Copts Running for Their Lives

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Nor is this phenomenon limited to the Copts of Egypt:

Gabriel sees a parallel with the Christian emigration from Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. “After the massacre of the congregation of Our Lady of Deliverance Church on October 31, 2010, and other attacks in Iraq, the ratio of Iraqi Christians went down from 8% to 2%; in Palestine to just .5%, and in Lebanon from 75% to 32%. If emigration of Christians, who constitute nearly 16% of the Egyptian population, continues at the present rate, it may reach 250,000 by the end of 2011, and within ten years a third of the Coptic population of Egypt would be gone.”

Bear in mind these large numbers are not simply indicative of those who want to emigrate, but those who simply can: not only does it take years to work out the legalities of emigrating, but many simply cannot afford it. In other words, if emigration was a simple thing, the number of Christian emigrants from the Muslim world would be even higher.

As professor Habib Malik confirms, “It is principally the violence visited sporadically upon these Christian communities in their native towns and villages across the Middle East, and the absence of any reliable means of protection in a region seething with religious fanaticism and despotic forms of rule, which impels Christians to flee and not return” (Islamism and the Future of the Christians of the Middle East, pgs. 36-37).

But it’s more than this; in fact, we are witnessing another manifestation of history—witnessing firsthand how formerly non-Muslim lands become Muslim. For just as conversion to Islam (out of force, out of necessity, out of cynicism) and the outright killing of non-Muslims saw the ranks of Islam grow, so too does emigration fit in this same paradigm of Islamization.

Beyond the authoritative primary sources which unequivocally demonstrate the violent nature of Islam—including history and theology texts—which many prefer to dismiss as “dead books,” here, then, is yet another live example. And yet the West’s leaders, from academics to politicians, will continue insisting that Islam is the “religion of peace”—testimony to the endemic blindness inflicting this age.

Raymond Ibrahim, an Islam-specialist, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. He contributes regularly to Jihad Watch.

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  • Axe

    I didn't realize the word "emigrate" meant to flee, but apparently it does. I hope everyone who is trying to emigrate has time.

  • Jim

    When the Muslims kill or chase out the non Muslims then they can not collect the non Muslim tax any more. Early in their movement the Muslim leaders realized that and stopped trying to convert every one. It was bad for business. Recently there is a new frame of mind.

    I worked with Copts at a Mideast university. The COPTS are a great part of the intellectual back bone of Egypt. The fanatics with in Islam are shooting their own country in the foot.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Islam (left to it's own devices) is doomed to fail.
    It is the nature of the "beast."
    It has to live off of a host and eventually
    kills the host.
    It cannot generate Light on it's own.
    That is why the symbol of Islam is "crescent moon."
    The moon cannot generate Light on it's own.
    It merely "reflects" the Light of the Sun.
    This "caliphate" of Islam around the world
    can be viewed (symbolically) as an "eclipse."
    The greatest darkness (hatred, war, terrorism,chaos) that the ideology of Islam generates
    is temporary and masks the true nature of humankind.
    Once this illusion is unmasked…
    and it will be…
    It will reveal the true nature of mankind,
    which guessed it…
    This" eclipse will bring about the final redemption.

  • Sound Doc

    I have a Christian friend in Egypt who has a family and was raised there and his ancestors are also Copts. He is trying to flee with his family, but cannot get a Visa unless he pays $20,000. The Muslims set their feet on your head and stand while they command you to go.

  • StephenD

    This can't be. I recall Obama giving a speech from Cairo praising the wonderful contributions of Islam. How could something so wonderful be blamed for the forced migration of non-believers in their midst? Oh yes, of course! It must be that the followers of the "Religion of Peace" have already shown compassion and offered a choice to the Copts (since there is no compulsion in Islam). When these Infidel Copts refuse the generous offer to become one of their brothers, why, they are declaring themselves to be in opposition to Islam…who only yearns for peace! These evil Copts are rightfully banished to second class status or looked upon as enemies! How dare they stand in defiance of the great and wonderful Oz…I mean Islam offered them freely?!? They suffer this fate at their own hand. You must not blame Islam. Islam is the victim here! They reach out in peace and are snubbed. These poor, poor, Muslims; always the victim of Islamophobics.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama invited his top favorites, the Muslim Brotherhood, to his speech in Cairo. Behind the scenes, America worked to oust U.S. ally, moderate Mubarak, in order to bring to power their favorites, the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal is the destruction of civilization.

