The Flotilla of Fools off to Gaza

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The flotilla is coming, the flotilla is coming.

European and North American activists, journalists, and mercenaries have set sail—or are about to do so—on fifteen boats with passengers from twenty-two mainly Western countries to “break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.” Spurred on by the anti-Potemkin Village images of Palestinian Arabs living in wretched refugee hovels, fenced in by an allegedly “apartheid” Israeli wall, oppressed by “Nazi” Israeli soldiers for “racist” reasons (and not because the Palestinian leadership practices both Islamic gender and religious apartheid as well as terrorism)–the Good People are sailing to the rescue.

Bad enough that Israel is surrounded by twenty-two hostile Arab countries plus a genocidally anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli Iran, a country which has positioned soldiers in Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria.

Bad enough that the United Nations and the Palestinian leadership are planning to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state on sovereign Israeli land.

Bad enough that the Western mainstream media and university campuses have rendered the most virulent anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism respectable and have intimidated students with endless replays of Gaza on the Hudson, Gaza on the Atlantic and Gaza on the Pacific—now, the flotilla is also coming. They say they plan to “non-violently” “provoke” Israel into a forbidden display of self-defense.

Boats are leaving or have already left carrying passengers from Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Canada, as well as the United States. Clearly, these Europeans do not believe that enough Jews died in the European Holocaust and/or do not want to see the descendents of Holocaust survivors continue to flourish in Israel. Perhaps some Europeans believe that their left anti-Israel politics will put them in good stead vis-à-vis the Islamists who are rapidly overwhelming Europe in a way that only Jean Raspail, the author of The Camp of the Saints foresaw and would appreciate.

The boat from the United States has been dubbed “The Audacity of Hope.” (Now where have we heard that title before?) On it are 36 passengers and four crew members, including some members of the Soros-funded Code Pink. Journalists from The Nation, CNN, NPR, CBS, The New York Times, Democracy Now, and the Palestinian News Agency Ma’an are “embedded” within the flotilla. “Embedded”? Isn’t that the word used to describe journalists who accompany troops in active battle?

Forgive me: I take words very seriously.

These self-styled activists and presumed anti-racists are slumming, partying, cruising for cheap thrills and even cheaper publicity. They yearn for cut-rate, no “burn” glory. They are ultimate conformists, careerists, “making their bones,” adding to their activist resumes by sticking it to the Jews. This is meant to prove that they are brave and principled.

In essence, they are engaged in a highly self-destructive form of political theatre: they are concretely manipulating symbols in the same way that Osama bin Laden did on 9/11. In the name of “caring,” these activists are surrendering to the most dangerous totalitarian and misogynist Islamist regime—but in the name of “freedom” and “justice.”

It is something that Orwell would appreciate.

The flotilla activists do not care about the facts on the ground, they refuse to understand that Gaza is filled with luxury hotels, office buildings, palatial villas, nightclubs, beach clubs, and well-stocked markets. They focus only on the artificially maintained poverty-stricken areas, and not on the true reasons for it: namely, that the Arab and the Palestinian leadership have spent more than 60 years milking the West of both its guilt and its money on behalf of this single falsely created refugee population.

Novelist and poet Alice Walker is also on board the “The Audacity of Hope.” She has been giving interviews and publishing op-ed pieces about her upcoming flotilla folly.

Ah, Alice. She and I go way back, and we have watched each other’s backs in significant ways over the years. Her current stance is painful, puzzling, unbalanced, and treacherous.

Walker has been in the forefront of the American civil rights, feminist, “womanist,” and ecological and animal rights movements; for many years, Walker was an activist against female genital mutilation—an African and African Muslim practice. She is best known and loved for her novel The Color Purple, which was made into a popular movie and Broadway play.

Tragically, but typically, Walker believes that Israelis are a more diabolical version of the white southern American racists who enslaved black Americans and then lynched, impoverished, exploited and segregated them. She imagines that the Palestinians are an even purer version of oppressed African-Americans. Most of all, she sees the Palestinians and herself as “non-violent” actors in this great drama.

Walker does not view Jews as the indigenous peoples of the Middle East or as equivalent to the “blacks” of Europe or as the most currently endangered infidel race in the Muslim Middle East. Walker refuses to acknowledge that Arabs and Muslims still practice (mainly African and skin color-based) slavery and real gender and religious apartheid. Instead, Walker scapegoats the Jews, specifically Israeli Jews, for the grave sins and crimes of blatant racism that are being committed by ethnic Arab Muslims in Muslim-majority countries such as Sudan, the Egyptian Sinai, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere.

Walker seems to have no idea that Muslims have a long, long history of slave-trading, sex slavery, imperialism, colonialism, conversion by the sword, and barbaric misogyny. Indeed, she seems to understand nothing about the reign of terror that Hamas has brought to the women, gays, artists, and vulnerable living beings in Gaza.

Walker does not command the facts; she has been fatefully tainted by crude propaganda, which she believes with her whole heart.

For example, Walker claims that 1,400 Gazans died during Operation Cast Lead, yet she fails to point out that, by Hamas’ own admission, between 600 and 700 of these were armed Hamas militants.

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  • randy marsh

    What kind of moron are u? U are spouting off the worst kind of ignorant filth – the kind that is too blinded in racist ignorant pride to know that putrid smell you give pff is the garbage you are full of. Not a single thing you have said about Gaza or Israel or the conflict is even remotely close to truth. You are unbelievably ignorant of the facts. How about you go to Gaza once before you start sputing off about what is there and what is not there. I just cannot believe they let your filth get published. It denegrates their entire publication to be associated with this nonsense.

    • sandra

      I am convinced Randy! You are right! All those facts you provided in your rant have obviously made me bow my head in shame. You idiot.

  • JohnWV

    Israel has reduced Gaza to an open air prison and collectively tortures and kills its inmates by merely denying necessities. The Jewish State's cruel abuse of their goyim inferiors is on vivid display to the whole world. Peaceful flotillas, diplomacy or violence, anything, ANYTHING that can be done to extricate the Palestinians from the occupiers of their homeland is justified and commendable. May the Palestinian State be established and thrive on punitive reparations so massive that Israel's very existence is justly threatened.

    • Foolster41

      …"violence, anything, ANYTHING that can be done to extricate the Palestinians from the occupiers of their homeland is justified and commendable."
      Another supporter of terrorism, murder and torture! Vile.

      I have a great idea of how to extradite them, literally do that! Extradite them back to their homes in Jordan and Lebanon, since palastinians are in fact ethnicly Jordan and Lebanese Arabs! Problem solved! Of course, the goal of the palastinains (and evidently you as well) was never was about peace or land or justice. It was, since 1948 (and even before really) about the "final solution" of the "Jewish question", and the elimination of the Jews.

      "Israel's very existence is justly threatened."
      So, you want Israel to be threatened? This isn't seen by you as wanting to end bad policies, but the eradication of the Jews in Israel?

      This, my friends is what hatred and racism looks like.

      • mrbean

        I see that your handle is "Foolster41" The Fool part fits you well. The 41 means 1941 and you are probably a 70 years old grouch and strongly anti-semetic, and by your post, not the sharpest knife in the drawer by a longshot.

        • mrbean

          Ooops, I meant the clown above you. I botched that one good!

          • Foolster41

            Yeah you did. You misanalized my name (41 is april 1st, my birthday) and who I am (I'm neither 70 or anti-semetic) completely after somehow mistaking my post for the one above. Please be more careful in the future.

        • Choi

          You're a great example of a FOOL.
          The original poster, INBRED John from West Virginny,is the JOO-HATER.

          • Kayden

            Well Choi, I have and always will support the Jewish people. I feel they are very much persecuted and misunderstood by this world…and guess what? I'm from WV and take exception with your view of West Virginians. Don't you realize that your ignorant statement makes you sound very prejudiced also. Grow up and judge people by what they say and do not by where they're from.

      • gaby


      • Bose

        Ethnically the Zionist Jews are mostly European or Russian. Why not extradite them considering that would solve everything?

        The Palestinians are Levantine like all the people in the old “cradle of civilization” area. They aren’t from Lebanon or Jordan, they from Palestine. Don’t play with words either, we can do that too you know (antisemitic is literary incorrect because the Jews from Europe aren’t Semites, but Palestinians are). These are people whose family history from the Jordan to the sea goes back 1,000s of years. The Palestinians are even descendants of the Jews from antiquity, proven by DNA evidence. DNA evidence for European Jews show they are as much genetically tied to the area as anybody in the world which makes sense cause 2,000 years ago the population of the world was 2% of what it is today. You can’t claim land that has been occupied for 1,400+ years. Other than the ridiculousness of it, you can’t prove you had ancestors there. Faith is not proof. 99.8% of the world rejects the chosen one bs because 99.8% of the world isn’t Jewish. You lose all arguments.

