The Silent Extermination of Iraq’s ‘Christian Dogs’

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Last week an Iraqi Muslim scholar issued a fatwa that, among other barbarities, asserts that “it is permissible to spill the blood of Iraqi Christians.” Inciting as the fatwa is, it is also redundant. While last October’s Baghdad church attack which killed some sixty Christians is widely known—actually receiving some MSM coverage—the fact is, Christian life in Iraq has been a living hell ever since U.S. forces ousted the late Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Among other atrocities, beheading and crucifying Christians are not irregular occurrences; messages saying “you Christian dogs, leave or die,” are typical. Islamists see the church as an “obscene nest of pagans” and threaten to “exterminate Iraqi Christians.” John Eibner, CEO of Christian Solidarity International, summarized the situation well in a recent letter to President Obama:

The threat of extermination is not empty. Since the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime, more than half the country’s Christian population has been forced by targeted violence to seek refuge abroad or to live away from their homes as internally displaced people. According to the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, over 700 Christians, including bishops and priests, have been killed and 61 churches have been bombed. Seven years after the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Catholic Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk reports: “He who is not a Muslim in Iraq is a second-class citizen. Often it is necessary to convert or emigrate, otherwise one risks being killed.” This anti-Christian violence is sustained by a widespread culture of Muslim supremacism that extends far beyond those who pull the triggers and detonate the bombs.

The grand irony, of course, is that Christian persecution has increased exponentially under U.S. occupation. As one top Vatican official put it, Christians, “paradoxically, were more protected under the dictatorship” of Saddam Hussein.

What does one make of this—that under Saddam, who was notorious for human rights abuses, Christians were better off than they are under a democratic government sponsored by humanitarian, some would say “Christian,” America?

Like a Baghdad caliph, Saddam appears to have made use of the better educated Christians, who posed no risk to his rule, such as his close confidant Tariq Aziz. Moreover, by keeping a tight lid on the Islamists of his nation—who hated him as a secular apostate no less than the Christians—the latter benefited indirectly.

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  • Reason_For_Life

    "Conversely, by empowering “the people,” the U.S. has unwittingly undone Iraq’s Christian minority."

    Unwittingly? Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. What other outcome could be expected from unlimited majority rule?

    The abominable George W Bush set the stage for this when he said that if the Iraqis chose theocracy, the US would accept it as the valid democratic choice of the Iraqi people. The Iraqis have now chosen genocide. Is that also to be respected as the choice of the Iraqi people?

    It is not a coincidence that the Iraqi civil war broke out within days of announcing the first Iraqi constitution. That constitution called for there to be no laws that contradicted the "undisputed" tenets of Islam and that no law might contradict the principles of democracy. The minority Sunnis knew that they would eventually be exterminated and rebelled in force. They eventually will be exterminated but not before Christians are.

    This is the ultimate result of the neocon obsession with "making the world safe for democracy". The people that they sought to protect, Christians and Jews, are now being persecuted by regimes that were established by the US. America has now become an indirect supporter of genocide.

    Democracy, that is unlimited majority rule, is as brutal and tyrannical as any dictator but is worse in one major respect – the "tyrant" is 51% of the people and this tyrant lives without fear of assassination. No excess is too great and no horror is too inciting of opposition. All disputes can be settled by the sheer force of numbers, numbers of either of ballots or bullets and usually both.

    • LindaRivera

      The U.S. did NOT seek to protect Christians and Jews. Just the opposite. See my comment further down.

  • waterwillows

    Democracy and rule of and by the people has been around since the days of the jungle and tribal communities, in one form or another.
    It is not the 'rule' of the people that is the problem. It is the people themselves and what they decided to build their society upon.
    They are pretty much force fed hate from birth. This is who they are and what they will do.
    There is no political party, or leader or magic trick that will improve or cleanse a people born into hate for all others.

  • Bamaguje

    "The grand irony, of course, is that Christian persecution has increased exponentially under U.S. occupation. As one top Vatican official put it, Christians, “paradoxically, were more protected under the dictatorship” of Saddam Hussein" – Raymond Ibrahim

    And America is about to make the same silly mistake again in Libya by booting out the secular Ghaddafi to be replaced by Al-Qaeda type Islamists.
    Politicians just don't learn!!

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Islam is just going through what Christianity did.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I hate to rain on your delusional parade, but Islam isn't even a religion. Instead, it is a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology that seeks to subjugate the world into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia as its main goal. It only poses as being a religion to dupe useful idiot kafir infidel useful idiots and the societies it intends to subjugate.

