Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa

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There they all stand, guilty as sin, Afghan Taliban terrorists disguised in women’s burqas—but exposed when they were captured by the Afghan Border Police. Their photo (or rather photos) were taken by an Afghan photographer somewhere near Jalalabad and have just been seen worldwide.


One of these charmers was wearing an explosive vest; six had AK-47s. Clearly they were up to no good. One wonders how long they will remain in jail and what they will do when they emerge.

These photographs conclusively validate the concern that Dr. Daniel Pipes has had about the security risk that burqas represent. For the last six years, Dr. Pipes has been detailing the number of common criminals and Islamist terrorists who have robbed jewelry stories and peeped into women’s bathrooms while wearing burqas, or who have blown themselves and others up from under the protective cover of a mere woman’s shroud.

In December, 2009, a suicide bomber dressed in a full veil and abaya gained access to a ceremony attended by Somali government officials in Mogadishu and killed 19 people, including three cabinet ministers. In February, 2010, a female suicide bomber killed 54 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. She was dressed in an abaya, which police said allowed her to hide an explosive device. In December, 2010 in Pakistan, a woman wearing a burqa threw a grenade and detonated an explosive vest at a U.N. security checkpoint, killing 41 people.

This is not just happening in Muslim-majority countries or in war zones.

In August, 2010, a man wearing a burqa robbed a bank in Silver Spring, Maryland. In January, 2011, a man wearing niqab (a face veil) attempted to rob a bank in Philadelphia. Three years earlier, also in Philadelphia, three men dressed as Muslim women stuck up a Bank of America branch. One of the men shot and killed a police officer during their getaway.

Why are burqas allowed in public? Or rather, why don’t we view them as potentially suspicious as opposed to a religious custom which we infidels are obligated to honor and revere?

For reasons of safety, the West, and for that matter the entire Muslim world, should immediately ban the burqa as a security risk.

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  • donald

    If a KKK member in his white hood cannot walk up the street with a cellphone in one hand
    and a briefcase in the other and not get stopped by local police, why in the world can some
    muslim in a burqa be allowed to do the same and not get stopped. Only difference to me is the color of the fabric! This PC crap is getting us killed.

    • PhillipGaley

      Yes, absolutely, and it's why we're in line to pass from our wars as failures—failure to have knowingly met the exigences of conflict with implementation of common sense responses to the various situations; and for instant example—to their much deserved eternity with their beloved Mohamed—I would say that, those "birds" pictured in disguise to open the article, should have been dispatched on the spot, . . .

    • MrsB

      I wondered how long it would be that men would impersonate women in order to carry out their useless tactics. When all's said and done, all this hostility will have to show for itself is innocent life lost – a whole generation of children will never live to see their dreams come to fuition and a scoiety of people is lost. Not due to natural disaster.

    • Harry Sweeney

      Many otherwise strong-willed people are quite timid about criticising or interfering with someone;s religion. One country in Europe, for example, will not continue an assault on women investigation once it is shown that it would lead to one of their "religious" immigrants. Even western governments go the route of timidity when it comes to anything Islamic, allowing themselves to be bullied or conned into allowing special privileges for non-existing "religious requirements". Of course, Judaism or Christianity do not enjoy the same caution on the part of European or American governments. Some of the problem is stupidity or ignorance–people simply will not do what it takes to learn about their world and the dangers therein. However, our media has abandoned us, except as leftist propaganda targets, and ignores the ideology that threatens us. The present and last administrations were not good at all about revealing the truth about Islam and what their scriptures really say–the verses which were not abrogated.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    I think we should ask Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi to wear burkas at ALL times.

    At least we wouldn't have to view their big butts and faces,

    It might even muffle their idiotic chatter.

    • powermadfreak

      If you would recall.Nancy pelosi was wearing a burqa some years ago when she went to syria, It started out as a burqa , but her extreme ugliness burned through the veil and turned it into a hijab.

  • Pure Infidel

    I have noticed too many burqa in US as well. Local mosque and islamic radio stations are promoting these "hijab" and "Burqa" some of them are given away free . Muslim student associations in various schools are promoting Hijab to non-muslims as well

  • hrayspitz

    So why haven't they shot these guys yet? Hiding under a burqa MUST qualify for Rule .303.

    • Clarisse McClellan

      Largely, genuine burqa-wearers have done nothing worthy of shooting. That is extremely stereotypical. Please do not post things like this.

  • StephenD

    For the life of me I can't understand our giving in to this guise of a religious requirement when it is a CULTURAL issue. The Burqa and hajib have nothing to do with any Islamic mandate but is passed on from the dress codes of desert dwellers. I wonder if they were originally from Alaska would they be wearing seal skin or bear fur instead? We give in to the demands as if it is untouchable because it is an exercise of their "religion" which just isn't true. We play right into their perception of how we Dhimmi's should behave.