        Zionism is founded on lies, misinformation, and false beliefs regarding Jewish nationalism. All are recent products of history. The success they’ve had at conning the world is baffling, no doubt helped along by rapturous evangelical fundamentalist Christians.

        You’re a hypocrite too, the Zionists are the hateful racist bigots and proud about it. Anybody putting down a race or a faith is. You assume hatred of Arabs and Muslims is acceptable. It isn’t! That shows your true colors. Finally, here is no race called the Jewish people. Jewish is not a race. It’s a religion practiced by many racism, mostly Europeans of German, Polish, and Austria origin along with a lot of Russians. Many are assimilated into the above countries but a large amount originate from Russia and the surrounding Turkish states and are racially “white” being descended from the Khazars who lived there and converted to Judasim. 12% of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA is Khazarian, an indisputable fact supporting this claim. The rest is a product of European assimilation and possibly some Semitic Jews. In the end you are as racially Jewish as me and I’m Polish and Irish.

        Stop the hate. Stop the lies. Zionism is Nazism. Israel is evil

    • mark nash

      you are a delusional moron. was one of your family members in the SS during WW2?

      • Choi

        He's just an INBRED from West Virginia who thinks Joos have "horns" and whose pappy&grandpappy were likely KKK.

      • SpiritOf1683

        It sounds like ALL of his family members were in the SS or amongs the Einsatzgruppen, and it must irk him that he was born 70 years too late to drop the Zyklon into the gas chambers. Yes, the Left are the heirs to Hitler.

    • PhillipGaley

      In the 1920 meeting at Sanremo—or San Remo—Italy, Israel's boundaries were set by the conquering powers on land ". . . . which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, . . .", ". . . . recognition is hereby given to the historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country; . . ."; and if reiteration can in any way make more clear, since the Canaanite nation of 3,000 year past—on land taken by conquest—in about 3,000yr, the only group, as a people who have ever lived there—occupied that land area—in nationhood, is ISRAEL—land, formerly a province of the Ottoman's, held as a rather ignored poorest area of the empire, and fallow, . . .

      But further—and, whatever claim the Arabs (as of 1967, called by Arafat and the Lame Street Media, "Palestinians") might have had, from the time of the Sanremo (1920) meeting, having refused Jewish concessions, upon the advise of the Egyptians in war against Israel, in 1947, they abandoned their holdings—the Egyptians promising them great increase after a short war against the Jews.

      But the prophecy of The Lord: "Egypt is a broken reed, whoever leans thereon shall be pierced through.".

      Upon such abandonment—of their land—and with failure to recoup in war, as the Egyptian’s wishful assurances would have had things, the Palestinian Arabs lost all claim to what they formerly had—forever.

      These facts then in mind, by what appearance of logic is Gaza occupied land, or—except colloquially—legal homeland to the Palestinian Arabs?

    • EVABeliever

      Hey little johnwv: Take a look at Gaza: It is a nice place to live. The markets are stocked and the nightlife is jumping. This info comes courtesy of the Arabs in ads placed in the Guardian and other British tabloids. The facts make you look the fool you are. The Truth: Arabs HATE the Jews and will do anything and say anything to further the cause. You will believe anything that validates your hate. Ignorant fools like you are the ones the Arabs pander to.

    • ajnn

      1. "cruel abuse of their goyim inferiors" . We have struck 'jew-hatred' !!!

      2. "collectively tortures and kills its inmates by merely denying necessities" Factually inaccurate. no one is starving in Gaza. No one is without modern medical care. Please note the many Palestinian Arabs from Gaza who bring bombs with their 'medical passports' on their way to treatment in israeli hospitals.

      3. "occupiers of their homeland". This actually requires some thinking and analysis. In short, (a) consider that 500,000 Syrian Arabs entered Israel from 1932-1948 as 'guest workers'. They were never indiginous and that was never their 'homeland'. (b) the majority of israeli Jews and their ancesters stretching back 1,000's of years have NEVER lived outside the Middle East.

      Palestinian Arab propaganda is a powerful force.

    • elihew

      You quite simply are supporting the losing side in this; and for all the wrong reasons. The so-called 'palesinians' are going to eventually be dispersed, or eliminated altogether.

    • DeShawn

      Amen, John, Amen! Godspeed to the flotillas. Squatter jews OUT of PAlestine!

      • aspacia


        I am a high school teacher, and I would bet you barely passed most of you classes, judging by your lack of reasoning. Ten to one you blame everyone else, the racist society, all but your laziness. Do you follow Farrakhan? Admire Malcolm X?

        Your Judeogyny and lack of facts reveals much about you, your probable socio-economic status, and victim, race card politics which I witness in approximately 80% of my students.

        Go back to the sandbox, and leave the adults to discuss facts.

      • Choi

        Did you ever meet your real father,DeShawn?
        Did your mama even know his name?
        Did you learn your JOO-HATRED from "Rev" Wright ?
        Tell you what: Why don't you go for a cruise on the "Audacity of BULL SH _ T" and tell the Israeli Naval Commandos to leave THEIR COUNTRY in person?
        And while you're on board ,maybe you'll meet a descendent of the Arab Muslim who SOLD your ancestors INTO SLAVERY.
        How special would that be?

      • SpiritOf1683

        Workshy jew-hating squatters like you out of America.

    • aspacia

      Ah, John, you should peruse the various sites that expose the luxury hotels, homes and restaurants many Gazans use. Gaza could have been a luxury resort, however Hamas choose to immediately fire rockets into Israel causing eventual retaliation.

      You are quite foolish to not read both sides. Try MEMRI to begin, then the Egyptian run Ah-Ahram, for insight into the myopic Muslim mindset.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        aspacia it is getting to be a hell of a world, would you consider this
        flotilla a mass-psychosis or a kegger for imbiciles……………?William

        • aspacia

          No, it is a well-planned publicity stunt to discredit Israel. This tactic and other tactics worry me about Israel, and is one of the many reasons I support Glenn Beck's campaign supporting this tiny threaten beacon of light.

    • David Ellul

      John WV you are a fool, your eyes (both spiritual and physical) are blinded by lies from the father of all lies. Don't you know that you are actually cursing yourself and your descendants? Israel will overcome every odd possible. Those who Bless Israel will be Blessed and those who curse Israel will be CURSED!

    • Angel

      You have got to be kidding, this is the stuff that nightmares are made off. I don't know where people like you get your sense of morality but it is not from a loving and just God that is for sure. Why not the idea of a one state solution, you know the entire middle east ruled by Israel then we can finally have some peace.

      • aspacia

        Peruse Klaven on the culture regarding a humorous slant on your thought. LOL, I could not agree more:-)

    • Aaron

      When was the last time you were there? These so called inmates are self imposed prisoners looking to do nothing but get rid of Israel. No reparations needed since Palestine was a figment of the British & French imagination. The land legally conquered in war from Egypt & Jordan… yet you don’t hear them crying for their land back!!!! They want to get rid of these “Quote on Quote” abomination to the Arab world much as the Israelis do… You think the Israeli’s want to support them economically? Hell no!!!! Get your facts straight.

    • MixMChess

      JohnWV is a LIAR and has already revealed himself to be a neo-Nazi obsessed with what he sees as "Jewish" control and too much Jewish wealth.

      "Israel has reduced Gaza to an open air prison and collectively tortures and kills its inmates by merely denying necessities."

      This is a lie, Gaza has brand new malls, high-end shopping districts and fancy residential neighborhoods. Gazans receive the equivalent of 1 ton of humanitarian aid per resident.

      "The Jewish State's cruel abuse of their goyim inferiors is on vivid display to the whole world."

      This is nonsense consider Israel treats guarantees equal rights for all of its citizens. Israel supplements much of the needs of the Palestinians in the territories. The Palestinians could support themselves and build and infrastructure, but instead they spend the money on weapons to murder Jews. That is a FACT.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        It must be John WV—-without veracity, without value, without veil…………W

    • mlcblog

      Where are you getting this strange information?

    • Golda

      Your racism and ignorance does not deserve a reply but since others are reading this I will say that there is no longer a land blockade of Gaza (and when thre was no necessities were denied) and the naval bloackde is necesary to prevent weapons from getting through to Hamas.

    • GuyMacher

      If you truly cared about "Palestinians" you would want them all to be cared for by the Jews. Those living in Gaza live lives of luxury and abundance compared with what the Islamic "paradises" offer.

