One Day in the Life of a Christian in Egypt

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A women discussing her baby’s erratic sleeping habits revealed why: the mosque next door, which always blasts Koranic verses on the megaphone around 4 a.m., constantly wakes him up in terror and tears; and though the baby does not understand the words, the mother does, pointing out that most of the verses being blared are especially hostile to Christians, like 5: 17, 5:51, and 9:29.

Any number of Copts looked at me incredulously when I inquired why a well qualified Copt did not bother applying to an important post in Egypt that seemed almost tailor-made for him: I was duly informed—that is, reminded—that best jobs are reserved for Muslims.

One refined-looking woman expressed her resignation: though a Christian, she sometimes wears the burqa in Egypt, simply so she can go about her daily business without being sexually-harassed, molested, called derogatory names, or spat upon (this recent story certainly validates her reasoning).

Some anecdotes were spoken in jest: one rather colorful Copt I bumped into in the restroom told me—between fits of laughter—how he once tried to use a mosque bathroom in Egypt; when the Muslims discovered he was a Christian, they chased him out, throwing shoes at him and calling him a “son of a bitch.”

Indeed, a resigned sense of humor seemed to pervade many of these stories—as if to say, “Since there’s nothing we can do about it, let’s make light of it.”

Other stories were spoken with stoic reserve.  I have in mind the cigarette-puffing Assyrian couple from Iraq, who had lost everything to the unloosed forces of jihad—their home, their relatives, their business, their savings—and are trying to begin anew in America.   Interesting was the man’s lament, that gone are the “good old days”—under Saddam—when Christians were afforded some protection.

As I listened to all these stories, I thought to myself, here is the great and unfathomable gap between the few formal reports on Christian persecution reaching a few American politicians, and the daily reality experienced by millions of Christians under Islam.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Not the mention the disconnect between the actual persecution of Christians in the Islamic realm…and the constant drumbeat of victimization claimed by Muslims living in the West.

    America ought to open its arms to Christians fleeing persecution from Islamic lands. They would make fine citizens, offering their language skills to US counter-terrorism efforts…and their intimate understanding of Muslim culture and ethics to help us grasp the nature of Islam.

    Great reporting Raymond.

    • tanstaafl

      You are assuming that someone in the current administration can make a logical decision.

  • svendarbuckle

    I have no links to back up what I have to say, but here goes.

    I have read several times that many Arab Christians have as much hate for Jews as their muslim enemies.

  • Arius

    That is correct, except they put on that they hate Jews for reasons that are different than Muslim hatred of Jews. Arab Christians have for centuries acted out hatred of Jews to deflect Muslim hatred directed at them. They don't actually hate Jews, it is a self defense measure, but they have been doing it for so long that some Arab Christians think they actually hate Jews.

    • the truth

      No, it's because they believe Jews killed Jesus. Christians in Arab world are very religious and they have no love for Jews because the bible says jews killed Jesus. Lol losers, trying to win group of people through hatred for others. Satans!

      • the truth

        as usual my comment will be removed by….LOL!

      • sid

        A religious christian knows that Jesus died to save the believers of every race and color and got reserected because he is God.

    • Sid

      Try living there as achristian in the arab world and tell your muslim counterparts that you love jews and you wont see the light of another day. As a matter of fact muslims in the arab world claim that the arab christians are buddies with the jews of israel and incite agression against them for this reason. i hope you get that.

  • the truth

    what about minorities in America? Do they have freedom and peace in the US. THEIR HOLY BOOK WAS BURNT AND YOU WERE PROUD OF THAT. Your hateful acts to Muslims in the US is what promotes more hatred to minorities in Muslim world. Stop it and they will stop too. As simple as that.