Born in the USA

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It took three years, a host of speculation, and Donald Trump’s rise to the political national stage before the White House finally decided to release a copy of President Obama’s full “Certificate of Live Birth,” issued by the state of Hawaii in 1961. The president claimed that he released the document so the nation could concentrate on more important issues. But that line of reasoning doesn’t ring completely true. Indeed, have there not been numerous more important issues facing the nation over the last three years as this controversy has dragged on and on? The timing of the release, upon closer observation, suggests something quite different: as the White House gears up for the 2012 election, and as the birth certificate issue has gravitated into the mainstream, the Obama administration calculated that it had reaped most of the political benefits of fueling the conspiracy theory through inaction. In just one press conference, President Obama traded in an increasing appearance of deception on the birth certificate issue, which Donald Trump brought into the mainstream dialogue from out of the fringe, for a well-placed and far-reaching “gotcha” moment.

It was clearly Trump who forced the administration’s hand, which has led many to speculate that Obama and his team allowed this question to fester for so long precisely because they planned to answer the question only when the timing was right. That is, (a) to make the administration’s opponents look as witless as possible, and (b) to deflect any further potentially legitimate questions about the many concealed aspects of the president’s personal history. But one thing is certain: the “long form” birth certificate confirmed the baseline facts that were contained in the “short form” certification of live birth that the Obama campaign released in 2008. The administration has thus silenced those who questioned the president’s reluctance to release the full birth certificate and also discredited those who insisted that Obama was not born in the United States soil and is therefore ineligible to hold the office of president of the United States.

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  • Amused

    THAT is the bone of contention that's stuck in your throats , and that now you are all choking on .You whined and screamed to have him release what has already been established , you built a thousand conspiracies , countless lies , insults and innuendo around it .Made veiled threats concerning it .And now that you have had your noses pushed down into that which you whined and squealed so loudly for , yet another coinspiracy hatched from the brains of your idiot idealogues . Well choke on it , because I enjoy listening to your pathetic rants ., watching the desperate attempts to cling to your lies , hands slipping ever more .Embarrassing yourselves and the Republican Party EUNUCHS , who hadn't the cahones to put you idiots in your place , for fear of losing votes …lol…Obama actually done them a favor ..But they, like you , and all the rest of "the birther nation " morons ,lack the intellectual courage and integrity to admit when you're wrong , admit that you have been party to a lie and helped propagate that lie , thus you brand yourselves and the Republican Party FOOLS and LIARS .

  • Audacity17

    I have zero intention of voting for Trump. I said he messed up your messiah's timeline. If Barrack had this thing lying around for the last 3 years, why didn't he release it? He claimed when he put out the short form COLB that Hawaii doesn't allow long forms out…so where did this come from?? If you want real info on what it means to be a Natural Born Citizen, go back and read these archives.

  • GKC

    don't forget the fat cats.

  • beckncall

    Watch the left hand folks. While we are looking at this stupid birth certificate he is harming us with other more important issues via his CZARS and executive orders, watch him.

  • Amused

    Racist paranoia at its worst .Phony patriots .

  • suprkufrB

    My Dear Friends of the Right:
    GET OVER IT! Yes, he sucked in many of the weaker bretheren to spring his trap. That's typical of him. My question is why on earth did so many of us take the bait? By continuing to flog this dead horse we're making ourselves look ridiculous in the eyes the electorate at exactly the wrong moment in history; we're identifying conservatism with walking cartoons like Trump and Breitbart, from whom we urgently need to distance ourselves post haste if we're truly serious about winning back America.
    I find it discouraging that so many of my rightist yoke-fellows fell for such an elementary ruse. Yes, of course Barak Hussein is a moslem, but no one will ever find the fact written down anywhere. Taxonomically, I rate the soldiers of the great paedophile somewhere between rodents and bats, but I'm ever mindful of how surprisingly cunning such creatures can be. Does anyone seriously believe that the mosque rats are so stupid as to spend decades grooming their manchurian candidate
    while at the same time leaving him open to early disqualification via some elementary credential challenge?
    We must know our enemy!

  • Amused

    When 2012 election time commes you fools will still be trying to find a reason for impeachement , none found you will then resort to Lies . You will never find any proof that Obama's a muslim , because ….there is none ….and that is because , although a black man , he's a christian , just like most of you purport to be . Anyone listening to what his Easter breakfast statement contained would immediately realize that those words proclaiming Christ as Savior and redeemer of the world , through His Propitiation of all mens sins on the cross , could never leave the lips of a muslim .But the idiots gloss over this GLARING FACT , which absolutely contradicts any phony accusations that Obama is muslim . So discarding truth and reality , you morons will continue on your path , just like suprkufB so facetiously states . In other words says he : stop with the foolishmess , although I knopw you have good reason , [my words will encourage you ] lol…but stop acting like igiots loesrt we will give the world the impression we are idiots…when in reality that is just what we are ….good show suprkufrB .

