Egyptian Christians Under Attack

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The assault on Christians living in Muslim nations has reached boiling new levels as members of Egypt’s Coptic Church continue to be the target of increasingly violent attacks from Muslims. According to Coptic Christians living in Cairo, Muslims looted and burned St. Mina’s Church and the Church of the Virgin Mary and attempted to burn St. Mary and St. Abanob Church. Twelve Christians were reported to have been killed, although official government accounts say that the final tally was six Christians and six Muslims dead.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), approximately 3,000 Salafi Muslims participated in the attacks, even as Egyptian troops and police did little or nothing to stop the violence. Salafists are strongly influenced by the ultra-fundamentalist Wahabbi teachings that dominate the mindset of Al Qaeda and like-minded terrorist organizations. In addition to the dozen dead, over 200 Christians were injured in the violence according to AINA.

The Egyptian government downplayed the violence, essentially portraying the incidents as unfortunate misunderstandings between Christians and Muslims and calling on Christians to forgive and reconcile with Muslims. This strategy attempts to divide responsibility for the violence equally among the two religions, while the reality is that the Coptic minority is doing nothing to provoke the Muslim majority — except refusing to abandon its Christianity.

Approximately ten per cent of Egyptians are Christians (the vast majority of those are Copts), while the overwhelming remainder of the population are Sunni Muslims. This is not, therefore, a squabble between two equally powerful and influential groups. This is bullying, plain and simple. If the new regime in Egypt is not actively encouraging persecution of the Christian community, it’s certainly not doing anything to discourage such outrages either. The Coptic Bishop of Giza, Anba Theodosius, took the government to task for abandoning Egypt’s Christians. “These things are planned,” he said. “We have no law or security, we are in a jungle. We are in a state of chaos. One rumor burns the whole area. Everyday we have a catastrophe.”

Under Mubarek, the Salafists kept their more violent and extremist tendencies in check for the most part. If and when they crossed the line, Mubarek’s very effective (and yes, often very brutal) security forces came down on the transgressors hard. There is little to hold the fundamentalists in check any longer, so they continue to push the envelope in order to find out how much they can get away with. The early returns suggest that the government isn’t going to do anything to restrain them anytime soon.

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  • Bobby

    dude! u should read some updates!! n where do u get your sources from?!! do you even live here?!

    • Fred Dawes

      this has been reported on CNN/ FOX and the human rights people.

    • dude911

      dude…get some updates?

      last i checked…the muslims have been persecuting Christians for something like 1400 years…there is nothing new…just another demonstration…on how the muslims behave…when they follow the koran

  • Chezwick_mac

    So help me God, CAIR and other Muslim-advocacy groups must be made to answer for the persecution of infidels abroad. We've already exonerated them by rote for Islamic terrorism via the 'tiny minority of extremists' canard. Why should we also let them off the hook when it's everyday Muslims emerging from Friday prayers who are burning churches and killing Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan and elsewhere?

    CAIR's insufferable whining regarding the contrived mistreatment of Muslims in the West should be juxtaposed to the ACTUAL depredations suffered by non-Muslims in the Islamic realm. It's time to pit this entire issue in proper context!

    • kafir4life

      Remember a paid cair shill that used to post here? He was a texas revert that called himself crabnutters mikey (or abdullard, or something like that). He had the solution for any non-moon god follower that didn't like the way they were treated by the followers of the best of religions…..leave. He claimed to run a cash register at a halel McDonalds in the Richardson area as he said he dealt with large sums of money. His dawah was very poor….could never convince anybody of anything, and cair doesn't use him anymore….shame. He was a hoot to read!

      • Chezwick_mac

        I do! He was a taqqiya artist who was no more moderate than CAIR itself.