  • Diann

    This article gives us clear reasons to ban face coverings in the US and Canada – and other democratic countries. This is the reason we must fight the growing numbers of fully concealed individuals in our societies. I agree with the first comment. If the KKK cannot do it – why are the Muslims allowed to do it? The resulting danger to our society is the same.

  • Robert Weller

    Try walking into a fancy shopping mall wearing a ski mask. I think the rule should apply to hoods of any kind. But as far as I know they don't cover butts.

  • Lfox328

    I have little problem with veiling that covers the head, as long as the face is exposed. While I sometimes look at a woman who is covered head to toe in clothing, and pity her for the discomfort of such a garb (particularly in summer or in the South), still, I am not bothered. The burkha, chador, or niqab, on the other hand, envelopes the face, obscures identification of the person as male or female, and is simply not consistent with a modern society.

  • Lisa Richards

    This is scary. So glad Phyllis exposed this reality. We all have wondered if this goes on, Phyllis now has given us written and photographic proof.

  • Questions

    A burqa, when worn, is a security risk, and ought to be treated as such.

    This reminds me of that great Luc Besson/Pierre Morel movie, "From Paris with Love" (2010) involving a terror plot. The ringleader, a female jihadist operative, wears a burqa to a diplomatic gathering with a bomb strapped to her underneath her clothing. The good guys, led by John Travolta/"Charlie Wax," saved the day. In the real world, we might not be so lucky.

  • Atikva

    It's surely not out of lust that we want to get rid of these veils, for the faces beneath, whether male or female, are so ugly it's really a punishment for the viewer to see them (e.g. the woman who beat her step-daughter to death and is now suing the police for taking her picture without veil)..

    If those who commit any atrocities were so sure they were justified in doing so, they wouldn't need to hide their faces, they would show them proudly to the world. Rather, they know very well they are doing unjustifiable and unforgivable evil deeds, for which they richly deserve the punishment and shame they are trying to avoid.

  • LindaRivera

    In order to Protect Innocents, Burqa's Must be Globally Banned.

    The right not to be mass slaughtered by a burqa wearing murderer hiding death bombs beneath their burqas must supersede the right to wear the burqa. And the right of banks, jewelry stores and other stores not to be robbed by burqa wearing robbers. And for all of the other reasons Dr. Chesler listed, burqas must be banned!

    • StephenD

      Did you ever think you'd see the day when France shows more courage than us? France has taken the right steps in this regard while we fall over ourselves attempting to be politically correct!

  • BLJ

    I think is time to drag the terrorists to their end. They are truly the lowest form of life on the planet. Comparing them to pond scum would insult the pond scum.

  • http://blog.greenconsciousness.org/ Greenconsciousness

    Why don't the republican women running for office propose a burka ban? Bachmann and Palin should make this part of their platform. Why are the Republicans always waiting for the feminists they hate so much to do the heavy lifting? Some guy up there on this thread professes his revulsion at having to look at Hillary Clinton yet she is working world wide to help these women become self sufficient so they can choose their own dress at least in the west. Why don't the republicans on this board start demanding that their politicians start addressing this issue?

    Or is this just another excuse where there is no real conviction that these outfits are a danger to the slaves who must wear them and we who have to ride the buses with them?

    Seriously, it wouldcontroversialsial proposal but would win the support of many independents.

    • sodacrackers2

      If we need to wait for so-called feminists, we will be waiting till hell freezes over. Don't you know that feminists don't particularly care about girls in the womb being killed but they would fight for the rights of animals and trees. Hillary and the Commander-in-Chief are making our military women wear head scarves out of respect for the "culture," when they should be using our time over there condemning barbaric behavior against girls, boys, and women in Islamic countries. By the way, does green = red to you?

      • Greenconsciousness

        This is a lie. I have pictures on my blog of marine women working with women in Afghanistan — i will come back with the cite

      • Greenconsciousness

        The picture of the marines in the female engagement teams is here : http://blog.greenconsciousness.org/2011/04/secula

        It is a very long post so skip down to the last section. Scroll way down to the end under "SDNC Project 2."

        It is the second picture.

        • sodacrackers2
          • Greenconsciousness

            I find this outrageous even though it is not Hillary or BO but sexist officers in the field — i will publish the article on my blog.

        • sodacrackers2

          Thank you for the pictures. I am sure there many pictures out there of our service women and men helping Afghans. It just doesn't seem right for our Commander-in-Chief to be asking our service women to wear muslim garb.

          • Greenconsciousness


            I sent you the picture because I do not believe it is true that our military FET have been ordered to veil — in fact in all my contacts with the soldiers operating DV shelters none are veiled – all wear reg uniforms. Back with more cites in a min' Please cite to the original directive where BO ordered our female soldiers to veil – in hiCairoio speech BO said the veil was voluntary because he is a stupid ass but so are most politicians in both parties.

