America’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Legislate, Don’t Regulate

The Obama administration represents something of a nadir in American history. In an increasingly complex world, Congress long-ago recognized that legislation (laws duly authorized by that body) could not possibly keep up with the pace of developments in the real world. Accordingly, Congress created regulatory bodies, like the IRS, OSHA and EPA, that were granted “limited” authority to impose Congress’ will. The means to do that, granted to these regulatory bodies, was the delegated authority to pass regulations, which – Congress assumed – would be consistent with their initial intent.

The difference between regulatory authority and legislative will is profound. The Obama administration has used the former to undermine the latter more than any other administration in history. The president’s many “czars” have used the existing, complex regulatory framework and the extensive bureaucratic structures that previous administrations have built to impose the president’s will without having to deal with annoying debates in the press or in Congress. Both the House and the Senate should demand much more of this administration. If Barack Obama wants to fundamentally change the course of the nation, his decisions should stand up to the light of day and earn the votes of the majority of our representatives, rather than hiding under the cloaks of obscure and largely misunderstood regulatory agencies.

Remember Our Actual Allies

We’ve tried the experiment. Venezuela is not going to be our friend. Iran isn’t going to curtail its nuclear program, no matter who America bows to. Unless the west declares its willingness to submit to Sharia law, there is no reason to believe that the fundamentalist wing of the Muslim world – and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the hard-core wing doesn’t matter – doesn’t care\ about what we infidels think.  We’re used to thinking about religious issues in compromising terms.

That’s not the way it works in the fundamentalist Muslim world boys and girls, and the fundamentalist, Muslim world encompasses a much more dangerous universe than you could possibly imagine. We in the west have some very tough and dangerous choices to make. You don’t want to believe that you must – and thus have had a tremendously difficult time – facing that unfortunate reality. The world is changing and, whether we like it or not, everyone of us must decide whether we will or will not change with it.

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  • jacob

    One very important decision to be ENFORCED is the bringing back the jobs
    exported by American companies doing business here…

    Another New Year's resolution should be RECREATING THE JOBS lost by
    the dissappearance of the MADE IN USA tag, nowadays as scarce as hen's
    teeth, because we ourselves allowed for EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING to

    And finally, that is spite of OBAMA and his DOJ's sidekick, the MUSLIMS
    in our midst must be red the RIOT ACT, for them to understand that all
    rethorics aside, it is either OUR WAY or the HIGHWAY…
    They've been taking us for pansies long enough….

    I wonder what the UNIONS said about it at the time and even now, as I haven't
    learned of any other voice in this regard but yours truly…

  • Chris

    Absolutely true and we citizens must hold our newly elected representatives and senators to these commitments, made during their campaigns. Some RINOs slipped in under the radar, but their run will be short. The changes we need to made are going to hurt some, and some will have to get off their butts and support themselves, but we have only one other option and that is to fold. Americans are fighters and we need to show our "true grit" in this dangerous time. My worry is that younger Americans are not up to the challenge because they've never had to be.

  • okrahead

    President Obama has published his own New Year's resolution list, it's very different from this one, read it here…