A Not-So-Amusing Day at the Amusement Park

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A confrontation between Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan at the Rye Playland amusement park in Westchester County, New York and local authorities turned ugly yesterday, in a perfect demonstration of the toxic influence agitation outfits like the Council on American-Islamic Relations have had on American discourse. “It’s clear, this all happened because we’re Muslim,” said Dena Meawad, an 18-year-old Muslim woman who was in the midst of the action. She, of course, is the aggrieved victim of the supposedly racist, sexist and, above-all, Islamophobic American society.

Three years ago, Westchester County, which operates Rye Playland, put a policy into effect that forbids people from wearing headgear on certain rides. That rule was imposed because of safety concerns, both that a hat landing on the tracks of certain rides could cause problems and that some coverings – like a head scarf – could represent a strangulation hazard. Peter Tartaglia, deputy commissioner of Westchester County Parks, said the Muslim American Society of New York was informed about the headgear rule on multiple occasions in advance of yesterday’s event, during which about 3,000 members of the society visited the park. “Part of our rules and regulations, which we painstakingly told them over and over again, is that certain rides you cannot wear any sort of headgear,” Tartaglia said.

Some of the young women attending the event either didn’t get the message or chose to ignore it. According to reports, some Muslim women began arguing with police over the rules when they were denied entrance to rides. The confrontation escalated to the point that about 100 police converged on the park to get the melee under control. Fifteen Muslims, including three women, were taken into custody. Two park rangers were injured in the fracas.

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was naturally quick to take offense over the incident. “In this heightened state of Islamophobia, a woman wearing a hajib is an easy target these days,” said Zead Ramadan, president of CAIR – New York. Except that’s not even remotely the way that America works “these days.”

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  • The Infidel

    And to think, they were forced to close the park down to all but muslims, and this is the thanks they get for their dhimmie effort of multicult interfaith interaction, well done. I will take a pig and a dog over a muslim any day of the week and twice of Fridays.

    • Anamah

      We need to build strong and precise limits to stop this stubborn people. Put an end right now, period.

    • Big Irish

      damn infidel, I like your way of thought!!!…Pork Day at the park!

  • kafir4life

    To avoid the issue in the future, ammusment park owners only need have a giant stucco pigs head as the entrance gate to the park. And before anybody calls me "racist", I mean an actual animal pig head, not a stucco representation of the pedophile that muslims consider a "prophet", but in reality, is actually a pig. Yes, it's a little confusing.

    allahu snackbar!!

    • Dennis

      You're so ignorant. Don't talk about crap you don't understand

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    This reminds me of that time the rabbi had a fight with some university because he wanted to make a special pathway through the campus on Yom Kippur and made a big stink about not being able to staple signs up through rooms and on telephone poles. Religious fundamentalists are CRAZY!

    • WildJew

      When is the last time an American rabbi (any rabbi) recommended Jews commit acts of terrorism against innocent Americans in order please YHWH and His prophet? When was the last time you heard a rabbi tell the Jews, "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them….." ?

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        When have I ever been killed by a terrorist?

        • Truth Warrior

          Unfortunately, NEVER.

        • Bert

          Unfortunately not yet. Just be patient!

  • WildJew

    Admittedly I take a hard line on this. I believe Islam is at war with the West and America; not every Muslim but a significant portion of the Muslim world. In the days following the September 11, 2001 Muslim-terror attacks in New York and Washington, there were anecdotal accounts of American Muslims celebrating the deaths and carnage. It was my view then and it still is, if by means of credible witnesses (plural) it could be determined in a court of law that an American Muslim celebrated 9/11, he or she should be deported. Trzupek wrote: "the Rye Playland incident also shows that the prevailing narrative that the Islamic community….is in fact a politically aggressive community." Islam is at war with America and the west. Politically aggressive anti-American Muslims should be deported. Sorry.

    • Havn'tForgotten

      I agree with your comments, but you (and the rest of the West) don't take it hard enough. Islam continues marching against us, like it or not. We should be deporting anti-American muslims, and denying citizinship, visas, and passports to all muslims until the supposed "moderates" can clearly separate from jihadists/shariaists by denoucing and prosecuting the terrorists amongst themselves. It is a war! Sidenote: We should remember (and remind others) that treason and sedition are still punishable by death.

