The Other (Endless) Massacre


Since Saturday, our media have reveled in the aftermath of the avoidable slaughter in Tucson, where a young madman–ignored by “tolerant” social, educational and law-enforcement systems—gunned down, among others, a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl, while gravely wounding a Congresswoman reaching out to her constituents.

Caught out in his incompetence, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona, railed against conservatives, who the “lawman” blamed for the massacre on his turf. Other leftists rushed to blame the Tea Party (conveniently overlooking the murderer’s internet claim that The Communist Manifesto was one of his favorite books—oops!).

The fact is that the shooter wasn’t a political creature, but a psychopath. And a hyper-liberal social climate allowed him to go unchecked, despite no end of warning signs and documented complaints from his fellow citizens.

Meanwhile, another massacre occurred on the doorstep of our nation’s capital, but the media and left-wing activists ignored it: In the first eleven days of 2011, eleven people were gunned down in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Their deaths were irrelevant to the political discourse—because they were black.

We do, indeed, have a violence problem and an intolerable culture of the gun in this country. But it has nothing to do with honest citizens who go hunting every autumn. It’s a creation of the Democratic Party, which will take no serious measures to impose the rule of law and foster quality education systems in minority-populated districts, preferring to keep blacks and Latinos down on their electoral plantations.

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  • Steve Chavez

    This week's attack will be nothing compared to the attacks when the Republicans pick their President and VP candidates. One little gaffe, or trip up, and they'll be the endless jokes on late night and especially, Saturday Night Live! They'll demonize them and their families no matter how young!

    Many of the commentators, like Matthews, have their talking points ready before any event!

    The American people are seeing through this farce as was evident in the past election. So, let these wackos be wackos! The crazier the better! EXPOSE THEM!

  • marsouin

    Mr. Peters,

    Things happen to you only if you allow it to happen. I have been living in DC for over 40 years. The violence and the myriad of deep social pathologies have remained unchanged among blacks for all this time. They have severe battered-wife syndrome: they consistently vote for every race-hustling poverty pimp who comes down the road, no matter how much they get snookered. It’s far more important not to let the White man off the hook, and to get “free” stuff from him. This is no surprise as local schools, religious leaders and politicians teach to hate and blame whites before concerning themselves to create a better future for their children. I came to the difficult conclusion some years ago that if 40 years is not enough time and two, now working on three, generations of black youth sacrificed, to wake them up, their problems will not change in my lifetime, or my children’s.

    • wingwiper

      Quite so. I've begun looking into the much-maligned AMERICAN RENAISSANCE group who, evidently, have been completing and gathering copious research findings bolstering your exact premise, again. My featured perpetrator of the month award goes to Dr. Cornel West (aided and abetted by Tavis Smiley), whom Princeton University pays a handsome salary for him to formulate and spew propaganda of the Democratic Sociallsts of America for, as he describes them, "… the GheTTO and the ones on the front lines."

      • guest

        Ah yes, American Renaissance, the respectable white supremacists. I was wondering when they would appear here, the ground has certainly been well prepared for their arrival. We'll see an increasing convergence in the future of the conservative and white nationalist movements. Horowitz and friends will have a challenge managing that one!

        • wingwiper

          It is not as if nothing else has been tried. And, if there is a better option, then hopefully it will make itself known, soon. Better safe than sorry, and better informed than ignorant. To have been placed on a "Hate Map" by the SPLC which includes the KKK, Black Panthers and Nation of Islam demonstrates more the entrenched power of the racist Left than anything at all about American Renaissance. The States with the greatest number of "Hate Groups"? Texas (66), California (60), and Florida (51) in that order. By the way, Arizona is claimed to have (16) and New Mexico (2).

          • guest

            AmRen is the KKK with a GED and a tie. I for one am glad that the natural ties between conservatives and white nationalists is becoming harder to hide. LIberals want so badly to believe most conservatives are misguided allies (for example John Stewart and the whole unity crowd). More seasoned observers realize that, as the historian of fascism Robert Paxton has meticulously documented, fascism has only ever risen to power in alliance with conservatives. That is a fact.

            So peddle your sorry, tired 'oh woe is us, we've tried to be reasonable' nonsense elsewhere. AmRen is a hate group, it is white supremacist and it is more than happy to take sorry sacks such as yourself into its fold.

