Testifying on Behalf of Egypt’s Christians

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Aside from the fact that practically every week an account of Muslims attacking Copts emerges—whether the destroying of churches, the killing of Copts for wearing crosses, the abducting, raping, and force-converting of Coptic girls—perhaps nothing exemplifies their plight as the following governmental, that is, institutionalized, stipulations:

According to the Second Article of the Egyptian Constitution, Sharia law—which is based on the anti-Christian words of the Quran and prophet Muhammad as contained in the Hadith—is “the principal source of legislation”; and since Dhimmitude is part and parcel of Sharia law, expectations for Copts to behave as subdued, second-class citizens, or Dhimmis, becomes implicit.  For instance, and in accordance with the aforementioned stipulations of the Pact of Omar, it is next to impossible for churches to be built.

The Egyptian government likewise makes it next to impossible for Muslims to convert to Christianity (apostasy is a crime under Sharia). Among the more popular cases are Mohammad Hegazy: he tried formally to change his religion from Muslim to Christian on his I.D. card—in Egypt, people are identified by their religion, again, as stipulated in the Pact of Omar —only to be denied by the Egyptian court. Conversely, it takes mere days for Christian converts to Islam to change their religious I.D.

Most recently, several aspects of the Maspero massacre revealed the Egyptian government’s inherent hostility to its Christian citizenry:

Soldiers screamed “Allahu Akbar!” and cursed “Infidels” as they approached and attacked Coptic protesters; a video of an Egyptian soldier boasting that he shot a Christian in the chest is greeted by the crowd around him with “Allahu Akbar!”; and after the incident, Dr. Hind Hanafi, president of the University of Cairo, recommended separating wounded Christians from wounded Muslims admitted into the hospital, thereby institutionalizing religious discrimination, even in hospitals.

Aside from these formalized aspects, Egyptian officials are notorious for turning a blind eye to Muslim mob attacks on Christians and their churches.  In fact, it is this governmental complacency—or complicity—regarding attacks on Christians that that caused Copts to demonstrate at Maspero in the first place, before the government, including through the use of snipers, death squads, and tanks that intentionally ran over protesters, initiated the bloodbath that followed.


Anyone familiar with Muslim doctrine and history, especially as it applies to Egypt and the Copts, will find none of the above surprising; rather, the treatment of Copts in the Medieval era and their treatment today demonstrate great continuity—from the destruction of churches to the subjugation of Christians.

However, because there was a lull in this animosity, from the colonial era when Islam was on the wane, to just a few decades ago, most Westerners, deeming events closer to their time and space more representative of reality, ignore the continuum of history and doctrine dealing with persecution, and thus fail to comprehend what is otherwise so obvious and open for the world to see.  This is exacerbated by the fact that the articulators of knowledge—the media, academia, and apologists of all stripes—in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness, have made uncomfortable truths all but unknowable.

In short, the evidence of Muslim persecution of Christians in general, persecution of Egyptian Copts in particular, is overwhelming—doctrinally, historically, and currently.  What is lacking is a Western paradigm that can accept—and act upon—this evidence.

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  • Almarri

    I have a simple solution: Egypt and Iraq can send all their coptic Christians to the west as long as they take all our muslims!

    • Barb

      I love it.

      • johnnywoods

        Me too!

  • Crossbow87

    This might be too un-Christian of me…private individuals in the West should begin to arm the Copts and allow them to fight for their lives, property and religion. Just a thought since no American President will ever speak the truth about Islam let alone act accordingly.

  • StephenD

    Uncomfortable are they listening to this testimony? I hope so. But then I hope they have the propensity to act on it. Most powerful is his admonition that:

    "…the articulators of knowledge—the media, academia, and apologists of all stripes—in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness, have made uncomfortable truths all but unknowable."

    If we can get more Allen Wests in place with the balls to stand against this curse on humanity known as Islam we may actually have a chance.

  • PAthena

    With President Barack Hussein Obama, who made a speech in Cairo defending Mohammedanism, filled with falsehoods – e.g. that Muslims invented the printing press (Gutenburg did that in Mainz), that Muslims invented the compass (the Chinese did that), that Muslims established the first university (Italians did that in Bologna) – and who says that Muslims and Muslim principles were involved in the founding of the U.S.A. – who says that he has a mission to defend Mohammedanism, who makes General Casey say that the worst tragedy of the Fort Hood murder of 12 soldiers by a Mohammedan is that it is bad for "diversity," who has the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have as her close advisor, with access to all security information, Huma Abedin, whose family is in the Muslim Brotherhood, – the Copts in Egypt can expect no help from the U.S. administration.

    • John_Kelly

      Great comment PAthena and you have provided some amazing, well researched facts that need to be read by all who hunger for the TRUTH.

      Keep up the good work.

  • truebearing

    islam is organized crime wrapped in religious garb. It sanctions criminal, evil behavior, if it is committed in the name of Islam. It encourages lying, as long as it is done to further the materialistic goals of Islam. It is like all criminal organizations that operate on the blood in/blood out rule. It is a massive cult designed to imprison its followers with ignorance and hate. It teaches its adherents to dehumanize and destroy people who aren't followers, thereby dehumanizing those in the thralldom of its evil teachings. Islam is designed to enslave mankind.

  • johnnywoods

    It will never happen but I wish we could get a large group of ex-military people including Army rangers , Marines , Navy Seals, and Israeli IDF guys and disguise them as Coptic Christians. Arm them to the teeth and wait for the mooslims to come around for a little fun then kill about 500 to 1000 of those "beasts". They might decide that dhimmitude is a bad idea that needs to be "rethunk". It will never happen but it should. Thugs understand counter-violence pretty well when they are the ones getting hurt.

    • John_Kelly

      Awesome idea. Keep em coming.

      Muslims are usually full of courage when the take on soft targets like defenseless Coptic Christians.

      Army rangers , Marines , Navy Seals, and Israeli IDF guys disguised as Coptic Christians………LOVE IT.