NYC Queers for Jihad

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Last Friday, May 26, 2011, “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” exercised their hard-won right to hold their meetings at New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Center. Their right to hate and to be grossly misinformed was, as usual, presented as a free speech right and as yet another victim-driven Intifada (uprising).

This meeting followed the long campaign to vilify City University Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld for daring to dissent from Tony Kushner’s anti-Israel views; Kushner, who happens to be both gay and Jewish, is nevertheless being given an honorary doctorate this week. These two events are intimately connected to each other and have been further empowered by President Obama’s shameful and dangerous actions towards the Jewish State.

We have all seen black and white footage of people dancing the night away, even as the crematoria or the machetes did their deadly work somewhere off camera. We understand that people elsewhere continue eating, having babies, buying first homes, going on vacations, even as genocidal wars rage on camera, even as tornadoes, nuclear plant meltdowns, and savage flash floods destroy whole communities elsewhere, also on camera.

Right now, in my little neck of the planet, Manhattan, the weather has turned gloriously sunny and summery; people are enjoying this respite from the unending rains and freezing winter weather. As people amble through leafy city streets, the world is preparing to slaughter the Jews again. As if the Muslim Brotherhood and the Gama’a al-Islamiyya in Egypt were not enough, a new swastika-flying Nazi party has emerged in Egypt—Egypt, Israel’s friendly neighbor; Egypt, which on Saturday opened the Rafah crossing to admit even more weapons and terrorist fighters into Gaza in the unending Arab war against the Jews; Egypt, where many are demanding an end to the cold peace treaty with Israel.

Some say that President Obama might be touring Europe in order to gain European allies to help him pressure Israel into accepting the “pre-1967” Auschwitz borders.

Here at home in America, we continue to enjoy Gazan Intifadas on our campuses. For example, the people are getting ready to party in the streets when, on June 3, 2011, City University of New York gives playwright Tony Kushner his honorary doctorate. In my view, they are feting Kushner, not so much for his art but rather for his celebrity and for his obsessively harsh views of Israel. The playwright has not led any campaigns against genocide in Sudan or against real gender and religious apartheid in the Arab and Muslim worlds. Like the “Queers Against Apartheid,” Kushner also scapegoats Israel for the crimes of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

The LGBT “queers” had threatened to storm or “surge” into the Center if they did not receive official approval for their group meeting.

“Surging” and “storming,” Arab street mob behavior, is a vision and a tactic that has been recommended by none other than journalist Tom Friedman, long adopted by international “Free Gaza” activists; it reminds me of Nazi Brownshirt behavior. Think Kristallnacht. Civilians and men in uniform breaking Jewish shop windows, breaking Jewish bones, burning Jewish books, eventually burning millions of living Jews.

But, you must understand: The German Nazis felt “victimized.” They had lost World War I and were humiliated because they should have been triumphant; they had also been unfairly economically penalized. Kushner and his supporters claim that the genuine dissent of one CUNY trustee, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, somehow “victimized” their views because their views are supposed to triumph, not Wiesenfeld’s. His pro-Israel view is not supposed to exist and, in their view, is not protected by academic or free speech rights. Only the anti-Israel views deserve such protection.

One thousand six hundred and eighty people signed a petition to the Center on behalf of “Queers for Palestine.” Like Tony Kushner and his CUNY supporters, the aggressors first claim victimhood and protest the denial of their free speech rights; then, they “surge” forward as a mob (on petitions, on the Internet, on the streets, on other battlefields), to either murder Jews or to honor those Jews who hate Israel, and to silence gay Jews who are pro-Israel.

This is what happened at the LGBT Center last night.

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  • jacob

    What has been stated in this article is a classic indicator of the depravity we have
    fallen into in this country.
    It is not enough the way the stupid "Political Correctness" is burying us and the
    myriad of plain stupid issues brought up day after day, such as the hoax this
    "Global Warming" is, the Cordoba House issue, the animal rights and the many
    neither black nor white but infinite variations of green instead of grey,
    homosexual marriages making a scorn of the matrimony issue, now these
    QUEERS protesting somebody RIGHTLY opposed to giving a doctorate to one
    of theirs.

    I have nothing against homosexuals, as long as they recognize they are FREAKS
    OF NATURE, as are dwars, liputians, circus freaks, etc,. and don't try to ram down
    my thoat that they are the normals and we the abnormals, as in tnis case I will
    ask them what very few people dare to :

    TO IT.
    Otherwise, where in the hell are you people driving at ??
    SODOM AND GOMORRAH and the end of the world as we know it ???

