Muslim Woman Seeks to Revitalize the Institution of Sex-Slavery

Last week witnessed popular Muslim preacher Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini boast about how Islam allows Muslims to buy and sell conquered infidel women, so that “When I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.”

This week’s depraved anachronism comes from a Muslim woman—political activist and former parliamentary candidate for Kuwait’s government, Salwa al-Mutairi: She, too, seeks to “revitalize the institution of sex-slavery.”

A brief English summary appeared in the Kuwait Times (nothing, of course, in the MSM):

Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants “casting spells” on them, would be better to purchase women from an “enslaved maid” agency for sexual purposes.  She [Mutairi] suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids.  “We want our youth to be protected from adultery,” said al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.

The Arabic news website, Al Arabiya, has the sordid details, including a video of Mutairi addressing the topic of sex-slavery.  I summarize and translate various excerpts below (note: I am not making any of this up).

The Kuwaiti activist begins by insisting that “it’s of course true” that “the prophet of Islam legitimized sex-slavery.”  She recounts how when she was in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, she asked various sheikhs and muftis (learned, authoritative Muslims) about the legality of sex-slavery according to Sharia: they all confirmed it to be perfectly legal; Kuwaiti ulema further pointed out that extra “virile” men—Western synonymous include “lecherous,” “perverted,”  “lust-driven”—would do well to purchase sex-slaves to sate their appetites without sinning.

Here’s a particularly interesting excerpt from her taped speech on the rules governing sex-slaves:

A Muslim state must [first] attack a Christian state—sorry, I mean any non-Muslim state—and they [the women, the future sex-slaves] must be captives of the raid [i.e., jihad].  Is this forbidden? Not at all; according to Islam, sex slaves are not at all forbidden. Quite the contrary, the rules regulating sex-slaves differ from those for free women [i.e., Muslim women]: the latter’s body must be covered entirely, except for her face and hands, whereas the sex-slave is kept naked from the bellybutton on up—she is different from the free woman; the free woman has to be married properly to her husband, but the sex-slave—he just buys her and that’s that.  So the sex-slave is different from the free woman.

She went on to offer concrete suggestions:  “For example, in the Chechnyan war, of course there are female Russian captives.  So go and buy those and sell them here in Kuwait; better that than for the men to engage in forbidden sexual relations.  I don’t see any problem in this, no problem at all.”

Mutairi suggests sex-slaves be at least 15 years-old.

She further justified the institution of sex-slavery by evoking 8th century caliph, Harun Rashid—a name some may recall from bedtime stories out of the Thousand and One Nights; a name some may be surprised to discover politically active Muslims modeling their lives after:

“And the greatest example we have is Harun al-Rashid: when he died, he had 2,000 sex slaves—so it’s okay, nothing wrong with it.”

Her rationale is apparently guided by a sense of efficiency, a desire for the good of society: legalizing sex-slaves ultimately helps prevent Muslim men from sinning with Muslim women, and thus transgressing Allah’s laws; sex-slaves provide a convenient, Sharia-compliant way of satiating their libidinous urges.

This approach has universal precedents.  For example, in the West, some seek to legalize marijuana, arguing that many will use it anyway, and shouldn’t be punished for it by the law. In the Muslim world, we have those who seek to legalize sex-slavery, arguing that many men can’t get enough women, and shouldn’t be punished for it by Allah.

Such are the “nuanced” differences between the Western mindset (based on reason and universal rights) and the Sharia mindset (based on the commands of a 7th century Arabian warlord).

Mutairi concluded by piously supplicating Allah: “Oh I truly wish this for Kuwait, Allah willing—Oh Lord, Lord, you are bountiful.”

While she waits, Mutairi can take solace in the fact that, if sex-slavery is not institutionalized in Kuwait, it thrives in the black markets of the Muslim world, where non-Muslim girls, especially Christians, are routinely abducted, enslaved, and forced into lives of unspeakable degradation.

  • Questions

    There's your great Religion of Peace for you.

    • shmevon

      And the KKK represents Christianty as a religion of peace?
      These people are extremists. They do not represent the whole.

      • akw

        The KKK is not a religious organization. Islam is. The Quran condones sexual slavery of non-Muslim prisoners of war. FACT.