    • Mary T

      You incorrectly lay all responsibility at Israel's feet. Conveniently overlooked are the Arab nations who have manipulated Arab Palestinians into the entitled, self-destructive dependency they have become. If only they too were motivated by a biblical drive to conquer all the land west of the Jordan River, then you could hate them equally as you do Jews and Israel. But alas, they are merely driven to use Arab Palestinians for their own power objectives. Tisk tisk, Polly-anna, it seems that you too are a tool of theirs, but you are incapable of seeing the web they weave.

    • sheri

      you are an idiot

  • Jerry Henderson

    I think that all Palestinians should be moved to New Jersey. That'll stop all this middle eastern nonsense.

    • kafir4life

      Best they be sent to California where they'll be appreciated. New Jersey already has more toxic waste dumps than any other state. They don't need more.

    • Katherine Sands

      Or perhaps Washington D.C.

    • aspacia

      I don't want them. Remember what they did in Jordan causing a horrendous backlash and their expulsion.

    • winoceros

      I'm thinking Connecticut or Vermont. Whatever it is, it should be landlocked and uberliberal.

    • Foolster41

      What did New Jersey ever do to you? :)

    • rusyn

      hey, i live in new jerser. what about bringing them to your state

    • hisham

      Coming back on the articles of lies: The Flotilla of Fools off to Gaza
      by Phyllis Chesler
      I have never seen, heard or read as much manipulation & lies…, as I did in this article! I wonder who reverses the reality, the writer of this blatant article or Walker? Did the writer sleep during the Gaza massacre? Has no one told the writer about 1500 martyrs? More than half of them were women & children!! Thousands of houses demolished!! Have the writer completely forgotten the wall of shame? Thousands of refugees? Thousands of prisoners? Including women & children in the Israeli jails? What about the Goldstone report? The amnesty international reports? The human rights reports, even the Jewish activists reports ? Million of pictures & thousands of documentaries in the internet which authenticate the massacre. Are all these lies? Finally I remember you writer of these lies about two points : that there is no place of liars in world of social media (internet). The second point is that people don’t live only with bread and water. They live with freedom and dignity as well…

    • Peter

      yes, how dare they live on the land their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years! disgusting.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    See what Israeli withdrawal's for peace lead to? Did the Israeli uprooting of its citizens from Gaza bring peace? Did the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza lead to widespread love from the world? No, it just led to rocketfire on Israeli citizens and forced Israelis to go into Gaza to stop the rocketfire to widespread condemnation from the ignorant and gullible fools and anti-semites of the world. Israel needs to expand for peace. It needs to conquer and liberate the inhabitants of the Middle East of their Jihadi brainwashing. Only then will there be peace.

    • Tim Bus

      So who cares if mohammed kills another six million?
      Jew-bashing/antisemitism is the 'in' thing again.

      Alice Walker, Helen Thomas, Mable Elmore, Sunera Thobani, Harsha Walia –
      how many names on that list? There must be100 or more in
      that known and venerated first echelon of ENABLERS.
      Behind them, a second echelon of ENABLERS, another million or more leftards:
      university profs, union 'leaders', 'peace and justice activists', etc.
      Then the third echelon of ENABLERS of mohammedan world domination
      are maybe 100,000,000 common or garden antisemites, the washed and the unwashed.
      Their common thread is their being brainwashed into hating Jews,
      while MOST of them have never met a Jew, and the vast, vast majority
      have never personally suffered in any way, not even a slight, at the hands of a Jew.

  • galt

    randy marsh – your reply says it all – you are the ignorant one, you are the lowlife, have you gone to Gaza, how about the Neveg when the missiles rain on the civilians? What a useful idiot you are! Please donate your brain to science so we can finally find out why there are people like you who have no connection to reality.

  • asd2mom

    Didn't Alice Walker's daughter write how because she refused to have an abortion, her mother has disowned her, saying to her daughter that children destroy your soul? Correct me if I am wrong of course, but I do believe that was her. Either way,Walker has been unbalanced for years and reality is not her forsuit. I suspect that she has been this way for a very long time if not for most of her adult life. Unfortunately because of her literary stature there are some fools who will listen to her.

    • aspacia

      This is possible considering The Color Purple's theme. I never cared for her nor Toni Morrison's works.

    • tagalog

      I'm imagining, after reading this post, what kind of person would criticize HER DAUGHTER'S decision not to have an abortion by saying that "children destroy your soul?" What a nasty, (hopefully) thoughtless, cruel thing to say to your child.

    • martha

      No you are correct, that was Alice Walker. Her daughter wrote any essay about it. The daughter had said that Alice was a distant mothr to begin with.
      How painful it must have been for the daughter to hear that "children destroy your soul"
      Alice is a whack job who has been irrelevant for years, it would be a lot better if she just went to live somewhere else. Maybe Darfur for instnace.

  • Anthony

    The Spirit of evil has descended upon the world in a new and more effective way. It has entered the minds of many deceiving them to believe that wrong is right and good is bad.

    The Bible spoke of confusion among nations and the hearts of many growing cold.

    We can pray, and resist, but be of good cheer because these things must come to pass. The useful minions of Satin has chosen sides, that includes all those fools on those ships, and the millions who follow evil pretending that the evil it manifests is a revealation from God.

    In the end we all answer to God, he cannot be deceived for he knows what is in our hearts.

  • jzsnake

    You know Alice's first husband was Jewish. Probably upset because he dumped her. The wrath of a radical leftist.

    • Tabres

      I think the other amusing part of her argument is how she believes that Israel is like south africa, with whites oppressing blacks. The fact is most Israelis aren't white, and if you put us with a group of Palestinians all wearing western clothes you wont be able to pick out who's Jewish and who's Muslim.

      Alice walker is a fool

  • sodacrackers2

    We are witnessing a world gone mad. We need to first save the United States from the evil and corrupt "lovers of the earth" but not her Creator, "lovers of the collective" but not the individual. The "one world order" these fools are hoping for will be barbarian. Pray for the safety of Israel.

  • judy nyc

    walker is deranged, obviously. the others on these flotillas are dim witted and so unable to grasp reality they don't even know what is the real situation. nor, do any of them care. that includes the so-called "reporters".
    i am quite sure they will get the excitement they crave, these low IQ imbeciles couldn't get that anywhere else.
    this is the age of the moron.
    in my heart of hearts i wish the IDF would sink them, so we could watch them drown and cheer their demise.
    however, they probably won't do that. too bad.
    it would give these floating hate mongers a really excellent adventure.

    • winoceros

      Seriously, how do you look at a seditious activity such as that, knowing how all-in Cynthia McKinney is for it, and say, "That seems like the right thing to do!"?

  • Andres de Alamaya

    If the Israelis get some smarts for a change, they will simply sink all these ships, rescue the crews and passengers and dump them in the Gaza. The Gazans will know what to do with Ms. Walker and the rest. They handled that Italian activist in their traditional manner. That will save us the cost of putting up these mentally sick activists in our insane asylums.

    • winoceros

      They should just use EMP and shut all their little terror tourists down.

    • alan g

      A well placed mine field is definitely in order now along the Gaza coast. That should clear up the problem.

  • Moshe M

    John WV. You've missed the bus. The one you needed to be on was Hitler's. It was the one that would have given you the experience you wanted. Plenty of Jewish weakness,vulnerability and agony. Hizbullah, Hamas, Fatah, Assad and Ahmadinejad will not give that to you.The Jews are in their homeland once again, and they know how to fight. You and all your demented fellow-travellers should take your ignorant Jew-hatred and slink off home. You are seventy years too late.

  • wayne

    The Color Purple? I hated that movie. Now I know why.
    Keep up the good work Phyllis. If Israel falls the whole world is in deep doo doo. The Muslim Nazi's are on the march. I hope the IDF does not allow the flotilla to pass until every ship is boarded and searched. Any resistance should be met with immediate gunfire. The idiots on board need to be taught a tough lesson.

  • Anthony

    Calling Captain Nemo….

  • g_jochnowitz

    The reporters are embedded because the flotilla participants are an army. They have volunteered to fight in a war against Israel.
    Rachel Corrie was also a volunteer in an army.

  • Amused

    Ships of Fools . Sickening indeed .Commandeer the ships to an Israeli port , inspect the cargo , make the sympathizers pay the freight overland through normal channels .No passengers allowed to enter Israel or Gaza . OR -after security ,background and passport checks , let te passengers enter Gaza , and stay there for 3months before issuing exit visas .