    • aspacia

      You are as bad as the Muslim's who hang homosexuals. Get real, Julius Ceasar was bisexual; Turing a homosexual broke the Enigma.

      I refuse to tolerate the intolerant.. Next time I will not be so polite.

      A Deist.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Put your rope away aspacia, what's to get so upset about, differing
        opinions are what keep our boats afloat, some of us are right and
        some of us are wrong, depends on your boat and what pier you
        expect to dock at. Jacob has his right to his own judgement and
        he is not a murderer because he thinks opposite to the homosexual
        agenda. Evil is the foe while Islam is the enemy de jure……William

        • aspacia

          Jacob's loud rant demonstrates he just might commit a hate crime against a gay person.

          I know a few gays, have read statistics regarding gay communities, hate crimes against gays, and gay contributions to humanity. Ditto for blacks, women, and many other groups like Jews.

          I have found that much of this hate stems from various tenets in monotheism. In Mormonism blacks were considered to have the mark of Cain and were not allowed to preach. In most Christian churches, women could not preach until recently, excluding Catholic church which still discriminates. I do no believe I need to go into intolerant Islam.

          Jacob may potentially be a very dangerous individual.

          • ajnn

            1. "monotheism" is the problem? wacky stuff…..

            2. Jacob is now a suspect for 'hate crimes' …….. maybe not.

            Hate crimes against gay people are generally committed by drunken yahoos who hate everybody and happen to target gays on that day. the next drunken episode they might target jews or whatever. Personally, I think we can cut the hate crime rate down to almost nothing by getting rid of all recreational drugs and alcohol. If only we could.

            Let us try to get back on subject: gays against israel and their fantasies about solidarity with other oppressed people in which they collaborate with regimes and cultures that murder gays every day.

          • aspacia

            Hey, leave my wine alone. It is excess/overuse that is bad, usually not the use. Too much food is also bad. Too much anger creates high stress and often is the cause of violence.

        • aspacia

          We have the right to our opinions, but there are different ways of clearly communicating without ad hominem attacks.

      • Martin

        If you refuse to tolerate the intolerant whom do you tolerate ………. only others who refuse to tolerate the intolerant……you become what you hate………. the intolerant!!!
        I personally do not care what anyone puts in their face or up their bum. You row your boat and I'll row mine. Just don't expect me to buy you oars or let you use my lake!

        • aspacia

          I refuse to tolerate the intolerant, because they will eventually control and push their intolerance onto the tolerant. Read some Plato for insight.

      • Matt

        aspacia, Whilst I have no ill feeling or animosity towards homosexuals, I too disagree with homosexual practices, rather than saying (your?) a "freak of nature", which, if we are allowed to speak frankly &, given my right to free speach & all, is not too far from the truth, I would suggest, as I believe, that such behaviour in abnormal.
        Given that the basic fundamental instinct of all animals is to propagate the species, I fail to see how homosexuality could be deemed as normal behaviour. Hence the reason that hetrosexuals view homosexuality as abnormal.
        What you actually refuse to tolerate it would seem, is anyone who demonstrates a negative or critical view of homosexual practice.
        Are you now going to suggest that because I find that homosexual behaviour both disgusting & immoral that I am a bigot?

        • RCCA

          Frankly yes, it is an expression of bigotry to be intolerant of someone or something just because it is different from what you are or what you do. The idea that sex which does not result in reproduction is judged as being immoral is at the very least an antiquated idea. Most heterosexuals do not limit themselves to sexual experiences for the sole purpose of reproduction. Do you believe that once a woman is beyond childbearing age she should not have sexual relations with her husband because that would go against nature? Sexual activity is also an expression of love and intimacy, FYI. In that regard, humans are not simply animals who come together for the purpose of reproduction.