      • jasonz

        stop. the KKK and islam are completly different. the KKK are racists and by far a small minority. in islam the whole religion is like this. the vast majority of muslims in the middle east support sharia law which is where this comes from. the only moderate muslim is the one who hasnt put on their explosive belt yet. their whole religion can be summed up to "kill everything not like you, kill, convert or enslave. wake up! muslims will kill you. serously what has to happen for people like you to understand how much danger muslims present? what has to happen before you wake up? you have polls stating the majority of islam is like this esp in middle east. you have video, you have their words you have their actions. why are you do blind?

    • Faisal

      is this justified if non-muslim state rule over muslim state and take their women for sex….. after all any women is a human being and needs respect. BUT THE FACT IS THAT ILLEGAL SEX IS BECOMING COMMON. It is one of the way of directing it postively with minimum negative effect as compare to present scenario. The generations which will develop in such environment would be more un-humanly; not respecting woman at all. Currently in society it is considered as bad; when it would be allowed legally, what would be thought / behaviour of coming society is a question….

    • Faisal

      seems a practical idea in this betrayed world…..

  • kateyleigh

    How do we spell depraved? This is a sick, sick culture.

    • Joe

      I have to disagree with you the culture is not sick , the religion is not sick , it’s this woman who’s sick .I’m half Kuwaiti half american and this woman is an idiot. You cannot just say it’s the whole culture when it’s one person saying this. You have to look at different perspectives not just assume because this woman thinks it’s okay then all the Kuwaiti’s think it’s okay. It’s disgusting how she calls herself a muslim wearing the headscarf and all that.

      • MRobs

        Just one person !? – get your head out of your a$$ – I have read at least 5 different muslim mullah morons expressing this same sentiment this week alone – read you own book it is in there for all the world to see. You are practicing a little taqiya but it is to late – we have read your sick book and have seen your so called religion for what it is. The book of Satan written by a murdering perverted pedophile.

  • Tanstaafl

    Is that the pious Salwa al-Mutairi in the picture? Isn't this a case of "dude looks like a lady"?

    • tryanmax

      No, check the story again. This is a Muslim WOMAN advocating sex-slavery of other women, so long as they are "infidels."

      • Tanstaafl

        She still looks like an aging drag queen. (No disrespect to aging drag queens, but gals, she looks like a man pretending to be a woman)

        And to think that this women passes for a feminist in an Islamic society.

  • Larry

    You seriously equated marijuana use with slavery and rape? What is wrong with you?

    • guest

      I think they forgot a few quotation marks instead. She was being quoted or paraphrased. She is the idiot.

  • shmevon

    How dare you compare the forward driven approach of legalizing marijuana in the U.S. to a backward driven approach of legalizing sex slavery in the Middle East. You are not a journalist, you're a tool.

    • MKL

      About the marijuana comment, don't you guys understand sarcasm? Read Ibrihim's follow up paragraph

      • jasonz

        really- you do not get sarcasm? but even if he was deas serious the thing you have a problem with, in an article about islam wanting to legalize sex slavery is the fact he compared it to you and the scooby gang wanting to smoke a blunt? dude priorities

  • Sahil

    I dig Arab women…I would like to be male sex slave to Salwa al-Mutairi and satisfy all her needs and desires…

    • jasonz

      women are not allowed to have sex slaves…you could be a baccibazi boy tho…where they dress young boys up like girls so men can butt pump them

    • skep

      Have sex with her?? Yuk

  • IR Rapp

    Yes, by all means, go ahead and purchase me at some slave market. Then watch me kill you while you sleep.

    Vindictive? Me? Oh, Maybe just a tad. This infidel woman keeps her powder dry and her guns loaded. Just getting me to the market it going to be a mother-lorn beotch for somebody. I don't play well with certain others.

  • hala

    She is mentally unstable and needs to see a doctor. This is not the first time that she has come up with something absurd.

    • jasonz

      no she is a muslim and needs to die

      • ServantofGod

        May God give you what you wish for her.

    • GHOST

      But that is just the way a Muslim thinks and acts. Totally gross and the WH supposrts this kind of behavior.

    • skep

      This muzzi has fecal material in her frontal lobes.