  • Amused

    YOU FOOLS have ALREADT WRECKED the Republican Party , which lacks the courage [for fear of losing your meaningless votes] to stand up to your vocal screeching and LIES .All your possible candidates have already stamped themselves with the brandmark of idiots , for remaining silent in the face of a lie or even affirming it in subtle or not so subtle lies . Now your only hope will be Romney , but most of the phony christian right will find a Mormon unacceptable regardless of the fact that Romney is the only one of all your posssible candidates that possess a functioning normal brain . Good luck with that .

  • kafir4life

    Obama responds real well to the demands of reality show hosts. Maybe Snookie can find out if he really quit smoking.

  • kafir4life

    Seriously……How about we concentrate on the FACT that this obamanation in the white house (nothing to do with color, idiot libs) has to be removed in the 2012 elections. It can be done with education and forcing barry to run on his record. He didn't run against Bush in 2008, but he got his minions to believe he was. He can't be allowed to campaign against GW Bush.

  • Teleologicus

    That Mr. Obama's strange delay in providing a simple document to settle an important question is the result of Machiavellian scheming designed to make skeptics look foolish is questionable on at least two grounds.

    In the first place, the Democrat-media narrative notwithstanding, there is nothing foolish about asking for more information. If anybody is foolish it is those prepared to believe something on insufficient grounds. Dogmatic certitude is seldom warranted. It indicates a closed mind.

    In the second place, the political opportunism hypothesis, besides positing an even more depraved character than many of Mr. Obama's critics are prepared to assign to him, is complex. It requires a number of assumptions to make it work. It is not the simplest explanation for Mr. Obama's remarkable resistance to the release of a common document. It violates the Principle of Parsimony. Entiae non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.

    The simplest explanation for Mr. Obama's unexplained procrastination in providing the document is that he did not want to make the document public and only did so after rising public attention and pressure aroused by Donald Trump left him no choice. It seems highly unlikely that without such pressure he would ever have let Americans see the document. He relented at the last minute because he had to, not because he wanted to. He did not want to make the document public and did everything in his power to avoid doing so.


    Logic suggests that there is something in, on, or about this grudgingly extracted document that Mr. Obama regards as potentially damaging to himself. That is the only plausible reason to explain withholding it as long as he did – if the most parsimonious explanation above is correct.

    If we assume that the reason it took so long for him to provide the document is because he did not want to make it available, there must be a reason that he did not want to make it available. There must be something about the document that made him afraid for it to become public.

    What might that be?

    I have no idea. But this is where I would begin to look to unravel the mystery if I were inclined to pursue it. I would ask myself what there could possibly be in, on, or about this document that would make Mr. Obama afraid to let the American people see it.

    Just a theory. It may well be wrong. But there is no theory one can imagine to explain Mr. Obama's delay in this matter that does him credit. All reflect poorly upon him. All strongly suggest a profound lack of personal integrity and a disregard bordering upon contempt for the common good.

    Regardless of specifics, Mr. Obama's behavior in this matter has been inexcusable – indeed, it has been abominable. Such behavior is utterly incompatible with the values and perspective Americans are entitled to expect and should indeed demand from the president of the United States.

    • Steeloak

      The problem with your argument is that the BC has finally been released and there is nothing untoward on it. Unless there is some innocuous piece of info on it that only Obama is embarrassed about, or the document released is a forgery, there is no obvious reason for him to have not released it from 2008 until now. I believed as you do, right up until it was released. Now the only explanation left to me is that was an Alinskyite plan to discredit his opponents from the beginning.

      • Teleologicus

        The simplest explanation for the incredible delay in providing a commonplace document is that Mr. Obama did not want to release it and only did so when he felt he had no choice. The simplest explanation for why he did not want to release it is that he believed it to contain something damaging to him.

        Yet to the untrained and uninformed eye, e.g.. mine, the document released several days ago contains nothing incriminating. Is the most parsimonious hypothesis thereby refuted? Perhaps. But not, I think, just yet. Let us not be in a great haste. We have only had the document for about 48 hours.

