Islam and Anti-Semitism at Yale

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And so, as I feared, by the end of the first week in June, 2011, Yale University shut down the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism (YIISA). They gave the initiative, which has been housed at Yale since 2006, until July to clear out.

The Palestinianization and Stalinization of the American professoriate coupled with the likely prospect of funding from the Arab world made this outcome inevitable — as did the non-stop diet of Big Lies about Israel and Jews in the mainstream media, at the United Nations, and in international human rights reports.

Only last year, there were bitter and very public complaints the Palestinians and their supporters made in response to YIISA’s best-ever conference on contemporary global anti-Semitism, which was held last August. And why? Because the scholars gathered by YIISA from at least five or more continents dared to focus on the Muslim and Islamist face of genocidal anti-Semitism.

The YIISA global conference, in which I was privileged to participate, was utterly unique in focusing not only upon the politically correct view of anti-Semitism as a Christian, Western, and European phenomenon, but also on its current and lethal incarnation in the Islamic and Islamist worlds. I, and a lonely and demonized handful of others, had been writing and speaking about this for the last eight to ten years, but this was the first time that voluminous, in-person evidence was brought to bear on this reality.

In the past, I was a single voice crying out. Here, at Yale, my voice was joined by others who had facts, experience, analysis, details and no small amount of drama. I was especially moved by the testimony of the Argentinian prosecutor of Iran’s terrorist plot against Argentina’s Jews, Professor Alberto Nisman. The terrorist mastermind of this heinous plot escaped justice when President Ahmadinejad appointed him Iran’s Minister of Defense. I had not known this. The information was chilling.

The existence of YIISA gave my evolving work on Islamic gender and religious apartheid and on the contemporary betrayal of both the Jews and the truth by Western intellectuals, including feminists, a home, a point of gravity, a place where my work could be both appreciated and critiqued; a place where I could meet and speak with serious scholars whose work I was either already familiar with or came to know courtesy of YIISA. This initiative is invaluable and does not exist anywhere else in the United States. It is a tragedy that Yale decided to shut it down.

In doing so, Yale has rendered racism respectable, has contributed to the academic isolation of scholars of contemporary anti-Semitism, and snuffed out truth-telling, genuine dissent, free speech, and academic freedom. This will be a permanent stain on Yale and on American academia.

Yale insists that the pre-existing study of dead Jews and of Jewish texts at Yale is sufficient proof that they are not anti-Semitic. Yale also insists that the initiative has not borne the kind of academic fruit to justify its continuation. Excuse me? According to Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post:

Deputy Provost and Political Science Professor Frances Rosenbluth served on the faculty committee that reviewed YIISA’s performance and concluded that the university should close the center. In recent years Rosenbluth appointed Judge Richard Goldstone and Iran-regime apologists Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett to serve as senior fellows at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Last September the Leveretts brought their students to New York to hold a seminar for them with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Unlike the YIISA conference, the move did not stimulate any significant controversy at the university.

Glick’s point speaks for itself. Or, as Orwell taught us, not all pigs are equal.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Scandalous!….and depressing. At the very time that the clouds of anti-semitism are gathering ominously around the world, the word has been expunged from Yale's prescribed vocabulary.

    • Ibrahim Ramey

      Hmmmm….it seems as if the idea of the collective demonization of all Muslims, and the religion of Islam itself, is just as alive and well at Yale University as the anti-Semitism that you claim to be victimized by.

      I would strongly agree that the hatred of a people based on race and religion has no place in a modern, morally enlightened world-any more than slavery, colonialism, occupation, and war do. But your position, unfortunately, only recognizes one dimension of a violent conflict.

      For the sake of human survival, Jews and Arabs must find a way to live in harmony and mutual respect. The human rights of all parties in this volatile region must be respected. And religious extremism, racism, and hatred must be eliminated from the conflict-wherever it comes from-in order for that to happen.

      • Daryl

        islam is NOT a race. Don't even start with your pathetic 'race' card. islam IS demonic. It breaches countless human rights and treats women and children abominably. Trying to compare the horror that is islam with the situation of world Jewry would be ludicrous if it were not criminal.

        • Dispozadaburka

          As Harvard would say when they beat Yale in football.
          Go Haarvard.

