Egypt’s Massacre of Christians

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Western media coverage of the recent massacre of Coptic Christians in Cairo, Egypt—in which the military killed dozens of Christians and injured some 300—was, as discussed earlier, deplorable. It merely repeated the false propaganda of the complicit state-run media, without checking facts. Since then, further proofs of the lies and brutality surrounding the massacre have emerged; they are compiled in the following report which consists of facts and videos from Arabic sources—many of which have not appeared in the Western media.

This report documents: 1) the activities of the Supreme Military Council of Egypt and de facto ruler; 2) the lies and duplicitous tactics of both the Military Council and its media mouthpiece, Egyptian TV; and 3) the anti-Christian sentiment pervading all aspects of this incident.

The Egyptian Military

Along with a new report by Magdi Khalil asserting that the day before the planned march, a “death squad” of snipers hid atop buildings and shot at protesters, armored vehicles intentionally chased after and ran over protesters, killing and mutilating many:

  • Here is perhaps the clearest video; it shows a high-speed armored vehicle willfully plowing over unsuspecting Christian demonstrators.
  • This video shows another armored vehicle chasing protesters, and a soldier opening fire    into the fleeing crowds.
  • This video shows high-speed armored cars running amok in the middle of the crowds, including chasing protesters on the curb, as well as soldiers beating protesters.
  • As for eyewitness testimonies attesting to the brutality of the massacre, they are many, and include Muslims.

The Tactics of the Military Council ( or “War is Deceit”)

After the incident and notwithstanding crushing evidence, Egypt’s Military Council held a news conference wherein senior official, Mahmoud Hegazy, spun lie after lie:  he stated that the military would “never, never run over civilians; that the very idea was “impossible, impossible!” and “Shame on those who accuse the Egyptian military of such things!… Never has our military run over a single person, not even when combating the Enemy [Israel].”

Hegazy portrayed the Christian protesters as the aggressors, attacking and killing “honorable” soldiers.  To prove his point, he showed an image of a protester on top of a stalled armored vehicle, throwing a rock at the soldier inside, and a video of a military vehicle—that he claimed was  hijacked by a protester—driving wildly into the crowd.

Hegazy’s deceit lies in the fact that the “hijacked” vehicle running amok, and the one stalled and attacked by a protester, were one and the same vehicle: Al Dalil revealed that both vehicles had the same identification number.  In other words, when the vehicle in which a soldier was chasing and running over protesters finally stalled, the protesters then attacked it.  Egypt’s leaders willfully manipulated the footage to exonerate themselves and portray the Copts as violent aggressors.

Egyptian military mows down Christians with armored-vehicles:

Several eye-witnesses, including Muslims, further stated that, to hide the “evidence,” they saw soldiers hurling the mutilated bodies of those run over into the nearby Nile River.  Likewise, among the slain, a dead Muslim soldier, whom the military said was killed by protesters, was actually killed by friendly-fire—although there are indications that he may have died elsewhere, and his corpse thrown among the dead for show.

As Copts have long suspected, the “thugs” (al-baltagiyya) who always appear in protests attacking Christians seem to be men whom the military uses to create an excuse to open fire and exercise brutality. Muslim eyewitnesses say they saw the thugs coming with State Security: Al Dalil showed a video clip of a soldier exposed dressed as a civilian, interspersed among Coptic protesters, and other videos showing the thugs cooperating with the military.

This video might offer the greatest proof: Days before the massacre, when Copts were protesting the destruction of their latest church, around 20 Egyptian soldiers and security personnel captured a protester and mercilessly beat him (while calling him an “infidel,” to put the beating in context).  Mixed among the military (camouflage uniforms) and security (black uniforms) is what appears to be a plainclothes civilian, who proceeds to stab the Christian protestor in the head with a knife several times; the victim later received 20 stitches. The plainclothesman is most likely a member of the military or security, dressed as a civilian for stealth purposes, otherwise he would not have been able to move among them so casually.

The Role of the Egyptian State Media (or “War is Deceit”)

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  • PatriotX

    “Another news anchor, Mahmoud Yousif, announced that he “washes his hands of what Egyptian TV is broadcasting.”

    Pontius Pilate ring a bell?

  • PatriotX

    Well, where’s the outrage at the slaughter of innocent civilians?

    When is NATO going to start conducting airstrike’s to quell this obvious attack on unarmed protestors?

    Well, what’s up?

    Certainly the Obama administration can’t let this go unanswered? We have to face this naked agression.

    I won’t hold my breath. I guess the lives of certain innocent civilians aren’t worth the effort.

    • Omar Khalid

      What are you thinking. BHO LOVES this. As a muslim he is doing every day what the queran commands. Deceive, lie, cheat, steal and destroy from within. Americans are such fools and will re-elect him next year and seal their fate to the Caliph. I have been on that side and know well what he is doing.

  • C"H"Martel

    My book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad, is available at For the first time in history "HSM" appear together on a book cover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. This book uses the specific names of Hitler and Stalin to efficiently identify the nature of Muhammad and by extension Islam. It compares the personalities and approach of each man to such categories as; war, peace, sex, torture, slavery, women, their respective childhoods and deaths, the critical affects of geography and timing, each man’s anti-social and narcissistic personalities.

  • StephenD

    You know, we may have this all wrong. Maybe their churches blocked out some sunlight from hitting a flower garden. Are you against a flower garden?!? They HAD to burn the churches down…what is brick and mortar compared to the life of a flower? Perhaps the Coptic Christians had a cartoon of Mad Mo. You see? We don't always get the whole story…maybe they "had it coming" for such an offense would render them no longer innocent. We just misunderstand the "Religion of Peace."
    Don’t worry though; your TAX DOLLARS will still go to good use…Allah willing! (as they laugh all the way to the bank).

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When the Egyptian Military savage Egyptian citizens it tells you that non Muslim
    people have no citizenship in Islam and are targets for any rabid mob out screaming
    from the Mosque in overwhelming displays of peace and brotherly love, the picture
    above tells all, what a hellish part of the World, Israel must see this and know that
    when they fight the Islamist barbarians they are who make retribution for innocent

  • Rhyscurrency

    "I breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing much had changed, the Copts were safe for now." Are you saying you were taken in? How can anyone, especially readers of JW be so naive? Even some of the mainstream media, like SUNTV in Canada are reporting what was only available online from the ME sources according to which more than 100,000 Copts have fled the country since March of this year.

  • guest

    we should be sending this to the newspapers. Carrying signs showing Islam at work when they start demanding more rights. Show up where they are demanding foot baths, prayer in our schools, for them only, and help people understand Islam, for it is NOT a religion.

    Send this to politicians who think we are Islamophobic. Show them the murdered bodies.

  • Jule Almy

    When wull it be released in egypt ?