Adding Insult to Tragedy

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Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, “Zennie62” laid the shooting squarely at the feet of the Left’s favorite whipping-girl: Sarah Palin. Apparently Palin’s “don’t retreat, reload” tweet and the fact that the former Alaska governor illustrated targeted district’s using cross-hairs was all that was needed to push Loughner over the edge. “With this, Palin can kiss any Presidential dreams goodbye,” Zennie62 declared, apparently unaware that Democrats have used bull’s-eyes to show battleground districts for years. Even one of the women who helped disarm Loughner blamed the shooting on Republican “job killing bills,” a truly remarkable statement when one considers that Democrats have been in complete control of the federal government for two years.

All of these ludicrous claims are nothing more than the Left trying to exploit a tragedy in order to fulfill their ultimate ambition: to force those annoying voices on the right to shut the hell up. If it can’t be done by reviving the “Fairness Doctrine,” or if “Net Neutrality” doesn’t work, then a violent tragedy is the next best thing. Obviously, this deluded soul was led astray by crazy, right-wing rhetoric. The Left cannot abide conservative or libertarians to begin with, and if someone happens to express such ideas with a bit of passion – which is to say that they express their ideas effectively – progressives seem to lose their minds. Every metaphor, and even the slightest use of hyperbole, becomes monumentally important in their eyes, evidence of the sinister, violent agenda that they are certain bubbles just beneath the surface among Americans who take comfort in God and firearms.

Yet, the fact is that the Left employs the same kind of rhetoric and hyperbole all of the time. It was Barack Obama himself who declared unrestricted war on Republicans, proclaiming that: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!” The inflammatory “Bushitler” smear was a staple on the Left throughout George W. Bush’s presidency. As Hillbuzz revealed, the Daily Kos recently featured a number of posts that were very critical of Giffords, a Blue Dog Democrat who leans far toward the middle. Giffords’ failure to support Nancy Pelosi for minority leader was viewed as a betrayal by the Kos crowd, leading to repeated use of the word “dead” in relation to Giffords in the 48 hours leading up to the shooting. The critical comments were posted in response to a piece entitled “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!” published on January 6 at the Daily Kos. (The Daily Kos has since “disappeared” the thread, but Hillbuzz has the screen grabs).

Is this thread evidence that the Daily Kos is at fault in the Giffords shooting? Of course not, but blaming Markos Moulitsas for Loughner’s deranged mind makes about as much sense as blaming Sarah Palin. Political discussions are always heated and they always involve heady rhetoric. If anything, American political discourse is more respectful today than it has been since George Washington was president. That doesn’t mean that both sides don’t employ fiery rhetoric in order to appeal to passions and emotions. Both sides do it and we all know it. But any student of history could tell you that today’s political debates are downright gentlemanly compared to those in the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century. The problem now is the same as it has always been: politicians are targets for disenfranchised, delusional crazy people because politicians are public figures. Disenfranchised, delusional crazy people just want to hit back at somebody they believe is “in charge.”

There has been exactly one high-profile political assassination in American history that was influenced by a political party. But for the heated rhetoric and extreme actions championed by a group of Southern Democrats in the middle of the nineteenth century, it’s unlikely that John Wilkes Booth would have been moved to kill the sixteenth president of the United States. With that exception, American political assassins have pretty much met the same profile: loners and losers who blame everything bad that’s happened to them on somebody else and who believe that causing this one high-profile death will change everything. From Charles Guiteau to Lee Harvey Oswald to John Hinkley and beyond, assassins and would-be assassins in this country are always the same sorts of persons. Jared Loughner doesn’t appear to be any different than all the rest. Attempting to pin a political agenda onto his actions is foolish and disingenuous. It’s fear-mongering of the worst kind and both parties – as well as Loughner’s victims – deserve much better.

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  • trickyblain

    Uh, Rich Truzpek?

    So, this submission you wrote is not polemic (or as you eloquently phrased, "political hay")?

    • Jim C.

      Exactly…I'm not sure this place even has an editor, with goofy stuff like this.

      Here's what gets me: This was not a random guy firing into a random crowd. This shooting targeted political figures. And if it happens to strike a nerve, maybe, just maybe it was all that "We have Second Amendment solutions," crosshairs/reload rhetoric, or those reps who love to pose with their guns in their campaign commercials that everyone seems to think is so cute because guns, apparently, are meant to just upset liberal weenies–they're not to be taken seriously. Oh no.

      And Rush, Glenn, and Sarah are "just entertainers." Except when they're not.