  • jasonz

    can we just finally admit as a whole, muslims are filty animals and need to be destroyed. not tolerated, not understood. every man, woman and child of islam needs to die. you will not win or even survive if you foolishly doubt that anything but the entire slaughter of islam and its followers will work. if that chick was here i would ct her throat and be done with it!

    • Will

      Less cruel though just as desperate an approach would be to isolate the entire Muslim World totally behind an Iron Wall and extricate any and all child born there and bring them back into the Free World to be brought up in the culture of Freedom of the Mind, public discourse, of Equality before Law protective of Rights of Individual, the culture of equal innate self-worth of each and every individual just for their sake to be ALIVE.

      This would have the double benefit of not killing anyone and liberating millions from the cruellest fate of being mentally enslaved by the culture of slavery and oppression.

      This would need to be done until nobody is left there. Provide ample supplies of food and hashish there all the while, and bomb any industries.

      No tolerance for the intolerant!

  • Eraina

    The next time I read about Muslim women being degraded by Muslim men, I will refrain from feeling pity for them because I know that they would happily advocate the wholesale enslavement of non-Muslim women as "right and proper." Muslim women cannot possibly expect support for their rights by Christian, Jewish and Hindu women when they would advocate cruelty, degradation and enslavement for others. Shame on Muslim women! I believe that this nut speaks for the majority of Muslim women — not a fringe few! I have listened to the comments of "modern" Muslim women in the U.S., and their contempt and disgust for non-Muslim women is appalling. I have to wonder why they are here and not in their native lands dressed in hijabs, prisoners in their homes. They are not just sexist bigots, they are complete hypocrites! If they would happily murder their own daughters in honor killings right here in the West, why would they object to enslaving "infidel" women?

  • Shishir

    One thing’s for sure:From the above picture of Ms Salwa ,she can rest easy knowing that she would never be a sex slave.Heck I doubt men would tap that even if SHE paid them!

  • ServantofGod

    Have any of you read the Bible? Because last time I did, it says that taking sex slaves is all good.

    Judges 21:10-24

    Numbers 31:7-18

    Deuteronomy 20:10-14

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    Deuteronomy 22:23-24

    2 Samuel 12:11-14

    Deuteronomy 21:10-14

    Judges 5:30

    Exodus 21:7-11

    Zechariah 14:1-2

    • Jhon

      Why do you call yourself ServantOfGod? You are Servant of Allah! I would say your true name would be Abdullah which is consist of Abdi(Servant) and Allah!. And you don't have the right to call Allah God because HE ISN'T!

    • resins

      You must read a different bible than I. First of all, all your examples are from the old testament … Before the existence of "Christians.". Secondly, I have to admit I only looked up your first reference, but in those verses, the women in question were taken as WIVES, not sex slaves. I did't waste my time looking up the rest.

    • KathleenP

      In the first place, try finding any Christian today who argues that taking sex slaves, buying the services of prostitutes, or extra-marital sex in general, is A-OK because the Bible says so. Even the slimy Jimmy Swaggart came clean when he got busted.

      In the second place, I believe all the books you mention are part of the Old Testament. There are many practices advocated in the Old Testament that Christians do not practice nor approve of. Nor, for that matter, do Jews. I cannot in fact remember the last time I heard of Jews taking sex slaves and insisting it's OK because it says so somewhere in friggin' Deuteronomy.

      It would not matter what the Koran or the Hadiths said if Muslims nowadays did not actually take it seriously; the problem is that they do.

    • Pastor David

      I read all these passages cited, and a couple of things need to be noted: 1) Please understand this, just because it's described in the Bible, doesn't mean it's endorsed by God; 2) Given point 1, then one should pay particular attention to the legal codes in Exodus and Deuteronomy, where one finds obvious attempts to use the legal code to defend the rights of women, in cases of rape or slavery; and 3) all of the Bible needs to be filtered through the life and example of Jesus Christ, so that authentic faith can be witnessed. Jesus never endorsed sexual slavery, and routinely challenged men who wouldn't control their lusts, their eyes, or their egos, when it comes to sex.

    • krz1

      Perhaps you'd care to give a present-day example of a respected Jew or Christian who advocates going to war with another country for the sole purpose of obtaining sex slaves or slaves of any type. Comparing apples to oranges never works.

