Lara Logan in Her Own Words

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I just watched Lara Logan on CBS’s Sixty Minutes. She was blonde, beautiful, brave, tearful, soft-spoken, strong, clear, eloquent, still obviously traumatized (who wouldn’t be?) — and yet, although she has been praised for “breaking the silence” about the sexual violence that afflicts female or foreign journalists in the field, Logan was still careful not to use the words “Muslim” or “Islam.” She still refused to characterize what happened to her as “barbaric.”

In her own words: She said that two to three hundred pairs of hands, one after the other, grabbed at her breasts, crotch and behind, and kept raping her non-stop from the back and the front. The mob had torn off all her clothing and the more she screamed the more excited they became. When someone yelled that she was an “Israeli, a Jew,” the frenzied mob turned murderous. They continued to beat her with flagpoles and sticks. They tried to tear her apart, limb from limb. They were tearing her muscles in every direction. They tried to tear her scalp off her skull. They were inside her everywhere. She believed that not only was she going to die but that she would die a long, slow, torturous death.

This went on for 25 minutes.

I would call this “barbaric,” “monstrous,” a lynching-in-the-making.

Logan did not. She reminded me of so many Western mainstream media talking heads who kept showing the bloody and barbaric footage of the lynching of two Israeli reservists in the police station (!) of Ramallah—but who failed to draw back in horror, refused to call what they were showing by its rightful name: Abhorrent. A lynching.  A human rights atrocity.  A war crime.

Logan at least wept a little.

Then, like so many female rape victims, she tried to blame herself or imagine that she had the power to save herself. Logan said “I can’t believe I (would) just let them kill me. How could (she) do this?” She had to fight—not for her own sake, women are still not trained to do that—but for the sake of her two young children. She said: “I came so close to actually abandoning them.” Logan’s “fight” consisted of understanding that all she had to do was “survive.”

On camera, Logan still does not really blame the mob of men, the mob of Egyptian Muslim men to be specific.

But, as in so many female war-zone encounters, luck saved her. The Muslim male mob stumbled past a camp of completely veiled Egyptian women (only their eyes showed). One woman put her arms around Logan and the other women closed ranks around her. Now, the shameless, cowardly male mob would have had to physically or sexually assault “one of their own.” It was no longer just about Logan. Meanwhile, Logan’s all-male television team had persuaded the Egyptian police to try to rescue her and they did so at the last moment. The police had to beat the mob back, get her into a tank, fly her back to the United States where her sore muscles, cuts, and internal wounds and bruises required four days of hospitalization.

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  • Lee

    It is amazing how women blame themselves for the barbaric assaults (rapes) that happen to them. She was blessed indeed to have the veiled Egyptian women close ranks around her.

    • Marion L.

      I don't think she was really blaming herself. She was expressing her love for her children, and it was quite clear contextually from her descriptions of the horrible assault on her that it was the violent mob of men who should be blamed for what happened to her.

  • Tamar

    Maybe these completely 'veiled' women were really undercover male cops. Who could tell under all those robes and covers? How did they have the strength and courage to butt in on a mob, get close enough to grab hold of her and tear other men away from her? Usually Muslim clad women are submissive to men, afraid of beatings. We don't know if it were undercover cops or not, but it's a possibility.

    • nav

      hmmm….maybe logan would have said that the veiled women were actually cops, herp a derp

    • sodacrackers

      This was one time that the veil actually protected those women. Thank God the women were there, or Lara would undoubtedly be dead.

    • soldiercoder

      Are you so afraid of women behaving as heroes that you have to make up such a ridiculous fantasy of of undercover police *men* dressed like women?

      Maybe the women are submissive not to a blood-thirsty mob but to Allah? Maybe the women simply acted with conscience. Have you already forgotten that it was the video of an Egyptian woman who roused the country to oust their government?

      You have been brainwashed into believing that women never do the right thing. What is wrong with your thinking?

  • Tom

    Much of the psychological sickness that causes many Americans and Europeans, usually leftists, to appease their (and our) attackers is a kind of "mass Stockholm Syndrome". A survival reflext when overwhelmed by fear and terror…identify with your attackers…submit, placate, try to get them to believe you are one of them, on their side, not a threat to them, one of their own…hope for mercy.

    • Marion L.

      You are not in a position to pass judgment on Lara Logan's responses to the horror she experienced. She did not submit and placate, she yelled Stop! at the outset and was understandably fearful that she was going to be killed by a vicious mob.