      • zsqpwxxeh

        Except there is no reason to believe that Second Amendment speeches, symbols on political maps, or the existence of weapons in Arizona or anywhere else prompted this bloodbath. It was caused by the demented mind of a psychopath. The article describes how liberal Democrats have tried to blame this on conservatives from the very moment the incident was reported.

        Most people are able to see through this ridiculously transparent propaganda spin, which is sure to backfire on them, but apparently not you. That means that you are either an ideologue or an idiot. Which is it?

        • Jim C.

          Huh? Isn't this the site where Islam is to blame for the actions of .0001% of its followers? Since when did you become the sane one?

          Political hay will be made–deal with it!!

      • Bob

        your so right .. especially when they are gifted speakers with a following like never before. Then they make statements directly to inflame their audiences like:

        “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

        “Get in Their Faces!”

        “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

        “Hit Back Twice As Hard”

        “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“

        Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

        “It’s time to Fight for it.”

        “Punish your enemies.”

        “I’m itching for a fight.”

  • crackerjack

    Had Jared's sir name been Garcia-Lopez, the anti-immigrant camp would be exploiting the situation and mongering fear against Lations. Had Jared's sir name been El Hamadei, the anti Islam camp would be exploiting the situation and mongering fear against Muslims.

    Its the American disease, in a society that fens more for the rights of figures like Jared to aquire heavy weaponry than for his right to adequate mental healtcare.

    • G_Man

      Crackerjack, Hey Dumbass, Weapons really have nothing to do with it!!!! The kid was a sick little puke, period…..

      • crackerjack

        Giffords fought for this sick little pukes right to obtain and carry a weapon. A calculated risk she was obviously willing to take. I wonder how she views this topic in hindsight.

        • coyote3

          That is part of the price we pay for a free society. I was once asked how many of my children I would sacrifice, for the civil rights of society, and I replied "all of them." The right to keep and bear arms "is" a fundamental right, you cannot deny that.

    • davarino

      It wouldnt happen if it was shown they were crazy, but if it is a part of the groups agenda, aka jihad, then whats your point

    • tom

      It's "surname" not "sir name." Learn some grammar, you numbskull.

      • kafir4life

        Grammer was one of the shooters pet peeves apparently.

    • tagalog

      I don't think a Glock 9-mm. pistol qualifies as "heavy weaponry."

    • Gordon

      I am not aware of any "group" taking responsibility for this act. I am not aware of any "group" extolling the virtues of this murderer. I am not aware of any "group" offering justification for this person's acts. This person is a nut case. It was well known that he was a nut case. Politics had nothing to do with it.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Which reminds me…
    Who is guilty then for the Islamic monster in US Military Officer's uniform that shouting something about Allah murdered many people and wounded many more?
    Thei item was known to be involved with dangerous elements and was propagating extremist ideas. Nothing was done to prevent his murder spree.

    The criminal that murdered several people and wounded more in Arizona is a suspected mental basket case with inclinations to Nazism and weird form of Socialism whose spree was known to be imminent, yet no one felt inclined to look into the person.

    For the standard observer it appears that the US present administration systems are devoid of ability or will or both to pre empt such disasters.

  • Elizabeth

    The news coverage of this horrible incident was absolutely mind boggling. It went on, non stop for 2 days and was inaccurate many times. For the first 12 to 18 hours they concentrated on one person, the congresswoman, completely ignoring the judge that was killed and the other victims whose lives are every bit as significant as the congresswoman, PROBABLY MORE SO. Then they turned on conservatives as they always do and blamed them for the horror . CNN, MSNBC and Fox were obsessed with the story, and of course had the gaul to get the bereaved on the phone and ask them how they felt, now that their loved ones were murdered. "Tell me, mother of slain little girl, how does it feel to know your child was shot in the chest and lay bloodied on the concrete and now is dead? How does that feel mom?"

    .Lord help us from these mindless news scavengers, these vultures that swoop down and start picking at the carcasses. Where did dignity go? Where did moderation go? Where did respect and responsiblity go? It has been replaced by sensationalism and seedy commentators all dressed up in nice suits and pretty dresses with white teeth and perfect hair. Idiots all!

    • Guest

      Just look at who's running the country now. It's the now-middle-aged pot-smoking, acid-dropping, free-sex, tune-in, turn-on, drop-out, spoiled-rotten 60's Woodstock generation. They came of age sheltered from reality by stupor-inducing drugs. What did you expect?

