Islam’s Predictability: Apostasy, Execution, and Lies

As one ponders the fate of Yousef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor on death row for refusing to renounce Christianity, it is well to reflect that, for all the talk that Islam is perpetually “misunderstood,” it is actually immensely predictable and consistent; not only do its patterns cross time and space, but their manifestations are often identical.

Consider:  Muslims have no qualms proudly declaring the particulars of their religion for all and sundry to hear—no matter how absurd or how it reflects on them or Islam. Thus talk about the legitimacy of adult “breast feeding,” pedophilia as marriage, insistence that the earth is flat, commands not to yawn (lest Satan flies down one’s throat), the salutary effects of drinking prophet urine, the need to execute the “infidel” Mickey Mouse, and any number of other oddities and perversities are regularly evoked by Islam’s sheikhs and clerics throughout the Muslim world.

There is, of course, one caveat: whenever Islam is vulnerable vis-à-vis the international infidel, as it is today, caution is called for regarding the declaration of those things that might backfire, things that might make Islam look like a threat—things that might incline other civilizations to go on a preemptive offensive, while they have the advantage.

Jihad is a perfect example.  Despite the fact that “holy war” to conquer infidel territories and spread Islamic hegemony is an ironclad aspect of the religion—an integral part of its history, its doctrines, its very being—Muslims are careful not to evoke it around infidels.

Even Islamist organizations, including al-Qaeda, while regularly pontificating to fellow Muslims about how Islam demands the subjugation of non-Muslims—simply because they are infidels—always back-peddle when communicating with the West, opting instead to use language and paradigms that comport with Western sensibilities.

It is in this manner that many in the West have come to believe Islam’s nonstop aggression around the globe is a byproduct of “grievances,” of “Zionism,” of U.S. “foreign policy,” of anything and everything, not Islam.

Now consider how this identical pattern—Muslims proudly displaying Islam’s particulars, only to deny them once they become counterproductive—has played out in the Iranian Christian pastor saga:

First, Iran’s Supreme Court made it unequivocally clear that apostasy is punishable by death.  Why shouldn’t it?  All legitimate schools of Islamic law—including Shia—mandate death for the apostate, in accordance with their prophet’s command: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, kill him.”

Then, to the chagrin of Iran’s government, which likely expected to get away with its barbarities unnoticed, the Western mainstream media actually picked up the story, resulting in widespread condemnation from Western politicians, many highlighting Iran’s hypocrisy, thereby undermining its constant calls for “justice” and “humanitarianism” in its attempt to demonize Israel.

So what did the taqiyya masters of Shia Iran do?  In the face of all the documented evidence otherwise, they decided to change the whole story, to use language intelligible to West: now the pastor is supposedly being executed because he is a “Zionist traitor,” a “rapist” and “extortionist,” a “brothel owner,” etc.—all epithets Iran knows will resonate with the West.

Of course, none of these charges exist in Iran’s Supreme Court ruling, which clearly and unequivocally asserts that pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

is convicted of turning his back on Islam, the greatest religion the prophesy of Mohammad at the age of 19. He has often participated in Christian worship and organized home church services, evangelizing and has been baptized and baptized others, converting Muslims to Christianity. He has been accused of breaking Islamic Law that from puberty (15 years according to Islamic law) until the age of 19 the year 1996, he was raised a Muslim in a Muslim home. During court trials, he denied the prophecy of Mohammad and the authority of Islam. He has stated that he is a Christian and no longer Muslim.

Thus, just like all the other Muslims who boldly and proudly declare the things of Islam, except when they are counterproductive to Islam’s wellbeing—apostasy like jihad is equally codified in Sharia, and equally detested in the West—those who unashamedly sought to execute an apostate in Iran cringed and dissembled, as usual.

For anyone following the patterns of Islamic behavior, this is all too predictable—almost as predictable as the fact that many wishful thinkers in the West will happily accept Iran’s lies, simply to validate their  own worldview, despite all the evidence otherwise.

  • tanstaafl

    It is Islam against the world. It has been that way from the moment Mohammed made up Allah and his sociopathic religion. It is that way today – from the bullets and bombs of the jihad to the "stealth jihad" of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • The Infidel Alliance

      It is the ISLAMIC WORLD WAR.

      ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Fred


    Your bias and ignorance about Islam and Muhammad shines through your comment. You are a deceiver.

    • Guest

      @ Fred… please let us know the Sunni and Shia authorities that do not believe Apostates should be put to death as it clearly states in the Quran…. oh, you can't because they don't exist…if they did exist they would be out to death themselves as Apostates… ;~) peace

  • Ahmad

    And Fred, your comment makes you look like, well, an idiot. Both the article and tanstaafl are spot on.

  • Doug

    On the macro level, all of the facts regarding Islam do make it appear quite inhuman to the western eye. However, wagging a finger in someone's face very rarely changes a heart. I believe the fix here in the west is simple. We should no longer allow entry into our countries any clergy or teacher who has had training at an institution that santions the murder of the apostate. Sure, it will stir up a hornets nest but if the Muslims in our midst continue to insist that apostacy has no such penalty then it is a slam dunk. Right?

    "By their fruit you will recognize them." Matthew 7:16

    We all know that the deceivers among us will show their true colors when the time comes.

  • A Friend

    Ur all dumb this whole article was an overgeneralization of what "some muslim" have said and beleived. But let us not forget the bigotry and hate that has come out of Christianity. I wont go into because I am a christian myself and understand that no one person is right. We are in an apostate(means the abhoration or the defamation of a relgion) condition right now yes, not just of Christianity but of all, muslims are more vilified then us. This is how I know we are being fooled, how many times have u met a muslim and real life compare to the ones that are on tv, Yes Jesus said by their fruit we will recognize them…so lets recognize what the media is doing and how it shapes what we know…Thank you

    • curmudgeon

      your command of the english language is pathetic. you should stick to arabic.

  • A Friend

    Oh and by the way only extremists bomb builidings, not all islamists. The media calls them Fundamentalist Islamists because they take(all) their information from several verses in the Koran called the Verse of the Sword which calls to kill infidels, but this section of the Koran is alot like our old testament when God (Allah) told Jews to "leave no woman child behind" when it came to slaughtering Canaanites he was talking about BACK THEN. Its spoken in present tense because it was written back then. The Koran was telling Muslims to protect themselves from the incoming invasion which ALREADY HAPPEND. Most muslims are calm and docile (Malcom X after he converted).

    • jonmc

      "Verse of the Sword which calls to kill infidels, but this section of the Koran is alot like our old testament when God (Allah) told Jews to "leave no woman child behind" when it came to slaughtering Canaanites"
      Actually, no. There are two major differences:
      1. The sword-verse (9:29) is amongst the latest verses of the Koran – SUra's 8 &9 being classed as "late" Surah's. So this verse is, Chronologically, lke the new not old testament.
      2. The Canaanites were a distinct tribe, so however barbaric that call was once it was accomplished the call to "leave no woman child behind" lapses. A call to simply kill "unbelievers" (the word is Kaffir, which carries many unpleasant connotations and specifically INCLUDES Christians and Jews btw) that is "people-who-do-not-believe-in-Islam" is therefore directed not a a specific tribe or even nation but EVERYONE who isn't Muslim.
      Thus your 'analogy' or 'parallel' is utterly false.

  • Guest

    Yes there are good Muslims that are not violent, even in America. There is even a Muslim Movement that is anti-Sharia in America! This is awesome, but they are targets by the Jihadists.

    However, it is true that Islam was violent from the very beginning. 1400 years of violence from the Religion of Peace is what people are waking up to now. And I wish more people would say that the ENTIRE HISTORY OF AIRPORT SECURITY is thanks to Muslim attacks.

    • curmudgeon

      the good muslims you tout would not dare behave in that manner if there were more muslims nearby. when the muslim population reaches critical mass, such sentiment among muslims disappears. they may quarrel with each other, but muslim treatment of infidels is not an item of disagreement. infidels are to be converted, subjugated, or murdered.

