the Jews, just the orthodox ones and the religion itself. It's typical of the left to look to any group outside the mainstream and take in their dogma "to save the world." I fear this is history about to repeat itself.

  • Vermont Yid

    I agree with what you've said except for one thing. Islam is NOT, repeat, NOT a religion. Islam is a murderous, woman hating, child molesting, barbaric cult. To call Islam a religion is to give it much more credit than it deserves.

  • The Golani Snowman

    Same thing in Sweden. One of the prominent Jews together with Muslims and Muslim-lickers wrote an article: "We must fight the hatred together" ….. See http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/vi-maste-bek… and use Google translate. I am not Jewish but asked several Jews I know if they felt involved with her "we Jews" and – no, not a single one did.

  • marijacc

    what more will it take for God's chosen ones to return to HIm??how much more trouble can Jacob take? consequences have come and will yet come. "how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.."

  • USMCSniper

    Talk about stolen concepts and perversion of language. Homophobia was a term invented by homosexual men who want sanction not just tolerance of their deviancy and debauchery, by saying that this who do not give sanction to homosexual behavior have a phobic menatl disorder. The Islamists want sanction not just tolerance for Islam which is incompatible with freedom, so they play the same bulls*&t game.

  • curmudgeon

    "the meeting was organized by two American Jewish groups, "–

    lets see. american jews. the idiots that vote leftist against their own and everyone elses interests, whos primal hatred of christians aligns them with homosexuals, abortionists, communists, traitors, nuclear spies, and morons. so that group, american jews, have aligned themselves with their own arch-enemies, islam, to gouge the eyes of europeans. lets see. anti-semitism. the cause of centuries of opression of jews at the hands of christians and muslims. ok. anti semitism is not so good. then there is islamophobia. the dreamed up opposition of murderous muslims by the people they are murdering. there is no such thing as islamophobia, because any infidel that doesnt fear islam is just crazy and stupid. but anti-semitism and "islamophobia", an invented non-condition, are equated in the minds of stupid traitorous american "jews", who are in real life no better than nazis. wow. american jews, nazis, muslims, traitors….whats the difference?

  • careyrowland

    This Christian prays for all the people in these disparate groups trying to crucify each other.

  • PAthena

    Jews came to Europe with the Romans so they have been in Europe for at least 2000 years. They were in Rome under Julius Caesar, who gave them permission to worship there.

  • Fred Dawes

    Madness on top of Madness and jews have been in Europe as a Judaism and have been in Europe for about 3000 years some worked for Alexander the Great from about 330BC Check out alexander the great and Hellenism World also jews have been beat up by the the people of Europe from day one..see the Religious rights of the Hebrews and Judea and also understand the Jews must stay as one people or Islam will eat all jews alive.

  • Nickolas

    You should check this video out, a group of young people trying to battle the bigotry regarding muslims: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiKFbYjwMG0

  • http://yrevolt.org/ Jazlene Montes

    Check this video out… The End of Isamophobia http://youtu.be/EiKFbYjwMG0
    Please get the the word out!


    The good little dhimmi “rabbi” Marc Schneier would probably gladly serve as a kapo at a death camp run by his Islamonazi masters. I sometimes think that if Sheikh You Scum al-Qaradawi, aka Hitler was a good guy who “put the Jews in their place,” ordered “Rabbi” Schneier to throw some Jewish children into a gas chamber he would agree. After all, al-Hitlerdawi could tell him that it would be “Islamophobic” if he dared to disagree.

  • Clarence D'Souza

    Islamofascism is the global implementation of Muslim law and the imposition of a worlwide Muslim regime.