  • oldwolves

    "Where did dignity go? Where did moderation go? Where did respect and responsiblity go?"
    it went to the jersey shore…. It went to the Osborne family… It went to Housewives…. It's what this culture has demanded for, for the past 50 or so years since 'Drugs ,sex and rock and roll" has become our cultures motto. You should be complaining to those around you in your personal life that crave this idiocy. The news networks are giving the people what they want. Sure, they're feeding the beast but we created it. We're responsible. if you ever watched one of these programs then your part of the problem. If you've complained about them , then your part of the solution.

    • Jim C.

      I'll go there with you…but it isn't just about TV. It isn't just about talk radio. Our media is only a mirror and a tool to sell product. This is about our culture in the large sense of the word. As a European friend put it, "You Americans know your entertainment. But you don't know how to enjoy yourselves." It's a telling remark. The truth hurts.

    • scum

      Equating Jersey Shore with hippy culture is a bit of a stretch dude…cmon

      • oldwolves

        Why? Hippies were self indulgent, self centered losers who thought they were the greatest things in the world! Nah, nothing like the Jersey shore.

    • Questions

      Oh, boy. Another jeremiad from the pied-pipers-of cultural-sewage-did-it school. How exactly does love of rock n' roll make someone kill? About 100 million people in this country are into rock, very few of whom, the last time I checked, are mass murderers. Thousands of years of history shows you don't need "cultural pollution" to kill.

  • zola

    I think one lesson of this is that we have to force some of our citizens to take anti-psychotic drugs. I know its a huge infringement of civil rights to make people take chemicals into their bodies, but look at the alternative, as played out in Tucson.
    Also, politics does create assassins sometimes. A friend of mine joked about assassinating Obama, for instance, and I did not like the statement, even as a joke. But Jared Loughner doesn't fit any political profile that I can figure out – he is mainly insane – a person who deteriorated from being fairly normal.
    I myself am considered to be mentally ill by my parents. In fact, my mother told me I was just as crazy as Jared. Thats because I believe that I'm both famous and notorious, and that I've been targeted by a Mafia that uses behavioral drugs on people.
    I certainly don't want anti-psychotic drugs pushed down my throat, but I do believe thats what might have saved that nine year old girl, and the judge, and Gabrielle's brain, and the woman engaged to be married and the others. Every principle, including individual freedom, has to be contradicted sometimes

  • ezra

    Rich I have to disagree. The shooting was cause by both right-wing and left-wing rhetoric, with a little news coverage stirring the pot.

    Maybe the rhetoric has not gotten worst over the past 60 years, but seems like it. Or it maybe just the news media making it look that way!

    • zsqpwxxeh

      The shooting was caused by the lunatic who pulled the trigger. The fact that politicians and commentators denounce each other is irrelevant. Political rhetoric is no better or worse than at any point in the nation's history. Our time differs only in the propagandizing and "spin" from an establishment mass media controlled by the Left.

  • oldwolves

    How does rhetoric cause shootings? I thought it was ideology… yesterday I said to the wife ,"I could murder for a burger right now…" Perhaps I should turn myself in right now. Sheesh.

    • stephencuz

      Goldberg pointed out last night that it could just as easily been a red balloon or a recipe on a Betty Crocker cake box that set this nut off. His actions have absolutely nothing to do with any real issue. He was/is detached from reality. For us to even consider legitimizing infringement of our rights or curtailment for the sake of maybe preventing such a horror is ridiculous. Also, years ago a person could be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. The legal requirements today are daunting and that is why many folks like this madman are walking the streets still.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Look, there are a lot of nuts out there waiting to either explode or remain silent. To blame their behavoir on politics is wrong – they would explode because they have to in their condition. When people use politics to explain these tragedies they are part of the problem.

    • Jim C.

      The shooting wasn't random. He shot political figures.

  • kafir4life

    Gifford voted against Nancy Pelosi for minority leader. Perhaps they shoudl check her cell phone and bank records. Nanc isn't one to take being dissed lightly.

    • scum

      real cute

      • coyote3

        It makes as much sense as trying to blame a murder on someone's "rhetoric."

      • kafir4life

        You don't like Nancy either?

  • noname

    The liberals are scared to death of the TEA party and will do anything to discredit it. What if the real target was the judge. Now our communist president can nominate another federal judge. What hurts me is this is a terrible tragedy affecting our Nation. The liberals are showing their lack of ethics.

    • Jim C.

      Right. The liberals. Always the liberals. Ding dong.