    • Jaladhi

      .>"…..not every Muslim but a significant portion of the Muslim world."

      I would say every Muslim is at war with all non-Muslims and non-Muslim countries, USA included!!! Don't be under the impression that if they don't say a thing one way or other, they like us . To be at war with all non-Muslims and fight jihad against them until they are subdued is a religious duty for all Muslims. Plain and simple!!

      No point in being a PC person and say that not all Muslims are against us. Facts are facts and we should tell them as they are. Muslims are non friends of USA or any other non-Muslim nation even if they live there!!

      • WildJew

        I get your point. Little doubt it is safer to believe every Muslim in the world is at war with the West, – just as it was safer to assume every German was at war with the west during the second world war. How do you relate to Muslims who, not simply by words alone, but by deeds appear to support Israel and the Jewish people's right to the land of Israel?

        What about this Muslim leader for example?


        Is he engaging in taqiyya?

        • Jaladhi

          Hi wildjew, I don't know if this shiekh Palazzi is practicing taqiyya or not but he is certainly following a sanitized version (his own) of Islam which more than 99.9% of Muslims won't accept and he will be declared an apostate(why he has not been so far is a good question). He wants to disregard the violence of Islam and blames it on a "cult' Wahabism or the Indian version Deobandi school but all that is part of real Islam and real Muslims do not wander far from such teachings of Quran. Therefore, I regard all Muslims suspect when it comes to supporting the West or any non-Muslim nation. If Muslims give up on the basic pretexts of Islam and jihad is one of the five pillars then how can such Muslim be regarded as a practicing Muslim and for that matter why such person is still a Muslim. Quran and Mo/allah do not allow Muslims to cherry pick parts of their religion – it is all or nothing!!!

          • WildJew

            I sympathize with your position. Even if Palazzi is genuine – and I do not question that he is; Palazzi shows solidarity with Jews living in Judea and Samaria; he visits the "settlements" – I believe there are very few Palazzis in the Muslim world. Palazzi lives in Italy; not in Egypt. I have a friend living in Samaria, Israel who works with Palazzi in an organization called Root & Branch. Like Palazzi, he believes Wahhabism – "a perversion of Islam" – is the problem. I tell him, the problem it is much larger than Wahhabism. It is rooted in the Qur'an itself (in the sayings and the deeds of Muhammad) and Salafism (Wahhabism, what have you), in my view is authentic Islam. Osama bin Laden was a devout Muslim in good standing. Sheikh Palazzi would make a great convert to Judaism or Christianity. My only point is this.There are a few Palazzis out there who do not read the Qur'an literally as you and I do; as millions of Muslim do. That is why I say we are at war with Islam or rather Islam is at war with the West but I cannot say every last Muslim is at war with the West. You would argue, if they are not, they are apostate and / or they are not good Muslims. I would agree.

          • Dennis

            I do not know what the source of information is, but let me inform you, it is incorrect. First of all, I took a theology course on Islam, and I know all five pillars, and "jihad" is not one of them. Second, Jihad just means struggle, internal or external, and could be anything such as resisting greed. Third, I think it is the other way around, the terrorists are the ones who have given up the basic pretexts of the religion, and Muslims who really follow it believe that these terrorists, Osama binladen included, are ignorant to the Quran and the pretext of Islam. Other than that, I've had tons of Muslim friends in college, and you couldn't tell the difference between them and any other non-Muslim students. They were completely against extremism, and they were more normal than you'd think.

  • StephenD

    There are quotes of a young man shouting in disbelief "How could you do this to us? Why would you do this to us?" As if the rules against headgear was designed to humble them or was not at least for them, abandoned on "their day" in the park. The elitist attitude permeates their every walk of life. Show me a humble Muslim and I'll show you an apostate!
    As far as answering to the charges of CAIR or anyone else for that matter on such incidents, tell them to get a copy of the police report. If they don't like what they see, file charges….like everyone else would have to do. Until then, they can pound sand. Nobody should feel compelled to "defend" against "Islamaphobia." I'd be rather proud to be labeled an "IslamaLOATHER."

  • tagalog

    I don't suppose that any of these offended Muslims took note of the general rule of human choice that says, if you want to wear a hijab (or burqua or whatever they're called), DON'T TAKE RIDES WHERE WEARING A HEAD COVERING IS NOT ALLOWED!!!! HELLO-O!