          • Matt

            Frankly, you are wrong. Bigotry is defined as being intolerant of others regarding race, ethnicity or sexual preference (some would say to the point of hostility).
            Refer to my opening line; "Whilst I have no ill feeling or animosity towards homosexuals".
            How do you manage to twist my view of & disagreement towards homosexual practice as being bigoted & intolerant? I said I dont agree with it, not that it should not be tolerated or punished.
            The primary purpose if sex is to create life, however, it is as you say, also an intimate expression of love. From a homosexual point of view sex may also be seen an act of love, however, it is still, in my view, immoral.
            You are attempting to re-define the term & using poor analogies to suit your argument against me.
            You are repeating the same weak, defensive position that most homosexuals claim against anyone who dares to disagree with homosexuality, that I am intolerant & bigoted simply because I disagree.
            You need a stronger foundation upon which to base your argument because simply claiming all who disagree are bigots, with no basis in fact, is getting a bit old!

          • RCCA

            I don't know you, so I certainly have no basis to make a judgement about you and I was not calling you a bigot. You said yourself that you do not hold a hostile attitude towards all homosexuals. I was pointing out that having a judgement that the sexual activity between people of the same sex is "abnormal" is a form of bigotry. That practice may offend your religious beliefs, and it is obviously different from what you prefer, but that alone does not make something abnormal, freakish, deviant, undesirable, etc. I'm not sure why people have to have an opinion about homosexual sex anymore than they have an opinion about heterosexual sex. It exists, it's part of being a person, we have a sexual aspect to our beings. Do you have an opinion about celibacy too? Think it's immoral and abnormal because the person isn't reproducing? How about your opinion about seniors having sex? No chance of reproduction there, must be immoral, too. How about your opinion about people who have a different life from you?

          • Matt

            Lets say that this is a subject better debated in another location & in person rather than via a keyboard here, so I'll pre empt you & call it a draw. I am happy in the knowledge you were not calling me a bigot.

          • lovezionow

            <<It exists, it's part of being a person, we have a sexual aspect to our beings…>>

            RCCA, it also exist thievery, robbery, fraud, and an unending list of undesirable things, and just because these exist is no reason to have to agree! I tolerate them because I have no power to make them disappear, as I tolerate gays…but I'm against them when they DEMAND rights that are wrong and even comical! ;-)

          • RCCA

            “Gays” are also citizens of this country, who have to work, pay taxes, buy groceries, etc., and as citizens are entitled to the same rights and protections as every other citizen. Try to remember that when “you” decide what gays deserve. Whatever your religion teaches you, fine. That's your business. But in the US we have a separation of church and state, we do not have a state religion. No one religious doctrine rules over our laws or our courts. We are free to pick whatever sect or denomination we feel comfortable with. Many religious groups accept and welcome homosexuals. As my rabbi explained, “G-d wants people to have love, no one should have to live alone.” So if you have a problem with that, that's your problem.—

        • aspacia

          I find heterosexual sado masochism frightening, however, who am I to say "No" if it is consensual. Is this abnormal? What is normal? The ancients often had orgies, and young boys were often taken by the rich, older patricians.

          As long as people do not violate our laws, or threaten our freedoms, including freedom of speech, we are bound to "live and let live." (cliche) Do we have to antagonize those who differ, but mean no threat.

          Hence my reaction to Jacob's rant.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            You would though show disapproval of those gays that support
            the Murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel. I think I would
            see into Jacob's thinking that his anger is sparked by what the
            demonstrators are doing, attacking Israel and siding with those
            who would kill all Jews, not to mention everyone and thing that is
            not them. I do not hate gays but I most certainly do not want
            my children influenced into such a pernicious life, fraught with
            danger and ucertainty, almost like the rest of us……….William

          • aspacia

            Their lack of logic is disturbing. What bother's me is the screaming rant against homosexuals. You may be surprised that there is evidence that being gay may be a genetic disposition. One study reveals that a certain section of a gay's brain was smaller than a heterosexual. This study was done in the 70's and I cannot remember the section of the brain.

            Why do individuals opt for this lifestyle when so many hate gays as often demonstrated on this board?

          • lovezionow

            <<Their lack of logic is disturbing. What bother's me is the screaming rant against homosexuals…One study reveals that a certain section of a gay's brain was smaller than a heterosexual.>>

            Well…this may explain also your last paragraph":

            <<Why do individuals opt for this lifestyle when so many hate gays as often demonstrated on this board? >>

            aspacia…you are SO passionate about hate toward gays without recognizing that they are obtaining more and more rights…but, how about funneling this passion to help Israel against the much more and dangerous and increasingly unending hate of Israel and all Jews by arab muslims???????

          • aspacia

            LOL, I do periodically send $ to Israeli charities. I am passionate about justice.

