The Goldstone Recantation

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Sometime Friday night, April 1, 2011, which was also the Jewish Sabbath, the Washington Post published, online, a rather remarkable op-ed piece by South African jurist Richard Goldstone. Essentially, Goldstone recanted his own “Goldstone Report,” a document which has been used against Israel in countless, damaging ways, a document which accuses Israel of possible “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” in its incursion into Gaza in response to the 10,000 rockets Hamas launched towards Israeli civilians in Sderot and southern Israel—a document which charges Israel with having “purposely targeted civilians in Gaza.”

Goldstone now admits that all the above charges are wrong, false, are based on too-little-information or on flawed-information. He partly blames Israel for not “co-operating” with the venomously biased Human Rights Council, but in truth, Goldstone really had available much of the information which is now contained in Israel’s painfully careful investigation of what happened in Gaza.

Israel looked into the false allegations that it had “targeted civilians” and investigated itself thoroughly. Of course, although Goldstone also charged Hamas with this same task—Hamas did not do so. Now, rather late in the day, Goldstone has finally noted that there are actually some important differences between an open, transparent, lawful, ethical, and democratic Jewish state and an Islamist-terrorist organization such as Hamas.

One wonders: Why is Goldstone recanting? And, if he is, indeed, recanting, why does he still hold back, why does he still not admit all that is known about the truth? But that is a question for another day. (I am sure that some Jewish leftists will insist that Goldstone was death-threatened by the Zionist Lobby, or could no longer bear his pariah status. Indeed, such articles have already appeared, long before this recantation. I doubt such cult leaders will pay attention to Israel’s careful documentation.

Here’s my concern: Once the genie is out of the bottle, once a lie has made the rounds, there is no stopping it, no way of taking it back. The damage is done. It is rarely reversible. As a psychologist, I know that “first impressions” are very powerful and almost impossible to change by introducing facts, studies, or logic.

Thus, like a rocket, once a Blood Libel is launched, it’s done its work. If, a year or two later, one carefully documents that the entire matter (the false allegation that the Israelis murdered Mohammed al-Dura, the false allegation that the IDF committed a massacre in Jenin, the false allegation that Israelis were purposely shooting at civilians in Gaza) was nothing but Big Fat Black-hearted Lies, most people have already moved on, their blood streams permanently altered, poisoned with Jew-hatred.

The number of Human Rights groups, NGOs, the United Nations, Muslim governments, the world media, that have relied on the Goldstone Report to further delegitimize Israel are as countless as the stars. That includes the UN Human Rights Council, which issued the hateful, lying document; all the supposed human rights groups (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, B’Tzelem, Al Haq, The New Israel Fund) that relied upon it; all the Jewish left-liberals and their patron handler, George Soros, (J Street); all the media and publishing outlets that found in Goldstone’s flawed document justification for their one-sided anger against the Jewish State.

I live in Manhattan. I read every Manhattan-based hard copy newspaper as well as 30-50 other newspapers online. Daily. Hard copy reveals certain things that online versions disappear. For example, let’s consider how Sunday’s New York Times (April 3, 2011) presents the Goldstone recantation.

Here’s how:

The frontpage features a four column color photo which is captioned: “Palestinians prayed near Israeli soldiers on Friday. They were protesting land confiscation in the village of Qusra, near Nablus.”

One wonders how a prayer service can also be a “protest.” Wonder no more. It is what Muslims do. Far worse is what inflamed Muslims and Islamists do immediately after their peaceful prayer service. Think of the twenty United Nations workers in Afghanistan who have just been murdered by raging post-mosque mobs fired up by their mullahs about the unfortunate burning of a Quran in Florida. Burning a holy book may indeed be “disrespectful;” murdering, be-heading a whole, living human being is even more “disrespectful” both to that living being and to God-the-Creator as well.

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  • Avi Beidani, Israel

    mmmm…. reminds me of a scene from 1984, where the public is experiencing their Hate Moment, with the face of Goldstein being the target. I think they will now change it to Goldstone – the meaning of the name is the same, and the religion is the same….

  • Amused

    WTF ! Where does Goldstone's " epiphany " come from ? And Why ? Damage already done ? That is an UNDERSTATEMENT ! The lives lost are DIRECTLY on Goldstones head .
    As a child my mother told me never to lie , for like feathers in a pillow , once released , you can NEVER get all the feathers back .
    WHY did Goldstone lie to begin with ?