  • Amused

    It's not that politicians "don't " learn , it's that the " WON'T " learn . Muslims will do what muslims do best – exterminate or convert minorities .And Gee no one knew this ? What you are REASDING JUST NOW , on 21 April 2011 , has been going on for years ,Why are you just now becoming aware ? The same with Egypt , they've been persecuting , killing , raping Copts , and burning down their churches FOR YEARS , yet why only now are you becoming aware ? For all the BLOOD AND TREASURE we have invested in Iraq , the billions upon billions , have we NO SAY AT ALL over how Christians are treated ? Obviously not .NBot bfrom Obama , not from Bush , not from our politicians in Washington . This is , and has been a disgrace . And what of our other PHONY ALLY – Pakistan ! Christians , Sihks ,and Hindus , being murdered , raped , forced to convert or flee , their places of worship burnt down , victimized by phony "blasphemy laws " ??? Yet we have NOTHING to say ! We give these regimes billions in aid ! Yet no "Hearings " , no outrage , NO NOTHING .

  • Wesley69

    The list of new Saints and Martyrs seems to be growing with the rise of Radical Islam.

    In Marsa Matrouh, Egypt, 2010 a mob of 3,000 Muslims attacked the city's Coptic Christian population, with 400 Copts having to barricade themselves in their church while the mob destroyed 18 homes, 23 shops and 16 cars.

    Also in 2000, Muslim mob attempt to force a Copt to pronounce the Islamic faith declaration, then beat him to death when he refuses their demand.

    A 14 year old boy was CRUCIFIED by Radical Extremists near Mosul, Iraq, and a prominent Syriac-Orhtodox priest Paulos Iskandar was kidnapped and BEHEADED in 2006. Only this past November, a Syrian-Catholic Cathedral was assaulted and bombed in Baghdad with many causalities.

    Then there is the civil war in Sudan as the Muslim government imposed Sharia Law upon the Christian south. Roman Catholic bishop Macram Max Gassis, Bishop of El Obeid, reported to the UN Commission on Human Rights, in 1994 on accounts of widespread destruction of churches, forced conversions of Christians to Islam, concentration camps, genocide of the Nuba people, systematic rape of women, enslavement of children, torture of priests and clerics, burning alive of pastors and catechists, crucifixion and mutilation of priests

    These are but a few of the many incidents of Radical Islamic Fundamentalists attacking Christians.

    The West must not bury its head in the sand. They need to stop denying the true nature of the enemy.

    There is a definite contrast between an Islamic martyr and a Christian martyr, just as there is between the Christian creed and the Islamic creed. The heroism, the sacrifice of these martyrs must not be overlooked by the media, but paraded on screens across the planet. You do not combat evil by hiding its atrocities. Only the truth can set these Christians free.

    The voice of the martyrs needs to be heard, as it was in the past, at Constantinople, at Tours, at Vienna. WORLDWIDE JIHAD IS ON THE MARCH. THE CONQUERED WILL BE OFFERRED A CHOICE CONVERT OR LOSE YOUR HEAD.

  • Bamaguje

    “The grand irony of course, is that Christian persecution has increased exponentially under U.S. occupation. As one top Vatican official put it, Christians, “paradoxically, were more protected under the dictatorship” of Saddam Hussein” – Raymond Ibrahim

    And America is about to repeat the same idiotic mistake in Libya with Obama administration supporting “pro-democracy” Islamists aganist the secular Ghaddafi.

    There’s a reason secular/quasi-secular dictators (Ghaddafi, Sadam Hussein, Mubarak, Ben Ali) abound in the Middle east – Only them can keep Islamists at bay. Democracy in the Middle east almost always leads to enthronement of intolerant Islamists.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The violent oppression and systematic persecution of all non-Muhammadan unbelievers that takes place without exception in every Muhammadan majority country in the world is the dirty little secret that the lamestream media always hides and our politicians always likewise ignore. While at the same time they try to sell us garbage like Islam is a Religion of Peace™ that is being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists. Indeed, if Islam is a Religion of Peace™ that is being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, then why in every Muhammadan majority country in the world where the vast overwhelming majority of the world’s Muhammadans live are non-Muhammadan unbeliever always violently oppressed and systematically persecuted?

