Was Osama a Typical Husband and Father?

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What I am about to say will probably be minimized if not dismissed by serious foreign policy wonks but here goes: according to his son, Osama’s final straw in deciding to wage war on America was not his ongoing feud with the Saudi royal family, but rather the presence of infidel female soldiers on Saudi and Muslim soil, brought there to protect Saudi men. Omar writes:

At the first sight of a capable-looking female soldier, my father became the most outspoken opponent of the royal decision to allow Western armies into the Kingdom, ranting, “Women! Defending Saudi men!” No insult could be worse. My father became frustrated to the point of declaring that he could not longer accept the pollution he claimed hung in the air above any non-Muslim.

So much for the Muslim, Islamist leader’s view of infidels and infidel women. (Think Lara Logan). And, if President Obama thinks that Osama rides alone, listen to how Muslim leaders are handling bin Laden’s assassination. According to Reuters, “Palestinian” Muslim-Islamist Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, said: “We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We regard this as a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and the shedding of Muslim and Arab blood.” According to counter-terrorism guru Steven Emerson, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arabic website refers to bin Laden as a “shahid” (martyr); a popular jihadi website, the Network of World Jihad, states: “The lion Osama has died…I ask Allah to grant him the upper paradise and the company of the Prophet Mohammed and his honored companions the mujahideen.”

Have Ahmadinejad (Iran’s Muslim leader), Hamid Karzai (Afghanistan’s Muslim leader) or Asif Ali Zardari (Pakistan’s Muslim leader) praised the Americans for bringing this mass murderer to justice? Have any of the many non-state terrorist Islamists praised the Americans and condemned Osama in Arabic, Persian, Pushto, and Dari?

Back to the women: I understood that bin Laden, his father’s seventeenth son, was starved for his father’s attention and affection; he received neither. But, according to his son Omar and wife Najwa, Osama was a sadist towards his own wives and sons. He had driven fast and fancy cars and had flown in private planes but he did not allow his wives to have modern kitchen appliances or air conditioning (“modernization is corrupt”), not even in sweltering heat; he deprived his son Omar of his asthma medication; and he force-marched his sons in the desert for many hours without allowing them to drink any water. He routinely beat his sons, “caning” them for the “slightest infraction.”  His sons were not allowed to look him in the eye, disagree with him about anything, laugh, or “show their teeth.”  He sacrificed his sons to cruel, tyrannical religious teachers and to bullies.

Omar writes: “It is a miracle that none of us were beaten to death.”

Like many Muslim fathers, he treated his sons as his personal but favorite servants and expected them to wash his feet and serve him tea.

Such behavior is not that unusual for many Muslim fathers. Such paternal cruelty and coldness shames young sons and, paradoxically, leads them to long for their fathers’ affection and approval even more and to minimize paternal cruelty. In fact, President Obama himself may have been a victim of this phenomenon. Obama had a Muslim African father who was known for his woman-beating, polygamy, womanizing, and for his cruelty to children; this certainly includes his abandonment of his son Barack. Obama writes about this himself. Recently, Peter Firstbrook published a book about Obama’s African family: The Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family.

Paradoxically, but also typically, Osama loved and trusted one woman only: his mother Allia. His son Omar described their mother-son relationship in this way: “He had enjoyed the most pure and loving mother-son rapport from the time he was born…Everyone in our close family circle knew that he loved his mother more than he loved his wives, his siblings, or his children…Anytime he spoke of or to his mother, a sort of glow came to his expression.” This, too, is typical of Arab and Muslim patriarchal psychology.

As noted, Omar and Najwa chose to leave Afghanistan before 9/11 and Osama allowed them to do so. Najwa sought no divorce and although his son Omar was “pained” he could no longer deny that “my father hated his enemies more than he loved his sons. That’s the moment that I felt myself the fool for wasting my life one moment longer.”

As others have noted, Osama bin Laden is history, but jihad is still upon us. Likewise, while bin Laden himself can no longer practice Islamic gender apartheid, the cultural system that shaped and empowered his barbarism towards women and children lives on. We must not forget that the war against Islamic extremism is one which has many forgotten faces and many underestimated fronts.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    The essence of the mother-son relationship in the Muslim world can be defined in a word: Indulgence. Since the woman is utterly powerless in traditional Islamic society, her only entry into respectability is via her sons. Thus, while she demands of her daughters obedience and servility, the Muslim woman indulges the every whim of her sons throughout their lives. The Muslim man in turn grows up believing this indulgence is the natural order of things, until he comes of age and finds that the outside world is largely indifferent to his wants and needs.