      You might want to take another gander at Deut. 21. It specifically states that an unwanted wife should not be made into merchandise, that she'd already been humbled (by virtue of no longer being a virgin) and should not be further lowered in circumstance by being sold. We are now under the new covenant, traditionally known as the New Testament. You will not find sex-slavery condoned there.

    • stephen

      the old testament is a record of the past activites which is now prohibited. jesus say to love your nieghbour as your self. true GOD fearing christians do not practise these sinful things. those who practise are committing sins against GOD. GOD SAY HE WI;LL AVENGE THE WRONGS DONE THE VICTIMS..

    • Warren

      When I read your posting, I expected it to be immediately debunked; instead, to my amazement, I found that it's truth was unintentionally verified by those who wrote in protest. I had thought of checking your references myself (there are so many brazen lies on the Internet), but now I don't have to bother. Now I know that the bible, at least the Old Testament, says what you say it says. My proof? All of those people who answered you by saying, in effect, that the Old Testament is not Christian. They didn't say that your facts were wrong, no, they said that the Old Testament is of no consequence. Well, I happen to be an atheist, but on the principle of "My enemy's enemy is my friend" I have become a strong backer of Christians, and churches, and Christianity. In today's world, that seems like a logical and moral position to take. So, instead of throwing the Old Testament in the trash can, as your detractors seem to advocate, I support it as one of the pillars of Western Civilization.

    • Rafael Kafka

      Have you ever really read the Bible? Jesus ended Moses rules in the Mountain’s Sermon. Educate yourself.

    • John316

      The LORD did not give approval to this behavior. Have you read the Bible in its entirety or have selected verses from the Old Testament only to prove your point? The Word of God does not ignore the sin of humans. None of the scriptures you have stated proves that The LORD approves of sexual slavery.

  • shirish

    muslims over here..commenting this is just a 1 women speakin trash abt Islam..
    Ok fellow human beings who by chance born as a Muslim, take out Ur Qur’an, n hadiths or just go to Ur trusted Hafizs.. Then ask them abt what muhammed did when his fellow warriors asked abt havin sex wid women captive in a war raid.. They’ll tell U the truth.. Bt, I knw.. Wht can U do even if U dun like Ur religion.. If U leave ur religion, u r endangering Ur life.. Cz they’ll kill U for leaving Islam.. U folks are enslaved in Ur own Religion..

  • Legal Doctor

    Islam and its followers are irrational since they doggedly follow and believe the ravings of a sexually perverted, murdering, rag-head, who has resided in Hell since his failed trip to the Holy City of the Christians and the Jews. All things can be reasoned from a false belief.

    • Will

      I beg to disagree. While anything can be deduced from a false proposition by use of rules of formal logic, human reasoning is another matter entirely.

      Humans are indeed endowed with the ability to observe and compare their mental exercises with their real outcomes in real life around them, and correct their belief system when it becomes untenable. Many a person borned into e.g. the USSR system and brainwashed from their birth got it in the end and became opposed to that system, even if deprived of full and non-distorted information.

      Same is possible, though even much harder, for those unfortunate to be born into the cuture of Izlam. So none there are absolved from their moral responsibilities, just as members of Einzatzgruppen weren't as well (though they were not prosecuted by the Allies).

  • Vinod

    Make her a sex slave, specially for Indian soldiers on the Pakistani border. She would serve as a good samaritan, and also be cured of her depravations.

    • Will

      that would in itsef be depraved, would it not? I don't think it's appropriate, even as a joke, and such a joke would be inappropriate in itself.

      Slavery is not a matter to be made light of.

    • guest

      What do you have against Indian soldiers?

  • RobertPinkerton

    The marginal but perennial cult of the Gor science fiction novels, suggests this might actually be an inducement to some men to convert to Islam. Sexual desperation — or adventurism — can induce bizarre behavior.

  • Will

    Because they live inside terrible self-repressive culture where dictators are usually a force for the good, as crazy as that is, compared with the alternative.

    It is a repression that permiates their societies on a day-to-day level, in every aspect of their day-to-day life, especially for women. Just as for their downtrodden men the only possible outlet is in outward-directed aggression which lets them to feel that they are trampling over somebody else for a change, so it is with their women as well.

    That is a master/slave culture, where everyone is either above, or below the others.