          • wingwiper

            I'm saddened to learn of such beliefs, or feelings, existing in America. It is for certain that we are out of balance, and are trying to right ourselves before it is too late.

            My GED was awarded in the Air Force, and led to two college degrees, followed by a lifetime of service to our nation. Never before in that time have I witnessed the political turmoil of today; not even in the 1960s. It is, however, encouraging that so many have finally turned to face our common domestic enemy, in peace.

          • Guest

            Any white group that speaks up for itself is a HATE group in the minds of arrogant little pukes like yourself.

            It's just a matter of time before the few white people who are sick of watching their culture destroyed decide to do something about it. How many of you disgusting libtards are will to move to East St. Louis or Birmingham Alabama? Not a damn one. You all make me sick

        • Douglas

          I hope you are correct. I hope we will eventually see a radicalization of the conservatives. I hope they will realize we are under actual attack physically by people such as yourself who suffer from Cranial Rectal Insertion Syndrome CRIS.

    • Satori_In_TO

      I am almost 60 years old. I wish I could disagree with something you stated, but only because I am a natural optimist. Unfortunately, I can't. So I pray – for myself and everybody else. I think "awakening" is an individual experience, not a community experience. The unawakened are incapable of community at all. The Dems LIKE their "minorities" in this state of disunity, confusion and fear…

  • Spider

    You are absolutely right Mr Peters. But I would like to add that Leftists are responsible for this travesty. A little over 40 years ago a campaign began by the left that culminated in the destruction of the black community. The welfare state rendered balck men un-accountable for their own children hence destroying the black family as an institution.
    ( this has always been a halmark of the left – and is a classic KGB tactic ) The left has also been relentless in taking over our schools and now teach black kids that they are not responsible for their actions and that whitey is the root of all their problems. The entertainment industry also controlled by Leftists that teach black kids how cool the Gangsta culture is, but they leave out the part that these behaviors land them in proson.
    There are many descent blacks out there who are aware of the problem but will not speak out, but they must.

  • USMCSniper

    The 25 most dangerous cities in the US for voilent crime are all run by Blacks and Democrats:
    1. St. Louis, MO
    2. Camden, NJ
    3. Detroit, MI
    4. Flint, MI
    5. Oakland, CA
    6. Richmond, CA
    7. Cleveland, OH
    8. Compton, CA
    9. Gary, IN
    10. Birmingham, AL
    11. Baltimore, MD
    12. Memphis, TN
    13. New Orleans, LA
    14. Jackson, MS
    15. Little Rock, AR
    16. Baton Rouge, LA
    17. Buffalo, NY
    18. New Haven, CT
    19. Hartford, CT
    20. Dayton, OH
    21. Kansas City, MO
    22. Washington, DC
    23. Newark, NJ
    24. Cincinnati, OH
    25. Atlanta, GA

    • Guest

      Glad to see people with courage to point this out. I don't hate blacks, but I realize they are dangerous and destructive in ways that cannot be hidden forever. It is very disheartening to see this. For those that do not agree, I am open to examples of positive black run cities with large black populations.

  • Dan

    When I graduated from high school in 1967 and finished college a decade later (the delay due to a little fracas in SE Asia) in the Southwestern US, I had an ingrained expectation that America would thrive more and more and the disparities so highlighted in the 1960s would work themselves out. The tools were there; all that was needed was for individuals to start and continue to build their own house, their own lives and their own standard of living. But I also began to see how so many people stumbled because of poor life and lifestyle choices, some of which caused them legal problems. Lives stunted because of individual choices. Now, more and more I am seeing stunted lives on what seems a larger and larger scale due to ideological orientations which, as Colonel Peters asserts, is more and more due to lack of a quality education –education in an American context (entrepreneurial capitalism and liberal Constitutional republicanism). When I think about what's going on in Prince Georges County and other Democratically "ruled" enclaves, I can't help but be angered by the huge theft that is being perpetrated, allowed, and being encouraged even more by the so-called Progressives. Thefts of the minds that we were warned were so terrible to lose. Thefts of the promise of America — relative to other nations — won over so many generations (and still apparently admired by so many peoples who want to emigrant here legally). Yes I am angered that so many futures are 24/7/365 being stolen. Angered that, when I am laid to rest, America had not become the better place and better people I dreamed of three and four decades ago. Stolen. Wholesale.