    The result is a pent-up rage waiting to explode…to be directed not at the culture that he is inculcated to embrace (and that is responsible for all his disappointments and frustrations)…but at the hated enemy, the "other". This unhealthy relationship is the basis for so many of the social pathologies that define Islam. And because it is rooted in the Islamic ethos, it is next to impossible to eradicate.

    • Lou Santacroce

      Excellent analysis!

    • Eraina

      Excellent point, Chezwick, but I would add something more to that: the extraordinarily common instances of child sexual abuse of boys (see Jamie Glazov's excellent article from a few years ago, and the videos of "dancing boy" parties in Afghanistan and Pakistan where boys as young as 7 or 8 are used as "entertainment" for adult men). Also, the sibling rivalry which exists between sons of the various competing wives creates a psyche that is filled with anger, bitterness, cruelty and the desire for revenge. There is a complete lack of tenderness, compassion, empathy and joy in such men. They regard babies and children not as beings to protect and cherish but as those who wish to steal the affection that they never received. They treat their children they way their fathers treated them.

  • tanstaafl

    The psychological differences between Muslims and the rest of humanity are so vast, they would seem to be unreconcilable. I think that we have to face the fact that this war will not be over until the last Muslim becomes an apostate.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Amen…and yet, instead of instituting de-programming efforts to encourage apostasy, our cultural gate-keepers have compelled us to become obsequiously deferential to Islam. Helluva way to win a war.

      • tanstaafl

        How can we win a war, if we cannot challenge our opponent's reasons for waging war? Islam has to defend its principles and practices.

        In Islam, it is halal (permitted) to kill your children if you think they are following the "wrong path" (ie, becoming a non-Muslim)?

        Does that make any sense at all?
        Can a believer in any other religion do such a thing and not face punishment?

  • Fred Dawes

    bin laden toss his rights as a father the day he ordered kids to be killed for islam.

  • LindaRivera

    There is no love. No kindness. No mercy. No joy in Islam.

    • terric

      Succinctly and perfectly put.

  • jeansasson

    Hi, this is Jean Sasson, the author of the book GROWING UP BIN LADEN which is discussed in this article. I'm glad that people are hearing about the lives lived by Osama's wives and children, as I believe the book of their lives is an important historical document. I would like to make one small correction: Phyllis, none of Osama's wives and children ever lived in a cave. They told me that they once peeked into some caves Osama and his men father used for storage, but in fact, they never ever lived in a cave. The truth is that they generally lived in fairly nice homes but once in Afghanistan, the first few months Najwa and the children lived there they were housed in a mudbrick home on the mountain of Tora Bora. It was very bleak, but still better than a cave! I thought your readers would want to know this. (Whether or not Osama lived in a cave after Afghanistan was attacked (after 9/11) is unknown to me, and to his family. )Thanks a lot, Jean Sasson

    • princess Sultana.

      Jean Sasson met her match with this nasty Phyllis person. Her HOAX book ' Growing Up Bin Laden' Is an important historical document' Sasson writes here and wants us to believe it. When In reality Growing Up Bin Laden, just like her PRINCESS SULTANA trilogy is simply another one of her made up hoaxes.

  • terric

    I don't think Obama is guaranteed re-election on account of how silly and ham-handed he has handled the aftermath of all this, and especially the squshiyness about showing the bin Laden death pictures. Come on people, this is a country that makes and sells tickets to torture porn like Saw and Hostle in their multiples, but we can't handle a photo of a dead bin Laden? This is the typically stupid and assinine manner in which the lefties treat us.

  • cjk

    Only the flakiest of flakes would change their vote over this, and all those flakes are hardcore demonrats anyway.

  • logdon

    My late Father fought in the Eighth Army during WW2, traversing Lybia and Egypt in the to and fro with Rommel's Afrika Corps.

    Although not talking too much about the experience, one of his recollections was the way in which Arab males always followed the wives across tracks in the desert. And also leaving a good distance between him and the last one.

