Muslim Persecution of Christians: October

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Pakistan: A female prison-officer assigned to provide security for Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to death on “blasphemy” charges, beat her, “allegedly because of the Muslim officer’s anti-Christian bias, while other staff members deployed for her security looked on in silence.” A new report reveals how the nation’s legalization of blasphemy laws has given great rise to Christian persecution.

“Dhimmitude” (General Abuse, Debasement, and Suppression)

Egypt: The military threatened a Coptic monastery with a “new massacre” in an attempt to demolish the monastery’s fence “which guards it from unauthorized visits and criminals.” The military has “stormed several monasteries since the January 25 Revolution, demolished fences, and fired on monks and visitors.” Also, a Christian man sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for “insulting the military” has been ordered to a mental health hospital, which, according to some analysts, patients often emerge from as “devastated human beings.”

Iraq: A new report titled “the double lives of Iraq’s Christian children” tells of their suffering—“If the children say they believe in Jesus, they face beatings and scorn from their teachers”—as well as the struggle of their parents: “The first years of my faith,” says a father, “I brought so many people to church, because I was motivated, so excited.  Now I don’t encourage anyone to be a Christian, because in my experience it is very hard.”

France: Stone-throwing Muslims attacked Christians during a Catholic celebration, though the media largely ignored it: “it would seem that the media silence on these facts, which are occurring more and more frequently, serves to exonerate, even protect, the Muslims in their racist and anti-religious acts.”

Pakistan: Along with one dead man, “two dozen Christians including children, men and women were seriously injured” when “Muslim gangs” hired by an influential Muslim attacked them “to grab a piece of land” which the church had purchased to build an orphanage. Likewise, Muslim landowners raided a Christian home, beat a sick father and abducted two brothers, whom they claim are in debt; the kidnappers have added an extra 70,000 rupees in ransom. “The men’s mother tried to file a report with police, which [was] refused because one of the suspects is a fellow police officer,” not to mention a Muslim.

Turkey: The Education Ministry in Ankara published a 10th grade textbook that distorts the role of Christian Assyrians, “denouncing them as traitors who rebelled against Turkey.” Still denying the historic slaughter of Christians, “today’s Turkish Government is not hesitant to distort historical events by inverting victim and perpetrator… About half of the Assyrian population, were killed or died from starvation or disease in a series of killings orchestrated by the Ottoman Turkish government during World War I.”

USA: A Muslim convert to Christianity was violently attacked by Muslims because of a poem “which expresses pain over the loss of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis.”  The attackers carved the Star of David on his back with a knife “while laughing as they recited his poem.” A Muslim physiotherapist “tore into” a Christian patient, saying her faith was “wrong” and had “killed more people than any other religion.” She later wrote: “I found Mr. Ali to be extremely racist against my Christian faith. I have had doctors, nurses and staff of all different religions look after me but this is the first time I’ve been treated by such a bigoted man as Mr. Ali.”

Pakistani Rape

As usual, Pakistan—which along with Egypt oddly missed being categorized as a “country of particular concern” in the State Department’s recent religious freedom report—dominates the headlines regarding the sexual abuse of Christian women:

• Kidnapped last Christmas Eve, “a 12 year-old Christian [was] gang raped for eight months, forcibly converted and then ‘married’ to her Muslim attacker.” Now that she has escaped, instead of seeing justice done, “the Christian family is in hiding from the rapists and the police.”

• “A Christian mother of four was slaughtered by a Muslim colleague in Pakistan after she resisted his attempt to rape her at the factory where they worked.”

• A new report asserts: “The forced conversion to Islam of women from religious minority groups through rape and abduction has reached an alarming stage…  It appears today that no one, from the judiciary to the police and even the government has the courage to stand up to the threats from Muslim fundamentalist groups. The situation is worse with the police who always side with the Islamic groups and treat minority groups as lowly life forms.”


Iraq: “Two Christians were murdered in northern Iraq this week; their deaths come as three kidnapped Christians were released following the payment of a hefty ransom.” A source in Iraq laments: “The attacks on Christians continue and the world remains totally silent. It’s as if we’ve been swallowed up by the night.”

Nigeria: Months after Muslims from Boko Haram murdered a pastor, another pastor was targeted and murdered.  The jihadists have “claimed responsibility for several church bombings and other attacks”; many Christians have fled the region, and some churches have shut down as many of their flock have been killed.  Likewise, three Muslim soldiers, in the context of subduing civil unrest, “shot and killed a Christian mother of five” and a Christian boy, without “any justifiable reason.”

Somalia: Weeks after a convert to Christianity was beheaded, al-Shabaab, “who have vowed to rid Somalia of Christianity,” decapitated another 17-year-old Christian in his home: “It is usual for the al-Shabaab to decapitate those they suspect to have embraced the Christian faith, or sympathizers of western ideals.”

About this Series

Because the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on its way to reaching epidemic proportions, “Muslim Persecution of Christians” was developed in order to collate some—by no means all—of the instances of Muslim persecution of Christians that surface each month. It serves two purposes:

1. Intrinsically, to document that which the mainstream media does not: habitual, if not chronic, Muslim persecution of Christians.

