Who Can Beat Obama?

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Am I kidding? Have I fallen into some identity politics trap of my own? Not really. But I am half-serious, half-sardonic, and utterly heartbroken. The world is getting ready to slaughter the Jews again. Free speech and true dissent are being storm-troopered into silence and shame in the American halls of academe. Gays in NYC are demanding the right to meet as “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid,” even while they remain utterly silent about Islamic gender and religious apartheid. (More about this later).

Thus, I am dreaming about what kind of candidate could possibly defeat Obama.

Ideally, my candidate would have to share my foreign policy views. She would have to cherish America and the West. She would have to understand that Islam has a long, long history of colonialism, imperialism, racism, and slavery and that America, while not perfect, is much more evolved in terms of an active anti-racist consciousness than is any Muslim country.

President Obama deeply dislikes, possibly even hates the Jewish state. His dislike is visceral and frightening.

My ideal African-American candidate would have to understand that the survival of Jewish Israel is paramount, that it is the world’s symbol of Western democracy and human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. American ethics and laws, as embodied in our Constitution and legal concepts are derived from the Old Testament, not from the Koran.

She would have understand that the Jews are and were the original and indigenous “Palestinians”—dubbed so by the victorious ancient Romans–and that those who now claim to be “Palestinians” are merely Arabs who once identified themselves entirely in terms of their religion, tribe, clan, and ethnicity. Like the Jews, they were also once Turkish subjects or British subjects. Some grew up in Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, or lived there and elsewhere after 1948. The concept of a “Palestinian” state is a relatively new one and has been developed as a genocidal weapon against the Jewish state.

Above all, my ideal candidate would have to understand that America is the best country in the world; and that barbarian jihadists and American leftists mean to destroy it. She would have to defend America in a coming time of great peril.

Why in God’s name am I thinking along these lines?

Given the extraordinary pathology of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and short of Armeggedon, I do not believe that enough Americans will, without doubt, elect another white male Republican. No matter what his politics may be, he himself will be seen as retrograde, anti-woman, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, pro-racism, pro-war and as both dull and evil. The media, combined with Soros and Saudi monies and our intelligentsia have poisoned the minds of millions.

Hence, I offer a desperate but interesting idea for a desperate and interesting time.

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  • BS77

    Michelle Bachmann is looking good.

    • Homer

      How about Condi Rice?


      Michele Bachmann is my candidate, too!! I do not agree that a black woman is the only candidate who can beat Obama. Obama is such an incompetent disaster, my cats could beat him. I hope people use their brains this time before voting for Obama, just BECAUSE he is a Democrat. Would you vote for a janitor if he had a (D) after his name?

      Obama was never qualified to be president in the first place. People fell for his line of crap about hope and change. Now he has 4 years of disastrous policies to defend and the economy, unemployment, housing, etc. is all going downhill faster than a high speed train that Obama seems to love!!

      I think a WOMAN president is the way to go! And Representative Michele Bachmann has everything this country needs. Besides being honest and having integrity, having common sense attitudes about policies that will help the economy, jobs, etc., she loves God, she loves our country, is loyal to our country! I'd love to go to sleep at night know my president cared about America and its people. That candidate, MY CANDIDATE IS MICHELE BACHMANN!!!

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Following the tune of the Phyllis Chesler's irony, she failed to add into the mix one more important trumping feature for the tentative winner of 2012: It must be a 100% black lesbian! A transgender would be even cooler! Then it will be the triple celebration, a sure sign that this country has completely rid of "bigotry", "racism" and "sexism"…

    • clarespark

      Check out the proposed legislation in California. You will get your wish: http://clarespark.com/2011/05/26/who-is-a-racist-…. The link to the legislation is at the top of the blog.


      I have thought about it, exactly on the same terms. Born white means born racist. You can atone yourself somehow if you become gay, lesbian, or marry a non-white. No other hope of atonement. Doesn't help that my grandfather was born white slave of bastard Muslim masters under Ottoman empire.