  • Tom

    Like a dog rolling on it's belly to show submission to the Alpha male, so liberals and leftists roll on their belly for Islamists, criminals, totalitarians and psychopaths in general. Truly the ultimate in cowardice. They not only betray themselves but their own people. What else could explain, say, an American Jew siding with the Palestinians?
    Liberalism IS a mental disorder. A kind of "End stage Imperial Dementia". When a powerful empire or nation becomes so rich for so long that it's jaded, dissipated population loses all sense of purpose, dignity or future. Decades of Marxist propaganda teaching our children to hate their own culture doesn't help, either.
    In any case, "imperial dementia" appears to be the way the western world will go down into the darkness of history. Social Suicide.
    Historians wonder how Rome fell. Now we know.
    God help us all.

    • FFS

      I agree, my friend. It is the downfall of this great country that socialism has crept in and stuck. The people who were born in this country who hate it are in the millions. It's like a deadly virus amongst us. Can we save the republic. It's getting a little hairy these days……….


      SOON I HOPE !

    • Marion L.

      Your stereotyping of liberals is very sad. A liberal named President Barack Obama just provided the outstanding leadership that finally led to the assassination of Osama bin Laden. He succeeded where the conservative Bush administration failed.

      • Velocitor

        to MARIO L. Your assessment of Obama and Bush is very wrong. Obama did his bin Laden killing on the shoulders of George Bush. For 8 years, you and your ilk were fighting Bush not to do the things that needed to be done to locate OBL. The plans and deeds laid down by Clinton, and more so Bush, is what nabbed OBL. Obama just happened to be the Prez at the time. In fact, if Obama would have gotten his way back in 2007 (as Senator), there would have been no intelligence to use to find bin Laden. Your spin does not work here Marion L.

    • Velocitor

      I don't know who you are, but you are the only person I've read that seems to know the truth about how political correctness is destroying Europe, and now America. It's like a self-guilt syndrome that many white people have, especially white females. I'm a 52 year old white male married to an Chinese woman, and we discuss this many times. She's pretty new here and she sees it as a "self-genocidal" disease among certain white males and most middle aged white women. She finds it fascinating (and sad) to eyewitness the total self-destruction of a country (America). It's all bazaar to her and to Chinese! It's a sickness to want your own tribe and family to be destroyed.

  • Bob Devine

    I sure hope that no one takes all Canadians to be like the mostly far left crowd he associated with at Canada`s extremely left biased universities. The real people of Canada are not like that in fact they are very similar to people in the USA.

    • sodizzy

      I really get this. I am a San Francisco native but now live across the Bay.

  • Jay Austin Moore

    I'm surprised she did'nt blame Bush, Cheney, Blackwater, Big Oil, and the Tea Party.

    • Marion L.

      I'm surprised at your harsh and judgmental attitude towards Lara Logan, a woman who survived a horrific attack by a violent mob and who deserves compassion from you instead of cheap attempts to score political points for Republicans.

  • Anna

    The same thing happened to multiple women at a music festival in Central Park, New York a few years ago and it's not the first time it's happened in the west by a long shot. Men sexually assault women, often in packs, Muslim or not. It's apparently a form of mass male bonding. Misogyny is the problem not religion, although religion serves misogynist ideology.

    • tanstaafl

      200 men? In front of TV cameras and news reporters? Did they shout “Israeli, a Jew"? Did they try to rip their victim into pieces?

      I have no problem with labeling Islamic society as misogynistic, but you will get an argument from me if you try to justify this sociopath rampage with the red herring that "all men do this". We do not.

      The difference being that in civilized countries, men are brought to justice for rape, in Islam, female victims of rape are charged with zina (sex outside of marriage). What is your reaction to that? Is it okay? Or sociopathic?

    • kerrari1898

      "Misogyny is the problem not religion, although religion serves misogynist ideology"

      So religion didn't have anything to do with their misogyny but religion makes them misogynistic?

      I see…

  • ladyday

    Just beyond words how brave this woman is and how repulsive an act could ever be committed by any human being. Animals don’t behave like this.
    The one thing that keeps me hopeful is those amazing Egyptian women who unified to protect one woman, putting their own lives at risk. That is humanity.