    • Michael

      Goldstone Lied because his Hatred of Jews and Israel, and his hubris, were far more important than the truth could ever be. Goldstone's Judeophobia & hubris are what keep him from coming completely clean, from admitting that he had the information all along, and that he failed to follow even the most basic rules of evidence Police, Courts, Journalists (at least the good ones) and Historians all are required to follow. And, It's his Judeophobia and Hubris that are going to keep him from telling the UN and various NGO's that his Hatred & Hubris drove him to Knowingly LIE and then asking them to retract that LIE before it kills any more Jews or Palestinians…

  • Amused

    …..and the lives that WILL BE lost , for unlike the LIE , there is no one eager to lerarn TRUTH . It does not suit their agenda . The TWO cases mentioned are proof ….Mohamed Al Dura , and Jenin .Palestinians and the world's anti-semites and Israel haters took the lie and ran with it ….they are not about to put it down , regardless of what Goldstone now confesses .

  • sodacrackers2

    It seems that a huge apology should be coming forth from the UN, but let's not hold our breath waiting for it. The UN is a farce and has been for years. They should be kicked out of New York and abandoned by the United States of America. The world is facing two insidious threats: Islam and communist infil(traitors).

    • Barb

      Those planes on 9/11 missed their target. Oh wait, the UN is full of the same vermin that took down the towers. Never mind.

  • gfmucci

    What motivated Goldstone to lie and fabricate in the first place?

    • Raymond in DC

      Maybe he still dreamt of being UN Secretary General one day. After all, hostility toward Israel gives contenders for the post bonus points. These days I think Obama imagines he has dibs on that job after he's out of office.

  • jzsnake

    It simply boggles the mind.

  • George Jochnowitz

    During World War II, the New York Times, terrified by the possibility that people would think it was a Jewish-owned newspaper, hid information about the Holocaust, as Laurel Leff documents in her book, BURIED BY THE TIMES. Here is my review:
    The Times is hardly a Jewish-owned newspaper today, but the terror still remains. That is why the Times skillfully put a headline on the front page and still designed the page so the story wouldn't be noticed. That is why Goldstone couldn't publish his retraction in the Times.

  • John

    The most unfortunate thing is that few will cover this in the media and therefore those that watch the media will only remember the lies that came before and will it change the minds of those people that still hate Israel? I doubt it. People such as Goldstone and others at the UN can only be in league with their mentor Satan, since he is the "father of lies."

    • ziontruth

      "The most unfortunate thing is that few will cover this in the media and therefore those that watch the media will only remember the lies that came before…"

      Exactly. That's why a change in Israel's PR position won't come until Israel, in its mandate as the State of the Jews, coerces the media outlets to print or air pro-Israel views, and to do that in prominent sections (front page of the newspaper, beginning of the newscast etc.).

      I don't know what caused Goldstone to recant, but if it's true that pressure from his own community did it, then what an eloquent argument for the duty of the Jewish State to bring the media outlets' to heel!

  • Isabella

    A friend of mine used to say that the NYT motto, "All the News That's Fit to Print" should be, "We Fit the News to Print". Sunday's front page and subsequent pieces on pg. 10 are another example of how, as you say, "The Paper of Record – positions, softens, hides, slants – the news."

  • Hank Rearden

    We can only hope that "a Goldstone Report" becomes a synonym for "a false witness."

    This affair reminds me of the climactic jail scene in the movie "Judgment at Nuremberg" where the American judge played by Spencer Tracy is talking to the German Judge Ernst Janning played by Burt Lancaster. Janning / Lancaster says that he didn't know he would "turn my life into excrement."

    The Tracy character is having none of it. He replies "you SHOULD have known; the first time you sentenced a man you knew was not guilty."

    That is the position Goldstone is in. He SHOULD have known, when he signed his name to a report he knew was not true.

  • QSuzy

    Outstanding analysis. I have nothing to add.

  • sydchaden

    Goldstone's accusations were frontpage stories for the world's major media. But, his admissions that the accusations were erroneous are not even considered worthy of mention by most of the world's major media. Goldstone, a past hero to J Street and other anti-Israel groups, should schedule a speaking tour at the major universities in Europe and North America, to acknowledge his "error". Whereas, previously, he would have enjoyed overwhelmingly supportive audiences, now, he will be shouted down, or even barred from speaking. Goldstone has become a dirty word.

  • Helen Freedman

    Phyllis – You did it again. Insightful, factual, disturbing presentation of the truth. Kol Hakovod.