      On more serious lines, Herman Cain looks like a serious guy, and I do hope that he is the next Moses who redeems us from Pharaoh Barack Hussein Obama II.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      Herman Cain is a fraud like all the rest of the existing contenders. Just recently he repudiated his statement on islam (that he happened to utter a few days ago). Alan West, Bachmann, Palin – all are frauds in cahoots with the apparatchiks refusing to expose the illegitimacy of the fraud and impostor Obama/Soetoro.

  • Bob Murphy

    Michelle Bachman for presidential candidate with Herman Cain or ret Col Allan West as vice presidential candidate.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      Herman Cain is a fraud like all the rest of the existing contenders. Just recently he repudiated his statement on islam (that he happened to utter a few days ago). Alan West, Bachmann, Palin – all are frauds in cahoots with the apparatchiks refusing to expose the illegitimacy of the fraud and impostor Obama/Soetoro. http://www.resonoelusono.com/Infamy.htm

  • johnnyangel10

    Winning ticket Petraeus/West http://americansforpetraeus2012.org/johnwilliamco

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Petraeus is to PC……………………William

  • Harvey

    The only hope this Nation has to beating Obama and electing a good honest,fair minded man is to elect Herman Cain.Not only does he think America can be saved hes ready to do it and i think if hes given the chance he will

    • Tim Bus

      Cain/West, or West/Cain

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      Herman Cain is a fraud like all the rest of the existing contenders. Just recently he repudiated his statement on islam (that he happened to utter a few days ago). Alan West, Bachmann, Palin – all are frauds in cahoots with the apparatchiks refusing to expose the illegitimacy of the fraud and impostor Obama/Soetoro. http://www.resonoelusono.com/Infamy.htm

  • Amused

    Sarah's back …….Bachman's a favorite- you go girls , and insure another 4 years of Obama .

    • sodacrackers

      Why do so many leftists use that word "amused?" It tells much more about you than about the people who "amuse" you.

      • Amused

        how come so many imbeciles use "soda crackers " ? And yes idiots like you who presume out of sheer ignorance ,and then are dumb enough to blurt out such absurd conclusions …truly ….AMUSE me . It's no wonder you can't see the lunacy of a Palin or Bachman running for president .And think they can beat Obama . If either of those two mindless twits are on the ticket , you'd better get ready for another four years of rabid Obama hating ..LOl….and yes I would be 'amused " at that too .

        • sodacrackers2

          Right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. When all else fails – ridicule.

          • Amused

            Right out of parroted rhetoric , never read Alinsky , and most likely neither have you , but it sounds good and you've heard it enough times . Ridicule is given where ridicule is deserved ….you qualify chump .

  • sodacrackers

    How about Condi Rice? She is smart and principled.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I wonder, she was not awake to Islam as a threat in itself and led
      George Bush to not identify the root cause of terrorism, Islam. I think
      she may have had time enough to reflect on outcomes of the Bush
      policies and could move on from there, maybe…………………William

      • sodacrackers2

        She may also have too much baggage from being in Bush's cabinet.

    • Lady_Dr

      She is smart – but she is the one responsible for Hamas being allowed into the elections in Gaza. In addition if she had had any understanding of the Middle East I think she would have encouraged George Bush to ban Grover Norquist from the White House, told him never to call Islam a religion of peace, and explained that the Arabs like the Hun (Germans). Churchill famously said "the Hun is either at your throat or at your feet." No, Condi may be smart and accomplished but she is a novice when it comes to the Middle East.

      • sodacrackers2

        You are absolutely right! I have never been into politics until now; and I will never let that complacency happen again!

        • WilliamJamesWard

          You see and accomplished black woman and by appearances she
          is top shelf and smarter than most, probably top 2% of the nation.
          Political foibles flow from education, experience and expectations
          that are not always based in the real world. Condi Rice is best in
          academia, not dealing with duplicitous and evil people who wish
          us harm and do so with a barbarian abandonment. Decent people
          are needed for the job but fall short facing falsehood…………William

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Allan West.
    Ex military, PRO Israel.
    Fine statesman.