    Good manners? Forget that, the place was mined to the hilt and these obedient chattels were his very own mine sweepers.

    Thats how it was and no doubt still remains.

  • wayne

    It was a mistake to get rid of the body in deference to the Muslim tradition. There are other reasonable ways deference could have been shown…. if O'Bama deemed that necessary. Getting rid of valuable evidence was not one of them.

  • Goodgirl

    Osama and the other extremists are such an awful example of what Islam is. Did you know that many of the kids chosen to be suicide bombers are from poor families and are told to read the Quran all day without ever knowing the true meanings, with hardly any food.
    When you take one sentence out of a paragraph and never read the paragraph will you ever know in what context that sentence was written?
    You are all educated people living in a great free country do you have any idea what poverty does to you? It creates savage brute animals and that is waht has happened.
    I am a Pakistani Muslim woman, being educated I understand what my faith requires me to do. I participate in helping families that have lost everything in the tornadoes, volunteering funds to those that lost everything in New Orleans flooding. I have a wonderful husband and we are living the all american dream in our country, America.
    So before you begin to pass out anti muslim sentiments pls. remember that you are the smart educated ones don't act like the improvished uneducated ones across the globe.

    • jeansasson

      You have made some very good points that we all need to consider. Thanks for this…

      • Goodgirl

        Thanks for listening and trying to understand. :)

        • jeansasson

          Goodgirl, the one thing I have learned in this life is to listen to others and try to gain new knowledge and insight from their experiences. I'm enjoying reading your posts, and the others… Keep on!

          Thanks a lot, Jean Sasson

    • KathleenP

      Poverty does not create terrorism. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. Ever heard of a Haitian terrorist? Or for that matter, an Ethiopian one? If you want to see the true wretched of the earth, check out the street people of Calcutta. Or Mongolia. Why aren't they rushing to join terrorist networks?

      Bin Laden was a millionaire; every single one of the nineteen 9-11 terrorists came from at least middle-class families; most were highly educated at that. You can be certain none of them had ever missed a meal or slept rough in their lives. So please, enough with the "poverty breeds terrorism" c**p. It doesn't wash anymore.

      • CharlesWhite

        I agree KathleenP, Want to see brutal savagery Go to the Chicago Ghetto's (Sorry if I used such a "racist" word) go to the ganglands of LA, most the time they don't waste the time cutting your head off (might mess up their fashion clothes) but they will beat, stab and shoot you to death, half the time it has nothing to do with money and they live like kings compared to Haiti and Ethiopians, yes the "Poverty" cliché is cr_p, Islam indoctrinates murder, rape and enslavement of the Kafar and Dhimmis, slavery is still alive and well in Islamic counties, especially in KSA!

        • Goodgirl

          I understand your aruguements….but at the same time the ghettos may not create terrorists that wage war accross the globe but aren't they doing it in there own turf? Listen I am in noooo absolute way saying what the extremists aredoing is in any way or shape justifed it is disgusting what the did. Don't forget the Christian crusaders. I think by bashing a religion that has tought so many ppl to do the right thing is wrong, isn't going to accomplish anything. I am a muslim but a good one I follow what I have interpreted from the Quran, which is to do no harm to others and I live with that ideology.
          I am so regretful of the current times but I just like you want these extremists to go to hell, because that is where they are going.
          Islam does not indoctrine murder and rape and enslavement, don't go by hearsay and just because some people say these things believe it. I am hold the Quran and it does in no shape or form promote these heaines acts. If it did I would be the first to walk away from this religion.

      • Goodgirl

        I agree that poverty does not create terrorism but it does create crime, am I not right? The street ppl of calcutta are the ones that are joining ( i don't mean calcutta but as an example of poverty,meaning that is the demographic that are chosen) And yes there are Haitian terrorists. Bin Laden was an ass. He was an extremist that got other ppl to do the dirty work for him. Poverty and lack of education does breed terrorism and crime. I have read the Quran front and back and I am not a terrorist just opposit infact, because I understand what the meanings are. These terrorists kill more muslims than anyone else they are idiots that have become the puppets. They are brainwashed to believe that what they are doing is the right thing. We can argue all we want about this but the fact of the matter is the fault does not lie within the religion it lies with the people that don't understand it.