  • effemall

    The organized "incidents" such as this one by the likes of CAIR to further their cause (domination of America and the world) will soon backfire and they will experience very real hate crimes by masses of Americans who say "enough is enough." A few short years ago most Americans knew nothing about Islam. More than half of America has now become informed and their Taqiyya (deceptions) in their Societal Jihad has become transparent. It will be our populace that will react before the justice system and it could become ugly. The societal insurgents are not dealing with England or Norway now. The Spirit of '76 is still alive in parts of America. The Muslim Brotherhood is picking on the wrong country.

  • http://jimwalterpix.typepad.com Jim Walter

    effemall –
    Well said, Fred. As long as the Spirit of '76 doesn't subscribe to the Spirit of Dhimmihood, we'll be alright.

  • cheese_burger

    The whole thing was a set-up… a staged event, courtesy of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood spent months planning everything in advance. It's just one more scummy Islamic 'War is Deceit' scam.

    Islamo-nausea is the real problem. We… real, genuine, actual human beings (as opposed to the Taqiyya spewing, lying Islamic Filth) are fed up with the Lying Mooze, and the arse-kissing apologists who suck up to this Islamic filth, and do their vile bidding, to such an extent that even seeing a Muslim walking down the street sickens them.

    A Special Tax should be imposed on all Muslims. We can call it Jizya. Any Muslim refusing to pay the Jizya Tax should be deported to Somalia, or to have one hand and one foot amputated.

    • tagalog

      And forced to wear a green armband.

      And prohibited from driving a car, just as Muslims once prohibited non-Muslims from riding horses.

      And prohibited from building any new mosques.

  • Conservalover

    "Leftist victimehood?" Please. No community is as perpetually aggrieved, embattled, and "under attack" as conservative crybabies, who just can't seem to find anything about this country they actually care for. Nobody plays the victim like a conservative crybaby. Every day is a new outrage.

  • Susan

    i agree that this was another staged event designed to support CAIR's muslim victimhood agenda and put muslims in their rightful place as another protected minority group. I'm so sick of identity politics, grievance theater, muslim entitlement mentality, and most of all, islam and muslims. I despise islam and everything it stands for. It is a vile abomination, a predatory, supremacist death cult that can never be compatible with our legal system, culture, and way of life. The left-wing, useful idiots who collude with muslims are traitors to their own civilization and country and they should all get the hell out of America and relocate to an islamic hellhole, where the 'compassionate,morally superior' lefties wouldn't survive for a week.. Our forebears fought and died for our freedom and I'll be damned if I will sit back and let the self-hating multi-culti crowd and their allies, parasitic, bellicose muslims, destroy my country. If it's so damned bad here, why do they keep coming? I'll tell you why: they are colonists, alien invaders who are here to spread their vile creed, infiltrate our institutions, and 'conquer' America for their filthy, demonic deity.

    • nightspore

      The silver lining in the cloud is that these people don't know when to stop – so more and more people are waking up to the problem. In a sense they're trapped in the logic of their own positions. (No reason to be complacent, however.)

    • JoC

      Thank you. It is so nice to read something real. I couldn't have said it any better.

  • No dhimmi

    Sounds like a set up. I can hear it now:

    CAIR: Oh look, the rules say no one can ride with loose headgear – so let's send hordes of women in hijab, so we can start a fight and scream "racism" and "Islamophobia," our best tactics. That will fill our coffers.

  • Moshe Pupick

    F., 09/02/11 common era

    A "phobia" is a fear, usually an irrational fear. There's nothing irrational about being afraid of all foms of jihad in the U.S. or elsewhere. "Islam Uber Alles" is the de facto
    rallying cry of the radical Moslems, who seem to murder other Moslems as often they murder non-Moslems (aka "infidels") Of course, the ACLU and ADL generally support in court the evil speech of Islamists carefully concocted by CAIR and its attorneys. Never again!? Wake up, American Christians and Jews; it's 1939 redux.

  • choudhury rahman

    People, its their religion. why shouldnt they be able to wear their headscarves?

    • cheese_burger

      What does a Muslim care about women??? As far as any Muslim is concerned, women are nothing except domestic animals. To say otherwise, is to contradict Islamic belief.