  • al Kidya

    I have a suggestion, and this may be risky for Israel but, what if Israel was to lower the blockade temporarilly and allow these fools into Gaza, and then re-close the blackade and force the activists to remain in Palestine?

    They would then see for themselves just how they will be treated by their compatriots.

    Israel could refuse their visas at the borders and not allow them to leave.
    They would have to live there. They could witness first hand just how well taken care of the Palestinian Arabs are by the Israelis. They could see just where the money and food is really going…to Hamas. They could visit the luxury hotels built in Gaza, try to sun bathe on Gaza's beaches. They could record all the video of the exploited and oppressed Arabs…jokng of course.

    I think it's worth the risk ad it would be a great learning experience for these ass-hats.

    • winoceros

      They'd just leave via Egypt at Rafah. But I like the idea of access to Israel being denied, to them and their organizations. Remember if you give aid and comfort to terrorists, you are against us. Those papers should be refused interviews and those human rights workers' groups should be personal non grata in Israel ever again.

    • mcrobbins

      These brilliant luminaries should stay in Sderot for a couple of months. Maybe their puppy love affair with Hamas would finally wear off with the next wind of intellectual fashion. (Or more likely, the exploding of the next rocket.) I doubt any of them would have the courage to do it. No, they would rather stay in Gaza, be lead by the nose by some Hamas propagandist, takes some photos with Hamas "dignitaries", and stuff themselves at Club Roots.

    • A Jew

      They can't, because the legality of the blockade (which is not in doubt) depends on its enforcement. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the blockade is only legal as long as Israel enforces it. If Israel doesn't do so – or if she lets in a ship or two – then the blockade ceases to be legal, and as such, any further attempts to enforce it, become illegal.

      • al Kidya

        Thanks so much for the clarification.
        I was unsure of the legality of the sea blockade.

        I wish HaShem would sweep them over with a huge rogue wave.

    • CanDan99

      Good one, that would do the trick.

      Same reason they have fences at the zoo.

      Keep the stupid people out.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    A few days ago our news media reported that two large bays within two of the sterner jails in Israel have been vacated out from islamic convicted murderers and other such things, but not all. Pending the arrival of those hailing from whatever that may be. It is common knowledge that the Israeli Navy Seals, (shayetet #13), have opted for their standard weapons insted of rubber bullets and paint ball guns.

    About JohnWV's rant. Fellow, you can always come on over and try us… Come on John, prove your mettle. Join the flotilla and let us know ya there… LOL

  • hrayspitz

    IIRC, Obama's political mentor, Ayers is supposed to be in the flotilla. Ayers, Walker and a bunch of "journalists": what a joy it would be to see the entire flotilla of blockade runners blown out of the water!

    • winoceros

      Mines are too good for them.

      • Choi

        Torpedoes WORK

        • SpiritOf1683

          And Exocet missiles work even better.

    • mlcblog

      I'd actually like to be there just to watch the little twit in disaction. He is a piece of work, especially when trying to call the shots in an demonstration. He goes sideways. Really weird. Off in a world of his own, but he sure gets the press!!

  • Bryan

    She speaks at length about the abundance to be found in Gaza. There are plenty of resources online to see for one’s self. But we hear open air concentration camps? Reminds me of an ex who’s motto was ‘my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts’.

  • Marty

    This boat and it’s pathetic passengers really ought to be named ship of fools. Perhaps if they disembarked and spent time with the poor, oppressed, Palestinians in their markets and shops they could observe what horrible living conditions prevail. Then they could visit the launching sites for the rockets that are aimed for Israeli towns. Perhaps they would notice that the sites are located in schools and mosques to enable the Hamas cowards to try to kill Israeli children with impunity.

  • aspacia


    Do I have to document the numerous atrocities Muslims have committed against Jews since 1911? How about the atrocities Muslims still commit against Christians? Why is your focus only on Israel and not Darfer, Libya, Egypt, Syria? Ever read about the atrocities committed in Middle-Eastern Muslim prisons. Any self-defensive action Israel takes or actions in their prisons pale in comparison to what Muslims do to their minorities.

    muchless, you are Judeogynist, just admit you are, we all know this by you words, omissions, and lies.

    • Chiggles

      I don't disagree with you but…"judeogynist"? That literally means "Jew-woman-ist". Maybe you should use "Judeophobe" instead.

  • michael

    "The Flotilla of Fools" Well said… these fools will be on the front lines of the new Hitler mentality to "deal" with the Jews…

  • winoceros

    Does Walker understand what a useful idiot she is? Does she not see what kind of Paliwood she's been shown, while her minders steer her doe eyes in the correct direction, past the sobbing barefoot children lying on the dirt roads?

    Don't look up, Alice, you tool, you might see the satellite dishes.

  • Greenconsciousness

    Someone on Uppity Woman's blog called it the "Audacity of Dopes."..

  • Chron

    'Bad enough that the United Nations and the Palestinian leadership are planning to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state on sovereign Israeli land."

    This sentence is hilarious given the very nature of Israel's creation and persistent invasion of sovereign Palestinian land through their expansion despite international attempts to amicably end their invasion.

    • pagegl

      There has never been a sovereign Palestinian land, never. Prior to the spread of Islam Judea was (still is as a matter of fact) the Jewish homeland. After all the internecine fighting of the Muslims to control each other, Judea was ruled by the Ottomans (Turks if you don't know who the Ottomans were). The Ottomans allied themselves with the Germans in WW1, so, after their defeat Judea became a protectorate of England and France. In 1948, what was once theirs was returned to the Jews. And the Muslims have been trying to steal ever since.

    • MixMChess

      You're an idiot Chron, Israel has never "invaded" Palestinian land. It has captured Palestinian land while defending itself from INVADING Arab states and terrorists. Israel is not expanding its SHRINKING. It already gave up Gaza (and was thanked with countless missiles lobbed at its children), and is willing to give up parts of the W. Bank (even though settlements exist on LESS THAN 2% of the W. Bank land).

    • ObamaYoMoma

      How can you like a gullible useful idiot stupidly accept and believe the absurd propaganda (taqiyya) of Muslims who without exception violently oppress and systematically persecute all Christians and all other unbelievers living in every Muslim majority country in the world without exception? Of Muslims who besides waging permanent and perpetual jihad against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel for the purpose of conquest, are also waging at the same time permanent and perpetual jihads of conquest against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir and Jammu, against the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, against the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, against the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, against the animist and Christian unbelievers in the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, against the Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Serbia, and on and on ad nauseum. Do you also support all those other jihads of conquest the Islamic world is also waging perpetually against all those other unbelievers as well, or like the anti-Semitic bigot you obviously are, do you just single out Jews? Indeed, just how naïve, gullible, myopic, stupid, and bigoted can one be? Are you really that unhinged and mentally deficient? Judging by your statement, very apparently so!

  • Greenconsciousness

    I say "Audacity of Dupes"…

  • Amused

    OK , put aside the HISTORICAL EVIDENCE , that JEWS inhabited Israel long before arabs were even muslims , long before arabs migrated up from the Arabian Peninsula , forget if you will that every shred of archaeological evidence PROVES the jews were there first , built Jerusalem , were conquered by the Babylonians , and yet returned to their homeland , rebuilt their Temple on the Temple Mount , again conquered by the Romans ,but continually maintained a presence in the land even through The Occupation of the Ottoman Empire /Caliphate , which was inturn ousted by the British after WW1 . Not to mention that there was no people called "palestinian " until the term was contrived in the late 1960's. There is not now , nor was there EVER "a sovereign Palestinian land " .

    • Vermont Yid

      Amused, I agree with all that you have have said. I would, however, like to add this.

      The whole Israeli – "palestinian" issue has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with real estate/land. It's all about religion. The Israelis (the Jews) could give up every square millimeter of land – every grain of sand and the so-called "palestinians" would not be satisfied, because the Jews would still be alive. Again, it's all about religion.

      As for the "flotilla": If and when they get near Gaza, give them one warning to turn about and go back where they came from. If they refuse, sink every f—in' one of them.

    • Poyani

      "Historical evidence"?

      Oh you mean the bible. That's so cute that you think the Bible is "historical evidence". It's also cute that you think that Israelis today are the same Jewish people as the ones kicked out by the Romans.

      I actually tested this out scientifically. I once traveled to Israel in search of one person who was 2000 years old. Couldn't find even one. The mythical 2000 year old Jew who may be "returning" to Israel simply did not exist.

      All I found were people who were between 0 to 120 years old (who by definition could not return to somewhere they have never been to before).