          • Greenconsciousness

            not "in hiCairoio speech "

            I meant to say "in his Cairo speech"

      • Greenconsciousness

        I don't know what green = red means? I have heard green is the NEW red in that they lie about the green movement and say we are socialists and communists but those who are opponents use these tactics all the time [slander, lies, distortion]– I could care less — there is no time for BS anymore — the river in Yellowstone is running black – the nuclear reactors in NM are unstable and our food is toxic. Soon they will call us survivalists.

        • jeffcooperwise

          You seem an intelligent forthright person Greenconsciousness (sic). I would ask you, does your vision of the degradation of the environment, juxtaposed against the continual enhancements in life span, science, cosmic knowledge etc. , make sense? It would only seem to be possible to obtain the Green meme with a return to higher mortality rates, and disease , suffering, ignorance, violence, and carnage; and you have to give up your cell phone and iPod.
          We are Humans. Given everything we've achieved, I think you may look upon us as problem solvers. We are not going to poison ourselves or the planet. We are going to advance for the good of mankind. We are on the journey. Karma what may, seek the truth. We are humans, we are not Lemmings nor Sheep.

          • Greenconsciousness

            Well we sure are poisoning ourselves and the environment with our fossil fuels and cigarettes, empty calorie food, and on and on….continual enhancements ARE developed by the environmentalists. For instance our work on cigarettes and fast food HAS increased life span — it sure wasn't the tobacco industry. We see connections between respectful treatment of the earth and other animals as having a direct impact on human health.

            Greens do not, I am not, willing to return to primitivism — good lord .

            Eco feminists are responsible for raising consciousness about violence in the world, against women and children, and legislating against it.

            Environmentalists are developing various methods of clean energy – and population controls — so there are enough resources to improve quality of life for everyone.

            It is this fossil fuel, corporate greed that is causing all the misery. Environmentalists are against toxic food and dirty air. Environmentalists are improving the quality of life for everyone. But there is a lot of argument and struggle about how to do it best. There is always the exploitation by the green profiteers. We struggle on toward a higher, more co-operative future.

  • Greenconsciousness

    Anne Coulter is supposed to be unafraid of controversy. Why doesn't she seriously push for a burka ban?

    • AnnRosen


      • Greenconsciousness

        It seems so elementary – why can’t we do it? Is it because sexism is real and the slightest challenge to male dominance, even for security reasons, provokes major backlash. I am serious . How do we get a petition going to submit to every politician running for president?

    • sodacrackers2

      Why don't you take up that fight? A real feminist would.

      • Greenconsciousness

        so why dont you?

        • sodacrackers2

          I do speak out against the repression of muslim women whenever and wherever I am able. I have never claimed to be a feminist, but I am an individual and cannot make myself buy the party line if I don't agree with it.

  • Ozzy

    why do we allow desert tribes to mutilate their infant boys to mark them as members of their tribe?

  • Greenconsciousness

    SC 2

    I am trying to write you about that article but now they are moderating my comments — I hate these type of sites — where every thing you say is delayed by "moderators" If this gets through – just know that the article you linked to is an eye opener and I have reprinted it on my blog — i will not be back to this page because this moderation interrupts the flow of discussion but you can talk to me on my blog.

    • sodacrackers2

      Green, looks like it is not you, but me they are "moderating." All my posts have been removed. Sorry about that.

      • sodacrackers2

        Oooops, I was wrong about the moderating, sorry. If I had a brain, I would be dangerous. Need to stop posting for a while.

  • RCCA

    Banning the burqa on the grounds that it is contrary to the cultural values of our society is the sane and legal thing to do. What someone wears in their own home is their own business but in society we have the right and obligation to have an individual identity. Of course, the security issue is also important to uphold.

    No religious or cultural based practice is permitted to supersede the law of the land.

    Thanks to Dr. Chesler for this great article. We must continue to inform people if we wish to ban the burqa in our country. Otherwise we get suckered into the arguments that it's an issue of religious freedom, or that there are only a few women/terrorists wearing them so why make a big deal about it, etc. To which we should answer with conviction, forget about it, no way!

  • skulldiggerin

    Let these terrorists keep their burp-kas as shrouds.

  • Viktoria

    Why aren't these photos on the cover of every paper across the planet?
    these cowards, weak, brainwashed fools. When will the world wake up to this
    corrupt pack of lies called Islam. Satan is a clever fellow. he has seduced the world.
    He still thinks he's gonna win. a fool & his minions…

  • songstar63

    Just ONE MORE reason for the FULL BODY SCANNERS in airports worldwide! I have a right to know what's under your drag!

  • proudwhite

    Will BWARNEY FWANKS be allowed to wear her dress when in an Airport?

  • scheidde

    Should have shot them and then displayed their remains…..Sort of a Vlad the Impaler defense strategy…

  • jeannie

    They don't have the right shoes on, they are obviously not Afghan women!

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