  • Amused

    The "new enlightened Egyptian Govt ." is no different than the old .Copts have been persecuted , killed , forced to convert , churches burned , for DECADES . They have demostrated in NYC and D.C. and Europe for atleast a decade . Abuse of women bears the same record ./ but now that "our boy " Mubarak is gone … we take notice ?? The murderers of Sadat were caught ….and set free , one of which is Al Queda's # 2 under Mubarak .People had to carry ID cards bearing their religion under Mubarak , The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , was a staple in Egyptian Libraries and Universities under Mubarak , Mein Kampf being a bestseller in that nation under Mubarak . Bombings of Tourist buses , attacks at Sharm-El -Shiek , the slaughter of tourists at Luxor , all under Mubarak . Police doing noithing against this violence and the perennial rape of women , have been a tradition.
    So NOW ,Trzupek , the sleuth , takes notice ?

  • Christian Soldier

    Time for war

    • aspacia

      We are at war, albeit most in the West do not realize that this war was declared on us 20+ years ago.

      • SpiritOf1683

        War was declared on us in the West in 711 AD, a mere 1,300 years ago, when the Jihadis invaded Spain.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    We understand the goal of Islam.
    Where is the mainstream media?

    • Pratha Scullion

      The main stream media is a secular,biased media — don't expect much from them.

  • steven l

    The US did not do anything to convince Mubarak to promote democracy to counterbalance the Brotherhood organization.
    The question is WHY?

  • Fred Dawes

    I knew this would happen, in fact it start right after Mubarek was out the door the muslims would start attacks and we may see a new Holocaust this time on Christians.

    • Amused

      I guess you been sleeping Dawes , the persecution of Christians in Egypt has been going on for decades . We're just NOW taking notice . Or should I say YOU are now just taking notice .

  • steven l

    Will the Sunnis of Egypt behave like the Shias of Iran?

  • jacob

    Will OBAMA have the "cojones" to tell the new Egyptian govmt. that it either cuts
    out the persecution of Christians and their churches burnings or kiss the subsidy goodbye ???

    I seriously doubt it from the man who ordered full Muslim burial services for a
    beast as Osama bin Laden…

    He would rather cut out Isarel's …! ! !

    • Amused

      Did Bush SR, Bush Jr , Clinton , Reagan , or Nixon have the cohones ???…no .

      • Jon

        How about going back to George Washington? Let's not be counter productive here. Stick to what we need to do not what we should have done. We need to get a conservative majority in the Senate and a conservative in the White House that understands the issues. We don't need a Trump or an old republican. We need someone who understands the threat of Islam and also of Marxism. We need to reaffirm the Constitutional principles that made this nation great. We need to bring manufacturing home again. We need to develop our national petroleum reserves and drill baby drill. We need to reinforce the military. We need to make government much smaller and cut taxes to the minimum. That's just for starters

      • SpiritOf1683

        The last Western leader to have cojones as regards the Jihad was Prince Eugene of Savoy way back in 1697.

  • Hold on

    And yet, we have to hold Mosques as holy untouchable places, WTF.

    How do you figure Barry would say anything about this? Look at the past year and see what regimes he supports or at least doesn't speak against. Libya, the protesters; Syria, the gov; Egypt, the protesters; etc.

  • Steve Chavez

    What ever happened to our "Diversity" Police who supported the overthrow of this Pro-US and Pro-Israel government?

  • Amused

    No , that's simply a LIE BLJ , you should know better.

    • BLJ

      Are you kidding me? Why don't you go visit Cairo and sit down with the Muslim Brotherhood. Let us all know how hospitible they are.

  • Terry

    It is clear that the human rights industry and teh left simoply don't care about anyone's rights unless they are avowed opponents of civilisation itself. The fuss over whether osama bin fuehrer should haver been captured and tried, and if the scumbag was armed when shot are nauseating. But they are more than nauseating when we consider how those same voices hardly raise a whisper about the slaughter of Coptics in Egypt.

    If the left and their islamofascist allies want revolution, I'm happy to start one – against them!!

  • Wesley69

    But Mubarak, an ally of the US, had to go, to give way to this Muslim extremism. Is there any doubt that Egypt is headed in the direction of strict Sharia Law and a total intolerant of Christians. Where are your protests against this violence, Mr. Obama, or do Christians even matter.