          • lovezionow

            <<I find heterosexual sado masochism frightening, however, who am I to say "No" if it is consensual. Is this abnormal? What is normal? The ancients often had orgies, and young boys were often taken by the rich, older patricians. >>

            Hey aspacia…I too feel sadomasochism (and other sexual deviations) is totally frightening to me and it happens also among gays. But just because something becomes "normal" (due to its spread), doesn't mean one has to agree with or accept it. Sexuality of any kind imposed on children is an abominable crime and should be totally INTOLERABLE and SEVERELY PUNISHED!!!

            As many here, I don't agree with homosexuality (without hating them) because I think it's a deviation of nature in cases where they are born with the wrong gender, but they can right it through science. Others become gays either because they "like to try everything once"…and they get hooked, or they were, sadly, raped in their childhood or youth. This also can be cured with psychological science. If they choose not to…they enjoy it as a vice similarly to drugs, alcohol, or any other undesirable addiction.

            HOWEVER….the gays I do hate are those ignoramus stupid idiots who joined against Israel thereby automatically siding with those who REALLY hate and murder them! To those, i wish them the worst!!! :-)))

          • aspacia

            A child cannot make rational judgements, this differs from consenting adult behavior.

            Many liberals do not accept the hate in the Muslim world and just stick their head in the sand.

          • lovezionow

            GREAT! THANK YOU! Glenn Beck is having a "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem on August 28, this year. I'm dying to go even though I had recently had hip surgery. By August I hope I can make it. What do you think, and would you go too? I live in NYC where do you live? :)

            Here's is a video of one of his great programs. He's absolutely great for America and great for Israel and Jews.
            Here also where you can see the short video and/or the full video too:… ;o)

            Yes, liberals are brain defectives. And liberal jews going against their own blood, are the worst brain defectives, plus renegade traitors!!! They are to me the lowliest!

          • aspacia

            LOL, Beck is funny and entertaining and passionate. Although, I do not agree with all his claims, to date, I have been unable to refute them, and neither have liberals. When confronted with the question regarding what invalid claims does he make? One liberal said "He equates Socialism with Nazism." When informed that Nazism is the National Socialist he angrily stalked out of the room.

            I quite traveling to other countries years ago because of the antiUSA mentality, and there is enough here to deal with.

            Please lose the rage against those whom you disagree; rage usually destroys reason.

        • ajnn

          the curious fact that renders the issue complex is that the Lord made gay people gay. It is 'genetic' and not a 'choice'. People are born gay. That is how he created them and he did it on purpose. He has a purpose in everything he does.

          So, should we tolerate people who are a purposeful part of His creation ? The Lord said that all he made was "good", see genesis).

          This one is a puzzler.

          • aspacia

            And all monotheistic faiths condemn gays. Go figure.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            I disagree, I firmly believe that it is a conscious choice with
            underlying psychological stressors factoring in to the conduct.
            I do not consider it that God specifically made gays, He made
            man and then the fall. The results of the fall have been
            devistating, look around the world and see the results.
            Man fell and blames the Almigty, did he not say to "multiply"
            neat trick to do it other than as a man and a woman. I make
            no excuses for Gays, nor for any other conduct that is not
            in keeping with Biblical standards. I am no goody two shoes
            and have my own closet as we all do. What I am saying is
            that gays should not be singled out for scapegoating due to
            our human condition, compassion rather than condemnation
            should be the conduct of everyone. I have known and been
            friend to gays who have admitted they know what they do is
            wrong but it is what they do, some become celibate as a way
            to overcome lust while others shut it out of their minds and
            claim what ever they think will get them over and out of trouble
            with the Creator but the prohibition is in The Book……..William

    • ajnn

      Enough with the talk about gay people.

      This article is not pro / anti gay, it is about the polarization of people, groups and organizations against Israel generally and jewish people specifically.

      Let us all speak up here in support of Israel and for those with the courage to stand on principle and speak the truth.

      If you want to talk about homosexuality – go ahead. But not in this article. (It seems some people are obsessed about homosexuals, who, good and bad, have always been with us, as much as others are onsesserd about 'the jews'.)

      • aspacia

        You are correct. Let us stand for Israel.

  • kafir4life

    What a boon for Abe Hooper, the recently out of the closet communications director and one of the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting hamas-linked terror supporting organization cair. When he prostrates himself for allah the moon god, all the boys in the mosque scream ABE ACKBAR, which is arabic for "mmmmmmm….nice tushy Abe".