2. Instrumentally, to show that such persecution is not “random,” but systematic and interrelated—that it is ultimately rooted in a worldview inspired by Sharia.

Accordingly, whatever the anecdote of persecution, it typically fits under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; apostasy and blasphemy laws; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya; overall expectations for Christians to behave like cowed dhimmis (second-class citizens); and simple violence and murder. Oftentimes it is a combination thereof.

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the west, to India in the east, and even throughout the West, wherever there are Muslims—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Sharia, or the supremacist culture born of it.

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  • randy

    Look at all the persecution and killing of the natives when the christians stole nort america from the natives.

    • Geneww

      Randy, you are clueless about true history. The persecuted Christians [Pilgrims] who were jailed for their beliefs were permitted to leave England. They left to establish a land of freedom and friendship with the natives. [That is why natives help Pilgrims to survive while conquering colonialist in Jamestown and elsewhere perished].

      See comment below.

    • Blaze Pascal

      No one has spread more blood, sorrow and misery in this world than Schmohammad of Arabia. Jesus doesn't even begin to compare.

    • jhubers

      Your case would be strengthened if you would at least make an attempt to be accurate in your information. The Muslim advisor to the White House has not limited Christian access. This is a distortion of the actual situation. And that's just one of a number of distortions you include to make your case. Resorting to half truths and out right lies does no good in the end as the truth will find you out.

  • Anamah

    What are you doing Secretary General Ban Ki Moon? Who is defending Christians in what Court of human Rights are you working on that? Is your obligation to defend Christian from being killed, but you do allow attacks to happen. All of you people at the UN must take it as your primary job, however nobody see your reaction to stop the attacks to Christians, Jews, or any other innocent people because their religion, way of life or sex. You people at the UN, this is your responsibility you should stop Muslims intolerance, their misguided supremacist believes. Stop their aggressions, stop Nazism; stop those crimes against minorities in all Muslims countries. You have to stop this barbaric Islamic behavior. And do not allow more farce.

    • Blaze Pascal

      Ban ki Goon is busy protecting the rights of Palestinians to kill Jews in their own homeland. Don't bother him with trivialities.

  • Geneww

    All conflicts reduce down to 'evil' versus 'righteousness"
    A person refusing to study the one page absolute proof and evidence that God authored the Bible [found at ] is a closed minded, lazy, intellectual fraud. Likewise, if a person will not invest $10 and 65 minutes to view ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ DVD is not honest in their pursuit of truth or knowledge in the related fields of science, philosophy or history. This DVD proves the One who established the celestial clock of every star, planet and matter before life on earth, timed these bodies to form unique, once in eternity’s, prophesied celestial arrangements to precisely coincide with the events of Jesus Christ’s conception, birth, Magi visitation and crucifixion.

  • A Twat Called Ciaran

    What a load of crap, it reminds me of the garbage my old choir master and bum boy in Taunton used to come out with. His nickname was Amicus Arsicuss.

  • StephenD

    We have them all wrong. They are the "Religion of Peace" don't you know. They don't persecute anyone. No, in fact, it is the other way around. Why, when a Christian, or Jew, or Zoroastrian, or Buddhist, or Hindi, or ANYONE else comes within sight of them, it is they that persecute the Muslims. You see, the peace loving Muslim merely wants them to know that Islam is superior. For their own good, they must let them know that they have a choice. See? There is no compunction in Islam! They can convert, or they can acknowledge their inferiority and subjugation to all of Islam, or they can die. They have three choices! What more can a poor, innocent Muslim do?!? They try so hard to treat them as brothers or sisters…if they'd only submit.

  • Theophile

    For centuries of similar behavior in "the world vs. followers of Christ", read Foxes book of Martyrs:
    Didn't Jesus say those that follow Him would be:
    Thrust out of the synagogues(churches), Persecuted, and killed, by those thinking they are doing God's work?
    Why is the Bible outlawed in these countries?
    Could it be the part where it calls the Quran a liar concerning Ishmael & Issac?
    Yet follows the lineage of Issac through Moses, like the Bible?
    Or where it calls homage to a meteor(or any other stone, wood etc.) idolatry?
    Along with the sun, stars, or crescent moon?
    Or maybe Genesis 38:15 where it implies harlots veil their face?
    Or maybe the part "live by the sword, die by the sword"?
    Followers of Jesus are called to be light in a world that loves darkness, the worlds response? snuff out the lights!

  • Mr. Spud

    "… I will take all necessary measures in exercise of the powers vested in me by Islamic Sharia.”

    On this phrase, the lives of Americans in America will hang by a thread. Keep the usurpers out at any and all costs.

    • johnnywoods

      Mr. Spud, If they bring that Shariah crap here we should introduce them to our good friends Smith&Wesson and Col. Sam Colt. I`m sure that they will understand that "dialog".

  • RonnieReagan

    Go to persecution dot com to understand how you can support Christians around the world that are living under these perilous situations.

  • muhamadthepedophile

    in reality islam is evil…..

  • juki

    I'm from Indonesia.. lot of news here is lies… christian was respected in Indonesia