  • Wesley69

    First off, my condolences to the victim's families, to those, including Rep Gifford, who are being hospitalized. A pray for a speedy recovery.

    Second, BOTH Left and Right need to repudiate violence in politics, and BOTH sides need to realize they have their own WACKOS. What we say, any of us, sometimes has consequences we do not intend. I do not think for a second, Sarah Palin's targeting of political was meant in a literal fashion. But, we still have to be careful. There are weak minds, as illustrated by this suspect of the tinfoil hat persusation, out there that are easily influenced.

    Third, it was this individual who took it upon himself to pull the trigger. Jerod Laughner, ALONE, is responsible for his actions. No one on the Right or the Left condones his action. He will have his day in court. He is innocent until proven guilty. That is how the system works. But Laughner will be on trial, NOT SARAH PALIN, NOT THE TEA PARTY, NOT GLEN BECK!

    Fourth, we must not overreact to this tragic event. THIS IS NOT A CRISIS. NOR IS IT THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. But there are those who would make it such. Immediately, we hear some on the Left calling for gun control. In answer to that, we say again, people kill people. If law abiding citizens turned in their guns, criminals would not. Law abiding citizens would be at their mercy. Let us agree on this, both Left and Right have their wacko fringes.

    Fifth, those seeking to make political points on the deaths of these individuals and on Rep Gifford, are despicable. Rather than FINGER POINTING, maybe we do need to calm out political rhetoric and imagery. THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE CEASE DEBATE. On the contrary, one side must not even think of using this occasion to shut down their opponents.

    • Jim C.

      You make perfect sense, but I would point out that it is always the Right whose wackos make a point of "revolutionary" rhetoric, militia poses, and generally fetishize their firearms. That's a fact and you know it. The Left hasn't been that whacked out militia-style since the early 70s.

      As you may know, there was a huge run on guns and ammo after Obama was elected. Don't think that was the liberals. I am all for second amendment rights, always have been. But in my opinion, none of the people who thought stockpiling was a good idea–at that particular point in time–are intelligent enough to own firearms. That was a bunch of our nation's dumbest, unAmerican to the bone, and dangerous.

      • zsqpwxxeh

        Awww, Jimmy doesn't like guns. If only we could repeal that ridiculous Constitutional Amendment, there wouldn't be political assassinations. And only non-violence and happy talk would be heard on television and the internet. And there would be no right wing vitriol in politics. And there would be health care for all. And visas. And…

        • Jim C.

          Actually, Jimmy does like guns. But it's true that only non-violence and happy talk in the media, no right wing vitriol, and health care for all would definitely, absolutely make this country a better place.

          • coyote3

            By whose definition is it "better", pendejo

      • Wesley69

        Lunacy knows no particularly political party. It comes in all races and colors. From what is now known, the killer was a loon, a registered independent, who had some sort of grudge against Rep. Gifford.

        It was not as Sheriff Dupnik said right wing, political, vitriol rhetoric. He made this statement without a shred of evidence. So it was not are not right wing vitriol rhetoric, the rhetoric came from the LEFT. Leftist opportunists decided to use this tragedy to smear the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck. That is not respectable politics, rather it is despicable. Now, that I have shown my hand, let me proceed.

        The number of Liberals for the death or assassination of George Bush comes to mind. I recall a TV movie made about it. During Bush's 8 years, you want to debate about vitriol rhetoric? Obama is the darling of the Media. When, save Fox News, has he been roundly criticized. Sarah Palin has been dragged through the mud since she was the Vice Presidential candidate in 2008. Liberals have been insane in their hatred of her. Liberals blame her rhetoric for the state of this country today. Let me provide you with some quotes that I have read.

        About ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
        To Supporters: “Hit Back Twice As Hard”
        About the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“
        To voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”
        To supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”
        To Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.”
        To democrats: “I’m itching for a fight.”

        All said by President Obama, NOT SARAH PALIN, NOT THE TEA PARTY, NOT GLENN BECK. Is this peaceful speech, by the head executive?

        So don't give me that holier than thou attitude. The hatred is on both sides. This is not good. Right now we should unite in mourning those lost

  • mojoron

    Many of you people are not readers of history and if you were you would know that steamy rhetoric is part and parcel of politics. You should only go back as far as Tricky Dick to see how bad the human tongue can express itself. Truman was totally lambasted with thousands of death threats after firing that ego-maniac Macarther who was awol during the Chinese invasion of Korea. There is enough blame to go around for both parties, but in this case the attempted murder of a congresswoman by a deranged individual who at the very least is an anarchist and nothing more.