  • g_jochnowitz

    Queers for Palestine = Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

    • Lou

      why don't they march in Damascus, Cairo, Teheran, Bagdad etc. and see what kind of reception they get there. ( Hanged I think )

      • g_jochnowitz

        Enemies of israel are totally selfless. They will sacrifice their own cause and their own lives for the sake of "virtue"–destroying Israel and its people.
        Hitler too was totally selfless. He drove out or killed all Jewish scientists, despite the fact that he knew he wanted atomic weapons. He gave priority to the use of trains to take Jews to death camps rather than supplying his soldiers.

        • whiteowl511

          You are so right. Appeasing Islam is like feeding a crocodile, hoping it will eat you last. This is an example of how suicidal the left wing is. Clueless. Try being jewish and gay in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or other countries where shariah law is practiced.

  • sodacrackers

    We have lost the ability to differentiate between good and evil.

  • lovezionow

    TO JACOB: Hey, animals are living beings with the same capacity to suffer physically, mentally and spiritually just as any human animals. Just because you are accustomed to seeing them tortured and kicked around doesn't mean this is right. Animals are NOT freaks like those abnormal humans – they are quite normal and with enough intelligence to survive in their less than kind habitats – SOMETHING "superior" HUMANS HAVEN'T ACCOMPLISHED!

    AS TO GAYS, yes, I think (though don't dare to say it more openly even in America) that certain ones are homosexuals out of vice, but certain others are born with improper gender and so they are free to fix it. They don't bother me….except when they demand all kinds of unfair, even comical rights!


  • lovezionow

    Oh how I'd love to be here when all Young/Healthy Jews LEAVE FOREVER! Ah…divine revenge!!! A world without Jews ain' goin' to produce the wonders that USA since its birth and the rest of the world enjoyed! They'll regret our people's absence and hopefully no Strong/Healthy Jew will ever leave Israel! :o))) So….choose:


    • aspacia

      Yes, Israel must fight to win, and hopefully drive all the Muslims out of Gaza and the West Bank.

      • lovezionow

        aspacia, I wish everyone who reads that little bit I wrote would send it out to the 4 corners of the world. I see NO solution whatsoever in this UNENDING stupid tug of war! :)

  • MikeGiles

    Understand. Admitting that Islam consists of 7th century barbarians, practicing 7th century barbarism, would be a refutation of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Libtards seemingly would rather die, then give up – what to them – are "religious" beliefs. So we see the spectacle of Lesbians and Gays supporting a religion that literally wants them dead, because they refuse to admit that Western civilization is superior in any way, to the "civilization" of these "people". If they admit, even to themselves, even on this one subject, that the West is superior, then it calls in to question all of their anti Western beliefs and actions. The West MUST be "bad", for them to be "good".

  • Vlad

    Has a gay group ever, in the last 20 years or even ever, protested the murder of people for being homosexual by Muslims in the name of Islam? I mean even once? If so a link would be appreciated.

    • aspacia

      No. I provided Bibi's speech to a gay colleague, he laughed and said he supports Israel too.

    • ajnn

      good point.

      well, gays of america: do you have an answer?

      This Weinstein guy who has been demonized actually did denounce the gay-hatred of arab muslims and has been banned from gay sociallife in nyc. not a proud moment for gay people here in nyc.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Some people must have something to demonstrate, even if it is against
    themselves and self defeating. The extent that LGBT support Palestinian
    nazis is another indicator of disassociated internality. I suggest they are
    not thinking out their positions and have miscreant leadership which is
    more concerned with exposition while partying at Israel's expense. If it
    was staid organizations with National reach I would be more concerned
    rather than overly miffed. Israel's future is not determined by gays in
    NYC….All things aside, Lucas is correct in withdrawing support………William

  • RobHoey

    There's a reason they're called queers–it isn't that they're gay. It's that they really are queer. Think about it–they are supporting the one group of people who believe they should be killed, and do, in fact, hang 'em high in places where Sharia prevails. I believe that homosexuals need to side with the enemy as a way of appeasement–so they will be killed last, but I doubt it. The Jews who side with these barbarians aren't really Jews except by sperm location. They are incredibly liberal and will support anything that runs counter to the mainstream (except the MSM). The country is experiencing a Mayday with Obama–I pray for it, but moved to Canada because Harper, at least, has the courage to stand firm in his support of Israel. I am sad for the USA.