  • Stan

    Misogyny definitely is a problem in most cultures Anna. However, it is especially prevalent and on a different scale in Islamic cultures. What happened in to this unfortunate woman in Egypt was of a different nature to the crimes perpetrated by criminal scum in the West. These animals were hundreds of ordinary Egyptian men supposedly demonstrating for freedom – not sexual predators skulking in the shadows of a park looking for an easy target.

  • ActiVist

    Oh poor "Africans" (those – Araboislamic – "Egyptians")! How can you blame them? They saw a white skinned blue eyed and blond haired Angel and they just felt like touching her, and they did not rape her, they made Love to her (the poors! Otherwise they HAVE TO make Sex with fully veiled shy and genitally mutilated women: we must have some understanding for these males …. They simply could not hold their horses before such an Angel …), in other words, they respected her. All in all one must feel one thing only for them (not for her: a Western white WOMAN …): Compassion. [Thank you Phyllis Chesler for your Rationality.]

    • LindaRivera

      They were NOT Africans! They were Arab Muslims. Please don't insult the black people. Black people are looked down upon and considered inferior by Arab Muslims. Which is a huge insult to G-D. G-D's work is NOT inferior. G-D's work is perfect.

  • Dave Satterthwaite

    It was there (the islamic men’s) right after all she is a infidel a non-believer. What do you expect? Was she asking for the problems she made by being there? Just saying.

  • Gar

    "Liberals",…..Always a "liberal" first to the point of torture and death rather than be labeled a "racist" and tell the truth. "Liberals",…always a "liberal" first and naive and dumb enough to wade into a crowd of people that hate you and will kill rather than preserve your own skin. I don't get it.

  • diann

    I think the main point has been missed completely. In Islam, and following the directions and example of Mohammed, those hundreds of men were REQUIRED to rape, torture and even kill Lara because she is NOT Muslim. That's it. Teach her a lesson for rejecting the correct belief system – Islam. Remember… ALL non Muslims are enemy combatants – their words, not mine. That makes all non Muslims targets for all possible violence. Now tell me again about Islam being the gentle religion of peace, love, kindness and understanding. Can you say it with a straight face?

    • cathnealon


      BTW-Logan's mindset on going into that 'partying' crowd can never be known-'doing her job, historic moment, hubris, liberal naivete'-who knows-the bottom line is the fact that she did not name the Muslims males that did this to her should not be held against her-she is a liberal and even a near death experience may not be enough for her to see that Islam is the most misogynistic religion on the face of this earth.

    • Carole

      You`re so right in everything you say!
      Muslim men despise non-muslim women, and as this false cult is authored by the devil himself you can`t expect these people to behave any better than animals!
      It is because of the ignorance of the West about this cult that women are sent to these areas thinking that the men would behave like protesters in the West where we have more respect for women!
      It`s a shame this had to happen for them to realize what a dangerous situation this young woman was exposed to! I hope they will not ask women to cover these news stories anymore in these circumstances!
      Christian women there are kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam, it is happening all the time and there is evidence things have got much worse since the Muslim Brotherhood have now got the upper hand there!

  • BS77

    any western woman foolish enough to immerse herself in a huge mob of barbarians is putting her life in danger. western liberals still do not get it. they are clueless, always rationalizing and intellectualizing the bestial behavior of the mobs, terrorists, and idiotic leaders of these squalid countries.

  • Tony

    I'm just waiting for someone to tell us it was a Jewish conspiracy, or maybe that Muslim women suffer this fate every day at the hands of Jews in Israel.

  • Smartacus

    She shouldn't be further mistreated for her blaming of herself. It's not that she has a "mental disorder." More specifically, she has post-traumatic stress disorder, and one aspect of PTSD is that the victims of sexual assault blame themselves. And why wouldn't they? Despite our (the USA's) official stance on sexual assault, there is still a creeping misogyny that blames the victim. Blame the establishment that teaches women to blame themselves, that indoctrinates them with liberalism love for the real oppressors, and silences them with political correctness. She is, truthfully, alone. Since no one will really call for justice for her because her own individual rights are overshadowed by the liberal need to protect the poor Muslims and their sensitive feelings, she is alone. If she were to throw off the political correctness and call a spade a spade, just watch and see how many liberals would be quick to turn on her and blame her for what happened.

  • ks762

    This is more horrifying than I could have imagined. The media reports at the time were more akin to a few guys pinching her buttocks and calling her "sweetie." The truth is ten-thousand times uglier than how the events were portrayed. She was brutally raped, assaulted, and dehumanized.