    • Fred Dawes

      you are right

  • Rob

    The left reveals its mental illness and naivety by saying some psycho would behave if politicians would be nice. Notice the pattern here.

    1. They think acting hurt is the way to compel others into giving them sympathy.
    2. When that failed (to make them feel better), they felt powerless.
    3. They immediately resorted to toxic blame-shifting, manufacturing anger to obtain a sense of power.

    This is characteristic behavior of people from abusive families.

    • Jim C.

      Words have consequences. That's the part you don't get. And there's a reason why you don't get it. Because the Right's leaders (hint: not your elected ones) use terms like "communist," "socialist," "leftist," "usurper" as if they have no meaning–and then they hide behind their guise as "entertainers" when called out. Look at Palin's people, now, lamely trying to backtrack on their famous "crosshairs"–"never had anything to do with guns!" Sure–except for all those pesky public statements Palin made, because you guys think that stuff is cute. All in fun, right?

      • zsqpwxxeh

        Jim, you're quite a piece of work yourself. Have you any idea of the invective/hate/threats directed against the "Right's Leaders"? I rather think you do. But you're blind to your own side's nastiness, which is many times worse than anything emanating from conservatives.

        The people are waking up to the Left's tactics. Go back to Kos.

        • Jim C.

          Sorry–you guys OWN this sick puppy! Nice try though. You gonna give the "Obama's violent rhetoric" a shot, too? I hope so!

          Who knows, maybe your side will find a civil bone in your body after this, somewhere. But judging from what I see around the internet–y'all are gonna blow this one, big time.

        • Jim C.

          The nastiness to the "Right's Leaders" comes from anonymous pinheads. But the nastiness coming from the Right, as I clearly pointed out, comes from your leaders.

          Therein lies the difference. And don't try to tell me Michael Moore or Keith Olberman are the equivalent of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. It's not even close.

          • coyote3

            No they are dangerous, period. However, for the most part, it is their right to do what they do. Obama has used violent rhetoric. He has told people about their "enemies". He has spoken about bring a gun to a knife fight. (Don't know how he could bring a "gun", much too heavy, and towed/self propelled), but nonetheless his "rhetoric" is there. No, the public has it, the liberals "own" this one. I hope they keep it up, tee hee.

          • coyote3

            Meant to read Michael Moore, and Keith Olberman are dangerous period.

        • scum

          Not quite. Democrats in Arizona have received death threats via post and via email that were investigated by the feds. One had a sewer cover thrown through the window. Jim's point is that words have consequences. Fair point in my book.

      • IreneAdler

        How about the movie, made while G.W. Bush was president, of his assassination? Do you not think that might have inspired some nutjob to actually commit the act? Probably not, as it was hailed by the idiotic movie critics.

        How about Obama telling supporters to get in people's faces, or his telling his people to bring guns to a knife fight? What about declaring Republicans to be enemies, for God's sake?

        Did those words have meaning? Every time I go to the Huff Post or the Daily Kos I read threats by libs. I had two women threaten my life on a forum once because (I kid you not) I dared opine that women should cover their breasts if breastfeeding in public.

        I suppose none of these count because they're leftists speaking, huh? Typical hypocritical lib.

        • Jim C.

          I encourage you to use those examples constantly and publically. "Obama's violent rhetoric!" Knock yourself out, Irene! preferably in print and in front of cameras!

          • IreneAdler

            So what you're saying, Jim, is that if I mention Obama's violent rhetoric in public, he will use the power of his position to make that violence a reality?
            Do I have that right? Are you telling me that he will follow up his violent words with violent actions against a United States citizen?

            You are saying, then, that your Fearless Leader is a tyrannical despot? Thanks for the warning, though we already knew it.

        • scum

          Seems to me it was the Tea Party packing at the Obama speech some time ago, not the Left. One only had to watch the comedy of the so-called 'Debate' for the Republican Chairman position. Quite comical, especially the question: "How many guns do you own?" Not, do you support 2nd amendment rights, or 'Do you own a gun?' And the answers by the candidates were equally revealing, and downright laughable….Dig it….

      • Rob

        Ah yes, the infamous Sarah Palin political map bearing crosshairs. It wouldn't convince anyone that republicans are a militant coup or dangerous, but you're determined to find such a suggestable person to make your victim, and therefore you possess a strong need for such non-evidence. That way, you can verify whether your target thinks for himself without revealing your malicious intentions.

        Your excited slander is all too revealing of your sadistic personality.