          "BOO YALE>"

      • Silverio Facundo

        Bravo! "The human rights of all parties in this volatile region must be respected." You have such a sharp insight!

        Go tell the Jews to start allowing arabs to become members of the Israeli congress and allow them to have their own schools, and teach their children in arabic and allow them to pray in their freaking mosques. Oh, but wait, they already do that. OK. So go and demand from the Israelis that arabic be an official language of the country, and let arabs own their own shops and businnesses, and allow them to have their own publications and their own radio stations blasting that disgusting loud arabic music 24 hours a day. Oh, but wait they already have that too! Gee guess you'll have to go to the othe side and make equal demands. Home you come back alive!

      • Silverio Facundo

        "And religious extremism, racism, and hatred must be eliminated from the conflict-wherever it comes from-in order for that to happen". You should go to the next World Beauty Contest and teach one of the bimbettes your wonderful mantra, which seems like the same useless idiotic catch-all phrase uttered by these poor well-endowed misguided pretty ladies. Maybe you can teach it to miss Iraq, or miss Iran or miss Syria or miss Saudi Arabia or miss Yemen.

      • PatriotUSA

        @I would strongly agree that the hatred of a people based on race and religion has no place in a modern, morally enlightened world-any more than slavery, colonialism, occupation, and war do. But your position, unfortunately, only recognizes one dimension of a violent conflict.

        And what has islam done for the last 1400 Years/ And how has islam 'progressed'? It has not, not one bit. unlike true religions of Christianity, Judaism, islam is still stuck in the 7th century of honor killings, beheadings, spreading taqiiya, persecution, subjugation, treating women like mere livestock, if they are lucky and the list goes on. is;am is NOT a religion in the first place. It is a perverse ideology from cradle to grave, it is a brainwashing for the youngest age to hate 'Jews and people of the book' and it is in the qur'an, which I have read three different translations of. How disgusting that Yale is doing this but it is no surprise as this is what excessive multiculturalism, diversity and polical correctness have brought us to.

        islam ensures there will a VIOLENT confrontation because people do not want to surrender true freedom and liberty to s a stone age cult of depredation and perversions. The only way to avoid this is for islam to let all live in peace and stop the last 1400 years of warfare on all infidels. I do not see that happening and events around the globe, caused by islam and muslims, proves this beyond any doubts.

      • Chezwick_mac

        IBRAHIM RAMEY: "it seems as if the idea of the collective demonization of all Muslims, and the religion of Islam itself, is just as alive and well at Yale University as the anti-Semitism that you claim to be victimized by."

        1) I'm not Jewish. I never claimed to be victimized by anti-semitism. On the other hand, I'm rational enough to acknowledge its existence.

        2) Where is your evidence that Muslims are collectively demonized at Yale in any way?

        3) Islam is theologically distinct from all other religions…and therefore, poses challenges to mankind that are unique.

      • Kate

        Ibrahim. Darlin'. You surprise me. You say that the hatred of a people based on race and religion has no place in a modern, morally enlightened world. Neat. Cute even. You are therefore assuming that the Arab world is "enlightened". Does that include the just plain "folks"who declare that Israel must be destroyed; that Judaism, the foundation of monotheism is the religion of monkeys; that Jews ….well you get my drift. I just love it, love it, love it: "Jews and Arabs must find a way to live in harmony and mutual respect". Well DUH!!! News flash. If one side, (and here I am not saying which side…leave that to you to figure out.), declares that the other is to be "wiped off the face of the earth", whose maps of the region show no trace of the "other" whose children are taught daily to hate the "other"….well, it kind of puts paid to your little thesis that there is a "collective demonization of all MUSLIMS". Ibrahim. Sweetie. You really gotta get out more. Or at least get your head out of your butt.