      It's funny that extreme right's incapabilities are not related their lack of deduction skills (which do exist). It is due to their inability to understand very very simple words. Words like "return". You can only "return" to somewhere you have been to before. I know it's hard to understand. By try to make your head go blurry. Concentrate. Push blood into your brain. Finally you may be able to understand this very basic definition (hopefully).

  • Choi

    PHOOK U!
    "INJUSTICES the Palestinians endured"?

  • Choi

    Sure hope Ayers and his bitch get a personaL introduction to the Israeli Naval Commandos.
    In fact,it would be real interesting if Israel would capture them and DEMAND Gilad Shalit's RELEASE as a pre-condition for "discussing" Ayers' and Dohrn's "release".

  • Black Eagle

    Israel will never win the propaganda war by mere truth-telling, and plays too soft with these idiots. They should state up front, that any seized boat will become the property of the Israeli government, with the captain of such a ship getting an automatic 5-year prison sentence, and a 1 year prison sentence and/or $10,000 fine for the passengers, or other violators of their borders in such a forced manner. Let Alice Walker be put into prison stripes and forced to pick beets in the summer sun for a few months. They only do this because they know Israel will treat them kindly, give them a stage for public denunciations in front of international media, and then let them go home without too much discomfort.

  • deurotelle

    I would be willing to bet that very few of the posters here have first-hand knowledge of what goes on in the Middle East. You have opinions that have been carefully crafted and handed to you. You have been sold on the 'evils' of Islam, a religion that is no more or less manipulative and evil as are Chritianity and Judaism. Those few who take the side of Palestine seem to have put more research into the matter, of necessity, since the mainstream news sources are, for the most part, unquestioning supporters of the Israeli government.
    I would bet that nobody partaking of the aid flotilla means to 'destroy Israel' as much as they wish to help people they see as oppressed. Perhaps they DO wish to destroy Zionism, which is certainly not the same thing as Jewishness.
    Governments (Zionism, Republicanism, Communism, etc.) will always use fear and misinformation to control their people and keep us opposed to the foreigner or the "other".
    There is truth hidden amongst the all the propaganda, who can find it?

    • MixMChess

      "I would be willing to bet that very few of the posters here have first-hand knowledge of what goes on in the Middle East."

      I'm willing to bet you're an idiot and dead wrong son. I've been to the Middle East and have first-hand knowledge of the conditions in Gaza and so-called "refugee camps" (more like luxurious towns) in the W. Bank and Lebanon. Walk away before you get schooled.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      You have been sold on the 'evils' of Islam, a religion that is no more or less manipulative and evil as are Chritianity and Judaism.

      Really…Islam is no more or less manipulative and evil than Christianity and Judaism? Ok genius then please explain why Christians and all other non-Muslims living in every Muslim majority country in the world are without exception violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether. While you are at it, please also explain why Christians and all other non-Muslims living in every Muslim majority country in the world are without exception forbidden from building new houses of worship and from openly practicing their respective religions, at the same time that Muslim immigrants living in the West are perfectly free to build thousands of mosques and madrassas and to openly and freely practice Islam. Indeed, while you are at it also please explain why everywhere mass Muslim immigration has occurred in the West, the vast overwhelming majority of those Muslim immigrants have refused to assimilate and integrate and instead formed segregated Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within societies and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside?

      Obviously, you are not only a very gullible useful idiot, but you are clearly a little more than just a little mentally handicapped as well. Indeed, how can anyone miss those glaring inconsistencies? Just how myopic and narrow-minded can one be?

      Those few who take the side of Palestine seem to have put more research into the matter, of necessity, since the mainstream news sources are, for the most part, unquestioning supporters of the Israeli government.

      What Palestine? There has never been a country called Palestine ever in the history of the world? Are you delusional or hallucinatory?

      I realize that just like all other mentally incompetent delusional leftists you believe that you are exponentially far more intelligent than us conservative Neanderthals, but nevertheless the reality is the lamestream media has for decades been deliberately mis-portraying the events in Israel in terms of it being an Arab – Israel conflict, when the real reality is being Arab has exactly nothing whatsoever to do with the events taking place in Israel. Indeed, Druze and Christian Arabs aren’t fighting Jews or anyone else for that matter, and Israel’s biggest nemesis today, Iran, is a country mostly comprised of Persians and not Arabs.

      Hence, again being Arab has exactly nothing whatsoever to do with the events that are taking place in Israel other than a lot of Arabs also happen to be Muslims, and this deliberate mis-portrayal of the events in Israel by the lamestream media has misled untold millions of people around the world including obviously you into believing that the struggle in Israel is between Arabs and Israel, when the real reality is what is taking place in Israel is really a permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world via their proxy the so-called Palestinian people.

      Furthermore, the permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel is no different from the many other permanent jihads of conquest also being waged against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir and Jammu, against the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, against the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, against the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, against the animist and Christian unbelievers in the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, against the Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Serbia, and on and on ad nauseum, of which through your infinite wisdom, you are obviously oblivious of since according to you, Islam is “a religion that is no more or less manipulative and evil as are Christianity and Judaism.”

      In any event, I hate to rain on your mentally deficient parade, but the main goal of Islam is to subjugate all unbelievers into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia, as Islam only masquerades as being a religion to dupe and deceive the gullible societies it fully intends to subjugate.

  • SpiritOf1683

    Naziboy, how do you feel about the liberation of Auschwitz. Is it still a bee in your bonnet that rankles after all these years? It looks like it.

  • pagegl

    Any injustices against the Palestinians have been perpetrated by the Arab states that surround Israel. Israel is, and has been, defending itself from Muslim aggression. Judea has been the Jewish homeland for thousands of years before Mohammed started blathering on in an attempt to enrichen himself. You really need to read about the true history of the middle east before you make such foolish coments.

  • muchiboy


    "Do I have to document the numerous atrocities Muslims have committed against Jews since 1911?"

    No,but atrocities committed by Muslims against Jews doesn't negate nor justify Jewish atrocities against the Palestinian people,Aspacia.

    " you are Judeogynist, just admit you are, we all know this by you words, omissions, and lies."

    Well,they do say if it quacks like a duck,Aspecia.Anyway,we have had this argument many times,and you and yours forever equate Antisemitism and anti Zionism.I understand your motives in that you do not have to justify the unconscionable acts of the Zionists,but it is a flawed argument.We just have to agree to disagree on this one.Hopefully there is a way around this seemingly impassible argument.

    Now,Aspacia,that's not very welcoming,is it? muchiboy (was my Fox Terrier and best friend)

    • MixMChess

      "Jewish atrocities against the Palestinian people,Aspacia."

      There is no such thing as a Jewish atrocities against Palestinians. This is a fabrication and you know it. You just hate Jews, bottom line.

      "Well,they do say if it quacks like a duck,"

      Glad you admit you're a filthy antisemite.

      "…and you and yours forever equate Antisemitism and anti Zionism."

      They are one in the same. As both Eli Wiesel and Martin Luther King will attest to.

      "I understand your motives in that you do not have to justify the unconscionable acts of the Zionists,but it is a flawed argument."

      No moron, its not a flawed argument. Aspacia has the FACTS on her side. Israel was established through legal and legitimate means and the Arabs have inflicted terror and war against her since day one. Its that simple. All you have is lies and propaganda. You don't know the first thing about Middle East history. You have admitted your ignorance on countless occasions. Do me a favor, go back and curl up with your cheap bottle of Thunderbird and let the adults talk, m'kay?

  • LindaRivera

    Dr. Chesler,

    Thank you so much for this outstanding article. If only your TRUTH and FACTS article could be published in media around the world!

    Mahatma Gandhi was a very sick and disgusting person. Not only did he say of the Jews that "the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs…" Gandhi made terrible statements to India's Hindus, including that male and female Hindus should SUBMIT to barbaric, attacking Muslims.

    Leader, Gandhi's sick, perverted beliefs caused great harm to India's Hindus and irreparable harm to the nation of India. A large portion of India was surrendered up to Islam – the new country became Pakistan. The jihad never stops against hated infidel, India. The jihad is daily; the consequences of surrendering non-Muslim land to Islam.

    It is NEVER land for peace with Islam. It is always Land in exchange for war. Israel foolishly gave up Gaza and experienced greatly increased rockets and war.

  • tagalog

    Is NATO going to provide air support, with the U.S. contributing its drones to the effort?

  • jayost5419

    "The Audacity of Hope" should be re-christened as the "Ship of Fools." Onward useful idiots.

  • LindaRivera

    Israel and the entire free world must learn from the dreadful lesson of what happened to India. A huge genocide. 80 million Hindus murdered by Muslims. Terrible suffering, slavery and horrific atrocities were perpetrated against India's highly civilized Hindus by cruel, barbaric Muslims.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And G-D said, "What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground."