  • muchiboy

    "Caught out in his incompetence, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona, railed against conservatives, who the “lawman” blamed for the massacre on his turf. Other leftists rushed to blame the Tea Party….
    The fact is that the shooter wasn’t a political creature, but a psychopath. And a hyper-liberal social climate allowed him to go unchecked, .."

    The neocons still don't get it.Likely never will.Guns and God.Why such otherwise good and capable men and women can't connect the dots is unfathomable.And now tragic.After all their talk about the other side blaming them,here they are blaming the other side.Why don't you press the rewind/play button on your VCR and listen carefully to your Democratic President's recent speech in Tucson,Arizona.And maybe read between the lines of the local sheriff instead of jumping all over the men who walk the line to take a bullet for you.You guys and gals are some piece of work.muchiboy

    • Scaramouche

      You mean "God and Guns" drove Loughner crazy? Now THAT sort of logic (the sort that connects the wrong dots and therefore draws the wrong picture) really is unfathomable

    • coyote3

      I spent most of my adult life, "walking the line" to take a bullet for you on the border. I can tell you, I was shocked at the sheriff's statement. Indeed, there is no "reading between the lines". He said what he said, without evidence of it. Even so, he had no business making that kind of statement as a law enforcement official. That is not his job. He is the same sheriff that will not allow his deputies to enforce the law, or assist us. I know. You don't choose the laws you wish to enforce. Maricon

      • muchiboy

        "Even so, he had no business making that kind of statement as a law enforcement official. That is not his job. He is the same sheriff that will not allow his deputies to enforce the law, or assist us. I know. You don't choose the laws you wish to enforce."

        Perhaps not,and you are correct that generally the boots on the ground don't comment publicly on policy.Still,he is in a unique position to comment and his opinion is both informed and insightful.The man has a wealth of relevant and valuable experience.He is in every way a trusted lawman and a true asset to his county and your country.His observations,while maybe out of line,partisan and unappreciated by some,deserves deliberation.And thank you for your service on the border.muchiboy

        • coyote3

          Thank you, but your comment doesn't change the fact that his comment was made without any evidence to support it, at least he didn't cite any. Moreover, what he said was irrelevant to his job. Words mean things and I wouldn't want to stand line watch with this man.

        • Guest

          Informed and insightful. LOL

          Foolish dweeb.

  • BLJ

    The Dems don't care about blacks until they need them at the voting booth. The so-called black leadership in this country does nothing for them as well. Both sides want them to remain victims.

    If that Congresswoman had been a Republican the Left, MSM and Obama would have just shrugged their shoulders. They are all hypocrites and enemies of the nation in my book.

    • Dennis X

      Wasn't the judge a republican?

      • Wideband

        I don't know about that, but both he and the congresswoman were 2nd amendment rights supportes.

  • BLJ

    The Judge doesn't matter to the them. Sort of like those soldiers at Ft. Hood.

  • muchiboy

    " LOL,Foolish dweeb."

    Of course, you are entitled to your opinion,Guest.And as expressed,i.e."LOL,Foolish dweeb",your opinion would appear to have come after considerable intellectual effort,perhaps to the point of exhaustion.I found it both informative and insightful,and look forward to future postings.dweeb aka muchiboy

    • Guest Who

      No need to waste time trying to argue with a libtard. You aren't worth the time.

      No more time wasted on you. Comment further all the like. Go troll where you may find someone to answer.

  • Douglas

    So the maples formed a union
    And demanded equal rights.
    "The oaks are just too greedy;
    We will make them give us light."
    Now there's no more oak oppression,
    For they passed a noble law,
    And the trees are all kept equal
    By hatchet, axe, and saw.

  • muchiboy

    "..draw a link between the shooting and political rhetoric.."

    "Words mean things…"

    I think the sheriff would agree with you,coyote3.Surely there is some common ground here.

    "…and I wouldn't want to stand line watch with this man."

    Looking at his history and character,I would trust this man on my right in any sweep line.

  • coyote3

    He doesn't have a clue what law enforcement is. It is not "taking a bullet for you". It is enforcing the laws which exist, and proving elements of crimes that exist. That does not include making up crimes which do not exist. By the way, "line watch" is not a "sweep line", but go ahead, I don't want to be anywhere near this Maricon.