    What is truly insidious about this situation is that, after being a victim of the Satanic cult that is Islam, this poor woman is being held hostage by the Satanic cult that is liberalism. She will lose every single friend, loved-one, peer, and colleague that she is now counting on for support and rehabilitation if she speaks the truth about what was behind these horrendously awful acts. She dare not identify the evil behind her attack, lest she be excommunicated for her apostasy against the Church of the Big Lie. She needs her "friends" and "loved ones" now more than ever, and yet if she goes against the doctrine of their cult, they will stone her and drive her out into the wilderness to fend for herself.

    I was sicked, disgusted, and moved to tears when I read what she went through. This woman should know that there is a whole world outside of her prison, and that when she is finally strong enough to face the truth, look evil in the eye, and speak its name, we will all be waiting to embrace her with open arms and countless prayers. True healing will begin for this woman when she escapes her hellish confines and begins to awaken to, and fully embrace the truth. Those of us who have been the brainwashed victims of the Cult of the Big Lie will be waiting and willing to help her with her healing process, and our love won't be offered conditionally or rescinded if she questions her existence. Truth and love are universal, and hopefully she will soon come to realize that she is surrounded by neither.

    • PhillipGaley

      Yes, and why do these posters, above, equate that animalistic and barbaric group fondling with "religion"?
      I suppose most of our commentors to be N. American—how far from apprehension and use of definitions so many American people have strayed, . . .

    • nina

      How nice. But have you considered that perhaps she is still hankering for the fleshpots of Egypt? You could give her unconditional love, but can you give her a prestigeous job like she had/has, and will not have once she tells the truth?

    • DaBigragu

      Wow, now that is priceless. I applaud you.

  • LindaRivera

    War has indeed been declared against us. War was declared against ALL non-Muslims from the beginning of Islam. Founder of Islam, Mohammad, is regarded as the perfect man and role model by Muslims who follow their religion.

    Huge slave trader Mohammad murdered/beheaded 700 Jewish men because of their love for, and intense loyalty to G-D – our Creator. The Jews refused to follow the new religion and god of Islam.

    After witnessing the horrors and terrible suffering inflicted on the Jewish men, the Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves

    It is a huge crime against humanity that Muslims have been brought into our non-Muslim countries in massive numbers because Islam teaches Muslims to intensely hate non-Muslims, show no mercy, commit atrocities and murder non-Muslims.

    It is predicted Europe and the UK will become Islamic countries ruled by Islam in just a few years because of the massive Muslim immigration invasion. The indigenous people of Europe and the UK will then live in countries where civilization is utterly destroyed, where they are utterly defenseless and live in moment-to-moment, daily fear.

    Will Europe and the UK act now to stop this future horror and suffering from taking place? It doesn't look good. Europe and the UK persecute and prosecute the brave individuals who speak out against the dreadful dangers.

  • Maxie

    Since Freud isn't here to explain this barbarism I'll give it a try. If the "diagnosis" is that misogyny is the driver of this violence what is the source of that hatred? I think it's the fact that Muslim men fear – and therefore hate – women because of what's crudely labeled here as "pussy power". They can't handle the sexual attraction of the female and the competition it generates in the male. So its all a sublimated denial process.
    Why else would women be forced to wear a heavy BLACK shroud in the 120 degree heat of the barren desert? Sick. btw: Where's NOW on all this?

    • Mark Shepler

      " Why else would women be forced to wear a heavy BLACK shroud in the 120 degree heat of the barren desert?"

      Hmm, sounds like someone has had one too many gender studies classes. Freud cannot help you here. It's very simple, Maxie, they are forced to because they can be forced. Your psychologizing reminds me of something I've said for 25 years, "your grandmothers understood men better than the best female minds at Harvard Square."

      What islam shows ever clearer to us almost daily now is that might still makes right in larges tracts of the earth and there is no disparity of might so basic and integral as that between a man and woman. Western minds believe equality of men and women before the law and socially are the natural endpoints of civilization and occur as immutable facts of nature like the sun rising in the east. But they are not. Women are "equal" because WE ALLOW IT.