      • jonmc

        I'm not sure that you are quite correct Curmudgeon. I think that the sentiment may well survive, but it cannot be spoken of, for fear of the speaker being declared "UnIslamic" or (worse) an "apostate" – with well known punishment.
        On the other hand the well-know doctrines of Taqiyya (or Muda'rat) "deception of the infidel" also means that (some) Western Muslims "speak nicely to us whilst hating us in their hearts" (to paraphrase the Hadith).
        Thus once "critical mass" is reached Islam crushes any "moderate" expression (as the murders of people who spoke against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan shows) by making such expression suicidal.

  • JOSH


  • Mahmoud Abdu

    Meanwhile, Josh, after your "evil Zionist" rant is said and done, the fact remains:
    A man who wants to be a Christian is being executed by the Iranian government.
    Interesting how that doesn't cause you any outrage, isn't it?

  • long live Islam

    The first nation to welcome Muslims was a Christian nation: Ethiopia, Islam is not at war with Christianity, it's message is the same as that of Abrahim's message, worship only ONE GOD!!
    and Islam being a bad religion, there is a reason why all Christian majority nations are living under secular states, for God's sake there is no human being who can live under what the hateful bible teaches. When Europe was in dark age where the sick couldn't be healed and women couldn't get divorce ( still Egypt's Christians don't allow their women to get divorce even if she is married to most abusive man in the world) Muslims were in their golden age teaching medicine and al-jabra. By the way what do you want to say about how Christians and Musims are treated nowadays in your bestfriend and "the only democracy in the ME" Israel? Even their cemeteries are not safe anymore. So what can you say about that huh?

    • long live Islam

      Let's be honest my friend, this is what you hate the most and you're doing everything you can to stop Islam, but Islam is growing faster than your religion. So Accept It…Deal With It…& Move On.

  • MM&M

    Yes, Ethiopia took in some Muslim refugees when Islam was weak, and kissing ass. I'm sure they're regretting it now. From the same autor:

  • Martin K.

    @long live islam:

    ….. "And Hell is sufficient for their burning. Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire. As often as their skin is burnt and singed, roasted through, We shall change it for fresh skin, so that they may go on tasting the torment."

    The first time I ever read the crap called kooraan could not read past this verse. What a demented sadistic mind could ever THINK OF SUCH PUNISHMENT! Burn Victims suffer long until they are healed, and in order to "exchange" the skin for a fresh one, this allah would need to use some of his miracle-powers to do all that. How sick is this? So what if in the Bible one can find hell too. But the lice-ridden Mohammel and his "stoned gawd" allah top the description of hell in the Bible many times over. Besides the stoned-gawd allah claimed that he sent Moses, Jesus and all other OT & NT "scriptures" They are all his inspirations.

    Then in 73:11"Leave Me alone to deal with the beliers (those who deny My Verses). Respite those who possess good things for a little while. Verily, with Us are heavy shackles (to bind), a raging fire (to burn), food that chokes, and a torturous penalty of a painful doom."

    here "allah" is in hell and in charge and he is the one dishing out the punishment….
    There are even Websites (most I found in German) that use 4:54 as some sort of miracle and to validate the kooraan-crap.

    BTW when was the last time we could witness how Djinns were chased out of heaven by stars? Or have we ever found the 7 heavens MoHAMmel claimed to have visited after having left a non-existing jewish Temple in Jerusalem? How many lies can Muslims accept from their lice-ridden profeet, before they discard Islam the probably worst man-made religion?

    • Christianantiatheist

      Martin K, you are simply dumb atheist. God made you to worship him and obey his commands if you want to go to heaven or you will face hell-fire as simple as that. That's what the bible says too!! he didn't created you to watch porn and abuse/kill others. He made you to love others as much as you want to be loved, do the right thing and stay away from all sins things he hates.

  • RealMuzzie

    Why not all Islamist commit terror? Look no further!
    ————-Surah 9 At-Tawbah:122 states "It is not right for all the believers to go wage war at once; send forth a certain number from among you, so that those who remain would learn a greater understanding of the religion, and teach the people when they return that they might be cautious."
    ————-"Extreme" Muslims wage the war, "Moderate" Muslims spread the religion and smile at your faces knowing full well what is going on.

  • redhogg

    Moderate Muslims are like moderate KKK members or in other words nonexistent