    Indeed, if Islam is a Religion of Peace™ that is being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, then why can Muhammadan immigrants living in the west build thousands of mosques and madrassas, while at the same time non-Muhammadan unbelievers living in Muhammadan majority countries are forbidden from building houses of worship and also from practicing their religions openly?

    Furthermore, with respect to those Muhammadans that have migrated to the West, if Islam is a Religion of Peace™ that is being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, then why like clockwork have the vast overwhelming majority of those Muhammadan immigrants flat out refused to assimilate and integrate and instead formed Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by sharia and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside?

  • Diann

    The same thing is happening in Afghanistan where becoming a Christian results in a death sentence. So why is the West in these miserable countries? Most of our soldiers identify themselves as non Muslims – who therefore could not live in any Islamic country without huge personal risk and the likelihood of receiving a death sentence. What is wrong with our leadership that they continue to send our flesh and blood to these abysmal places? Too many of our best young people die or return home sans limbs or well functioning brain. We need to get out of every Islamic country – get back to our own and build a strong nation based on our own Judeo-Christian values, democracy and yes, capitalism. All of these are what made us strong in the past – we need to re-discover them and be strong enough to NOT tolerate beliefs that glorify death by suicide while killing those who do not hold to the Islamic faith. WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM???

  • LindaRivera

    U.S. government hate for Christians is frightening. Iraqi Christians were disarmed by our American military – rendering Christians defenseless prey for savage Muslim predators.

    This is one of the major reasons America goes to war? G-D help Christians and ALL innocents.

    The Plight of Christians in Iraq By: Jamie Glazov | Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Immediately after the American invasion of Iraq, the Christian militias were disarmed. They were the only militias to be disarmed. American forces allowed both the Sunnis and Shiites to keep their armed militias. Christians first fled from Baghdad to the Nineveh Plains, and then to Jordan and Syria. In Jordan and Syria the American embassies told Iraqi refugees to go to the United Nations because their plight “was not an American problem.” Excuse me?

    Meanwhile the official position of the State Department under Condi Rice is that Christians are harassed by “criminal elements” in Iraq and that no persecution exists. That attitude has caused even greater persecution and led our embassies and other nations to be unhelpful.…

    • Reason_For_Life

      You're right that the US was not in Iraq to protect Iraqi Christians. The war was sold as a way to protect Americans, which of course includes many Christians by creating a "free and democratic" regime that would serve as a "beacon of freedom".

      Only a fool believes that the cause of individual liberty can be served by democratic regimes in which law is based on what a majority wants and not on individual rights.

  • LindaRivera

    It is not just Iraq's Christians, who are being exterminated. And the American administration is helping exterminate them.

    The massive empowering of Muslim radicals is going on in America and in other countries. There must be a major investigation why very strong U.S. backing was given to French military and UN troops for the Islamic conquest of Christian Ivory Coast in Africa. There was massive voter fraud. President Gbagbo was the true winner.

    1,000 Christian innocents in recent days were recently hacked to death or burnt alive by Quattara’s Islamic forces. The barbaric savages the U.S. France and the UN have put into power. The cruel French handed over Christian President Gbagbo and his family to the Muslims.

    frontpagemag: Ouattara’s troops were using machetes. “They were slitting people’s throats, anyone — men, women, children,”

    Ouattara’s men circle Simone Gbagbo. Inhofe said that the thugs had pulled out her hair by the roots and then went to the streets, displaying her hair to mobs of cheering Ouattara supporters.

    In one of the pictures on the internet, the faces of the terrified captured Christians are etched with fear. The Christians are deeply aware of savage, cruel Islamic barbarism. Who will help them? Who will rescue them? There is no one to rescue them and President Gbagbo and his family. No one. A Christian couple in an Ivory Coast protest hold up the same signs, a desperate appeal to the world for help:


    This is how America is now looked upon by victims of Islam.

    UN Peacekeepers? Give them their proper name: UN Soldiers for Global Islamic Conquest.

  • 080

    For anyone wondering just what are we doing in the Middle East, I propose a thought experiment. Suppose there weren't a drop of oil there but only sand. Now do you think we would be mucking around there? The slaughter of Christians and Jews is sim[ply Islam when it can get away with it. The evidence for that is mostly in Islamic countries. If you have a different interpretation of the Koran, that is your problem.