    In 1979, the Shah was replaced by the Shiite Islamic Republic – Carter's policies lost Iran.
    In 2011, Mubarak was replaced by a Sunni Islamic Republic – Obama's policies lost Egypt.

  • Ray Czar

    Besides open season on Christians, which belies the phony balony so
    called “tolerance”, we see the extremist on the left don’t live up to their
    sacred ideals. What a shock, that they don’t live up to their mind numbing
    The truth is they (far left wing extremists) are much like the Muslims
    when it comes to hate.
    Should we think our “christian” President will speak out for any persecuted
    Christians around the globe?
    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Jon

    We need to defeat Islam, not ban Islam. Get Sharia banking out of our banks for one thing and cut off a money supply to their cells. Go to

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It’s not just persecution against Christians. It’s far worse than that; it’s persecution against any and all non-Muhammadans dhimmis. In other words, it’s institutionalized racism, as Islam divides the world between believers and unbelievers and then applies one set of rules and ethics for believers and a completely different set of rules and ethics for unbelievers.

    In addition, the problem far transcends just Egypt and Iraq, as non-Muhammadan dhimmis living in every majority Muhammadan country in the world without exception are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted, when not outright slaughtered altogether. Indeed, this systematic persecution that takes place in all Muhammadan majority countries throughout the world against non-Muhammadan dhimmis is an institutionalized form of persecution known as the institution of Dhimmitude, which is a corollary to the institution of Jihad.

    For instance, just a week ago hundreds of Christians were murdered and numerous churches were burned down in Nigeria because a Muhammadan candidate running for political office lost an election to a Christian, and in Ethiopia, a country with about a third of its population being Muhammadans, a 140 churches were recently burned down, Christians murdered, and thousands more Christians were forced to flee for their lives in order to avoid being killed in cold blood. Hardly a week goes by without hundreds of Christians and other unbeliever dhimmis being violently oppressed somewhere in the Islamic world.

    Meanwhile, Muhammadan immigrants living in the West just like clockwork always flat out refuse to assimilate and integrate and form Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia instead as parallel societies within societies and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Then while Muhammadan immigrants living in the West are free to build thousands of mosques and madrassas and to practice Islam openly, non-Muhammadans dhimmis living in Muhammadan majority countries, on the other hand, are forbidden from building new houses of worship and from openly practicing their religions, even after their churches and other houses of worship are burned down.

    Hence, it couldn’t be more obvious that despite what is official government policy – that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ — is obviously a lie. Hence, the 64 million dollar question is, why? Indeed, why is our federal government and our medias both lying to us? Can our federal government and our media really be that blind? Do you really trust the federal government and the media?

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Its time we took a good look at whats going on in the middle east. Things are not getting better and we have no real friends in Muslim nations. They lie, cheat, steal and kill with impunity. Christians are fodder for Islam's killing machine around the world while leaders worry about the fictitious Islamophobia and do nothing, nothing about the continued attacks. How many Christians must die before our leaders do something? Any Muslim country that allows this injustice to continue should immediately loose all US support. This needs to happen now!!

  • Ann

    I have been screaming about this — no one seems to hear— nice to see comments like these! They have been stealing the young girls of the Christians and selling them into slavery for the Muslim (men?)— making the Christians sift through garbage to make a small living,stealing their things, burning their houses—most Christians don't have much of anything — and because they are Christians, just like if they were Jews no one cares — this tells me one thing about muslims and islam — they are pure evil!

  • Crashaxe

    Time to do another crusade

  • http://ÿþ Shawnta Ficklen

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  • annem040359

    Count on the later, since the saying, "Islam is a religion of peace" one of the biggest all time lies ever spoken, from Satan via the Muslim.

  • steven l

    of peace ONLY if you submit! Otherwise u can guess like anyone else.

  • SpiritOf1683

    and via the Muslim and his Leftist hanger-on, by every Western leader over the last 40 years courrtesy of PC.