  • waterwillows

    I think we need to take a closer look at Islam and see it for what is really is. It would appear that the macho, tough guy who loves death is part and parcel of deeper intricate deceptions.
    Islam, at its core, is a homosexual way of life. It is becoming ever stronger apparent that if women did not have the ability to birth little boys, none would be alive today.
    Of course muslim men would deny this obvious assertation, but the facts just keep presenting themselves. No matter how many lies are told.

    • Daryl

      Good point waterwillows! It appears that sexual perversion in all its forms is encouraged for males in islam. There are even laws about what a male must do when he has finished having sex with a camel or donkey (kill it immediately and sell the meat to a neighboring village).

      Everything that other religions and creeds find morally despicable is allowed for males in islam. What I don't get is why we named, shamed and fought wars against Nazism, communism and all other ideologies which threaten to human rights, but not this one.

      Me thinketh the world doth protest to much about this 'religion of peace'. I can't think of one peaceful thing they've done. Ever.

      • Goodgirl

        Come on please….don't make up stuff about a religion that isn't true it only spreads hatred. What is allowed for Islam that other religions find dispicable in regards to men in your comment?
        Osama bin Laden is not a representation of the religion. He is the complete opposite.

  • ActiVist

    (About Obama) it is amazing: they (Islamic people/community) never take a single responsibility for their sick/wrong/… behaviour, and ideology, and history, and he (Obama) keeps covering them/it up. Is that normal, I mean, sane? [Thank you Phyllis Chesler for all your articles, textes, and thanks to those who publish them]

  • Daryl

    I am NEVER surprised anymore when I read about the disgusting practices and ideologies spewed up by the pedophile mohamMAD and called islam.

    As for the servile sweetness demanded of a Muslim male's wives – I have to say that the relentless threat of being stoned or beheaded would be a strong incentive for women behaving that way. The fact that leaving islam is punishable by execution forces these women into a veritable dead-end.

    As the masterful Phyllis Chesler points out, Obama's first interest in his speech was to protect the 'good name' of muslims worldwide – he knows that he has to keep white-washing this abomination of a 'religion', and all the countless other victims of islamic jihad be damned. What else should we expect from this taqqiya spruiking demon in the White House….? islam is evil.

    • Goodgirl

      Leave Obama alone. First and foremost he is not a Muslim he has made that clear. Number two Muslim wives are just like jewish and christian wives. Are you telling me that there are not submissive christian wives? Leaving Islam is not punishableby execution. I would like to know where everyone has gotten all this abundance of knowledge on Islam? Everyone seems to stating all these false "facts" , which are so ridiculas.

      Islam is not evil. Islam believes in all the prophets even Jesus. Phyllis may be writing articles of hatred doesn't mean what she states is true. You should come over and we can have a chat about what Islam really preaches. :)

      • coyote3

        Why would you care what anyone says about Obama, one way or the other. If what you say is true, and he is not a Moslem, then he is irrelevant to this discussion.

        • Goodgirl

          I am just responding to the previous comment. I care about our president and I know many ppl opposed to his government spread rumours so I am just clarifying that. Is there something wrong with what I said.

      • Ryan

        Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, an Islamist preacher…[says], “Islam is a religion which has limitations and rulings.” Once again, he goes on to say that anyone who leaves Islam should be killed.

        While he says that it is not permissible to kill someone simply because he or she is an “infidel” (i.e. not an adherent of Islam), he claims that whoever enters Islam voluntarily, then leaves — “the ruling upon him is death.”

        video is here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/video-surfaces-ra

        Can you explain please? Is this in Quran or not?

  • Sure_You-Are


    you said you were living the "American Dream" in Pakistan yet refer to Obama as "our president"…..OOPS…busted

    • Goodgirl

      How am I busted? I am a Pakistani that is where I am born. I now live in America and Obama is our President. What is soo confusing?

    • sablegsd

      No, you missed the comma before America.

      That being said, I want all muslim immigration stopped.
      Deport any who are not citizens.
      No more foreign aid, only to Israel.

  • Princess Sultana

    Phyllis, you are one very, very ignorant and stupid disgrace to all woman, especially American woman. God, It must hurt to be so very ignorant and dumb.

    • 22114

      God, it must hurt to be so ignorant and dumb, sultan.