    • Dennis X

      and supported by by anti-jewish, anti-female and anti-Black 1%er bikers. And this support he enbraced.

  • http://www.currentviewpoint.com Carol Gould

    I think Condi Rice could beat him. Unfortunately she never appeared to be pro-Israel when she was in the Bush administration but perhaps she could still win in 2012. Here in Europe she was well-respected and her campaign could use footage of her meetings in Russian with Putin, in French with Chirac etc

    • Raymond in DC

      If she still thinks of the Palestinians as the "poor blacks" suffering under the yoke of the "whites" (aka Israelis) she deserves no support.

  • Quantpro

    I like Allen West. He seems the most like Reagan but all the rest opposing Obama are very acceptable to me. Don't let the propaganda make you think Obama is a shoe in.

  • freemenow

    Well finally someone said it! Thank you Phyllis! But I for one am sick of the black guilt and since I am just a plain straigh white woman- and the majority – its time for the majority to be heard from.

    The first tea party was about taxation without representation wasn't it? This one should also be for the same reason.

    Time to break through the highest glass ceiling not because its our turn – but because we are fit and our Constitution demands it!

    • Lady_Dr

      "our Constitution demands it"??? Demands that a woman become president? I'm comfused.

      Actually despite being a woman I seriously question the wisdom of allowing women to vote. If only men over the age of 21 voted we would have a much, much more conservative country. There are too many women out there who vote for women because they are women, or alternatively they vote for the best looking man. Duh.

      • freemenow

        No- Our Constitution does not demand a woman become President anymore than it demands a black man or anyone one else becomes President. It demands equallity for citizens and the first Tea Party was about taxation without representation. Women are the majority and if you read my second post you would have noticed what I was referring to and that was the lack of representation.
        As for your comment " I seriously question the wisdom of allowing women to vote" — I can only assume you are referring to yourself as an example and I will take your word for it that you are not able to vote competantly based on that comment. So please stop voting!

  • freemenow

    A Few Sad Statistics
    As of 2011, there were 72 women out of 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and 17 women out of 100 members of the U.S. Senate. That’s just 89 women, or a mere 16.6 percent. Only 268 women have served in Congress since it was established some 222 years ago.
    There are 15 women Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) leading U.S. Fortune 500 companies (3 percent), and most of those companies are in the traditionally “women-focused” food and cosmetics industries. (There are no women CEOs among the top 20 U.S. Fortune 500 companies.) There are 28 women CEOs leading U.S. Fortune 1000 companies.
    The 2010 census shows that the United States is home to some 308.7 million people, with females representing about 50.7 percent of that number. So, in a country with a population of nearly 157 million females, there are 89 women Congressional representatives, and 43 women CEOs. Those are 132 extraordinary women at high levels of government and business who’ve demonstrated what empowered women can do. But their scant numbers are appallingly and frighteningly inadequate, and the numbers are no more encouraging in virtually any other fields of endeavor.

    • g_jochnowitz

      The country with the best record of women in office is Israel. Golda Meir and Tzipi Livni were both Prime Minister. Now Israel has broken a new barrier. A woman has become a major general. http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/idf-appoints

    • wayne

      It's getting better and will continue to do so. We need to encourage and nurture it. The scientific fact that only women have babies does have something to do with them being at a disadvantage to men when it comes to achievement in business and politics. That Palin and Bachmann are both mothers is a plus in my opinion when considering their desirability for the highest office. They've achieved in spite of their sacrifice. They didn't get to where they are the easy way.