    The Muslim Conquest OF INDIA

    (Chapter 6 of‘The Story of Civilization’- Vol. 1)
    By Will & Ariel Durant

    The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.

  • LindaRivera

    The flotilla of humanity betrayers have united themselves with Muslim terrorists. Do the flotilla organizers and passengers plan on offering up these same services to Muslim terrorists who regularly attack other countries in the global jihad, or is it only Israel they seek to destroy?

    HATED Infidel Israel is the VICTIM of global jihad.

    In the Palestinian Authority, streets, summer camps, schools, tournaments, and city squares are dedicated to, and named after savage terrorist killers of Jewish innocents. Hatred and murder of Jews is preached in mosques, media, speeches and public education systems.

    A Muslim woman was caught strapped with a bomb belt on her way to the hospital to blow up among the kind Jewish doctors and nurses who healed her.

    All Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of Palestine covering ALL Israel. The goal: Muslim conquest of ALL Israel. Stop the planned Second Holocaust!

  • LindaRivera

    The Flotilla Deceivers won't say a word about the vicious persecution of Christians by Muslims. The Flotilla haters DON'T CARE that non-Muslims are horribly persecuted by Muslims!

    The famous majority Christian city of Bethlehem in Judea and the famous majority Christian city of Nazareth are now both majority Muslim. Most Arab Christians have been driven out of their highly cherished cities by cruel Muslim persecution.

    The suffering and persecution of Christians in Egypt has worsened since Mubarak's ouster. There is no one to help! Suffering and persecution of Christians, Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh is increasing. There is no one to help! Human rights for all non-Muslims now!

  • MadamaAmbi

    An intractable conflict takes two to tango.

    • morph2020

      Yeah, you can end all conflict by surrendering to the bad guys.

      Would you use a pacifist antibiotic that doesn't kill bacteria, but only asks them to leave?

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    And they sail again…
    So did the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Crusaders, Turks, Brutish. None of them had any roots here, they had no connection to the people here but I guess, much as many commenters they seem to believe to had rights of ultimate importance to decide what, who, when and much more about the Land of Israel.
    The "flotilla" of today is not different from the flotillas that brought other murderous trash to our shores over the thousands of years since Bible times.
    Less than a kilometer away from my living room are the ruins of a Crusader Station.
    Slightly to the North from there is a Taggart rifle firing tower left behind by the Brutish. Across the street from our apartment is a small hill used by the Turks as an artillery training post. Under that were found remains of Roman military outpost.
    Now. Who in h… gave those and the rabble from Sudan, Saudi Arabia. Egypt, etc that labeled themselves "palestinians" a few decades ago, "rights over Jewish ancestral lands.? And the same applies to those creeps sailing now.
    I forgot. 12 kilometers away ther is still working Roman aqueduct.
    Some folk overseas is playing a very dangerous game folks.

  • flowerknife_us

    May Frogs hole their Lilly pads..

    Is their really protections for these American News outlets to openly take part in an act of War against another nation? These News outlets are not there to "cover the story". They are the story.

    Call it Lilly Pad #1.

  • Laura

    Alice Walker is clearly an anti-Semite and knows exactly what she is doing. The same goes for everyone involved with the jihad flotilla. They are not naive innocents believing they are pursuing the cause of "peace", but are in fact willing enablers of a potential Jewish genocide. We may as well refer to them as neo-nazis.

    As for those members of the media involved. They are not to be considered legitimate journalists, since they are engaged in actively agitating against the Jewish state and abetting its enemies.

  • Bose

    Criticism of a nation’s policies are not criticism of ts people. You cannot call it antisemitism. There is a reason that Zionism is compared to Nazism, they are both fascists and racist nationalists who undermine the rights of others that are not like them. There is no double standard. It was monstrous then and it is monstrous now. The fact that people defend Israel and smear critics just blows my mind. You either believe the ridiculous lies and propaganda (which is unbeliable condsidering the absurdity of it) or you are deliberately hiding the truth making you an agent of evil. Zionism is not Judaism. The lines have blurred over the years, but even the Jewish people as a whole along with all the world leaders rejected it is a dangerous ideology. By settling holocaust refugees in Palestine and subjective them to Zionist brainwashing, Judaism and Zionism are currently attached to the hip. But this is not good. World Jewry should separate from Zionism now before it is too late. Before people equate Zionist and Israel crimes with the Jewish people. Don’t you see what I’m saying? There will be real antisemitism which will lead to further persecution or worse. As for the Chrisitan Evangilicals, stop supporting this! The militarized criminal apartheid state of Israel is not the biblical one. It fulfills no prophecies. Carrying out action to create a prophecy fulfillment is insanity. The Zionists vandalized your reference bibles in the 20th century anyways to make you believe this. It was all a trick. I cannot believe this disgusting article calling for the genocide of humans basically. The Gaza seige is illegal under national law as is the blockade in the water. The Rafah border opening was a ruse as were the “aid trucks” today, tricks employed to stop the flotilla not by the Egyptians but orchestrated by the Israelis. If they were serious they would end the siege but they are not serious. They will demonize Americans and maybe even murder them to get their way. This is a problem and any American supporting their actions is unAmerican like the author. Remember the USS Liberty. Not an accident, they flew two giant bullet-ridden flags. Israel has artifacts from the attack in their wartime museum. They honor those who murdered Americans. These are not the actions of friends. Americans who support this are not Americans and should be imprisoned due to treason, the entire Zionist lobby and all you cult members are criminals. When the day comes, just remember we know where you stand. Not with the USA and not with the forces of good. We won’t forget. You will all be sorry

  • gorgonzola

    It speaks volumes that Horowitz and his bootlickers represented here are unable to address any issue without resorting to cheap pejoratives like "fools."

    • MixMChess

      Would you prefer we refer to the flotilla organizers for what they truly are, Jew-hating terrorists? Does that make you feel better? I would rather be a Horowitz bootlicker tha have anything to do with the boots of the gestapo Fakestinians. I guess you don't mind excusing and justifying the torture and murder of Jewish children?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      OK they are not fools, just geniuses mistaken for idiots, wizards of
      smart taken to task for their duplicity which fools no one but then they
      are not fools, just a bunch of dilettants out for a jaunt at the expense of
      Israel and what is right in the Middle East while in support of Islamist terror.
      Gorgonzola, stop being so cheesy………………………………William

    • tagalog

      I think the article was probably making a reference to the once-famous book and movie Katherine Ann Porter's "Ship of Fools," which was an allegorical novel that discussed the errors that brought on the Holocaust. Perhaps being better-read would have caused you to moderate the tone of your post.

      Or maybe the reference comes from a more recent source, Wang Chung's song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," which makes reference to us all being on a ship of fools as the world crumbles around us.

  • Ghostwriter

    Again with the anti-semitic drivel,muchiboy? The Jews have suffered for centuries,the last thing they need is people like you saying that they have no right to live in their own country. As for the flotilla,all I have to say about them is what the Israelis will say when they are spotted by them. They'll say "The idiots are coming,the idiots are comming!"

  • Ghostwriter

    As for gorgonzola,I'll say this "If the shoe fits,wear it."

  • soloman4israel

    a very good article thank you.(israeli working in europe)
    keeping up with news from home/family daily,i try to see what is being said in other places on a news report(ma'an) i noticed their one sided hate reporting and comments,so i made comment in 2 places advising not only the paper but those who made comment of their one sided badly informed rantings.
    listing,the olympic pool,malls,water parks,palm village,movenpick hotel,just to mention a few.
    my comments were not printed to date,but my complaints about their one sided reports were,makes you wonder.
    as ma'an is going to be on the next hate flotilla we can expect some more one sided hate reports to go with the rest, not that i shall waste my time again with their anti israeli/jewish brainwashing,(I THINK JOHN WV) who has made comment on these pages must be one of the badly informed sheep who read their rag.

  • bnbs

    There are over 2million Palestinians living in Israel in peace & freedom free to leave whenever they want. They choose to stay. Kinda says something about all the antiIsraeli rhetoric, doesn't it?

  • Leigh Harrison

    Anyone who's seen the videos of the new, plush shopping mall in Gaza knows that the people of Gaza aren't "wretched" or "suffering." Anyone who's seen the photographs of their beautiful, bountiful, produce-filled outdoor markets knows they aren't "starving" or "living in poverty." The illusion of their "suffering is a long-documented game by the PLO and Hamas to garner as much charitable donations from the confused around the world who think they're helping the Gazans, but the money is always used for weapons to use against the Israelis. The misguided souls who think they're "doing good" to help the "poor people of Gaza" by joining the flotilla are being used as pawns, and have allowed the taqiyya of the Islamic jihadists to sway them, in the malicious — and continual — war of genocide against the Israelis.