        I gather from news reports that no one has been able to prove to general satisfaction that it is a forgery. I am not sure exactly what the term forgery means in this context. Presumably it refers to the alteration of an existing document that is authentic, or to the fabrication of a document that is itself inauthentic. Verification of authenticity is a technical matter for experts. We can be reasonably confident that if anything is amiss it will be detected. The latter is a plausible but not definitive argument for authenticity: to provide a forged document at such a point would be extraordinarily risky to those doing so, since if it were to be found out, the house would be brought down at once. Only the possibility of a still greater risk, one amounting to certain ruin if not evaded, could justify the attempt to pass off a forgery under existing circumstances. While this is possible, it is also speculative and complex. It violates the principle of parsimony.

        Let us assume that the new document is authentic in every sense of the term. The point of interest is then solely the information provided that was previously unavailable or unconfirmed. This is where I would look for a clue. What might there be about such information that could make Mr. Obama to want to keep it secret? How might it be harmful to him?

        Perhaps not at all. Maybe the devious and cunning plot theory is right, that it was all a carefully laid snare to embarrass critics. My only objections to this theory are that it is complex and that it seems to me to assume that it is skeptics and not Mr. Obama who should be embarrassed by his failure to respond to questions and doubts sooner. Or maybe there is some other reason he refused to make the supposedly exculpatory document available years ago, when questions first arose. It is all guesswork at this point.

        I happen to be strongly invested in the principle of parsimony, so I am going to hold on to the simplest theory a while longer, just in case. I am not quite ready to throw in the towel yet. Soon, perhaps – but not quite yet.

        The principle of parsimony tells us that the reason Mr. Obama took so long to provide the document is that he did not want to provide it and that he most likely would never have done so had he not been forced into disclosure by rising public attention and doubts. And it further suggests that the reason he did not want to provide it is that he believed to do so could be damaging to him. We do not yet see how or whether the latter could be the case – but it would premature to jump to conclusions about this after only a few days.

        Time will tell.

  • alexander

    This makes it clear he is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as his father was a Kenyan and Obama Senior never even intended to become an American citizen which would have qualified his son as Natural Born.
    On top of it, the certificate was made of layers, which is a forgery:
    Only his stupidity towers over yours.

  • Steeloak

    Just in that you seem to think that a soldier has no right to question orders based on their own judgement, they do have that right.
    If the court refused to consider the president's eligibility as a defense, then yes, the soldier was judged to be insubordinate & AWOL. Just because you stand on principle & refuse illegitimate orders doesn't mean the court will agree with you. IMHO, although technically right, they were on shaky ground to do what they did.

  • Amused

    Oh please , do nominate Trump ….he is what Republicans so richly deserve .
    Meanwhile today another Republican politico made anothe of the now routine racist freudian slips , regarding a levy in the midwest and asked if he had to choose between having a small predominately black town flooded or some farm fields , with a smirk he replied cairo [the town ] and if not enough , he added "everyone knows what Cairo is ' ….just proving which is becoming more evident by the day , that republicans in General are RACISTS , and the outrage and ballyhoo about the B.C. is based in racist attitudes .You people are fooling no one .You people are under the delusion that you are a majority , you're not , just a vocal and mostly racist minority .And uh …kafir4life , I hate to break the bad news , but your lot weon't let go , they will continue to make fools of themselves right upto election day , just like rabid dogs grabbing someones leg .lololol…good luck with Trump B.S. artist extraordinaire .

  • Tommy Boy

    I have a couple of questions, "Why was the PDF version of the certificate that was released altered?" A simple photocopy, or a scan, of the page from the Hawaiian archive with the information would have sufficed. But the PDF file released, when opened in Adobe Illustrator, contains many layers. A simple photocopy, or scan, when made into a PDF also has a few layers, but the base scan is intact. "Was the digital file merely 'cleaned up' before the release to make it more legible, or was it altered, and if it was altered why so obvious?"

    • Amused

      Go ask Geller , she's the one who publicized that "mysterious claim " , and was thoroughly DEBUNKED by people who actually KNEW what they were talking about , and within hours of Gellers publicizing that false claim . But I guess you didn't "hear about yet ".

      • davarino

        keep repeating the lie enough and eventually morons will start to believe it.

        The document is a fake

        keep clinging to your faith bemused

  • CHARLEY 60

    These things come up because people use different terms. A earlier post says only, white, was used on BC's till the 70"s. Mine uses caucasian and I was born in 1950. I doubt the person who filled this in would have ever dreamed, of the importance, of what they were doing. Wonder if they are alive yet to ask? Trump get those PI's to work.

  • Amused

    And so are you davarino .

  • Amused

    SEE WHAT I MEAN , kafir4life , you think the imbeciles in this country are gonna let go of it ? even after they've been thoroughly refuted and PROVEN wrong ? Fat chance man , LOL…they're gonna cling to their pathetic lie well into Obama's second administration .

