Tunisian Elections and the Road to the Caliphate

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A Wall Street Journal report elaborates:

Tunisia’s small, well-educated and religiously moderate population could make it an unreliable metric for gauging the regional political changes that will follow. The Nahda Party distinguished itself as uniquely moderate when compared with other Islamist parties in the Arab world.  Egyptian Islamists, who are led by an 83-year-old organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, in general take a stricter view of the role Islamic law, known as Shariah, should play in Egyptian governance.

Accordingly, not only are Islamists better positioned to come to power through elections in Egypt than Tunisia, but more critical consequences are sure to follow: peace with Israel will be contemptuously scrapped—once capability permits—and the suffering of Christian Copts, who are already under attack in a myriad of ways, will be institutionalized.

Yet the West remains transfixed before the words “democracy” and “elections.”  Nice words, to be sure; but just as the generic word “terror”—as in “War on Terror”—provides absolutely no understanding of the ideas motivating it, so too does the generic word “democracy” provide no understanding of the draconian, anti-infidel ideas the “will of the people” will establish—ideas encapsulated by one word: Sharia.

Consider the following excerpt from a Fox News report:

“I am the enemy of democracy,” Hesham al-Ashry said in an interview with Fox News in his Cairo tailor shop. The devout Muslim is a main organizer in a group called the Salafists, which is working to bring Shariah law to Egypt. They, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, have risen quickly in the past eight months to fill the power vacuum left in post-Mubarak Egypt.

Left unspoken is how they rose—and will continue to rise—to power: democracy, “people-power,” which al-Ashry gladly exploits, even as he is “the enemy of democracy.”

The report continues: “As for what’s next if al-Ashry and his followers get their way, ‘instead of one Iran …you have two.’”

Actually, “what’s next,” in the grand picture of things, not the myopia of the moment, is the resurrection of a Sharia-enforcing Caliphate and the ushering of a new age of conflict—an age when future generations will look back to their Western predecessors and see in them the sort of passive naivety that would make Neville Chamberlain look like Winston Churchill.

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  • Jim

    They had a caliphate long ago and it broke up. Every one wants to be boss. They will teach their grade school students the Koran 75% of the time. The liberals would have been more dangerous as they would have the students study math and science. They would still hate America.

    • http://www.nexiumvsprilosec.net nexium vs prilosec

      This phenomenon would differ in no way whatsoever from the total war doctrine employed by muslims for fourteen centuries. At the same time other religions are prohibited from any type of religious activity or even allowed to have their religion acknowledged at all.

  • Rick_D

    Peaceful islam in your country is a Trojan Horse. Wake up. If they aren't fighting westerners or jews, they will even fight eachother. Wake up. Know history and act accordingly.

  • StephenD

    Someone recently posted here a comment (similar to this) that stuck with me and remains relevant:
    "They are marching headlong and straight…into the 7th century."

    When we finally realize this and deal with them on those terms, then we may have a chance in surviving them. Remember, this mindset is from a 7th century trade route bandit. They understood raw power only with no respect for persons or life.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The problem is that he Muslims have been identified as a priority minority and provided with special privileges. In fact in certain public schools are allowed special privileges to engage in religious worship during the school day such as prayer and foot baths. At the same time other religions are prohibited from any type of religious activity or even allowed to have their religion acknowledged at all.

  • AntiSharia

    The idea of a moderate Islamist party is as idiotic as the idea of a moderate Nazi party. The Tunisian Islamists cite Turkey as their model, and look how well that's working out. Whoever the next President is, he will have to deal with a more Islamist Middle East, cooperating with Iran, and giving safe haven to terrorists and waging Jihad. The only way to deal with these people will be through force. It's all these illiterate bedouins can understand.

  • N. Albert

    This is the price of Obama's 3 generational hatred of colonialism. Choosing to play golf instead of actively promoting a blueprint for democracy for Arab revolutionaries is a mistake greater than Carter installing Khomeini in Iran. I would also venture he withdrew funding for any democratic movement upon taking office, as he did in Iran and Egypt (to impress Arab dictators).

  • Hatta Yathrib

    For many years the OIC has acted as a caliphate in all but name, but the official declaration of an empire encompassing the entire ummah would, according to islamic doctrine, herald the onset of global offensive jihad. This phenomenon would differ in no way whatsoever from the total war doctrine employed by muslims for fourteen centuries. However, and to their great relief, it would liberate the globalcommunityofbelievers from their tiresome duties of taqqiya and kitman and would likewise spare the rest of us from the tiresome duty of listening to them. The installation of a pan-islamic leader would, furthermore, provide the globalcommunityofqufars with an address to which to send our non-negotiable terms of surrender to the survivors of islam's cataclysmic defeat. None of this is likely to transpire, however. The muslims require the destruction of the Nation of Israel as the signal event to unify their horde for the final push. Their defeat in this enterprise will be complete and permanent, won by the few, blessed by the many and will mark the onset of an infinitely more pleasant, postdeluvian epoch.

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