Why Muslim Demands for Headscarves Are Exaggerated

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Meanwhile, in France, where Islamic dress is altogether banned, a new report suggests that Muslim women are happily complying—indeed, more Muslim women are traveling to France than before the ban:

Wealthy Gulf tourists are expected to continue to flock to France this summer in spite of a law that prohibits Muslim women from wearing the burqa, travel agencies said. Travel industry experts had initially feared a decline in Arab tourists after the April ban on full veils but now report no decline in peak-season bookings to France. Hotels.com, the parent company of the online travel website expedia.com, has seen a 219 percent increase in the number of searches for France from its Arabic Middle East site from April 1 to date. Searches for Belgium, which in 2010 passed a bill banning any clothing that would obscure the identity of the wearer, have increased 300 percent the website said.

Lest you think these Gulf women are any less pious than their American counterparts, there is a simple reason for why they are complying:

Islam’s doctrine of taysir allows for hiyla, or the relaxation of Islamic law whenever Muslims find it inconvenient to uphold aspects of Sharia law, like when they are under infidel/Western authority. In fact, some of Islam’s top leaders, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, for example, are great advocates of taysir, “especially for those Muslim minorities living in Europe and America.”

Taysir is like a broader concept of taqiyya, which permits Muslims to lie when circumstances call for it, while taysir only permits Muslims to drop aspects of Sharia law when circumstances call for it.

But there is another distinction. The Gulf women traveling to France are tourists who are not nearly as acquainted with the West as their American counterparts. They naturally assume the West is like the Islamic world—actually tenacious about its customs and laws, hardly to be pushed around by minority groups. (This is precisely why Muslims in the West shamelessly push for the Ground Zero mosque — Muslims in the Middle East can’t believe it and think it’s a Zionist conspiracy.)

Muslims living in the West, on the other hand, know how easily the West can be pushed into submission, so why settle for the Muslim option of taysir when they can score a victory for Islam—and make some money while at it?

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  • janlapter

    Something is wrong here. She claims that exposure of skin hurts her religious beliefs but how aboiut taking part in the competition? Shouldn''t she be sitting at home instead of lifting scrap in male company?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do about slowly imposing Sharia on the West. It’s about getting Westerners accustomed to submitting to Islam. It’s about the West becoming accustomed to accommodating Muslims and to assimilating to accommodate Islam, not the other way around. Indeed, Muslims don’t immigrate to the West to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they migrate to West to eventually subjugate and dominate and to make Islam supreme.

  • WLIL

    If it is a requirement of their islamic faith to wear the islamic headscarves or islamic dress, why many asian women or middle eastern women or african women who called themselves moslems are not wearing one in public? Their inconsistent islamic policies or excessive islamic demands on the West would create problems for companies who may wish to employ them but who do not wish to compromise on what is universally acceptable and what is not acceptable for their companies.

  • J Beck

    The head covering thing is a misinterpretation of the Qur'an. Specifically, it tells them to cover their bosoms, using their head covering to do so, as an example. The passages are about modesty (not going around naked or topless, unlike other pre-Islamic cultures), and provides an exception so that [male] relatives who accidentally see them naked don't have to punish (i.e. by stoning) their own mothers, sisters, etc.

    So most of these complaints by muslim women are about nothing more than abusing the ignorance of westerners.

  • hoads

    After seeing many Muslim young women in California dressed in total Western garb including jeans and tight T-shirts and then topped with a head covering, it is very clear that these "Westernized" Muslims are merely tools for the Muslim radicals whose goal is to exaggerate the number and influence of Muslims in this country. Wearing a hijab with Western clothing is an absolute oxymoron. The purpose of the hijab and burqa is for not only for Koran compelled modesty, but to also cover women away from the eyes of men. Doesn't make sense then to be wearing a hijab while wearing tight fitting clothing.

    Having their women wear their hijab in public is one way to insert Islam in American culture. IOW, its all a political game and these young girls are the pawns they are using to slowly but surely push sharia through our courts and institutions.

  • StephenD

    Note that you see none of the Islamic Leaders wives wearing such garb…because it IS NOT mandated by their religion. It is a cultural thing only. Wearing desert dress that keeps the sand out has nothing to do with being modest which is what the Qur'an calls for. If they were originally from Alaska would they wear Seal skin and bear fur? They play on our ignorance and we behave like good dhimmi's and give in.

  • JosephWiess

    We, in the west need to stand up for our beliefs. Listen up Americans, Let this Texan tell you how it goes. If you are living here, or visiting here, follow our laws. We aren't muslim, and we don't wear restrictive burqas. We believe in freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
    Unlike our popular california culture says, we do believe in modesty, but at the same time, we don't cover ourselves from head to toe.

    As for the weightlifting thing, it's just stupid, because if you can't tell if a limb is locked, then how are you going to tell if people are cheating or not?

  • LindaRivera

    Did the woman decide before ever starting work there that she would later wear the headscarf, knowing she would be told that ALL employees must adhere to the dress code; made the determination ahead of time that she would refuse, knowing she would be fired. Which would then give her the hoped-for prize – the WONDERFUL opportunity of suing for a LOT of money and FORCING the non-Muslim company to comply to the never ending demands of Muslims.

    It's all about making non-Muslims OBEY Muslims and getting lots of free infidel money. What a racket. Western courts that go along with this are guilty of taking away the rights of non-Muslims. It is despicable and another loss of freedom.

  • JIT

    Orthodox Jewish basketball player Naama Shafir asked to be allowed to play in an international game with a T-shirt under her team uniform, to accommodate modesty rules, and was denied. There was not the outcry that there is against A&F over this. I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored?