China’s Challenge

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President Obama, who puts such enormous stock in words, is at his foreign policy worst whenever he has to deal with cultures in which verbal promises aren’t worth the paper they’re not printed on. Muslim-ruled nations are the best example of this phenomenon. China is another. The fact that Hu says that he wants to address the trade imbalance between our nations, and says that he wants to make progress on human rights in his country, and says that he doesn’t want to participate in another Cold War – well, none of those statements mean a thing. That’s a difficult concept for any Westerner, and particularly one so naïve as Obama, to wrap their arms around. We are used to believing that when somebody makes a definitive statement, and especially when such a statement is a matter of official policy, the person making that statement is being completely and absolutely truthful. But, as anyone who has spent substantial time in most Muslim and some Asian (including China) nations can tell you, that’s not the way everyone thinks. Words in some cultures are just words: completely valueless utterances that count for nothing against the finality of actual actions.

This actions of this new resurgent Red China are telling. The Dong Feng 21D “carrier killer” missile promises to change the balance of power in the western Pacific theater.  The J-20 fighter appears to many to be a creditable, dangerous threat to the United States’ F-22 Raptor. While everyone seems to believe that the Yuan is undervalued and thus continues to hurt the American economy (by denying American access to growing Chinese markets), China hasn’t done anything to restore currency balance and seems decidedly unwilling to do so.

The only way to deal effectively with China is through a position of strength, and that means – as Larry Kudlow has pointed out – through a position of economic strength. Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s policies haven’t done a thing to restore America’s economic health, much less make our nation stronger than it was. The United States can still brag the world’s most powerful economy, but every day that our current doldrums continue is another day that the PRC catches up a little bit more. If we don’t face up soon to the fact the fact that our nation’s greatness and influence is defined in large part by its economic health, America may soon find itself relegated to the position of a second-rate power by our erstwhile friend, located half a world away.

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  • okrahead

    Official White House Tapes of Meeting Between Presidents Obama and Hu Jintao
    19 January 2011
    Commence 09:15:09 EST

    POTUS: Mr. President, allow me take this opportunity to extend the warmest possible welcome on behalf of the American people, I hope that this meeting can be productive and mutually……

    POPRC: Lower!

    POTUS: Ummm, excuse me?

    POPRC: If you are going to bow like that, do it right! Bow lower!

    POTUS: Oh, okay, sorry, didn't realize I was doing it wrong. Is this better?

    POPRC: Lower! And why you look at me like that, barbarian?

    POTUS: Ummm, okay, I guess I can get a little lower? But aren't you supposed to make eye contact when you bow? I mean, that's how it was in the first Karate Kid movie and all that….

    POPRC: Shut up! Bow lower! Can't you do anything right? All I want to see is back of your head! Okay, I guess that best you can do, stupid barbarian dog. Now let's get down to business.

    POTUS: Um, okay, sure, yeah. Listen, I think we need to talk about this whole currency business. Some of my folks over at treasury…. Read the rest here….

  • BLJ

    Obama is the wrong guy to be in the White House. He probably admires the Chinese Red's. The MSM acts like China is some kind of friend to the U.S.

    News Alert: They are not, never have and never will be. Their goal is to take over America someday. As long as we keep electing idiots like Obama this may very well happen.

  • Michael

    Unfortunately, the only way to negotiate with China from a position of strength is by rebuilding US manufacturing industry. The only way to rebuild US manufacturing industry is to undercut China on labor costs. The only way to undercut China on labor costs is to make Americans slave away in sweatshops for no pay until they keel over and die.

    Sorry, America! The game's up.

  • USMCSniper

    Obama will not take up the issue of human rights more directly than he has done so far. Human rights activists were alarmed when he did not meet with the Dalai Lama in Washington last month, and when Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared to play down the issue of human rights during her first official visit to Beijing as secretary of state eight months ago. The issue of human rights in China will not go past the joint public press pronouncements of Obama for the MSM consumption. Political prisoners will still get show trials, be pre-found guilty, and be shot in the back of their head at dawn the bext day. Then then family will be billed for the bullet and their organs harvested as property of the State.

  • hijinx60

    "…celebrate the incredible acomplishments…." of stealing the trade secrets of American industry, our great military (actually not stolen, but given by Clinton), of self defense (also given by Clinton), of nuclear reactors (ditto), of hacking our Pentagon, and many other "great accomplishments" not listed. China didn't buy us, the White House and all previous occupants gave us away.

  • Amused

    yea , yadda ,yadda, yadda , as American Buisinesses CONTINUE to pour BILLIONS into China . And THAT didn't start with the present Administration . As for any " bowing down " going on , some bloggers had better study the recent history of the past 4 decades of U.S. relations with China . btw , hijinx 60 , glad you used the term ALL PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATIONS …….for ALL of them bow down FIRST to Big Buisiness , who have been drooling at the mouth and lobbying the living hell out of Washington since NIXON opened the door [ btw—-a conservative case you didn't know that ]

    • BLJ

      Nixon was playing China off against the Soviets. He never bowed to Mao. Obama was raised on Marxist teachings as well.

  • Amused

    Let's just keep playing with our i-phones and i- pads , and it'll all go away . btw if you owe the IRS back taxes , just forward your check to Beijing .

  • Lightning Jack

    Over 80 percent of the chairman, C.E.O.s and presidents of almost every major American corporation would sell their mothers last oxygen bottles to do business in China. Loyalty to American industry, its manufacturing infrastructure or employee job security has nothing to do with it…it's the bottom line $$$$$$.

    China is today the direct consequence American government and corporate kowtowing, the maniacal obsession move business to China at any cost, to allow unfair currency manipulation and trade policies, irregardless of the damage to America's economic and strategic security, which started with the Nixon -Kissinger administration and continues under Obama and Congress.

    As Lenin once said, "We will hang the last capitalist one day with the very rope he has made." It appears that the US Government and corporate America is doing everything it can to assist along the way.

  • gracielarubeli