  • Uylenspiegel

    I am ashamed to be gay… How can supposedly intelligent people, the country's future intelligentsia, follow so blindly the anti-Israel propaganda of the petro-dollar lobby ? They have the brains of lemmings on the edge of a cliff…

    • lovezionow

      Hey Uylenspiegel … let's not offend the beautiful lemmings! And as I said somewhere above, animals ARE interelligent. Gays against Israel…ARE NOT!!! :) lovezion

  • KathleenP

    "Queers" and "queer" are terms that have come out of the loopy world of academia; they have little or nothing to do with the real lives of most gay people who are really quite ordinary, not interested in being "transgressive" for its own sake. Like loopy academics of all stripes, all they're interested in is abstractions and theory, not the real lives (and deaths) of people who for whatever reason are attracted to members of their own sex and are not always fortunate enough to be born in a society that generally tolerates this. You can tell these people over and over again that they'd be lynched in Ramallah or Cairo, but it means nothing to them, because they don't live in reality, probably because reality has failed to bring them fulfillment in their lives. I fled academia myself to get as far away from them as I could, and never looked back. But I still recognize their warped terminology as the red flag it is and walk away whenever I hear it. They can't be engaged with nor reasoned with.

    • RCCA

      In fact I did spend some time listening to a program which featured the academic Judith Butler and BDS, and you are correct. There is no connection with the real world which most of us inhabit and the state of Israel must defend against. In the academic world it is safe to disregard the issues one wishes to ignore because it contradicts one's position. In this case, the "queers," those who wish to live in a just world, can overlook the Muslim anti-Jewish sentiment which drives the agenda of Hamas and the calls for the destruction of Israel by Iran. They can ignore the Muslim Brotherhood, the massing of Al Qaeda in the Sinai, etc., and make complaints that Israel's liberal attitude towards gays is just a pinkwashing to avoid the issue of Palestinian occupation. Not necessary to criticize the treatment of gays in Muslim societies because that would be imposing a western critique on another culture. Academic blindness. They can also make the accusation that Israel is not a democratic state because there is not perfect and complete equality. No attempt is ever made to critique the lack of democratic freedoms in Muslim countries or in Palestinian society because that does not further their agenda. It is not surprising that they are not willing to debate their position with anyone who does not think in the same exact mindset. If you do not see Israel as a colonial occupier subjugating a Palestinian minority in an apartheid state they can not talk to you.

  • Matt

    I Could'nt help but laugh at the stupidity presented in this article.
    This is as ridiculous as it gets, homosexuals fighting for the rights of people who would kill them for being so.
    Do these idiots realise the irony of their cause.

    • Asher

      You are so right Matt, Ahmadinejad said they didn't have gays in Iran, and the people at the UN laughed at him, because Gays are beheaded or done away with…Liberals will find out just what kind of benefits they will get if Islam were to take over.

  • Matt

    Or put another way, I intend to fight for your right to kill me.
    How can you argue against such idiocy?

    • Martin

      BINGO! As comedian Ron White would say, "You can't fix STOOPID"

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Round them all up and send them to Gaza. The Gazans will take care of them and we'll have cleaner cities.

  • Jerry

    Sexuality is by its nature irrational. Logical conundrums encountered in the subset of anti-Israel gays are not handled well because people who are heavily driven by sexual energy defer to their emotions. The sentence "Muslims are likely to do you physical harm or kill you because you are gay" has no meaning to such gays because the truth of the words has not been directly experienced. Words alone do not describe reality for such people. The truth of the words only comes from the experience of physical assault on their person. Too late!

    I am thankful for the support offered to Israel by many gays as well as by fundamental Christians. However, the same reasoning applies to supporters of Israel who are also highly driven by emotionally conditioned responses. "Spock" could never be anti-Israel. It does not make sense. (Oh! I forgot! Spock was Jewish!)

  • evildoctor

    Meanwhile, in the Great White North:

    "A simmering conflict between the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, and a hardcore anti-Israeli group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, has ended with the gay group pulling the plug on its participation at the annual Toronto Gay Pride Parade, slated for June."

  • skatp

    I created a Facebook page last week to counter groups like Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, which I feel are poisoning the LGBT community & media in North America against Israel. It's called Queer Support For Israel. Please like it: