Muslim Persecution of Christians: October

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“The attacks on Christians continue and the world remains totally silent. It’s as if we’ve been swallowed up by the night” — Iraqi Christian

Egypt’s Maspero massacre—where the military killed dozens of Christians protesting the destruction of their churches—dominates October’s persecution headlines.  Facts and details concerning the military’s “crimes against humanity” are documented in this report, and include videos of armored-vehicles running over civilians, a catalog of lies and deceitful tactics employed by Egypt’s rulers and state media, and other matters overlooked in the West.

More damning evidence continues to emerge: not only did Egypt’s military plan to massacre Christians to teach them a “lesson” never to protest again, but “death squads” were deployed up buildings the night before to snipe at protesters.  Instead of trying the soldiers who intentionally ran-over demonstrators, the military has been randomly arresting Copts, simply “for being Christian.” Finally, the fact-finding commission of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights just submitted its report which, as expected, “whitewashes” the military’s role, including by “asserting that no live ammunition was fired on the protesters by the military, as the army only fired blanks in the air to disperse the protesters,” a claim many eyewitnesses reject out of hand.

Meanwhile, not only are Western governments apathetic, but it was revealed that “Obama’s top Muslim advisor blocks Middle Eastern Christians’ access to White House.”  Newt Gingrich asserted that Obama’s “strategy in the Middle East is such a total grotesque failure” and likened the “Arab spring” to an “anti-Christian spring.”  Ann Widdecombe accused the British government of “double standards in its threats to cut aid to countries which persecute gay people while turning a blind eye to persecution against Christians.”  Even Christian pastors in the West, apparently more concerned about appearing tolerant and in “dialogue” with Muslims, are reluctant to mention persecution to their flock.

Categorized by theme, the rest of October’s batch of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes (but is hardly limited to) the following accounts, listed according to theme and in alphabetical order by country, not necessarily severity.


Afghanistan: Ten years after the U.S. invaded and overthrew the Taliban—at a cost of more than 1,700 U.S. military lives and $440 billion in taxpayer dollars—the State Department revealed that Afghanistan’s last Christian church was destroyed. The report further makes clear that the Afghan government—installed by the U.S.—is partially responsible for such anti-Christian sentiments, for instance, by upholding apostasy laws, which make it a criminal offence for Muslims to convert to other religions.

Indonesia: Muslims and authorities expelled Christians from their church and shut it down “for allegedly engaging in ‘proselytizing’ in a predominantly Muslim area.”  As in previous cases when churches were seized, “the fundamentalists were aided and abetted by the local administration.” Also, the Muslim behind a September church attack that left three dead confessed that he was operating under his jihad leader’s orders, “based on the Koran and Sunna.”

Kazakhstan: The Muslim majority nation enacted new laws further restricting freedom of religion: “All registered churches must now re-register with the government, and only churches meeting new criteria will be registered.” Accordingly, “police and secret police agents reportedly raided a worship meeting of officially registered Protestant church New Life, saying that under the new Religion Law the congregation ‘cannot meet outside its legal address.’ During the raid, a 17-year old woman was hit by a policeman, leaving her unconscious.”

Sudan: Soon after President Bashir “confirmed plans to adopt an entirely Islamic constitution and strengthen sharia law,” “emboldened” Muslims attacked Christians trying to construct a church, “claiming that Christianity was no longer an accepted religion in the country.” Likewise, authorities threatened to demolish three church buildings “as part of a long-standing bid to rid Sudan of Christianity.”

Christian Symbols

Egypt: A Christian student was strangled and beaten to death by his Muslim teacher and fellow students for refusing to cover his cross. When the headmaster was informed of the attack in progress, he ignored it and “continued to sip his tea.”  In the words of one prominent Egyptian commentator: “a teacher forced a student to take off the crucifix he wore, and when the Christian student stood firm for his rights, the teacher quarreled with him, joined by some of the students; he was beastly assaulted until his last breath left him.”

Saudi Arabia: A Colombian soccer-player “was arrested by the Saudi moral police after customers in a Riyadh shopping mall expressed outrage over the sports player’s religious tattoos, which included the face of Jesus of Nazareth on his arm….  A similar event occurred in Saudi Arabia last year when a Romanian player kissed the tattoo of a cross he had on his arm after scoring a goal, which also caused public outrage.”

Maldives: Police arrested a 30-year-old teacher from India for having a Bible and rosary, finally deporting him after a two-week interrogation. According to the principal, he “was a very good teacher, we’ve not had any complaints of him in the past.” Such cases are not aberrant: “Last year, Maldivian authorities rescued another Christian teacher from India when Muslim parents of her students threatened to throw her into the sea for ‘preaching Christianity’ after she drew a compass in class, which they alleged was a cross.”

Apostasy, Blasphemy, Proselytism

India: A mufti summoned a Christian priest to appear before his court: according to the mufti, the priest “is involved in converting young Muslim boys and girls to Christianity. This warrants action as per Islamic law….  I will take all necessary measures in exercise of the powers vested in me by Islamic Sharia.”