      We men of the West have agreed to it, submitted to it and gladly so, btw. Not making a brief for primeval patriarchy but it thrives still and its name is islam. All of islam regarding men and women is founded on it. Islam proves the point and it is this that absolutely terrifies our liberals. They have no response, nor the guts, in defense of the West so they, Logan and the like, reach for any comfy bromide to hand like blaming their college days scary campfire tales of "job inequity" and all the rest.

      Logan wandered into the midst of a real Patriarchy. The Real Deal, not the pretend kind of the western sisterhood, and her mistake was believing her own presumptions. Liberal nostrums will kill the West and they almost killed her.

      If Western women wish to remain free and equal they had ALL better get with the program of defending western civilization loudly, incessantly, tirelessly. Islam is gonna find more and more takers among the pussified, nannified post-boomer males of the west. It's already happening in many, many western jurisdictions. If fools like Logan don't get her head on straight about what really happened to her she just might one day find more familiar streets as inhospitable.

      You can read my full take at: <a href="” target=”_blank”> | Lara Logan: The Feminist Delusion.

  • TomG

    I told my wife right after this awful assault happened that when Logan recovered she would say something like she did on 60 Minutes yesterday. I knew even then that if she named Islam, Muslims, Arab men and the vicious Jew hatred that is part of that world, that she would no longer be welcome in her MSM world. That would make her not nice anymore and thus not worthy of a place in her profession. I do feel very sorry for her and it was great to see she had her wits about her, that she is with her family, and that she will bravely move on with her life. If only . . .

    • Marion L.

      The journalist who interviewed Ms. Logan clearly stated that the mob shouted Israeli and Jew at her although Ms. Logan is neither. The journalist who interviewed her also noted that sexual violence is "common" in Egypt.

  • Stuart Parsons

    When are Western politicians actually going to summon up the courage to really challenge the beliefs, aims and practices of the 'religion' invented by Muhammd and his mythical Allah'
    Islam is a far geater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the mighty Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were.

  • Molar

    This is just another example of the treatment of women by Muslim men. They are just another object not another equal human being. This behavior ranks with that of animal packs.

  • Barb

    This was the epitome of a society that is driven by a perverted religion, which allows the dehumanization of women, as part of daily routine.

    People who make a moral equivalency between criminals here, who rape women, and the Muslims who nearly murdered this woman, are clearly not right in the head. There is no moral equivalency. Our government does not sanction beatings or violence against women, for any reason, religious or otherwise.

    In some Islamic countries, women are beaten in the street, daily. Why? Because their governments do sanction it, as part of Islamic Law, which is very misogynist.

    This is not a sweeping "male" problem; this is a "Muslim male" problem. Period.

  • Amused

    What I don't understand , is this woman's confessed ignorance of the extent of abuse of women in Egypt .It has long been known by tourist agencies , who warn western women about traveling to Egypt especially after particular fasting "days "end .Even Egyptian women are routinely raped as police standby and do nothing .I can't believe that no one in that news organization knew of this , and why they would allow this poor girl to be "bait " before these barbarians . And that, during times of normalcy in Egypt . I've watched her reports many times , she is indeed a brave woman , and I'm angered that no one kept her out of there , for this very reason .This is an example of the sad price paid for ignorance regarding islam and the savages it produces . Poor Daniel Pearl paid the ultimate and horrendous price , for his [albeit innocent } ignorance of these savages . Courageous as he undoubtably was , his trust was fatally misplaced . There is no honor , no rules , no morality amongst such peoples. Only their own twisted and perverted version .

  • Mark Shepler

    What I find very curious is how she's fallen back on the western feminist's trope that this is another example of job inequity that "female journalists" face. Not the oppression all women suffer within the grasp of the most ancient and fierce patriarchy in the world but, you know, like a particular career hazard western lady reporters have to deal with. One almost expects her to announce some new non-profit to "raise consciousness" on the issue or lobbying for legislation or something. So much for the universal sisterhood they used to bleat about, eh?

    Logan doesn't seem to recognize the hard truth of who and what did such evil and that it covers great swaths of the earth and oppresses hundreds of millions of women in even worse ways than she suffered. But for them, it lasts all the days of their lives…

    However, being a liberal, which is to say ever ready to be a victim and always preferring to hate their own more than any "other", she would much prefer it was the monsters of her college dorm nightmares that brutalized her as opposed to the very real, implacable patriarchy that makes those fairy tales of Friedan & Steinem seem so silly and childish….

    islam up close proves a basic, primeval point nobody dares admit at this late date of our civilizational evolution. None dare think of the implications that grow ever clearer like a figure looming out of a fog- that women are free and "equal" because "we", meaning the males, allow them to be. At least in those parts of the world we call "the west" where we've adapted our laws and customs to accommodate the idea. But islam demonstrates that in huge territories of the earth physical might still makes right and there is no more basic inequality of might than between a man and a woman….

    This linchpin of inequality and it's license to oppress the "weaker sex" in islam will make it more and more attractive to the pussified, nannified, feminized western males of our age. Any red-blooded male will admit, if only to himself, there are advantages to it and many will opt for it in the coming years and decades…

    Sorry for the cheesy plug but you can read my full take at <a href="” target=”_blank”> | Lara Logan: The Feminist Delusion

  • TomG

    Most of the men there are Muslim, especially since most Jews, Christians and those of other faiths have been killed or chased out over the past few decades. We are not just moderately safer – infidels, apostates and women are targeted for mayhem there much more and much more methodically then anything we could comprehend living as we do in the democratic West, which possibly will come to an end sooner than later owing to false moral equivalence and multiculturalism.

  • steven l

    In order to not offend certain Muslims she was ordered to shut-up.
    This is not entirely a male problem. It is Islam and Sharia castrating males who then have no other way to express their uncontrollable pulsions. That is why women must be covered for their own protection. It is all about someone who wanted to be the only one…

  • Berel Dov Lerner
    • Marion L.

      Thank you for posting the actual interview. It clearly shows that Lara Logan was courageous in describing the horror that she survived and that the journalist who interviewed her clearly stated that sexual violence is a pervasive problem in Egypt.




      _ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM. ISLAM HAS TO BE ABOLISHED. AS LONG AS EVEN ONE HUMAN IS A MUSLIM THIS PLANET WILL NEVER SEE PEACE. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.__ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM. ISLAM MAKES PEOPLE EVIL. THIS IS A FACT. Evil people are a BIG drain to our planet’s resources like a raging fire. For our planet’s limited resources and our safety we should kill each and every fire once we have identified it as evil. Feeding a fire is suicide and not good for our planet’s resources.So in the end what will happen to islam? Will islam just vanish? ISLAM HAS TO BE ABOLISHED.


        Evil people are a BIG drain to our planet’s resources like a raging fire. For our planet’s limited resources and our safety we should kill each and every fire once we have identified it as evil. Feeding a fire is suicide and not good for our planet’s resources.____So in the end what will happen to islam ? __Will islam just vanish?____"They said nothing's better than paradise and you can earn that by killing non-believers."__"They prayed all the time and read the Koran so I thought they were good people."__"Women should be exposed to the day light three times in their lives. When they are born, when they are married and when they die." – Islamic saying.____PURE MUSLIM IS A TERM FOR A VERY VERY EVIL HUMAN BEING. __WHEN WILL MUSLIMS REALISE THAT ISLAM IS HARAM ? ____

  • tanstaafl

    A correct translation of "Islam" is submission, not peace. Kafir women like Lara Logan must submit to their Muslim master(s), even if it is a 200 man rape mob.

  • Jared

    Only this website could exploit Logan's agony into a political stunt. Thanks again FrontPage, I knew you could do it.

  • Betty

    Where is the similar outrage of escalating gang rape on college campuses? Or that America has the highest rape rates of all western countries? Barbaric? yes. Muslim men, American men, white men, black men. The one thing in common is they all rape.

    • Tom

      Any rape is a tragedy, but I think you might want to do a little more research on the topic. Here's an article you might (or might not) find of interest. A great debunking of PC claptrap on the issue.

      Heather Mac Donald
      The Campus Rape Myth
      The reality: bogus statistics, feminist victimology, and university-approved sex toys

      It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic—but no one calls. Could this mean that the crisis is overblown? No: it means, according to the campus sexual-assault industry, that the abuse of coeds is worse than anyone had ever imagined. It means that consultants and counselors need more funding to persuade student rape victims to break the silence of their suffering.

      The campus rape movement highlights the current condition of radical feminism, from its self-indulgent bathos to its embrace of ever more vulnerable female victimhood. But the movement is an even more important barometer of academia itself. In a delicious historical irony, the baby boomers who dismantled the university’s intellectual architecture in favor of unbridled sex and protest have now bureaucratized both. While women’s studies professors bang pots and blow whistles at antirape rallies, in the dorm next door, freshman counselors and deans pass out tips for better orgasms and the use of sex toys. The academic bureaucracy is roomy enough to sponsor both the dour antimale feminism of the college rape movement and the promiscuous hookup culture of student life. The only thing that doesn’t fit into the university’s new commitments is serious scholarly purpose.