  • jacob

    I respect Col. WEST but I haven't the slightest for PETREUS, the one personifying
    the "MILITARY INTELLIGENCE" oxymoron with his statement of American soldiers
    are getting killed because of ISRAEL…but let me ask one foolish question, which
    will prove that in this blessed country, we ALWAYS either fall short or go beyond…
    Don't we have any other presidential choices but African-Americans ???
    Didn't we have enough with this disgraceful "administration" at every respect ??

    • Andres de Alamaya

      Agree with you wholeheartedly on both West and Petraeus and I'm delighted to see so many of the readers here mention West. There may be some others that have potential but I haven't seen them or heard about them and my gut tells me the West is the man.

    • Dennis X

      Once you vote Black you never go back. ha , ha

  • wayne

    For the top, or bottom, of the ticket one of these four need to be considered: Cain, Bachman, Palin, and West… in that order. For VP add Daniels, Rubio and Huckabee. Phyllis is correct that Romney will not be able to defeat O'Bama. Neither will Pawlenty or Gingrich or the guy form Utah who's name I always forget….. oh Huntsman. I've always liked Condi Rice.. but she has never seemed to want it. Any combination of the above (excluding the lily white honkies) have a real chance of beating Obama. It depends on whether O's efforts to pump massive debt into our failing economy appears to be working come election time. He will certainly keep pumping as long as he's in power. We'll be repairing the damage he's done to our country for the rest of our lives.

    • Lady_Dr

      Pumping massive debt into the economy will never be reported by the mainstream media (MSM) so that won't matter. And the MSM will keep showing their love for Pawlenty, Grinrich or Huntsman or some other RINO until after the GOP convention. It will be 2008 all over again if we allow it. Agree with your list generally but I would put it West or Cain with Backman or Rubio as VP. Daniels has more than a wife problem, he has been open to VAT and an oil tax hike. Huckebee is a RINO, and I want Palin to be Sec. of Interior or to put in place to close down the EPA and hand over every single component of it to the states. (Let California destroy themselves with such foolishness.) After than she can do the same with the Dept. of Education – a Carter era gift to the teachers unions.

    • Tim Bus

      He will certainly keep pumping as long as he's in power.

      Oops. I read that as pimping!

    • Dispozovdaburka

      Col. Allan West, VP

      • wayne

        What is it about Huntsman that is so attractive? Is he a true conservative?

  • Figgy

    Jacob, I agree with your statement one hundred percent. Why can’t we find an canidate that has a set of balls? What we are seeing now is a very sad matter of fact. Enough with the blacks, obozo did so much damage, that we have had enough. Right now all the men that would like to run against the mooslim in christian clothing are going to be very pro Israel. That will change once the individual is elected to the WH. Same old bs from both sides. We need new faces, not the same old story.
    Let’s us not forget the men and women, who gave they’re lives so that we can live free. Semper fi.

  • wayne

    The only candidates who come close to fulfilling that resume are in the Republican Party. I don't see any Democrats who even come close. Cain, West, Palin, Bachman, ….perhaps Rubio, Daniels and Huckabee.

  • clarespark

    I can understand the focus on a presidential candidate, but the schools are boiling cauldrons of racialist thinking. If we don't educate them about what "racism" actually is, we will be stuck in the race game. I wrote about it here: http://clarespark.com/2011/05/26/who-is-a-racist-…. We should be color blind, as MLK Jr. advised not that long ago.

    • clarespark

      Or better yet, http://clarespark.com/2011/05/12/the-great-common…. This one is on primitivism in the young. Their rebellion and identification with ghetto culture is only tying them more securely to the "racist" culture they deplore.

  • dpking

    Your faith in America is second only to your faith in the gender you so vehemently discredit, the gender that has to march to save us again and again.

  • tanstaafl

    If the majority of the American public had common sense, a toaster oven could beat our dear leader.

    My question is how does Obama run for re-election when the information he has released on his Certificate of Live Birth makes him ineligible to be POTUS?