  • johnnywoods

    Hey muchiboy, Why don`t you spend an afternoon or two studying the history of Israel and the Palestinians? It would shed a little light on your ignorance. You can do this at one of those places they call libraries.

  • MixMChess

    Anyone who supports the flotilla is a filthy LIAR and an antisemite.

    Israel guarantees that Palestinians are never denied any basic life support needs at any time. Despite CONSTANT attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations, Israel maintains an "ongoing humanitarian corridor for the transfer of perishable and staple food items to Gaza." Approximately 1 million tons of humanitarian supplies enter Gaza from Israel on an annual basis. For example, from June 2009 – June 2010, "1,025,686 tons of aid, 49,610 tons of cooking gas and 136,097,330 liters of fuel have been delivered to the Gaza Strip." That is the equivalent of one ton of food and aid per Gaza resident.

    Food and other humanitarian supplies are shipped from Israel to Gaza six days a week, 52 weeks a year. In a typical week the IDF coordinates the transfer of hundreds of trucks containing about 15,000 tons of supplies. For example, "during the week of May 18, 2010 there were more than 100 truckloads of animal food, 65 trucks of fruit and vegetables; 22 truckloads of sugar, some 27 truckloads of meat, poultry and fish; and 40 trucks of dairy products." At holiday times, Israel increases transfers – during Ramadhan and Eid al-Adha, Israel shipped "11,000 heads of cattle into Gaza."

    As for medical care, Palestinians can receive free medical care in Israel. Palestinians are only denied medical care if Hamas or the P.A. does not grant a permit to release the patient.

    Israel maintains an open medical corridor for patients coming out of Gaza. Did you know that about 200 medical staff members go to Gaza every month? In 2009 alone, "10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel. Moreover, there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes."

    If that wasn't enough, the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donates "$3 million in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel." Israel also transfer tons of medical supplies to Gaza. In 2009, 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were shipped into Gaza. In the first quarter of 2010, Israel shipped 152 trucks of medical supplies and equipment into Gaza. In a typical week approximately 37 truckloads of hygiene products are shipped to Gaza. And in 2009, Israel coordinated the transfer of medical supplies for the disabled including "wheelchairs, crutches and first aid kits. Other equipment shipped to Gaza include heart-monitors, baby feeding tubes, dental equipment, medical books, ambulance emergency equipment, artificial limbs and infant sleeping bags."

  • Grasswill

    Phyllis gives way too much credit to Walker: she is not misinformed, or misled this is the only “cause” that could override questions about her real character which her daughter exposed in her honest memoirs. No other cause could “erase” the exposure inthe public’s mind. If she were to take on the cause of hunger, for nstance, or a feminist cause, she’ still be besmirched, people would still be half wondering about her. This way, she is a hero without taking on any political risk, can look like she is taking on controversy and powerful Israel when she is dimly tapping into the anti-Semetic, vampiristic fervor of the left. No ones mind will be on Rebecca Walkers memoirs in this fervor. Alice could have made a more brilliant career move.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Theatre of the absurd could not come up with this insanity, I would consider
    that they are all doing meth and cocaine while escaped from a mental asylum.
    Ever what happens to the floating clowns is brought on themselves by their
    death wish for Jews and flagitious devotion to evil, eschewing good and
    destined for It's absence in their lives now and forever………………William

  • mlcblog

    I love that there is so much more light being shone on this venture than the last one. We pray in church Lord, expose the work of the devil!! God is faithful!! Thank you, new news media!! and your faithful members.

  • sydell

    john w
    You appear to be ignorant of the Arab history and their neglect of gaza.Your comment is anti semitic and you appear to know little of Jewish culture and values.
    Since 1948 Israel was the only stable Democracy and the only economy available to the Palestinians,
    After the Arabs agressive war of 1967,Jordan did not want Gaza or the Palestinians back
    The Arab world sent no aid to gaza since 1948
    Since gaza was given was given to the Palestinians ,there has been constant attacks on israel.Would you allow this near your home
    The Palestinians refuse to accept the presence of Israel and that is the problemEverything else is negotiable

  • Max Friedman

    Alice Walker is an old communist sympathizer, avowed Castro-lover, and a fool. Other than that, she might be a nice person.

    So were the Germans who assured the Jews in the concentration camps that they were only going into the buildings for a cleansing shower.

    Stupidity and evil never change.

  • Earl.

    Sink all of the boats. Let the fascists drown in the sea like the Egyptian army at the time of the Exodus.

  • curmudgeon

    what a boon it would be to our nation in particular, and the civilized world, if the "audacity of hope" sank with all hands.

  • Terry

    My suggestion to Israel. You won't be thanked whatever you do so you may as well do what you have to do.

    Warn the boats once to turn around. If they don't, sink them.

    There!! End of flotilla problem. And a few less wannabe Jew murderers in the world. Sort of win win for everyone, no? I suggest any survivors are taken to Syria.

  • mlcblog

    Most of all, she sees the Palestinians and herself as “non-violent” actors in this great drama.

    Alice may as well be saying 2 + 2 = 9 for all the truth this belief holds.

  • Richard N

    Ms Walker may wish to travel on to southern sudan, where real atrocities are occurring against the nuba.

    • Morrissey

      Real atrocities are occurring against the people of Gaza. Unlike the perpetrators of the crimes against Gaza, the Sudanese government doesn't enjoy the tacit support of the United States government, nor does it have an indefatigable corps of bloodthirsty commentators like Alan Dershowitz and Phyllis Chesler, or of people like yourself, always attempting to divert attention from its atrocities.

      One of these days the United States will cease to tolerate the outrages committed by its most aggressive vassal state in the middle east—just like it eventually withdrew its support for apartheid South Africa, Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Suharto's Indonesia.

      What will happen to Israel when that happens?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Muchiboy has admitted that his grandfather is a so-called Palestinian. Hence, even while he readily acknowledges that Christians and all other non-Muslims living in every Muslim majority country in the world are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether without exception, and that Muslims are waging jihad around the world not only against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel but also against Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir and Jammu, Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, animist and Christian unbelievers in the Ivory Coast, Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Serbia, and on and on ad nauseum, like the unhinged anti-Semitic bigot he is, he nonetheless still obsessively incites hatred and violence against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel every chance he gets. Thus, of course, he supports the useful idiots’ participation in their insane flotilla, because he is obviously more than a little mentally deficient and very conflicted.

  • The_Lord_Regent

    Shouldn't you just go back to sodomizing the inmates, while fantasizing that you're doing a six-year-old jewish boy?

  • muchiboy

    " "Well,they do say if it quacks like a duck,"

    Glad you admit you're a filthy antisemite." "

    By your flawed reasoning I am anti-Semitic.You wrongly and consistently insist on equating Antisemitism with Anti-Zionism.And I admit to my Anti-Zionism.I don't think we will get pass this,except maybe over a few cold beers.Maybe someday.As I stated in an earlier post,hopefully this will not be a barrier preventing further resolutions to the many differences over the conflict.

    "Naziboy, how do you feel about the liberation of Auschwitz. Is it still a bee in your bonnet that rankles after all these years? It looks like it."

    Spiritof….Every once and a while I read your posts in the so far vein hope that you have matured somewhat.You still disappoint me.You throw around "Nazi" as if it were just another four letter word.It isn't,my boy.If anything,it is at the opposite end of the continuum of human behavior that begins with RIGHTEOUS……….and ends in………. EVIL.
    Call me stupid,a bigot or a racist,but not a Nazi.Reserve that for the darkest evil that man is capable of doing to another human or race.Me thinks you are too young and/or immature to be allowed on this forum.It should be reserved for grown ups.muchiboy.

    • MixMChess

      "You wrongly and consistently insist on equating Antisemitism with Anti-Zionism."

      I'm not wrong, and I have Elie Wiesel and Martin Luther King Jr. to back me up. Who do you have to back you up besides noted neo-Nazis, bigots and hate-mongers (David Duke, Jeff Rense, Louis Farakkhan, Norman Finkelstein…)?

      "You throw around "Nazi" as if it were just another four letter word.It isn't,my boy.If anything,it is at the opposite end of the continuum of human behavior that begins with RIGHTEOUS……….and ends in………. EVIL."

      This coming from an anti-intellectual douche who routinely (and incorrectly) compares Israelis to Nazis? Just like everything else in muchiboys world, double-standards area always applied. What sound logic. And you wonder why everyone has dismissed you as border-line mentally handicapped?