    Well this time atleast ,you guys might realize why you lost , the second time around . But you don't get it do you ? In the face of the truth , birther morons are in denial , and denial is a character trait of irrational people ….and the elctorate , that is the Majority of the electorate ,are not gonna throw their chips in with irrational people .

  • Amused

    Nor do the birthers possess the common sense to see the irreperable damage they are doing to the Republican party , lol…and the Republicans themselves are pandering to these same fools who will eventually bring them down in 2012 . The republican party is now a Three Ring Circus , with the clowns calling the shots .

    • davarino

      I am so glad you are so concerned about the republican party. Thanks for your helpful advice cause I know you want to see them succeed.

  • Amused

    I want an AMERICAN to succeed Davarino [in response to your satyrical reply ] I didn't spend 15 months fighting in Vietnam for REPUBLICANS , nor for DEMOCRATS ,nor for "the right " , nor "left ". I did not differentiate amongst my countrymen white nor black nor hispanic , I fought beside both , my life in their hands and theirs in mine . I was against the war , but never hateful and radical as was Mr.Horowitz , and his " spawn " which seem to be found here in abundance .Sure , he 's "reformed ' as it were , looking back hating what he once was , and "seeing the light " ….bunk , for as a 60's radical , and as he is today , he simply changed what part of America he chooses to hate . I will vote for whom I think is AMERICAN , and that's not in YOUR sense of the word , nor David's . American in the sense that YOU and your ilk have lost sight of .

  • Amused

    I will NEVER cast my vote for ANYONE who thinks like you , feels like you , or talks like you , or your lot . The contemptuous , vapid , hatefull political narrative , whether coming from the right or left as is defined ,not by the common man , but by what I find on the web , and in the media , with their ideologues and ranters , these turn my stomach , THESE DRAG MY COUNTRY'S FLAG THROUGH THE MUD . These "pretenders " , so called "patriots " .On this particular issue , the narrative goes beyond politics , beyond rationality , it is in FACT raw racism . Although most of you birthers lack the common sense to realize how painfully obvious that has become , you delude yourselves into thinking , the common man can't recognize your ever so transparent charade . You are WRONG . Anbd you will be proven wrong in 2012 , unless the Republican party purges iitself of such imbeciles .The Republican whoi step back from their irrational spawn , are the real Americans , so too the Democrats who rebuke their haters and wingnuts .

    • Teleologicus

      This is someone who appears to be experiencing genuine outrage, even anguish, because other people hold different opinions about politics. How dare they? What is wrong with them, that they have their own ideas about things? Don't they realize how wrong they are? What sort of fools are they, not to see things the way the poster does?

      This way of responding to disagreement is the hallmark of the immature mind.

      • Amused

        You haven't got a clue Teleologicus , your previous rants indicate a preoccupation ,with the mundane , and of course obsessively ,you cling to the B.C. issue .This proves to me you are in no position to understand let alone criticize my remarks ….run aloing , you gotta alot of learning to do . And of course you can not see your own foolishness . Your wasted words already been heard . You go keep pursuing your racist based obsession .

  • davarino

    This is not racism, this is about an out of control president that has lied to you and is thumbing his nose at Americans for wanting just a modicum of info about a man that occupies the most powerful position in the world. Why am I left to feel that this guy is just toying with us and thinks its funny that people are trying to establish his credentials when everyone else in America has to do that when they apply for a job.

    For Obama to be the first black president I would think everyone would want a person that did what he said and said what he did and did a good job of it. You cannot tell me that you are satisfied with his performance up to now

  • WilliamJamesWard

    La bonne Peine Batman, Obama est le Joker dans le dequisement, I am
    starting to think I will be happier to not think of the Joker in the White House
    and focus on survival. Getting him out of office and his crew of criminals
    is all that can keep America from being relegated to a bad history lesson.
    Things are getting worse…………………………………………………William

  • Amused

    Davarino , racism and politics are not the same . You got a beef with Obama on his policies ? So do I ? , however I dont hold to the racist based rationale that he is any less American than anyone else, and that's exactly what birthers have as their bottyom line ,. and that based in the fact they believe blackmen in general are "less " American . What you fail to seeis that there is a recognizable psychology at work in "the birther brain ' , and THAT is the mechanisms of racism . And the more BIRTHER MORONS persist , the more apparentr it becomes , even to those who are really not involved in the traditional; Right /Left whining and handwringing . Then you have those like Teleologicus , who vainly [and pathetically ] attempt to make their position on this sound intellectual, purely reasonable , but are no less hypocritical or deceptive . "PDF " "OCR " terms they parrot from Drudge or Geller , and have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about , but haved found a new excuse to persist in their obsession . You fool only yourselves .