  • DrBukk

    Now that Oprah is gone, maybe the unctuous female viewers, who know nothing of current events, will regain their senses or at least loose the will to vote. I know many airheads who admit they voted emotionally, not rationally.
    Could the media be hoisted on their own petard for criticizing Cain? Isn't it racist to attack the policies of a genuine 100% black descendent of slaves since we can't criticize the Muslim? Cain-Palin is the ticket. She can disarm foreign leaders just with her looks. Men are slaves to looks. Karzai drooled, stammered and could say nothing but how gorgeous she is!

  • Jim_C

    Palin and/or Bachmann will sink any ticket. Palin just doesn't have the tools; Bachmann is too prone to crazy talk–you can either learn that, now, or later the hard way.

    Allen West on the other hand could worry me. His straightforwardness is definitely an asset. All things being equal (and they're not), the real problem for Republicans is message and economic climate. The typical mantra of tax breaks and spending cuts just isn't going to work, no matter how much you believe in it. People have short memories, but they remember the economy before Obama took office. And look how "popular" the Ryan plan is (not very). And if the economy shows any signs of life…it's over. That's why I say the smart guys will wait for 2016. 2012 is for the party's showboaters and has-beens.

    • wayne

      You may be right about Palin and Bachmann… but they would both get my vote over Obama. However tax breaks and spending cuts ARE the key. Limited government IS the key. There's so much fat that can be trimmed from the Federal Gov't, we could solve our debt problem in a few short years…. and few would miss the reduction in services. Combine that with tax cuts and American free markets would surge ahead providing even more revenue than we receive now. I agree with you that if the economy shows even moderate improvement between now and election time, beating Obama will be quite difficult. No President in history has more shamelessly looted the American Treasury, not to mention the future of the American people, more than this one has, in an attempt to give the appearance of an economic turnaround. Yet economic improvement may not come. If it doesn't. Obama is toast.

  • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ Always_On_Watch


    So, we're stuck with Obama until 2012?

  • phillyfanatic

    The Pubs must focus the campaign on the destructive Bama issues and platform and record. Communicate and unite with the Indies, Libertarians, TEAS, Reagan Dems and the Pub candidate who is finally nominated will run strongly because voters know that 4 more yrs. of Bama would be more socialism and American weakness. But, it is up to Pubs to stop being wussies and stand up to the DNC, the MSM,, and Bama and his clones in Congress.

  • phillyfanatic

    I note that people who post and tell us Bama is a sure thing to depress Pub-Indie et al votes are actually using the DNC-Bama tactic to depress all anti-Bama voters for 2012 as if he is a sure thing. He is not. So do not give into that rhetoric or brainwashing that Dem plants and MSM flacks want you to.

    • coyote3

      Exactly, and when I listen to the people they denegrate, I keep listening for the "extremes" that they mention. I just don't hear it. Oh, what they say is certainly different, and not always in a diplomatic manner, but I notice that they don't often provide facts to prove what they say is false. I could care less how extreme someone sounds, if what they say is the truth, or at least, what they say is not refuted.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I really do not like the "White Guy" is the bad guy ideation underlying this
    post, Obama will have to run on his record and it is dismal with so much
    anti-American hate that is palpable. One third of Americans are leftists,
    one third are still satisfied to let the world deteriorate while they have
    their alcohol, drugs and sports diversions, one third of us need to wake
    up our besotted countrymen and Obama is a great help in that regard.
    If we are not careful, Woopi Goldberg will be sworn in as POTUS, enough
    of the white man derangement syndrome………………………….William

  • Raymond in DC

    Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of waiting until 2016. We can't give Obama another four years to "fundamentally change America". And if you think he's tough on Israel now, just imagine if he no longer has to worry about reelection. No, the Republicans can't put up a "placeholder" candidate while praying they take the Senate. They need a strong, viable candidate that makes Obama *earn* his victory, not get it by default.

    • Jim_C

      There's still time, but I just don't see enough unity; the field is too fragmented. As democrats have found out on several occasions, you can't just run "against" someone–you have to run "for" something.

      Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both dark horses, though–very low profile while the bigger names dominated the early stages. Yet both were actually political thoroughbreds–campaigners far more astute than their better-known rivals. I don't see that guy, yet (as I said, maybe West?) The serious fundraisers are too moderate for the base; the ones who galvanize the base, a la Bachmann, are too wacky for the establishment.

  • DrBukk

    I will totally support any GOP candidate who is chosen, but Col. West isn't running. The media will kill him for being "provocative". I've been kicked off my newspaper's forum for relating the Lara Logan assault in Cairo. Truth is "inappropriate and hurtful" apparently. Cain will get educated.

    Most sleepwalkers really believe in the "morally equivalent" claptrap, that religions cause wars and we deserve the hate because of the Crusades, so regrettably the Islam issue can't be front and center. The press obfuscates every vile act of Islam because we are cattle that might stampede.

  • 080

    How about Cynthia McKinney? She has nothing else to do.

    • Tim Bus

      Her hair?

  • ADM

    Sorry, but Ms. Chester's approach is B.S. If a candidate – man or woman – can't find a way to win on the issues then the country is truly doomed. That aside, there is no basis at all for believing that the public will accept a small government argument from a black woman but not from a white man. The left opted to vote for a black man (BHO) over a white woman (HRC) during the 2008 Democratic primaries, but the left will never, ever vote for a Republican woman black or white. They will simply tar any such woman as a sell-out, as they largely do with black Republicans. Far, far better to find the most articulate, passionate, intelligent candidate who will fight for smaller, constitutional government and take one's shot with him or her.

  • deuscaritas8132

    Herman Cain. everyone is going to 'drop the ball' eventually on one thing or another. I wasn't looking for anyone who agreed with me 100% on all issues.If that's what we're hoping for each of us should run.You keep picking people and then say this one dropped the ball on this one issue,this one dropped the ball on that issue you end up with NO ONE and Obama wins. We can't do this. Cain's the man. He can beat Obama.These are the question we should ask;does he/she represent American values,does he agree with me on most,even several issues and finally THE most important-can he/she beat Obama.It does no good if the last one isn't true.

    • wayne

      I don't believe Cain dropped the ball on the Muslim issue. I've listened to several interviews with him on this. His first grenade came with his flippant remark that he would not appoint a Muslim to a Fed. Judge post. He then said his comments were misinterpreted. He then clarified his comments by stating he would consider a Muslim if he believed he held similar American values and opposed Shariah. What's so bad about that. Cain, like West, gets the Muslim issue. Few other candidates do. Would any of you criticize a President considering someone like Dr. Zudi Jasser? Not me.

  • RCCA

    The candidate would have to out-Obama Obama in the charisma department. Someone who is actually knowledgeable and able to speak from the heart without a teleprompter, someone who is a proven business leader and a proven financial success, a community leader, a lovable, happy personality, of exemplary character, with athletic ability/ military service.

    Gender and/or ethnicity are irrelevant.

    • wayne

      Obama is not as charismatic as he used to be. That funky street jive he likes to employ is beginning to wear thin. What it's going to take is someone who is confident in him or herself. Obama is an angry petulant brat and it's beginning to leak through. I agree that gender and ethnicity should not be relevant…. and the extent that it is is a blight on the character of the American electorate. We need a leader who can rise above. Obama is no towering adversary to the right man or woman.

  • suprkufrB

    Totally agree with your analysis.
    There is an easy solution to all this; recruit a few retired SEALs to storm the Rice family compound and take all those therein hostage, to be released the moment Condi files her nomination papers and commits to Palin as her running mate.
    The GOP has shot itself in the foot so seriously this time that Ms Rice is now our only realistic hope of winning back the country.