    After Mubarak's ouster, predictably, things became very grim for Egypt's Christians. Violent Muslim attacks on Christians, their homes, churches and properties increased enormously. The kidnappings of Christian female children by Muslim males also increased enormously.

    The U.S. Congress has a moral obligation, as do other Western countries to act quickly to rescue Egypt's Christians and get them out.

    Egypt is a warning to all Western countries who have taken in large numbers of Muslim immigrants. Islamic conquest via Muslim immigration and very large Muslim families. The same hell on earth horrors perpetrated by Muslims against Christians in Egypt will happen in OUR countries.

  • J. S. Czubak

    The same hell on earth horrors perpetrated by Muslims against Coptic Christians is happening today in Kosovo and Bosnia against Orthodox Christians. And sadly, both the US and EU are biased towards the Muslims.

  • joy52

    True.More Copts would leave if they could get out. A big problem is that muslims control gettiing a visa of any kind at foriegn embassies in Egypt. Copts do pay a tax to remain Christian. Mob hostility against Christians in Egypt has gone on for years. So they pay the government to stay Christian and the government allows the mob to attack them. They value education, hard work, and attend church. The rampant cultural hatred of Jews and Christians is openly promoted in muslim countries…the lucky get out.

  • xlent

    Ah yes, coming soon to a country near you. Wherever the evil of islam is takes root this same story will be played out.

  • redhawk1989


  • Elizabeth

    Trying to understand why there is an ad for sharia compliant finance in the middle of this article. I did not expect that from Front Page and David Horowitz, of all people! I tried to email them directly but it would not go through. Am i the only one who sees the ad? Please Front Page, get rid of it! Sharia compliant lending finances terrorism and should be illegal!
    thank you

  • Ray Czar

    Hey Choir
    Where is our "christian' Prez speaking out for Copt Christians?
    Where is our "christian" Prez speaking up for Sudanese Christians?
    Matter of fact where is our "christian" Prez speaking up for American
    Christians or any other persecuted Christians around the globe?

    Where is any outward evidence that he is even sympathic toward any
    Christians? Zero
    And we all know by his "example" the sympathy, respect, and "sensitivity"
    he shows toward Muslim leaders, and our enemies!

    I have no apology in judging this man as a phony!
    Lets put him on umemployment in 2012.
    Wake up America!

    Ray Czar

    • Chicago Ray

      I hear that my namesake friend !!

      And he's a devout Christian! Yea sure, My azz he is and never has been. lololol He's been groomed all along by Marxist Muslims and Blacks for his role as a US covert Muslim in government ONLY they never dreamed Americans would be so stupid to elect and elevate him so quickly without any freaking experience to role of US president!!

      He's destroyed America's prowess in the world for one reason and one reason only, to elevate the Muslim world since they couldn't possibly do it themselves in this land. Now they're everywhere like flies on shiiite building their forts in our backyards and Victory Mosques on ground zero while self hating Jews Like Bloomberg pacify these animals on our own freaking land.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    The Egyptian press completely distorts all facts about the persecution of Copts by the masses.Reports about Muslims destroying churches or the authorities dispersing
    rioters are masterpieces of disinformation the stupidity of which offends intelligence.

  • Guest

    Once Muslims move into an area, they spread into the social fabric through the establishment of mosques, by the economic through stores in every part of the city to bring Muslims into areas once dominated by only the host population, the use the political sphere to get Muslims elected into local, then state, then federal offices by sheer numbers in order to take over the entire social, economic, and political host through the protection of what is defined as a religion…It more commonly fits the definition of a virus: a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Most viruses are too small to be seen directly with a light microscope. Viruses infect all types of organisms…(Babylon's Covert War)

  • Chicago Ray

    These are the very same Muzzies who whine and cry and moan endlessly about their being ejected from "Palestine" which they stole from the Jews in the first place. They steal land it's theirs but when it's taken back they're being persecuted. And meanwhile they kill Christians in Africa on whims, Barry sits in his office jerking off to Marxist reading and no one does a freaking thing.

    Were I in power as president the Muslim world would get ONE warning: Move into the 21st century or perish. Period end of story. Attack the west one more time, disappear from existence. Don't believe me? try it. And I'd nuke the entire region and peace on earth could FINALLY be achieved.

    Every single war and military conflict going on today is a result of Islamic aggression, something that hasn't changed since the freaking Crusades. Since 911 there've been almost 18 freaking thousand Islamic terror attacks and yet the Jews and Americans are the devil's spawn? Dream on you mad Muslims and pray I never run for US president. You will cease to exist..

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    Good, Copts Running for Their Lives | FrontPage Magazine.