  • Toa

    Sort of reminds me of the White Multicultural Feminist girl who went to Haiti to do relief work, and was prolongedly and repeatedly raped by a Haitian. Her analysis of the situation was that it was the fault of White Male Patriarchy, and that she was ultimately thankful for the experience (the fact that she already had a long-time "thing" for Black men, and despised White men, certainly contributed to this thesis).
    This is a big part of the explanation for Feminists' almost total silence in the face of the mistreatment of women in 3rd World cultures, while foaming at the mouth if some White guy looks at them cross-eyed…or, quite often, looks at them at all!

    • Marion L.

      Your defamation of a woman who was raped is disgusting. It is also sexist and racist.

  • judyg

    we talk about muslims all the time, day and night, every minute somewhere there is a headline, a blog or twenty headlines and blogs. we know all about them. we know what the koran says, and how backward they are.
    the question should no longer be, how to understand them. rather, how to rid ourselves of them. 100% muslim-free. with the proviso that they do not leave their stinking, squalid, warlike tribal countries.
    then quite frankly, we don't care what you do or how insane you are. you just can't do it here. period.
    would we allow nazis to preach their ideology all over the place and intimidate western societies? then why allowing these muslims to do just that.
    and could we please stop saying "extremist". they all are.

    • Toa

      Judy, the reason the powers that be (read: "Liberals") don't do what you've suggested is that their moral compass is long broken and, cosequently, they feel that appeasment is the only way to deal with "scary" people, whom "Liberals" hold in awe.

    • Joe

      Actually nazis have the right to freely speak and freely assembly. There white suppremace newspapers , radio talk show host etc… in fact they even got to walk down stokie illinois. Again you neocons dont seem to grasp this:
      "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

  • Joe

    this hapens all the time in the congo yet nothing from the Neocons.

  • Marion L.

    The hostility being shown to Lara Logan in these comments is very distressing. It is presumptuous for anyone to self-righteously judge how she has responded to the horror that she survived. It appears that a lot of the respondents care more about demonizing all Muslims than about showing compassion towards Lara Logan and exploring ways to end rape in ALL countries and ALL cultures.

  • Sara

    I read some of the ridiculous comments on here from the ignorant people who have no knowledge of Islam. These "men" do not represent Islam or Muslims, they represent the lowest form of life, period! Do not label a religion by the actions of some low-lives. Even at the time of war in Islam, the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), showed the captives kindness and treated them with respect. No one else in history has done this. Lara is not an enemy to Islam because she is Non-Muslim. Non-Muslims have had and still have a great relationship with Muslims. Look around you and find the truth and stop using the internet to instigate your hateful, ignorant, untruthful, and false-ridden agendas. Every person that reads these false comments about Islam or Muslims knows you are lying about a peaceful religion. Ask yourselves, have you ever opened the Quran and read it? Have you studied the historical facts about Prophet Muhammed? I highly doubt it and that is why your comments are not credible. Don't believe everything you hear or see on TV. Go to the source if you really want to know the truth. Otherwise, you will remain in a hole full of negative energy all your life.

    As far as Lara is concerned, I pray for her and hope she recovers from the monstrous act that was done to her. Any person that laid a finger on her will be held accountable before Allah. Allah will hold accountable every person for everything they did on this earth. Allah says that even an action of an atoms weight will be revealed on that day. Not only will those monsters suffer for their crime in the hereafter, but they will also suffer in this world. They wont get away with what they did to her. And I pray they are punished to the fullest extent. I hope they never find rest in their lives for what they did. They may have gotten away with it in this life, but surly they will not get away with it in the next. And in the next life the punishment will be the most severe. They will wish they never even thought about doing what they did to her. I pray Lara heals from this and that she sees these barbarians as monsters and nothing more. Because people like these do not represent any religion. They are the lowest of the low!

  • Marion L.

    Joseph, you are the one with a mental disorder if you think that it is appropriate to malign a woman with the courage to speak publicly about a horrible sexual assault.
    She did not explicitly "blame" the mob, but she certainly made it clear that their behavior was vicious and despicable.

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