        • scum

          Not true. Palin has not only used the crosshairs, but has aggressively promoted the gun metaphor and championed gun rights. No doubt. Is she entirely responsible for the slaughter? Obviously not.

  • Kazooskibum

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the ACLU. Therefore, according to the logic of the Democrats, the ACLU was responsible for the death of JFK.

    • scum

      Cute, Bozo

  • Tanstaafl

    When your internal fantasies replace the external reality – Wait! Am I talking about leftists as well?

  • USMCSniper

    Liberals think it is high art to make a movie about the assassination of a sitting president, George W. Bush and then show it in countries around the world, but Marxist left wing psycho loser nutcase goes on a killing binge, it is omehow Sarah palin's fault.

    • scum

      Nice try at deflection Snipe. It'll take more than that to go away. Palin's cringing right now.

  • tagalog

    Is it really true that the shooter asked Ms. Giffords "what is the meaning of government when words have no meaning?" Was he a student of deconstruction or just a nut?

    This guy's statements are a sad commentary on why some people today might actually feel that way. "Conscience dreaming" indeed. The guy lacked the ability to express himself in any worthwhile way. No wonder he was reduced to action.

    • Seek

      I read Jared Loughner's Deep Thoughts. Truth to tell, I could find no evidence of a logical train of thought. He is, simply, a delusional nerd lacking in basic grammatical and people skills. His politics, an inchoate smattering of Ron Paul, George Orwell, and Karl Marx, is secondary. Tens of millions of Americans, Right or Left, hold strong political opinions. They don't go out and shoot their congressman, a federal judge or anyone else.

    • scum

      Funny academic reference. Clearly Loughner was a nutbag, perhaps melding left/right politics in a curious way that won't be digestible on our political spectrum.

  • Barbaracvm

    Some time in the 1960's people who were mentally unbalanced were institutionalized for their own safety and those around them.
    Along came the bleeding heart politically correct who demanded they had a right to their personal freedoms. So these people were kicked out of the various institutions and the home less people appeared.
    Granted some of the institutions were not nice to the people but is living on the streets nice? Cold, hungry, needing medicines is a miserable way to try and survive.
    These people do not function well enough to hold down a job, therefore do not have the money for medicines that would help them. So they are on the streets.
    We forcefully gave them rights but a person who is mentally unstable does not make good decisions. They can not understand they need help. So they spiral downward into not being able to care for themselves.
    Those on medicines know they walk a fine line. Take them off their meds and they too will be on the streets. They have to be monitored. Family and doctors work to keep them functioning.

    • trickyblain

      That was largely a result of the right's hero, Ronald Reagan. Didn't happen in the 60's – it was in the early 1980's…

      • Patrick Henry

        Wrong. The ACLU won a lawsuit around 1983 during Reagan's presidency, but not because of his policies.

        Most of these homicidal monsters have been identified during their years in school. Special education classes have their fair share of ED (emotionally disturbed) kids who manifest bizarre behavior years before they become dangerous, to themselves or others. Perhaps there could be an incentive (free meds and a weekly doctor's visit) to keep these people from disappearing into society where they're confronted with their dysfunction, no longer surrounded by a structured environment, only to reemerge later.

        What cannot happen is for "paranoid" people to be forceably medicated. Who determines if you're paranoid? What criteria would be used? Belief in a New World Order conspiracy? Belief in an omnipotent God who cannot be seen or heard, except you know He's out there doing things for you? Do you see that we could lose a great deal of freedom in exchange for an immeasurable bit of safety?

      • coyote3

        Bravo sierra. They used to keep them in local jail before transport. This was in the early 1970s. Saw a lot of them, when picking up/dropping off mojados. By the late 1970s, they weren't going through the system anymore.

      • IreneAdler

        Sorry, tricky, but laws were written in the 1960's, and the institutions started emptying on a large scale in the 1970's. You could have looked up the facts before replying, but libs never let facts get in the way of their smarmy opinions.

    • Fred Dawes

      thank you for the fact's

  • Linda

    You all are missing the point ; Jarred is an example of millions of kids out there with NO direction. They are brainwashed by the Left to believe there is no absolute truth, no God, do what feels good to you, homosexuality in normal, to HATE ALL CHRISTIANS ; Christians meaning God fearing, Jesus Believing, Bible Believing Christians ; these children are brainwashed into violence by playing these stupid VIOLENT video,Gameboy,XBox crap. If he and many others like him saw the 10 Commandments hanging on the school walls everyday he would have seen "THOU SHALT NOT KILL"

    • tagalog

      I both teach and have worked for a substantial period of time in the past (8 years) with the mentally ill (on a full-time job). I also have an undergraduate degree in psychology. What makes you think I'm not praying for the shooter, or that I'm unaware of how our children and youth are being taught?