      "Call me stupid,a bigot or a racist,but not a Nazi.Reserve that for the darkest evil that man is capable of doing to another human or race."

      Ok, you are stupid, a bigot, a racist and whether you like to admit it or not, you are a neo-Nazi who hates Jews. Perhaps you aren't as direct in your "final solution" (gas chambers), but you sure are trying damn hard to get their in a round-about way (terrorism directed at Jews in Israel and worldwide). Maybe you should follow the ingrate DeShawn back over to VNNforums where you belong?

    • Morrissey

      Carry on stating the truth like you do, muchiboy, in a calm and reasoned manner. Nothing goads a bigot like "Salubrious" into a foaming fury like being confronted with irrefutable evidence that he is in the wrong.

      In a way it's funny (in a black comedy sort of way) to read these people denying there's an occupation, and asserting that Gaza is "filled with luxury hotels, office buildings, palatial villas, nightclubs, beach clubs, and well-stocked markets."

      People like Phyllis Chesler are just too brutal, insensitive and stupid to realize they are mimicking the stories that appeared in the western press seventy years ago—full of "good news" about Theresienstadt and showing how easy life was in the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • aspacia

    Hpw about misjueopist?

  • Seastink

    This is the perfect opportunity for the IDF to get some practice with the deck gun.

    • Morrissey

      Funny joke, Nazi.


  • Eve

    I live in Israel, I am a leftist and opposed to the occupation. Unfortunately every word Mcrobbins says about Hamas is true. I recently met a young American nurse who works in Gaza. She was no fan of Israel but her comments on Hamas were scathing. She said that they are corrupt and the Gazans she knows hete them.

    And, as a feminist, for the life of me I cant understand how anyone who claims to
    be for womens rights can not be opposed to Hamas if only on the basis of their
    attitudes and policies towards women!

    • mcrobbins

      It is to the credit of the Israeli people to want a peaceful solution, whether they reside on the left, right, or middle. There has been so much hope that a solution would be realized. However, the other side has acted with duplicity and subterfuge. Israel's gestures have been met with bombs, rockets, and murders. It is not surprising that the Israeli public is cynical about the peace process. It is not hard to gather that the Palestinian leadership is not interested in peace.

      The Palestinians have too many infantile entitlement issues. Unfortunately, the world has indulged them. Alan Dershowitz has said many times that the world has let the Palestinians get away with bad behavior. Behind all the noise in the PA is an envy of Israel and an inferiority complex. They see that Israel is a sophisticated, highly educated, and technologically advanced society. Israel has done amazing things in over 60 years. Looking through the lens of a Koranic theology of glory that sees the ummah as the favored people of the earth, they must feel the disconnect with the realities of the modernized world.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    I have had opportunity lately to study the creation of the state of Israel. Using books and documents from both sides of this issue I tried to educate myself to the truth. I found that by and large land was purchased from Arabs. I does appear that some Arabs were removed but this was due to attacks carried out against the new state of Israel. Even land that was basically useless, swamps and desert and rocks, was purchased. The Israelis turned this land into beautiful productive farmland. I also found that that an area was set aside to be settled by those who sold their land in Transjordan. Unfortunately, they were discouraged by nations around them who had declared a war of extermination against the Jews and had lost. Israel had a right to the land that was lost during that war by the Muslim countries. It should also be remembered that these countries had supported Nazis Germany during WWII. Israel captured more land through the years in wars initiated by their neighbors, but in the attempts at peace and interference of the League of Nations (later the UN) much land was given back to the aggressor. I won't take time to share all that I learned, but this should give a quick overview. I will continue to study but this certainly should quiet the idea that the Jews were cruel aggressors who had no right to be in the Middle East. (to say nothing about the oldest title deed called the Bible)

    • Morrissey

      Could you give us a list of the books you read during your "study" of the creation of Israel?

      From your post, it seems you haven't read ANYTHING—but I could be wrong!

  • tomas alla

    Please force these know nothings to be forced to live in saudi Arabia or Iran or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Somolia or Yemen or …………. They all have something in common. They are prime examples of what happens when the religion of a Pedophile takes over the government, religion, commerce, law, food, travel, domestic relations, and all other aspects of life for an enslaved people who really have no idea how they lost their democratic and constitutional rights. They are like camels in the desert, no clues, no solutions, etc. as long as they think they can force others ot be in their herd of misery.

  • BS77

    no doubt a small fraction of the population, like Walker, are basically irrational , without any sense or intellectual integrity. Many of the leftist or liberal activists are fools following other fools. History, even empirical evidence means nothing to the indoctrinated . Remember, those who are truly brainwashed never know it.

  • soloman4israel

    iv'e just been re-reading this report and have just noticed (gorgonzola-page 2, 3 days ago)
    -11 how i missed it before i dont know,but it does go to show that we are permitted our opinion here even if what we have to say is not to every-ones likeing,unlike some sites where i have posted polite/friendly/comments,correcting their lies/bad one sided reporting and have never seen my opinion posted infact one site posted my comment relating to the fact that they would not post my comments,what are those type of sites scared of ?most of their readers already seem brainwashed,so surely the truith isn't going to make an difference.

  • elitist

    Phyliss, you are doing heroic work against this mass psychosis of western self-loathing and Islamization (anti-semitism being a prominent symptom).

    we really need a Soros type to fund a massive public information compaign on Israel and the Islamic cancer.

    Islam = Nazism is the message, and it must be repeated until it is heard.

  • A Jew

    You really are being too generous. These people are not doing this out of some misguided 'goodness' concerning the land thieves who steal Jewish land. They are doing it because they are Jew-hating Nazis. Israel's response should be as follows: when the flotilla arrives, transmit 'turn back'. Transmit it once and once only. Should any of the ships make any further attempt to approach the Israeli shoreline – sink it. The remaining ships then get a further sixty seconds to turn back. If they do not move, they are sunk.
    Wake up, Israel! The only good Nazi is one whose body is rotting at the bottom of the Med. I am sick, tired and fed up to my freakin' back teeth with Jews being the scapegoat for every single woe that has befallen the world for the past 2,000 years. It is tme to fight back. Israel is ours, and anyone who wants to take it from us is going to be annihilated. Amen.

  • Jill

    I think it's very clear that after the horrific events that occurred on the 1st flotilla they seem to think they should send a 2nd flotilla, they are obviously doing this for publicity. I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza

    Thanks for your support.

  • Johndot
  • Morrissey

    Norman Finkelstein summed up this mad fantasy perfectly: "If Yentas took crack".

    It's hard to decide which of these Chesler zingers is funnier:

    1.) "Gaza is filled with luxury hotels, office buildings, palatial villas, nightclubs, beach clubs, and well-stocked markets."

    2.) "I take words very seriously."

    Whichever one you choose, you have to admit that the comedy is enhanced by the way Chesler maintains that deadly serious tone throughout.

    Hilarious black comedy.

  • Poyani

    Heil Chester! Let's make the Middle East Arabfrei as per the instructions of furer Chester!


  • John

    How can anyone in his or her right mind possibly take this woman seriously?

  • John

    “Clearly, these Europeans do not believe that enough Jews died in the European Holocaust and/or do not want to see the descendents [sic] of Holocaust survivors continue to flourish in Israel.”
    It’s amazing to me that she can write this stuff without being overcome with self-loathing and punching herself in the face repeatedly

  • mcrobbins

    Oh Jean Jaques Rousseau, the patron saint of the hard left (and the French Revolution.) However, the savages are not too noble! Like the French Revolution, the "revolutionaries" of the PA are cannibalizing their own.

    Hamas has nixed the deal to keep Salam Fayyad as PM. I guess for Hamas, creating economic opportunities and nation building are distractions from jihad. The danger is that Hamas will take over the entire PA.

  • mcrobbins

    Hasn't the concept of good and evil been destroyed by post-modernists? Everything now is a Nietzschean and neo-Marxist narrative. It is amazing that the cultural elites excuse the most barbarous behavior out of their noble savages. What is troubling is that they aid and abet in the promulgation of "narratives" that are nothing more than dark nihilistic moral inversions.

    When a mother and four girls were murdered in Gush Katif, the Gazan press made the terrorists the heroes, and the victims, including the small children, the terrorists. That shouldn't surprise us about insane radicals, but the world press did nothing to challenge this outrageous lie. In fact, some besmirched the family by accusing them of being "radicals". You see the same thing in the murder of the Fogel family. How is it that the supposed guardians of truthful discourse can be so callous?