    • Maxie

      I paraphrase:

      "Racist, Fascist, terms they parrot from MoveOn and HuffPuff , and have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about , but haved found a new excuse to persist in their obsession . You fool only yourselves ."

  • Amused

    You people make me laugh , you can't figure out WHY Obama won the election . It's beyond you all ……but actually very very simple …. it wasn't "secret Soros agents " , nor was it the hidden communists , or "socialists " , nor was it a matter of Obama fooling anyone about his citizenship [ DIMBULBS! He was already vetted as a Senator ] it was IN FACT-YOU YOURSELVES who lost it .How ? By putting up, a run of the mill double-talking crook like McCain , who's never met an issue he hasn't done a 180 on , and a blithering , outrageously dumb twit- Palin as a running mate . WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING ?
    And you're all DOING AGAIN , by being led by the nose by these birther imbeciles who make you look like fools .

  • BigPat7

    OBAMA SPIT IN YOUR FACE WITH RELEASE OF FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Trump most likely was part of this Obama deception. Now O claims not to have time for the distraction, well, WE THE PEOPLE don't have time for him anymore!


    Scans or photographed items don’t get turned into multi-layered graphical documents when you create a PDF.

    But regardless, for him to be ‘natural born citizen’ it requires both parents be citizens.

    This and more goes before the 9th Circus Monday, 5/2. IE:

  • semus

    I really don't think it worked that well for Obama. He was losing a lot of ground it was released before he wanted to. I think it only solidified people already in his pocket, which wasn't even necessary.

  • Amused

    Yea Big pat , Trump was part of it , sure I can see it clearly now , birther idiots raised the issue , birther idiots pursued the issue obsessively , birther idiots perpetuated the issue , and along comes Trump , NYC's biggets B.S. artist , full of himself , jumps on your band wagon and shoots himself in the foot . "Spit in your face " ??? LOLOLOL….no chum , birther idiots "spit into the wind , and it blew back in their face … And Drudge seeing bthere was no shortage of idiots on this issue , ramped ya'll up again with the PDF croc . You birthers are easy fish that will bite on any hook . So yea let's go with that genius , Trumps was in on it , lets go search for evidence ….oh , you people are pathetic ….and RACISTS .

  • Amused

    And if Obama DID in fact plan this release [of what was already known ,and what he already proclaimed ,and what was already displayed on the net , and what was already made available to the public by the Hawaii health dept . ] then he reeled you in like fish . And you deserved it , because you knew you were chasing a lie and your purpose was to lead with an argument based on nothing more than innuendo , based in your own racist attitudes .He gave you the rope and you finally hung yourselves with. And may I suggest that you birther morons consult some experts of PDF andOptical copying recognition , and find out what layering really is , before you go off on another tangent that gets you smacked down again . NAaaaa ,. thats toio much trouble and the truth is not what you're really looking for .

  • davarino

    If the document isnt fake then it was doctored to make it look like it could possibly be fake just to keep the controversy going. He clearly is toying with us and thinks all of this is funny. Ok fine, forget about the BC lets move on to his performance and some enterprising journalist can make a name for himself after Obama leaves office. And all the other journalists can act suprised like they had no idea this could ever be possible. "How did Obama do it?"

    At any rate, check out this video of a guy that caught a BC that was put up by the Aloha Reporter back in March of 2010

  • Amused

    AND YOU ARE PRIME MEAT Davarino , dont bother to investigate the science involved , else you would have a prefectly good explanation of the layering , but as I said , that's not what you and your racist pals are looking for , you ignore the truth and fly back and forth to every charlatan who comes down the road with some more bait . No , you go and bite the hook davarino , I've already investigated why layering appears , which if you weren't so lazy and bigoted , you might just learn something . So go knock yourself out Davo , the birth certificate is real , it's authentic , and the case is closed , but it never was opened , except for racist birthers , and I have no doubt , you'll be posting urls till 2012.

  • Amused

    LOL….it's amazing , even a dumb ole' bigmouth bass aint stupid enough to bite the same hook twice …..think about it Davo .

  • davarino

    If I am a sucker, its because I keep responding to you. Please inform us all why the layering appears.

  • Vandaldog

    Someone on YouTube pointed out that the "B" in our Dear Leader's surname and the "B" in his father's surname matched exactly on his recently released Certification of Live Birth. Although I was pretty much convinced that it was a fake from what others have posted, I checked this out for myself.

    What are the chances that two typewritten letters will scan, to the pixel, identically when magnified 3,200 time? They do. Not that it matters, he's admitted he's not a "natural born citizen". What's the Constitution got to do with anything anymore, anyway?