Iran: Militants with suspected ties to Iranian security threatened to kill nearly a dozen evangelical Christians who fled Iran; unless they “repent and ask forgiveness” and return to Islam, they must die.  Likewise, a “group of four officers engaged in a commando-style raid on the house” of a Muslim convert to Christianity, arresting him, confiscating his Bible, and “transferring him to an unknown location….  His family was also threatened to remain silent and not to talk about this incident to anyone.” Also, a Christian named “Muhammad” was arrested, interrogated “for the charge of Christianity.” And Iran’s Supreme Court has ordered the retrial of the pastor sentenced to death for refusing to renounce his Christian beliefs, partially because “Iran is feeling the pressure” from the international community, since the mainstream media actually reported the pastor’s case.

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  • randy

    Look at all the persecution and killing of the natives when the christians stole nort america from the natives.

    • Geneww

      Randy, you are clueless about true history. The persecuted Christians [Pilgrims] who were jailed for their beliefs were permitted to leave England. They left to establish a land of freedom and friendship with the natives. [That is why natives help Pilgrims to survive while conquering colonialist in Jamestown and elsewhere perished].

      See comment below.

    • Blaze Pascal

      No one has spread more blood, sorrow and misery in this world than Schmohammad of Arabia. Jesus doesn't even begin to compare.

    • jhubers

      Your case would be strengthened if you would at least make an attempt to be accurate in your information. The Muslim advisor to the White House has not limited Christian access. This is a distortion of the actual situation. And that's just one of a number of distortions you include to make your case. Resorting to half truths and out right lies does no good in the end as the truth will find you out.

  • Anamah

    What are you doing Secretary General Ban Ki Moon? Who is defending Christians in what Court of human Rights are you working on that? Is your obligation to defend Christian from being killed, but you do allow attacks to happen. All of you people at the UN must take it as your primary job, however nobody see your reaction to stop the attacks to Christians, Jews, or any other innocent people because their religion, way of life or sex. You people at the UN, this is your responsibility you should stop Muslims intolerance, their misguided supremacist believes. Stop their aggressions, stop Nazism; stop those crimes against minorities in all Muslims countries. You have to stop this barbaric Islamic behavior. And do not allow more farce.

    • Blaze Pascal

      Ban ki Goon is busy protecting the rights of Palestinians to kill Jews in their own homeland. Don't bother him with trivialities.

  • Geneww

    All conflicts reduce down to 'evil' versus 'righteousness"
    A person refusing to study the one page absolute proof and evidence that God authored the Bible [found at ] is a closed minded, lazy, intellectual fraud. Likewise, if a person will not invest $10 and 65 minutes to view ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ DVD is not honest in their pursuit of truth or knowledge in the related fields of science, philosophy or history. This DVD proves the One who established the celestial clock of every star, planet and matter before life on earth, timed these bodies to form unique, once in eternity’s, prophesied celestial arrangements to precisely coincide with the events of Jesus Christ’s conception, birth, Magi visitation and crucifixion.

  • A Twat Called Ciaran

    What a load of crap, it reminds me of the garbage my old choir master and bum boy in Taunton used to come out with. His nickname was Amicus Arsicuss.

  • StephenD

    We have them all wrong. They are the "Religion of Peace" don't you know. They don't persecute anyone. No, in fact, it is the other way around. Why, when a Christian, or Jew, or Zoroastrian, or Buddhist, or Hindi, or ANYONE else comes within sight of them, it is they that persecute the Muslims. You see, the peace loving Muslim merely wants them to know that Islam is superior. For their own good, they must let them know that they have a choice. See? There is no compunction in Islam! They can convert, or they can acknowledge their inferiority and subjugation to all of Islam, or they can die. They have three choices! What more can a poor, innocent Muslim do?!? They try so hard to treat them as brothers or sisters…if they'd only submit.

  • Theophile

    For centuries of similar behavior in "the world vs. followers of Christ", read Foxes book of Martyrs:
    Didn't Jesus say those that follow Him would be:
    Thrust out of the synagogues(churches), Persecuted, and killed, by those thinking they are doing God's work?
    Why is the Bible outlawed in these countries?
    Could it be the part where it calls the Quran a liar concerning Ishmael & Issac?
    Yet follows the lineage of Issac through Moses, like the Bible?
    Or where it calls homage to a meteor(or any other stone, wood etc.) idolatry?
    Along with the sun, stars, or crescent moon?
    Or maybe Genesis 38:15 where it implies harlots veil their face?
    Or maybe the part "live by the sword, die by the sword"?
    Followers of Jesus are called to be light in a world that loves darkness, the worlds response? snuff out the lights!

  • Mr. Spud

    "… I will take all necessary measures in exercise of the powers vested in me by Islamic Sharia.”

    On this phrase, the lives of Americans in America will hang by a thread. Keep the usurpers out at any and all costs.

    • johnnywoods

      Mr. Spud, If they bring that Shariah crap here we should introduce them to our good friends Smith&Wesson and Col. Sam Colt. I`m sure that they will understand that "dialog".

  • RonnieReagan

    Go to persecution dot com to understand how you can support Christians around the world that are living under these perilous situations.

  • muhamadthepedophile

    in reality islam is evil…..

  • juki

    I'm from Indonesia.. lot of news here is lies… christian was respected in Indonesia