      I worked with the mentally ill during the period when the ACLU and others were "deinstitutionalizing" the mentally ill, back at the time of what I think was the Donaldson case. What a travesty that was! I have never forgotten the burden of having to deal with those who have some power but who know nothing about that which they wish to exercise power over.

    • Questions

      It's hard to keep tabs on the number of absurd statements in this post. By your logic, we should have seen millions of video-playing kids (and adults) in this country going on killing sprees. Name me one "Leftist" video game, or for that matter, any video game with a political agenda. And since when has the Right been immune to committing violence? Plenty of Christian play video games, by the way. And Moses led a pretty robust army — and used to devastating effect.

      Jared Loughner wasn't taught to "hate" Christians by the entertainment industry. His primitive hatred was all to familiar to those who study sociopaths.

  • Linda

    @ Tagalong, if you knew what they are realy teaching in the schools today, especialy in the colleges, you would homeschool every child until we get our country back. As tragic as this shooting is, it is so unfortunate that no-one is praying for Jarred. Being mentaly twisted is not a desired choice. Hurting people hurt people ; and in a society that is wrapped-up in themselves and has been taught that the abnormal is now normal, he was most likley ignored and left to his own devices. If we want to "blame" anyone, blame those who worked so hard to rearrange the family dynamic, removed God and encourages violence. Our own president./dictator is out for personal glory, not working for the good of the people. Scarry as it may seem, Jarred is correct in his comments regarding our Currency; it is worthless and your schools are leaving children illiterate. Don't be so quick to judge until you have done the research & have all the facts. This boy had some of the facts and was clearly overwhelmed. The truth is we have a generation of Jarreds out there waiting to go off.

    • Seek

      Sorry, Linda, but I don't feel like "praying" for a predator like Jared. Whether or not he has his come-to-Jesus moment is immaterial. He's a loathsome sociopath with nary an ounce of remorse for his deeds. He deserves no prayers. The fact that many people share what passes for his views (he has no real train of thought) doesn't legitimize this horror any more than it does the holocaust unleashed in 1995 by Timothy McVeigh.

      I will pray for Jared Loughner's victims, however.

    • Fred Dawes

      the schools are political and the teaching is about the evil of the USA And the blame is always on the evil people, so what don't people get when our educators, tell kids that a nation of the people is evil? welcome to the new Germany of 1933.

  • oldwolves

    Not for nothing…. but it irks the heck out of me that people say Both the RIGHT and the LEFT rhetoric are to blame for these sorts of things. And I'm not saying that the right isn't guilty of this ONCE IN A WHILE. But to compare them and make it sound as if both are EQUALLY guilty of this is just pure B.S.! It's the mantra of political correctness to ease the pain of the truth by sharing the blame equally. But when you white wash over the balance of who says what it gives the left an easy out. They'll show one right wing nut and claim both sides do it. We show 50 left wing nuts and we're told we're exaggerating and hateful! I'm tired of being civil to people who aren't civil to me. The left lies and we let them get away with it…trying to be civil. The left needs to be B**ch slapped! They need to be stood up to or it never ends. Blaming everyone equally only guarantees they will continue their lies.

    • Fred Dawes

      don't blame the right or left people did the work, its the people who would not listen to facts.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    The laws preventing of the commitment of the mentally ill are what are to blame here and I believe those laws were passed by bleeding heart Democrats. See

    • Fred Dawes

      the left closed that many years ago to save money.

  • DrBukk

    IMHO Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist assassin motivated by political views, if you associate democrats with communism as I do. He traveled to USSR.

  • 080

    Everyone should relax. I heard the most reverend Al Sharpton expressing his concern abou talk radio. What more rational and non-violent voice of reason could represent the position of the left?t

    • scum

      No more so than Bill O'Relly on the Right, or Rush Windbag, or Ann Coulter, or Sean Hannity…shall I go on?

      • coyote3

        Gee, I don't recall either of those moderate to left commentators, getting themselves mixed up with someone who falsely reported a felony and got a civil judgment against them for it.

        • scum

          I guess you haven't heard Glenn Beck scream at callers on his radio show. Pity. Or the calm Tucker Carlson call for the execution of Michael Vick, or Rush working the crowd at fever pitch. Pay attention.