    • wayne

      I like Condi…. and Sarah. But there is still too much hatred being directed at GW. Condi would be tarred with that stick. Besides I don't think she wants it. I also think Sarah can do more good in a Repub. Pres Cabinet post. I admire her, but the MSM has made her life miserable for two and a half years and will not let up. She know it too. Cain and West impress me. So did Daniels in spite of his RINO leanings. Bachmann seems grounded too. Everyone is going to make a few gaffs along the way. How they handle them is probably more important than not making them in the first place. Cain has comported himself well in this regard. So has Bachmann. I haven't seen West make any yet.

  • QSuzy

    I will vote for anyone except Obama. Condi Rice is as anti-Israel as Obama and I seriously doubt that a black or a woman needs to run against Obama.

    And Dr Chesler, we Jews will not be slaughtered again; such is not my fear.

  • Guest

    Allen West, Congressman from Florida with VP Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico

    • wayne

      Either that of Herman Cain and Marco Rubio.

  • Shalom Freedman

    I also sense that President Obama does not have 'warm' feelings for Israel. The settlement strategy, the returning to sixty- seven borders statement, the initial and frequent rudenes to Prime Minister Netanyahu all suggest this. But where is the evidence that he 'hates' Israel and is totally abandoning it? In fact he strongly insists that the Palestinians must negotiate with Israel and not declare their own state. He insists that the American commitment to Israel's security is a fundament of American policy. And he has apparently strengthened security ties with Israel.
    I believe it is better to be fair even in polemics than to demonize. I believe too it is necessary to be wary of Obama ( And in fact all politicians- after all so pro- Israel Bush called for a Palestinian state, and also did not take significant measures to stop Iran) but not to demonize him either.

  • BS77

    problem is, lemming liberals would vote for a turnip if it ran as a Democrat.

  • Amused

    lol….likewise the republicans , and even the mention of a Palin or Bachman ticket proves it ….lol…in fact a turnip would be better than either of those two twits .

    • BS77

      Sorry, amused….your smug sarcasm ain't cuttin it. Sarah Palin is a terrific candidate…unfortunately, the Libtard Media has all but destroyed her by relentless attacks. She is a great patriot and a serious person….Michelle Bachman is no turnip, dude. If you only knew what kind of fierce opposition conservatives face in the media, you might not be so condescending.


    Oh even my little pooch can beat obama. All it has to do is bark this dude's truth from the rooftop until the cows come home—and then some.

  • Penfire

    I think Americans, male or female, black or white, want a President that is pro-America, pro-U.S. Constitution and Judeo-Christian values, without which, nothing else will really make a lot of difference because they will be bought off and repeat the status quo of politics as usual these days. Decent people made this country great, not all the corporations and politicians.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I find it interesting that you believe "they will be bought off …..in three days",
      I agree but I would not be bought off and there are people like me in
      America that can not be bought off. I might not hold up under torture to
      well but hey…………The question was "Who can beat Obama" as a second
      thought I realize the answer is everyone I know wants to……………William

  • dumbledoresarmy

    I'm an Aussie, so I just have to chew my fingernails, cross my fingers and toes, and pray like blazes that our great friend and ally across the Pacific Ocean wakes up and gets a clue and finds a guy for the top job who 'gets' the Meaning and Menace of Islam and won't be afraid to do what's necessary to defend his own country against the Jihad…and others, too. And I will say that from what I've seen and heard of Allen West, if he *were* to run, and per miraculum get into the White House, I would sleep a lot more peacefully o' nights than I do now…All you folks here that say you like him, I hope you're putting money in his campaign chest. And advertising him by word of mouth and in cyberspace every chance you get.

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    x3lDts hey, just wanted to comment :)

  • Deendid

    I've always liked Condi Rice.. but she has never seemed to want it. Any combination of the above (excluding the lily white honkies) have a real chance of beating Obama. It depends on whether O's efforts to pump massive debt into our failing economy appears to be working come election time. He will certainly keep pumping as long as he's in power. We'll be repairing the damage he's done to our country for the rest of our lives.Portable Signs

  • buster

    colin powell could beet him