Punishing the Victims of Islamic Gender Apartheid?

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Last week, a Canadian advocate and a professor of anthropology contacted me on behalf of a fourth woman. She is a Christian who was born and raised in the killing fields of Congo. Her father worked hard to end the dictatorial Mobutu regime and was therefore murdered by Mobutu’s death squads. Her mother fled to a neighboring African country, where she married a Muslim man who insisted on marrying his new stepdaughter off to an elderly Muslim man; in turn, her chosen husband insisted that she be genitally mutilated. This woman had already learned about the horror of genital mutilation firsthand when a friend of hers died from an infection after the “procedure” was inflicted on her.

To understand what she is running away from, here is an account of one genital mutilation that recently took place in Cairo, Egypt:

“Our ears were assaulted by maniacal screams coming from one of the open shops that lined the alley…We looked in the direction from which came those screams to see a middle-aged woman seated in a barber chair, a child on her lap, and a man on his knees in front of the child.  I assume the little girl was the daughter of the woman in the barber chair, who was restraining the girl and spreading the child’s legs open, while the man on his knees was the barber who owned that barber shop.  He leaned forward, concentrating on the space between the girl’s legs, where he was working with a straight razor.  The barber proceeded with businesslike indifference to the little girl’s shrieks, as did the people in the street, who went about as if carving off a clitoris were something they saw every day, and as if the horrendous suffering the child expressed so loudly were a normal refrain in the raucous symphony that is Cairo. I stood motionless, transfixed by the crime I was watching, cursing myself for not charging into that barbershop, grabbing the little girl, and running away as fast as I could.  A few moments later, the barber tossed a small red mass of bloody flesh into the gutter, a human clitoris for chickens to eat…”

In flight from such barbarism, this poor soul fled Africa and arrived in the U.S. about six months ago with a falsified passport and a falsified visa which indicated that she was a single woman. According to her anthropologist-advocate, she had no choice—she could not tell anyone that she had secretly married another African Christian who now lived in Canada because she would not have been allowed to leave her African country as a married woman without permission from her Muslim father or husband. She could not risk asking her mother for such a letter; that would involve the mother in what would be seen as a conspiracy against her new Muslim family.

Thus, when she tried to cross the border into Canada, she and was closely questioned. However, she was both afraid to lie and afraid to tell the truth. Instead, she simply wept. Once the Canadian authorities understood that she had a husband in Canada and that her passport listed her as single, they turned her away. Ayaan Hirsi Ali herself chose to or was forced to lie to Dutch authorities when she first arrived there; despite her having risen to become a member of Parliament, this lie ultimately led to a serious attempt to deport her.

Back to our unnamed hero. Shortly after being barred from entering Canada, and for unknown reasons, American immigration authorities arrested her and have been keeping her in detention for the last month.

Her anthropologist-advocate attended her initial hearing and tried to visit her in detention. She told me: “The security was unbelievable, and all deadly serious. Even I was intimidated. I can only imagine how she, a tiny woman, must feel handcuffed for the duration. We could not even visit with her. Just a quick 60 seconds to hug her before the hearing, then about 30 seconds while waiting for the elevator before she was taken back to jail.”

If only the perpetrators of Islamic gender apartheid—and not their victims—faced this kind of treatment. But they do not.

She is now facing deportation. Her final hearing will take place this Friday. Her advocate, who is Canadian herself, believes that Canada would probably accept her but it will still take some time to convince the government to readmit her since she has already been turned back at the border. Her lawyer has advised her advocate, her husband, and his family not to show up for the final hearing—advice which troubles me because it is important for the judge to see that she has serious supporters who find her story credible and who are ready to take responsibility for her.

One must also ask: Should the West, including the United States and Canada be taking in so many persecuted victims from other countries? That’s certainly what America is about—but can we afford to subsidize this rescue work? Can we afford not to?

I would like to acknowledge the help of my assistant Nathan Bloom.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    PHYLLIS: "Will I, too, someday be tried as a “racist”?"

    ANSWER: Depends on whether or not the liberal narrative triumphs in our society and its institutions.

    • Wayne

      So true.

  • kafir4life

    Hang on here. So lets say someone were to point out how the gutter-cult of islam, practiced by over a billion retrograde sub-humans, that was invented by a pedophilic ranting madman named mohamat, who during a particular bad bout of intestinal distress following sex with, then a meal from the pig that gave birth to him that caused him to expell as feces the contents of what we now know as the terror guide the koran and made up the false moon god allah, would that person be saying something illegal, albiet absolutely true? That doesn't seem right.

    • Junkyard dog

      Gee,I wish we knew what you really feel. LOVE IT!! Couldn't have said it more profoundly. Islam= Blood Cult!

  • Diann

    Have the immigration departments of the USA and Canada been infiltrated by extreme leftists who deny the reality of violence against women within Islam? This story is deeply troubling. I think the tough lines should be drawn around the many known Islamic terrorists who live in both Canada and the USA, who are undoubtedly laughing triumphantly at their ability to live in the west, mostly on welfare, and have no fear of deportation. Surely there is room in either of these countries for one vulnerable and terrified African woman who fears for her life.

  • Diana

    Great article on a horrible problem. But…what can we DO? Is there a legal fund we can contribute to? An official we can inundate with calls and emails? A petition we can sign? And shouldn't our new Republican house majority draft a law to address this
    ongoing, growing problem? The USA should be a refuge for the huddled masses of
    women fleeing oppression under Islam.

  • wayne

    Few people realize the extent to which Islam, the proxies of Saudi Arabia, and ESPECIALLY the Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American government, business, and academia.

    The Saudi government and royal family donate billions to the liberal arts, humanities, and (of course) MIddle Eastern studies programs on college campuses around the US.