      • nina

        Ha! You do know how to parrot the very ideas that are so very dear to the people of the Western world. That's what most Islamists do when pretending to have the same aspirations about peace, etc., as we do. And it is easy for them, as they are used to repetition by studying the Quran, repeating after the teacher sometimes even not understanding what the teacher reads.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Ibrahim, off you go to Pakistan, where you'll be at home amongst your fellow barbarians.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    David Horowitz has been in the forefront of the drive to "oust" anti Semitism from US academia for a very long time and he is making an impact not only on the students themselves but on the very so called "intelligentsia" running the places of higher learning. However, when an institution of the caliber of the ivy league "giant" Yale university allows itself to become involved in making racism "respectable" by shutting down the YIISA, the"warning bells" of acute academic anti Semitism in the US and elsewhere start to ring ever louder and become more frightening with each fresh assault on the worlds places of "higher" learning who are denying the fight against naked anti Semitism and racism to their very own students and stifling freedom of speech, the corner stone of institutions of the America's "Ivy League" institutions. What a tragedy we witness in the making!

  • theleastthreat

    In the 1930's, the propaganda was ramped up to somehow legitimize Hebrew-phobia. Does any rational human being think what is happening at Yale and around the planet isn't the same thing? Or that it will turn out any differently? Same world, same monsters, same result.

    And to any Jews reading this, I offer the same advice I gave here over a year ago, if you don't know how to handle a firearm, this is a good time to learn. Self-defense is not a crime. It's a birth-right!

    • Daryl

      Great advice!

  • Marty

    yale remains an enclave of dhimmitude. Its administration has obviously been bought off with islamic oil revenues and intimidated by the threat to reduce or eliminate funding. Obviously, the people responsible for this decision have no sense of shame. They are in the process of embacing a death cult, founded by a pedophile and genocidal sociopath, that is determined to destroy western civilization. Someone wisely observed some time ago that the destruction of freedom and secuirity may begin with the Jews but it doesn't end with them.

  • Sam

    He that justifies the wicked, and he that condemns the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord. Proverbs 17:15.

  • WildJew

    I wonder if Emory University professor / historian Deborah Lipstadt is one of the professors who e-mailed Professor Chesler. I've got a copy of Lipstadt's book, "Beyond belief: the American press and the coming of the Holocaust, 1933-1945." In it Lipstadt offers a stinging indictment of the New York Times and other left-leaning newspapers. Just as a piece on the chilling of free speech and academic freedom on American campuses — when the subject involved Israel or Islam — had been “killed at the highest level,” so the New York Times in the early years of Nazi Germany white washed Adolf Hitler and his part in Nazi atrocities and later buried stories of the Holocaust on page A-17. But alas, Professor Lipstadt is an Obama supporter, or at least she was an Obama supporter.

    • Mareli

      There may be other issues that determine Deborah Lipstadt's support of Obama. I support him, too, for lack of anyone better in the running. All leftists are not stupid about Islam and Jews. Eirik Eiglad, a Norwegian social ecologist, has written an excellent little book about the anti-Jewish riots in Oslo and elsewhere in Scandinavia in 2009. All leftists should have to read it. It is available in English and was published in the US last year after making the best seller list in Norway. Hope some Norwegians got a wakeup from it. I heard about it on Bruce Bawer's web site.

  • Raymond in DC

    Chessler: "No other counterforce existed; no one chose to fund “the truth,” or even “the other side.”"

    One sector that might be expected to be part of that counter-force are Jewish organizations, Jewish students and professors, But as this perspective shows, they too have absented themselves from the intellectual battle. Whether as part of the politically correct left, the fearful trying to "keep their heads down" or the outright "dhimmified", they let this happen.

  • crypticguise

    I doubt if my comment is going to affect in any way the racist, anti-semitic bastards heading our universities and colleges. IslamoFascism is rampant at state and private universities and colleges in our country. What can we as taxpaying citizens do about it?

  • LindaRivera

    Yale and America's universities and colleges have sold their souls. Truth has been exchanged for vicious lies and vile propaganda. An environment of hate incitement against Jews and Israel is allowed and even encouraged. It is a good cover for Islam who daily, hourly seek the Islamic conquest of Israel, America and the entire free world.

    America's university students are lulled to sleep – lulled into a false sense of security. Not even comprehending that in protecting Jews and Israel, they would be protecting themselves and America.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Strarting in the 1920s, Ivy League schools introduced geographic quotas as a means to keep the percentage of Jews from getting too high. In the 1920s, this was viewed as conservatism. Today the Ivy League is leftist, but the tradition of distancing onself from Jews remains.
    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  • LindaRivera

    To Ibrahim Ramey,

    Muslim leader says Christians “DESERVE” to be MURDERED.
    » 06/11/2011 13:09

    Punjab: acquittal for 70 Muslim extremists on trial for the Gojra massacre
    Jibran Khan
    In August 2009, ten people died, eight burnt alive. Four churches were destroyed. Threats against Christian witnesses force them to flee to avoid further violence. Muslim leader says Christians “deserve” to be murdered. Catholic priest wonders whether minorities will ever have justice.

    There are no safe places for non-Muslims in majority Muslim countries and areas. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other non-Muslims from Muslim nations should have been rescued and taken into our countries. G-D help the defenseless!

    • lovezionow


      Oh how I'd love to be here when all Young/Healthy Jews LEAVE FOREVER! A world without Jews ain' goin' to produce the wonders that USA since its birth and the rest of the world enjoyed! They'll regret our people's absence and hopefully no Strong/Healthy Jew will ever return to their EX-COUNTRIES! :o))) So….choose:


    • Mareli

      This has been going on in Egypt and Nigeria, too. We can't take everybody into our countries. There must be some way to make those idiots behave, but the UN can't seem to get its act together because of China and Russia.

  • LindaRivera

    To Ibrahim Ramey,

    In the Palestinian Authority, streets, summer camps, schools, tournaments, and city squares are dedicated to, and named after savage terrorist killers of Jewish innocents.

    Hatred and murder of Jews is preached in mosques, media, speeches and public education systems.

    Famous Biblical Christian majority cities of Bethlehem in Judea, and Nazareth are now majority Muslim cities – most Christians were driven out by cruel Muslim assaults and persecution.

  • SeaMystic

    Words are necessary, but we must develope total War against Islam.
    For starters sign the "Ban Islam" petition at:



  • Ozzy

    How does one get to be a Jew anyway? Do you have to buy your way in, or take a test or study?
    It seems to me that since this really seems to be the time to end Islam, it should probably be the time to end Judaism and Christianity as well, at least until the age of eighteen when people can make an informed opinion.

    • SpiritOf1683

      In your case, it seems you will be unable to make an informed opinion this side of your 100th birthday.

    • ajnn

      huh ?

      i do not understand your point.

      there are two ways to become a jew: [i] born jewish and never renounce and [ii] choose to be a jew.

      agree with the idea that ethnic and religious aqffiliation are becoming different in the 21st century. it has become much more flexible and a function of identity rather than committment to a community and the ideals and principle embodied in that community.

  • Maya

    Also see Jewish Ideas Daily's "Anti-Semitism and Man at Yale":

  • UnmitigatedTruth

    AntiSemitism is part and parcel of Islam. If Islam accepted the existence of Jews and the right of the Jewish State Israel, their reason for being would be threatened.


    The world still has a lot to learn about the real threat of Islam.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    The Feast of Purim remembers a time when the Jews faced with extermination and were allowed to strike first and defend themselves. (Book of Esther) As much as I hate to admit it the time appears to have come again. I do not remember a time in my life when so much hate was being preached and applauded by so many. It is in vogue to hate the Nation of Israel and to support and cheer terrorist groups. I thought that I would not live long enough to see the great attack of Islam on the western world. Now I am not so sure. I know this, if and when the fighting begins, this grandpa will not submit to the sword willingly.

  • Max Friedman

    Bill Buckley wrote "God and Man at Yale" many years ago. Well, an update of that book would be entitled "God Left Yale and only the Marxist Man Remains". Not going to be a bestseller, one would think.

  • Mareli

    Rep. Peter King's Homeland Security Committee just held a hearing about Islamic radicalism in U.S. prisons. It may be more prevalent on U.S. college campuses.

  • Hadassah

    Now that Yale has decided to open a new anti-Semitism institute, one wonders what the reaction of its Arab donors is. As Alex Joffe writes at

    It is well known, for instance, that Yale has long been seeking support from wealthy Arab donors. In particular, it has wooed Saudi Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal, who in 2005 gave $20 million apiece to Harvard and Georgetown for Islamic-studies programs. (Yale, which competed vigorously for the prize, made it to the final round.) True to their donors' intent, such academic programs are faithful disseminators of the "narrative" of Muslim victimization.