          • coyote3

            My dear untermenchen. Screaming for execution, etc., is not illegal. I don't think Vick's crime was a death penalty case, but if you think you can secure that kind of a conviction, so be it. That is not the same as encouraging a crime, or not even a civil tort, for which he was found liable. Please try to keep up.

    • Fred Dawes

      The attack started on talk Radio weeks ago, with savage being placed on the 12am to 3 am here in san diego for political reasons.
      In the coming weeks you will see many talk show people just disappear, we our not going to live in a police state we all our in a police state RIGHT NOW!
      Many just don't know it yet but soon all people will understand that fact.

      Have fun in the new USSR Being ran by Red China and the little rats like obama, soon the camp will be full.

      • scum

        Savage is an idiot, dude. Couldn't find a fact if it hit him in the face. He conjures up hilarious conspiracies that make good radio, and that's it. Forget Savage.

  • Michael Canzano

    Mark Twain …"Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."

  • scum

    Well, we all knew that FPM would work to spin the tragedy to their benefit, in the same way that the Gulf Oil spill elicited remarkably little concern here, while Obama's response was vilified. Rick's article warns us against quick judgment, even though that's what they wanted immediately following the Ft. Hood tragedy.

  • Fred Dawes

    from all we know this guy Loughner is a total Leftist and hated the judge Roll for his ideals and hated laws against people who love the ideals of freedom. The left will use this sad attack to do more evil against normal people. keep your eyes opened Obama will make his evil move on all freedom loving people soon.

    • Questions

      Whether or not Jared Loughner was a "Leftist" is secondary. Most Leftists don't pick up a gun to express their views any more than most Rightists do. For the record, Loughner was a semi-literate schizo with primitive Ron Paul-style libertarian leanings. You're doing exactly what the worst of the Left is doing — recklessly using a criminal event for political gain.

      • Guest

        "You're doing exactly what the worst of the Left is doing — recklessly using a criminal event for political gain."

        Political gain? No, not even close. it's self-defense against unfounded, irresponsible revolutionary rhetoric from radical ideologues who want to "fundamentally transform America."

      • Fred Dawes

        you and many others will make great camp guards, hitler was a leftist

  • Vivi Andersen

    Next to do :

    listen to the muslims and read the islamic texts – there You will find poisonous talks !

    How can it be that they can carry on with that ?

  • pat

    This guy's You tube and related communications are pure Chomsky, a hard left linguist/,crackpot. That is the belief that grammar creates reality and the limits of perception. It also coincides with the utilization of similar sounding word (currency versus current) to communicate unrelated third ideas. It all goes hand in hand with the leftist belief that language can be molded to create a reality system that is politically motivated.
    Ironically, that is exactly what the left is doing in characterizing all conservative ideas as hate speech. thus removing conservative ideas as acceptable discourse.
    In summation, i suspect this fellow was influenced by the hard left. Not subliminal scope targeting.

  • Amused

    LOL….and the pundits can rest their case ……you're all proof ! Dont blame the conservatives ! It was the lefties again …hahahahahaha ……'re a reeeeaaaal genius Pat .lol…..and Fred . Two geniuses by jove ! With two bit words no less .

    Well you know it was only a matter of time before this came up . Pathetic politics 101 .

    • coyote3

      Please tell me what statute was violated by conservatives or liberals for that matter to "cause" this crime. If you need a definition of causation, I can provide you with one, because it may not be what you think it is.

      • Amused

        it went right over your head coyote3 .

  • PAthena

    Loughren was mentally ill and should have been in a mental institution. Unfortunately, the public mental institutions have been closed down, with the argument that it is cheaper to treat the mentally ill in jails. I believe that Rikers, the jail of New York City, has the largest number of mentally ill of any institution,
    It is ridiculous to claim that Loghren's shooting spree had a political motive, since most of the dead and wounded had no connection to politics.

  • Jim

    The hard working sherriff probably does not have enough time to expand his knowledge about all that goes on in America. He seems to have restricted his information sources to the CBS evening news. What he said parrots what the evening news says. The public should give the lawman some time off to connect with the rest of America. Perhaps a lot of time. Calling free political disagreement with the powers that be hate speech means he an inadequate knowledge of public debate and free speech.
    Because some people say it is hate speech does not make it so. What he should worry about is freedom of speech.

  • Amused

    the Right always accuses their opponents of what the Right is guilty of .They are out to demonize good Amewricans -again….how do they do it …lololol…….yadda.yadda,yadda , …let the games begin!!