    They have trillions in our stock market.

    The two largest oil companies – Chevron and especially Exxonmobil have a monopoly on oil imported from the Middle East and control much of the world's oil supply – which means they are one of the primary tools used by the Saudi's to influence policy AND as they are primarily controlled by the Rockefeller family they move heaven and earth to use their offices to support Saudi concerns.

    The whole goal is to control Washington, businesses, and our college campuses long enough to put in place a Sharia-dominated-and-compliant polity in the West populated by Islamists and useful idiots who will move to make the West fully submit to the takeover by Islam and to bring about the victory of Islam over all mankind..

  • sodacrackers2

    What a sad state of affairs we are in; we allow an open flow of drugs and violence and illegals from Mexico but deny asylum to women who will be killed if they return to their Islamic countries. The real "hate crimes" are committed by those who lie about Islam and the politicians and press who happily pretend to be good and caring as they embrace the evils of relativism, tolerance of any and all evil and sinful behavior, social justice instead of equal justice, and the destruction of our families, our culture and our country, and with it the only chance for freedom.

  • mrstarry76

    But why is this surprising from the left who glories in the destruction of the unborn and thirsts for blood? Not a peep from the liberated feminists. It makes sense when you understand the real motives of the left. They have chosen death over life and all that encompasses. The only life they care about is their own and their mission is to spread their filthy propaganda so others can share in their filth and make themselves feel important. It never had anything to do with compassion or true empathy for women. It was all about power, money and making themselves feel good.

  • garretso

    If our country stood on it's principles, there would be no issue. Countries, organizations, or individuals that allow or condone such behavior – mutilating humans, denying freedom of thought – should be afforded NO respect, protection or cooperation.

  • dawning

    Is slime is not a problem it is THE problem. It has engulfed the entire world in its hate, murder, mayhem and mutilation. I believe there was reported, on this site, that there would be 2 thousand mutilations in BRITAN this year and nothing? anyone can do to stop it??? All I know is that we had better start finding a way and bringing this damnable curse to the forefront of importance while there is still time to stop it

  • dumbledoresarmy

    In the case of the African Christian woman, secretly married to another Christian, who is in danger of being sent back to a forced marriage to a Muslim, and also in the case of the girl who has apostasised from Islam within a western European country and is seeking asylum in America because she fears the sharia-enforcers in Europe: cannot the churches – in Canada and in the USA – be alerted and make noise? Does the 'Barnabas Fund' know about these two cases? They were aware of Rifqa Bary and told her story to their quite extensive membership. Last year they conducted a campaign to raise awareness of Islam's apostasy law – the law that requires death for those who leave Islam – among politicians in the Anglosphere, submitting petitions and writing letters to parliamentarians in Canada, Australia and Britain and, I think, also contacting US politicians. Has anyone brought the African Christian woman's case directly before Canadian PM Stephen Harper? – I would suggest that someone like Nonie Darwish or Barnabas Fund director Canon Patrick Sookhdeo, once fully briefed, could make a good case.

  • Richard

    Thank you very much for your great work specially for Rifqa. May the Good Lord bless you!

  • Erik Osbun

    English Common law and Sharia law are incompatible, like matter and anti-matter. The right thing to do in North America and Europe is to make a law that outlaws Sharia law
    and to enforce it. What Sharia law does to women should make all Muslims ashamed.

  • ajnn

    There nis a massive amount of 'feminist' immigration fraud and several outright wacky and anti-legal laws giving special privileges to women.

    My question: do the laws protect women abused by their husbands but not their families ? There may be a problem with the drafting of the law that gives instant immigration status to an abused woman in that it only covers abuse from the husband.

    Did the feminists who drafted this law make a big mistake ? ideology…….

  • DrBukk

    We could start by banning the burqa in public. The welfare offices should cross check addresses and we should immediately deport any polygamous families. I think the CIA is monitoring mosques, but has one imam ever been deported?
    And BTW, where is academia, geneticists and social sciences when it comes to the depraved dynamics of the Muslim family ?

    • Wayne

      In answer to your last question, they appear to be in the firm control of the leftist socialists who really don't care about Women's Rights, Minority Rights or What's Right. They only care about obtaining power and they will jump into bed with the Devil himself to achieve that end.

  • guest

    Muhammad is a pig!

  • Wayne

    Thank you once again Phyllis…. for keeping these gross injustices in the public view. The Liberal/Islamist coalition must be stopped.

  • Esther

    I wanted to share this article on Facebook but when I tried, the image that appeared beside the article was one of the POTUS as a radical.

    Can this please be rectified? If I want to post about the POTUS as a radical, I will.

    Thank you Phyllis for fighting for these women.

  • Ciderkiss

    I find it funny how everything here is blamed on feminist or the left when Islam and sharia lawl is Ultra Conservatism. Blame it on the left. Such bull. Feminist do more than their fair share of ringing the alarm so stop acting like you are the main ones who care.

  • Joyce

    I would like to see a book written containing a story about each honor killing or plight of women in your article today. One big fat book filled with excruciating details of what these women faced and then get it out on the market where more people will be exposed to the truth.

  • http://whiteylawful.wordpress.com whiteylawful

    The spirit of the law – is greater then the letter. You can have a zillion statute laws–all leading to bondage of their own oppression; because the law is not within them. Mohammedans have the assumption that Common Law is not of God. Not of God because it was made by man. That is incorrect–because Common Law was handed to us personally at Calvary. The Mohammedan–like the Jew and even Papist(one could also include the Calvinist but luckily an incliniation of the grace of Christ keeps them from ultimate regression) are unable to fathom such law observance. The faithful of Protestant Christianity insynch with Natural Law have the unwritten ordinace(s) of Christ written upon their heart, soul and mind.