  • Truthteller

    Behold the fruits of the neo-cons

  • Irandissident

    Most people miss the point:
    The Shah, Saddam, Mubarak etc…. were dictators whose regimes were to some degree secular and nationalistic ( people's limited rights were nevertheless equal based on citizenship- religious, racial or ethnic unequalities existed within limits). Religious regimes are completely different animals: Peoples rights ( as limited they may be) are unequal based on their religious belief. In such regimes, like IRAN, discrimination is based upon RELIGION rather than other factors ( of course in Islam you have the huge gender discrimination again because of religion ).

    Now there should be no surprise when fanatical religious people, given "people's power" would only promote their religious supremacy . this is all they care about for a while.

    What is surprising is why America and some other western countries are actively helping to destroy SECULAR governments whether dictatorial of "democratic"( the Shah, Today's Turkey, Mubarak, Palestinian elections: PA Vs hamas) and replacing them with religious Theocracies !!!!!!

    This is the problem.

  • Amused

    Blah blah blah , now comes the partisan fingerpointing .Well here's a newsflash for people like LINDA RIVERA . In the Phillipines Christians have been murdered and are being murdered , going back as far as 20 years or more .In Indonesia , there have been sporadic slaughters of christians for the past 30 years .And what about the Armenian Genocide by Turkey ? DECADES AGO . Hindus have been slaughtered ever since the Moguls set foot there , and have been ongoing in India .. This is what islam is all about , for pete sakes IT'S WRITTEN IN THEIR BOOK . to kill or subjugate ALL that is not Dar -al-Islam .And it has been ongoing .Christian publications have been saying it for years .

  • Amused

    Sorry all you hardcore partisans , this aint nobody's fault but the MUSLIMS . If Christians manage to survive in Muslim countries , it has only been for a particular "usefullness " at the time to muslims , or simply matters of expedience .Eventually what we see is , and will be the fate of christians in ANY muslim dominated country , even in locals dominated by muslims . The great blunder of Reagan's ,both Bush Admins , Clinton and Obama's Admin , is that NONE have done their homework .ALL the signs have been there , even from WW 2 .Indeed Churchill himself warned of these people as far back as 1922 . So what is it that continues to draw us into their cesspool ? OIL . We have made our "deal with the devil " . And U.S. , British , and French intelligence agencies have been the facilitators since the Suez Canal opening . Maybe the partisan morons in Washington , will finally get the message…islam /muslims simply don't give a rats arse whose in power in any Administration , their plan goes forward , The Goal of The Prophet .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What must the Iraqi citizens that are not Muslim think of the Christian
    American soldiers who could oust Sadam and his murderers for good
    reason but have no idea of their plight. There is a big disconnect here and
    that our tax dollars in the Billions were spent in Iraq and all that is there
    is another killing ground of non Muslims, bad to worse, Iraq will never
    be free or democratic, it will be hell on earth for those who are there
    and undefended by the good we thought we were sending………..William

  • Amused

    The least we could do for all our money spent , is to DEMAND these Iraqi Christians be protected . However their "democratically elected leader "……… on the side of the persecutors . Maybe the 50,000 troops still there could actually do some good and protect them , or atleast provide safe passage ……but to where ? Another muslim country ? We've created a paradox . More people will die ,and it will be unavoidable .

  • Amused

    It would seem that , if muslims are not kept under the boot-heels of brutal dictators , they go …….feral .

  • Amused

    Oh …and BTW , there is nothing " Silent " about what's happening to Christians in Iraq ….atleast regarding Iraqis . The silence is on the part of the west , us , and even the Vatican .

  • LindaRivera

    To Amused:

    A news flash for me? I believe everyone commenting here are deeply aware of the jihad waged against non-Muslims in many countries.

    Barbaric jihad has been waged against non-Muslims for 1,400 years. What is DIFFERENT and very shocking now is that America (Republican and Democrat governments), Europe and the UN are actively helping the jihad. Disarming Iraqi Christians rendering Christians defenseless prey for barbaric Muslim killers. Waging war on Ivory Coast Christians to achieve Muslim conquest of Christian Ivory Coast.

    And as for oil, America has lots of oil, but our government refuses to drill for it, preferring to buy Middle Eastern oil which finances global jihad.

    • Claude

      You are so right it hurts, oil is one thing we do not lack, we are the most blessed place on earth with oil, as we have more oil than all the countries of the world combined, if you do not believe that check out the Govs latest report on the oil in the Montana and Dakotas Areas, and the rest of your statement about the Muslims is history for all to read if they care to, instead of repeating what some idiot said. Thank You