  • Rochmoninoff

    Periodically we see news which I'd characterize as "The Monster, and His Wife" stories.

    Current example: Jacee Dugard kidnapping/enslavement – Phillip Garrido is the monster. But Nancy Garrido went along with the whole thing (encouraged it?).
    Past example: Amazon chieftan Paulinho Paiakan of the Kayapo tribe and his wife Irekran raped and killed 18-year-old Silvia Leticia Ferreira, while the 1992 Rio Earth Summit was underway. The incident included acts of cannibalism by Ireran.

    I always viewed these reports as extreme societal outliers (i.e. those women were nuts). Can we really claim Islam/Middle-East political realities drive women to 'escape' into this kind of thinking/behavior?

    That strike me as too extreme. I'm more inclined to believe that Salwa al-Mutairi is also "just nuts". (BTW I'm not a fan of the 'innocent by insanity' defense. I think that should be considered as a motive and helpful in obtaining a conviction).

  • LowB

    Such a beautiful culture…

  • Mary

    Let's write to Congress (

    Dear Representative:

    KUWAIT: A female political activist and former parliamentary candidate has recommended the introduction of legislation to legalize the provision of enslaved female concubines for Muslim men in Kuwait in a bid, she says, to protect those men from committing adultery or corruption. (Kuwait Times)

    She talks like the typical long-conditioned domestic violence victim who has come to identify with the abuser. It is an Islamic Stockholm Syndrome in which the victim sells her soul, and the souls of other women victims, in order to regain some semblance of personal power and to make false meaning out of a meaninglessly victimized existence. It is much like a sex slave who endures it so long she turns into a "madam" in charge of a whore house and viciously makes young girls sell themselves. After all, she had to endure it and no one rescued her. It is a sickness which helps perpetuate the abuse.

    This is also a signal by the global jihad. They are spurring and enticing with greed and lust those who would help take down the West "from within." They are using the carrot of plunder of the West at a time when violent jihadists are being quietly let out of jail. If the penal system were suddenly inundated with massive jihadists who had just murdered and robbed and raped in the name of Islam, would there still be a fear of being labeled Islamophobic in prosecuting them? If there was suddenly jihadists from all over the world (which has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq) causing mass jihad crime and insurrection, would there be governmental crackdown? With this President?

    Along with outlawing Sharia law in our court systems, we should also make it a serious crime to attempt to enforce Sharia law. Gang crimes of rape and robbery and destruction of property carry stiffer penalties because of the heinous disregard for others in such organized crime. The global jihad is loosely organized but they still all have the same aim, to establish and enforce Sharia law. The motivation behind establishing and enforcing Sharia law is its promise of privilege and plunder to Muslims over non-Muslims. That includes sex slaves as the spoils of war (jihad), as promised by Muhammad. ("And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you." — Qur'an 4:24, among other suras and Muhammad's own example in the Sunnah)

    Muslims have the right to believe whatever they want, but they do not have the legal right to enforce Sharia law on anyone (yet anyway) in the U.S. It is your job to see that the U.S. Constitution and the equality guaranteed by it, that is so incompatible with Sharia law, is upheld. Please do so.

  • Domus Canus

    The woman is a nickle and dime pimp and reminds me of some of the female Nazi guards who procured Jewish women for their bosses during WW2. There is not a question in my mind that this woman is vicious to the point of insanity, and God help any female who is not part of her culture of abduction and rape who lands on her doorstep. I wonder if the Russians know of her little plan to abduct Russian women in Chechnya and ship them off to Kuwait. I think I shall write to them, perhaps they'll pay her a visit.

    • Woman

      Please do write them…

  • winston

    Not that religion does not breed ignorance, it does, and the muslim world breeds more of it today than perhaps any other religion, but this is clearly propaganda only a fool would find compelling.

  • Koyote

    ServantofGod ……

    Those old torah verses are not EXAMPLES for Israeli's to follow. Besides. I didn't hear Moses tell you personally to take the spoils of any war. He wasn't talking to you.They are stories, and are taught as such.
    On the contrary,
    The verses in the koran that advocate slavery are viewed as a pattern for life.
    That's a fact. Get your head straight if you desire to be a "Servant of God".

  • palidin48

    Muslim women who don't want to be pawed over by savages are willing to let "infidel" women and little girls be subjected to this brutality.

    Just another example of the bankruptcy of islam.

    • Justus

      Short, sweet, to the point, FREE—exactly as inforaimton should be!

  • Future-gazer

    What Mutairi has said actually sums up Islam. One rule and one bahaviour with Muslims and complete disregard and contempt for non Muslims. This is the weakest point of Islam which overshadows some of its benign features (in minority however). There is no doubt that even founder of Islam married a 9 year old girl when he was 52! Islam can normally no longer hide its mentally and spiritually sick nature in this information age. If however it succeeds (only possible if key politicians of the world turn a blind eye to its dangers), the world will be not worth to live. High time, Islam is eradicated, lock, stock and barell from the face of the planet through power of dialogue, positive pursuasion and smart sanctions.

  • Annalisa

    As regards mentions of sexual enslavement in the Bible: I don't think any Christian candidate to any parliament in non-Muslim states has ever suggested officially approving sexual enslavement because thousands of years ago this was OK, mentioning Solomon as a case in point. If any candidate has done it, I assume they are now sitting in a mental institution with loss of hearing due to booing.

  • dom youngross

    What a joke. Kuwaitis, Saudis. If they didn’t have oil they’d still be hopping from one oasis to another. And fighting each other over the oasis.

  • koonel

    Every time a leftist skull is crushed for infecting the west with islime, we score another victory. Evry time a muslime demons head is crushed, we feel pleasant. Exterminate the monsters NOW !



  • Harish Kumar

    The only thing that works well with these monsters is to pay back with the same coin. Thats what we did in Gujarat, and now muslims in Gujarat and other BJP ruled states, when they riot, judiciously avoid taking hindu women as prisoners as they know we will hit back ten times more, and pay them back with the same coin.

  • Harish Kumar

    During the 1960s, muslims in pakistan would play the Islamic Game of stripping a few hindu women in Pakistan and parading them naked. Requests by the Indian government to stop this practice went unheeded.

    We Hindus then took the matter in to our own hands. We started stripping the muslim women in India and parading them naked. Automatically the muslims in pakistan stopped the practice and the Mullah who encouraged the practice declared "Quran prohibits insulting infidel women".

    Once you give them a dose of their own medicine, muslims will change the very meaning of Quranic verses. Not a big deal since the Quran itself was made to satisfy the whims and fancies of a sexual pervert.

  • phalic god

    I would convert to Islam and move there, if I could go the market and buy women like the meat that they really are! Screw all you feminist wankers, its about time we put women back in their places, the worst mistake men of our species ever made was letting women have rights.
    I bet you ask your wife before you make any decisions, have some balls, you ***** whipped little boys.
    I will convert to any religion, or move to any nation that puts Men Back In Their Pants. I'm voting Salwa al Mutairi for US President.
    Mutari 2012!
    Veils for Women Pants For Men

  • London girl

    guys guys guys, to advocate bad treatment and hatred of Muslims is being as bad as you think they are. You come out as ignorant, vicious and racist. THis site is critisising radical Islam, ok. Not all Muslims are like this. Grow up!

  • hope

    Mentally disordered ….

  • Myself

    I want to keep some female muslim slaves too :)

  • banger377

    What can you say about this? She’s a fool? Idiot? Evil incarnate? Or is it that she is just a muslim. If you are a “muslim” and don’t really believe that claptrap called the koran, then leave that system and read and study the Bible. Compare what the two books say.

    islam will have to be fought with bullets, probably at a time when we will be in the position of the “captives” during the time of Esther.

  • Vesna 春子 Sunrider

    I don’t want people like this to live on this planet anymore… All they’re doing is ruining the life on it. Btw. it is interesting how she throws the “free woman” syntax, I wonder if she ever bothered to read what freedom means and how on Earth could it ever be applied to women under Sharia… NOT.

  • neha

    Having sex outside wedlock is sin,but how men are allowed to have it?it should stop now as we are living in the civilized if only men are having sexual urges eventhough they are married.

  • IsraDane

    You are not dealing Muzzies here, but with thinking people. You might want to come with something better, say with extensive quotations from the Quran, the Hadith or the Sira of that Prophet who sucked the tongues of little boys…