  • truepeers

    I think the BBC linking back to its previous disinformation is comparable to the fact that after reading this piece, Phyllis, I see a Google ad directing me to a BDS site. It's the sin of thoughtless computerization and the desire to make a buck, even if it implicates the publisher in evil he otherwise condemns. But this is just to say it's all the more true what you say about a lie being impossible to recant; today it goes around the world millions of times before Goldstone remembers he has a pair of boots.

  • judynyc

    Goldstone, like madoff, is an enemy of world jewry. goldstone, i suspect, was no longer welcome in any jewish house or environment and thoroughly despised by the new south african haters of whites/jews as well.

  • Elle

    I don't think you know what "war" means.

  • dennis

    The kapo collaborator's true face came out again… you just wanted to dance on 2 weddings, while still spitting in Israel's face… but then again, whenever ther was an attrocity to the jews we do not have to look far to see some jewsih assiatance to the purpotrators

  • Glennd1

    While it's clear that many leftists support the Palestinians out of some kind of fetishistic need to hate everything from the West, the author of THIS article overreaches in a couple of meaningful ways.

    1. She contends that Goldstone is anti-Israel – but where is the evidence of Goldstone's anti-Israel views or positions? He's a Jew and self-described Zionist and I've never seen a factual account of anything he's every said or done that would indicate this. In fact, he actually refused to act on the first authorization on investigating Gaza due to the inherent bias of the initial motion, and got it changed to be more balanced wrt Israel. So, the accusation just doesn't track.

    2. She contends that the exculpatory evidence Israel produced was actually available to Goldstone, but he ignored it. Really? Please show evidence of this. Goldstone claims otherwise – proof is required other than the author just stating it.

    3. Israel's lack of cooperation – Israel can't have it both ways. It refused to cooperate with Goldstone – but then wants to complain about unfair treatment. Most calm observers know how unhinged some supporters of Palestine are, but when Israel stiff-arms someone who is trying to be fair, they make it very hard on themselves. It's very likely that the outcome of the report would have been far different if Israel had cooperated with the investigation.

    Moreover, none of this episode relieves Israel of it's original offense – expelling 630,000 Arabs from Palestine between 47-49, in an act that some Jewish, Israeli and Zionist historians call ethnic cleansing.

    • Guest

      But what about the more than 1,000,000, Jews expelled from Middle Eastern Lands-having been there in ancestral communities for over 5,000 yrs.You,obviously are reading biased history-Many Muslim bedouins left Israel when the surrounding Arab states declared War on them…..Most Israelis that I have personally talked to &interviewed on this matter begged their non-jewish muslim neighbors to stay,and my bulls**t -o-meter is pretty good.But Syria,Egypt., et al…said said Leave-we are going to drive the jews into the sea…and then you'll have ALL their land,etc.What many people refuse to realize is that most of Israel was LEGALLY BOUGHT DESERT LAND FROM ABSENTEE ARAB LANDLORDS…I'm sorry -of course intimes of war people get displaced-its not right but it works 2 ways…….Where is all the screaming about Pakistan;Saudi Arabia's;etc, apartheid regime.You cannot even bring a new or old testament into Saudi Arabia……its confiscated and burned,as well as personal jewelry like a cross-,(This has happened to people I know!)heaven forbid a Jewish Star-I'm sorry,in Israel you are free to worship as you wish……tell me a country in the OIC where that is true?Hmmm……These countries use the pretext of the so-called Palestinians as excuse for Jew hatred-if they cared as much as they say about their "fellow Muslims"Why arent they helping them,hmmmm?Have you BEEN to the M.E. big mouth….I have,the territories as well…..There are also plenty of former PLO members who've have come out and said,"Prior to'67 we were Egyptian,Lebanese,Jordanian….all of the sudden we were Palestinian….there is no such thing as Palestinian.I do my research on BOTH sides of the coin-and am the 1st to condemn Israel when I feel they do something wrong….How many other countries have been attacked ,taken land and not been called to acct.I'm getting really tired of all the blatant hypocrisy…………

    • MixMChess

      The usual cut and paste lies from Glenn…

  • nina

    There is no comparison. You can't judge what they did under enormous pressure. Yes, it was horrible what they did, but it wasn't because they hated their brethren. To them it was a matter of life and death.. The self hating Jews of today live in democratic societies, have good lives, and only because of their perverted liberalism are ready and willing to help those who want to destroy Israel.

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