      So, what does a Muslim care about whether or not his domestic animals wear headscarves, or not… unless those headscarves somehow serve the Muslim's own Lying, Deceitful purpose?

      Tabari IX:113 "Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Qur'an."

    • taxpayer

      They can wear whatever they want, unlike muslim countries. They just can't put others or themselves in danger.

  • The concerned

    I see a lot of comentators belive that this was a set-up, which I fully agree. I know for fact that when for the first time in my old country they instaled the escalators. Women wearing Chdors were forbiden to ride them, due to the safty factor. and my friends that old county was 100% islamic.

  • xlent

    Count me a plain ol islamhater

  • guest

    Strange, when groups of blacks attack whites -lots of FPM stories. When there are altercations between Muslims and part police- FPM stories. When that group of white teens went hunting for a black man, found him and beat him to death- no FPM stories. How strange. If only there was an explanation. Your insights?

  • Ghostwriter

    guest,maybe you should hit the "Contact Us" thing on the top of the article so that you can give them the info. Better yet,what the heck are you talking about???

    • guest

      for those with their heads up their you know what, here is what I am talking about:

      Again, what a surprise that you didn't know about this, your sources likely are limited to FPM, FOX and the like. These kinds of stories don't interest the white right. Well, they do, but in all kinds of messed up ways.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Now you can understand why muslim men beat their wives.

  • Avigayil

    It's their religion, but their religion does not trump safety laws. Also riding rides at an amusement park is an optional activity. A person is free to opt for a certain level of religious observance. By making that decision they are opting out of riding certain rides in this case. I am an Orthodox Jewish woman. I wear a head covering over my hair. I would not try to get on a ride at an amusement park where they had safety rules like this. My religion requires me to guard my health and safety and to respect the law of the land. Why doesn't theirs.

  • DownWithIslam

    Another great example of how moslems think the rules don't apply to them. The West needs to wake up and see the trickery of these moslems. They are not to be trusted. All they do is take take take. They do not contribute anything good to society at large. They only work for themselves and leech off the rest of us.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    They should not have been prohibited from wearing long headband scarves, the
    longer the better they bounce on the tracks, it should have been encouraged, first the
    bounce your head ride and then water sports……………………………William

  • CisscoKidd

    The word ISLAMOPHOBIA is a scam–just like the word RACISM is a scam. Obviously, the liberals and the muslims love to use the word ISLAMOPHOBIA because they reap rewards from government and society when they do–just as the liberals and the minorities love to use the word RACISM (as they reap rewards from government and society when they do). The only thing is the two words involve a great deal of violence.

  • CisscoKidd

    For the muslims, they blow up people. If anyone complains, they have ISLAMOPHOBIA and we all are supposed to say "Oh no, you have ISLAMOPHOBIA". For the blacks, they gather in flash-mobs and attack whites. If anyone complains, they are RACIST and we all are supposed to say "Oh no, you are RACIST". As for the RACISM SCAM, it has and probably always will be the biggest scam ever perpetrated in the United States in the history of the United States. But guess what–the ISLAMOPHOBIA SCAM is fast catching up to THE GREAT RACISM SCAM. I don't think it will–but the ISLAMOPHOBIA SCAM could very well overtake THE GREAT RACISM SCAM in the near future simply because the muslims hate anything and everything that isn't muslim. Basically, the blacks just
    hate whites. Therefore, it appears the muslims are the supreme haters of the planet.

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  • tagalog

    Arab Muslims hate non-Arab Muslims, especially Berbers.

    Umayyid Muslims hate Abbasid and Fatamid Muslims.

    Abbasid Muslims hate Umayyid Muslims and Fatamid Muslims.

    Fatamid Muslims hate Umayyid Muslims and Abbasid Muslims.

    Not to mention the Sufi Muslims.

    Also, we mustn't forget the Ashariyyah vs. the Mu'tazilah.

  • Steph

    Oh, friendly pigs such as yourself?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Excellent …………OINK (Obviously I'm Not Kidding)…….Old McDonald
    had a farm…….oink oink here and an oink oink there, every where and
    oink oink………..Old Mc Donalds the Islamist super park……….William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Out doing yourself, Most Excellent!!!…………………………..William